Mariah’s About To Pull Digital Rank On Beyonce W/ True Talent!


“Though Carey doesn’t mention other artists in describing her strategy, it’s clear she’s taking a page out of the “Beyoncé” playbook.” ~Billboard

You know the game’s gone left when the press is claiming Mimi is ripping Beyonce off! Know why? Not only does Mimi have OG status in the music biz — she can hit five-octaves in one minute, like the late great Minnie Riperton. Can Beysus do that?

So… just because Mariah Carey is releasing her upcoming album “in full digitally” is far from these reports of her supposed “blueprinting Beyonce.” What can’t THEY recognize the obvious?

Here’s what Mimi revealed to Billboard:

“You would think I would be all about the singles-driven situation, and I am in a way, but with this particular album I want my fans to hear it as a body of work.

I have to be the one that announces.. the title [based on a] personal possession of mine that’s part of an entity that I’ve had almost all my life.”

Check out what Billboard’s reporting:

“Carey will be taking a surprise approach to the project by revealing her new album’s title, track listing, artwork and music all at once via to-be-announced digital partners (a physical release at retail is expected the following week.) “



  1. Preach Jacky. Mimi has her own issues to work on but she still has real talent, I love her to pieces and can’t wait for her new album to drop.

    • Mariah Carey is a screamer not a singer and Beyonce is a talentless broad from Houston who was cute.janelle monae is better than both these clowns

      • Put down the CRACK Pipe!! Mimi can SING For Real!! Bey can sing. Dont HATE, CONGRATULATE. Mimi has more range that Bey but both have voices that can create Classic Songs.

        • This may be just me but, Beyonce wails in that song Halo. Like really bad! I actually believed that “recording” of her singing live and horribly. Yes Beyonce can sing, in my opinion not very well. I dont understand what happened toher voice because, in Destiny’s Child her voice didn’t crack.

      • Janelle Monae?How many records has she sold?She can take that Mars/Jupiter bullshit she’s on and stuff it.

        • Record sales are a MOOT POINT when discussing talent/skills. Amel Larrieux has one of the best voices EVER. She is a vocalist who uses her voice like an instrument (check her out live). Rachelle Ferrell too. Have they sold as many records as Beyonce? NO. Does that mean Beyonce can sing better than them? HECK NO. Record sales are based on an image/marketing. WE all know the image and marketing machine behind Beyonce. If we stripped away all the bullsh*t marketing/monopolizing the music industry…who’s got the better voice/more talent? And even still, that’s subjective.



            • Debelah Morgan will sing the socks off of Beyonce any day.Her career Stagnated because she chose to keep her clothes on.

          • Add to the list: Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Heather Headley and Lina (Lina live is like hearing an angel sing- beautiful!!).

      • Seriously though mariah can’t sing? And u would pick James brown, I mean Janelle monae over mariah and Beyonce. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that’s all I have to say.

        • You must be smoking some of Whitney’s leftover rocks. Mariah cannot touch Whitney’s voice, prime or not. Listen to the song “Believe” they did for the Disney soundtrack together. Whitney spanked Mariah all up and over that song. Mariah also cannot touch Minnie Ripperton.

          • @Anonymous–That’s true about ‘When You Believe.’ Mariah once said in an interview something to the effect of her voice sounded airy and light compared to Whitney’s stronger voice.

          • No need to put down either woman, they are both talented in their own ways. Mariah is a vocal technician while Whitney was a powerhouse to the 10th degree. I miss her.

            • Thank you. People act like Whitney and Mariah can’t both be great. Reminds me of MJ and Prince…and Tyra And Naomi . It’s like if its black people, there can only be one great one at any given time

          • For those who fail to understand, Prince and Mariah are NOT black. Black people have a bad habit of doing that shit. Any BLACK person can great among US at any time at the same time.

            • The bible says:Man carries the Seed so to my understanding Mariah’s dad is a Blackman.That makes her a blackwoman.Whether black or blue on can have they’re mothers features but they’re fathers spirit.

            • @BlackAnastasia Yeah, the bible. A book full of shit to keep black people docile and confused about who and what they are. Good luck with that.

            • @ 19:04. You are so lost. Just racist. And so full of hate. I knew when you made that comment about MC and Prince not being black, you were here to spread venom and stir shit.

            • @19:18, Shut the f*ck up with that in denial bullshit. You may not want to face reality, but some of us do. And some of us are trying to wake up those who are not as slow as you are. Don’t like it? Then have several, because my statement has nothing to do with you. Stay mad, stay oblivious!

            • Lol…you are insane. Good luck waking people up to Mariahs non blackness, and the bible’s many references to shit. And seriously I’m not mad, I just feel sorry for you. I see so many attacks on my people and my religion these days. But its ok. Faith isn’t something that can be intimidated out of you.
              Anyway, go ahead and clap back. You can have the last word. I can see you need the validation.

            • Wrong, I don’t know about Mariah, but Prince Rogers Nelson vines from Black parents..ok so his mother & father are both 1/2 Italian, they are also a black and together they made Black ass Prince..nice try on that one tho..

            • @19:32, no “validation” needed. All you need is reality check. And feel sorry for your self boo boo. You’re the one who’s in trouble. LOL

              @Candi Gyal, don’t get it twisted girl,different halves don’t make a whole. Basic common sense.

            • So Angela Davis wasn’t black, Huey wasn’t black, Malcolm wasn’t black, WEB DuBois wasn’t black? anyone who had white blood wasn’t black? Damn. You just shut out some of the most prominent figures in our history with that one.
              Those who speak and feel as you do are so sad. You will drown in your hate which will serve to confirm your misery. I weep for you.

            • @21:53, one of those people you stated was a traitor to the black race. Weep for yourself, people like you will be back in chains.

            • Well take that up with Mariah and Prince who BOTH describes themselves as being BLACK. I have watched countless interviews being a huge fan of both and Mariah was asked specifically what do she categorize herself and she responded with the one drop rule & discussed her father and said I consider myself black. I was expecting her to say bi racial…she did was The George Lopez interview..check it out. Prince in many interviews including Arsenio a few weeks back talks of the struggle of black artist including himself…his mother is bi racial and his father is black..therefore you are the only one who fails to understand that People have the right to define who they are..Mariah and Prince will not cease being who they are because you think otherwise. SMH @ the waste.

            • For the delusional black folk that love claim what has never benefitted them, do yourself a favor and sign your own death certificate because history ALWAYS repeats itself. I could care less about mixed breed folk claiming they’re “black” when it’s convenient for them. Black people FAIL to realize when they’re being used. Poor excuses of black people to begin with.

            • I can’t believe you all let this troll bait you into a race debate. We are talking about talent here. Black, white or whatever…Mariah is talented as is Prince.

            • Hey Bebe,
              I don’t worship anyone or anything but I will never side with such an ignorant, nasty, self hating, ill informed, racist troll such as yourself. Have a wonderful day and seek treatment.

            • @Kitty I remember the G.Lopez interview with Mariah and I was alittle perplexed with her response because I felt she was TapDancing with her Race.When the question about her race was asked she responded by saying”In This Country Black!I’m mean,does her ethnicity change from country to country?!SMH.I feel at times she don’t fully like to acknowledge being black.




            • Whaaa??? Prince and Mariah are black! In America anyone born here that 50% or more black, hello, you’re black. AS it is, the average black person in America is between 20 – 30% Caucasian anyway. Besides, we are all the descendants of slaves dragged over here from Africa. Same history. That’s what makes you black in America.

          • Are you referring to that song “Believe”that was originally done by Brenda K Starr?We both know Bren discovered Mariah.

          • *scoffs*

            W.E.B. DuBois was a Boule lackey/Gov’t pawn who enjoyed saying Marcus Garvey, his ideological rival at the time, looked like a Monkey (And no, Anonmyous shit-talkers this board over, this isn’t some ‘black conspiracy’ shit, it’s documented knowledge–Look it up), which was an indirect diss to the BLACK people both of them were supposed to be winning over and ‘leading.’ DuBois didn’t realize how foolhardy he’d been in being one of the quintessential ‘House Negroes’ and duplicitous sellouts of his time until his deathbed…In Africa. In short, he’s no hero to blacks, not then and damn sure not now.

            • Damn brother – break that shit down. I am reading his autobiography & was proud. But I guess his double consciousness findings went much deeper.

            • lol I’m just being real here. DuBois is lauded for his writing and ‘activism,’ but I for one am sick of being force-fed a bunch of ‘safe,’ controlled Negro ‘leaders’ to be proud of when they never had the best interests of my people in mind, which is the purpose of the Boule DuBois served.

            • Yeah, he really helped to get Marcus Garvey deported, because the “immigrant” blacks didn’t fit the “agenda” and were not going to lead.

            • He’s not the inky sellout!Angela Davis was married to a white man after all of her so called pro blackness. Martin Lucifer King was taped by Edgar Hoover and the FBI performing sex orgies and asking Abernathy to suck him off!All of these so-called black leaders are Boule bought and payed for Sellouts!!!

  2. And here I thought David Bowie did it first. But anyway, Mariah happens to be one of those very few artist that you can purchase her new music without disappointment and without ever hearing one note beforehand to judge if you’ll like it or not.

    • That’s right. Bowie last year dropped a surprise album, with ZERO promo and after 10 years plus absence. Bowie’s music does nothing for me personally, but the mainstream music press and his stans were in awe. Typical for Beyonce she stole the idea, and sold it like she was an original.

      What has made me laugh about Bey’s stunt in particular is, in Nov 2013. One of Bey’s label execs – via a source gifted The New York Times with an article saying Bey would release an album around December 2013. And that she chose December because she knew no other major artists would be releasing stuff, and that the attention would be solely on her. Lo and behold, 4 weeks later she drops her album.

      So, um not much of a surprise to those who don’t drink the propaganda kool-aid. Lol.

      • You know you love Bowie and Mick Jagger because they’re just as flamboyant as you are,you disgusting freak!A Magnet Does Attract Another Magnet!Get My Drift!Ha.Ha.

        • thats why they was caubght in bed with each other.

          and angela davis is a lesbian which explains why she hung arounds jada pinkett re cently.

  3. AGREE !
    Mariah is the last of the 1 best we got left
    Beyonce is too gimmicky for me and her songs remind me of nursery rhymes without the sex parts.

    Rip Whitney


  5. Does anybody know if Mariah is in the illuminati? I never hear about satan worship with her and she never flashes the horns. Just wondering…

    • If you are signed to a Major Lable you’re apart of the Illuminati directly or indirectly. You have some whom are more out in the front using symbols as marketing tools like Bey and her husband while others stay behind the scenes.

    • I really don’t think she goes along with the program fully but its hard to attain her level of success without being down . And she was married to Tommy Matolla, who MJ referred to as the devil. Some say she is MK ultra, with her love of butterflies( Monarch Sex programming). But I believe in her. I think her supposed break down and subsequent run of bad press and record deals was her rebelling and TPTB attempting to control her. Not sure about this one, but I hope she hasn’t sold herself out.

    • She’s another, possibly mind-controlled pawn of the group, which is evident by her love of butterfly motifs (Naming a hit album and song of hers ‘Butterfly,’ owning a company/imprint named ‘MonarC [As in ‘Monarch Butterfly],’ and her daughter’s name), her switching on and off acting like an 8-year-old girl (Alternate personality due to MK programming), her love of prototypical MK-Ultra sex slave Marilyn Monroe (Mariah owns her piano, as seen in her ‘MTV Cribs’ episode), and her sexed-up image starting with the aformentioned ‘Butterfly’ album (Sex-Kitten Programming, a subset of MK-Ultra Programming).

      Despite this, Mariah has never went through a ‘dark’/’bad girl’ period in her career like, say, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Christina Aguilera, so it may seem to some that she isn’t a part of ‘the Illuminati,’ but the aspects I mentioned above are proof that she is and has been for years now. In fact, there are little to no artists on her level of success in the Industry who aren’t involved in some way.

      • Do you think her marriage to TM provided some level of protection that most new artists don’t have. Because he had a personal interest in her right from the beginning. I do think he mind controlled her because of all that butterfly and Marilyn Monroe stuff….but I don’t know. It’s rare but a few do slip through the cracks.

  6. No she is not nor any black entertainers or actors they just carry out the agenda to destroy the human family not even jayz or obama the real illminati uses all them to push the agenda…professor griff (public enemy) said it best black people run nothing in this country but they mouths..the ones like jayz who think they are runnin somthin get put in they place eventualy they are all sellouts thought and have sold there souls for fame and fortune…..

    • We own nothing in America.The 13 families own and run everything. We buy homes supposedly because if you fail to pay the taxes,its taken away.We are nothing but renters with hopes and dreams of owning.This will all be a aberration once america is totally destroyed which will be soon.

  7. Glad Mariah is making new music, she is one of the great ones and we don’t have many left.

  8. I think she was in her beginning career. Remember she told Michael Jackson her husband at the time was the “devil”. That was a private convo but MJ let the tea spill. After her divorce you notice her career wasn’t the best. Al Sharpton told MJ to take back the “devil” comment he made.

    • Mariah Carey continued to make the charts after her divorce, she has been in the game since 1991 and we are still talking about her. I have ALL her albums, she is and will forever be a legend.

      • Co sign! Love her crazy, drunk, spoiled, over-the-top ass! She reminds me of my favorite auntie!

    • I really like Leona, bleeding love is still one of my favorite songs ever. I haven’t heard anything from her in a while.

      • Leona dropped a second album after the success of “Spirit”but she just recently released a Import/UK only Album”GlassHeart”‘check it out,but it has a much different vibe than her previous works.

  9. m ariah and beyonce are 2 different types opf singers.

    you like beyonce’s pop hip hop techno cool you like mariah cool.

    both are different types of singers.

    minnie riperton is from soul, gospel, and jazz and very few folks remember that minnie was from the psychedelic rock group rotary connection.

  10. Dang crazychris!! Where do you be getting all this knowledge from? You know a lil something something on every topic!

  11. Both have strong voices and range but their music does nothing for the soul. Alot of people are great vocalists. A great artist creates a story with words and draw you in to identify with the character with a voice that allows anyone to feel whats being sang becoming part of the story. Which is why Aretha is the GOAT and Sades moaning ass will always be supreme.

    Bey and Mimi’s happy juice sipping self are just good singers with great publicity for a mainstream audience. Noticed Luther upstaged both these broads on their duets and he will forever been Queen and King! They are NO Luther 😉

  12. I think they got to her a long time ok remember when she came on MTV trl andwas very weird and was taking ok her clothes she os

    • Yeah, the ‘TRL incident’ and subsequent ‘breakdown’ was said by some to be her programming malfunctioning. The ‘Glitter’ movie and album tanking shortly after didn’t help things, though it gave her people a way to spin her breakdown.

  13. Has Mariah admitted to having titty implants yet? Anyway I do not care as to whether Mariah is talented or not. All I want to do is just lay my head on her awesome rack just like with Porsha! Ah yeah niggggggggggggggggggggga!

  14. Bey still standing on your neck Jacky? Want me to tell her to stop? lol she’s so dag on mean!

  15. Vocally Bey is not on MiMi level period! Not saying that Beyonce can’t carry a tune but lets be real there is no comparison

    • I completely agree. I do however wish Mimi would stop drinking and get her voice back to what it was. She could be great again.

  16. Name one Beyonce song that is a timeless classic. Mariah Carey has around ten.

  17. Wow, really? Should this even be debatable, moreso a topic?! SMH Not really a fan of the two but MC’s resume will pulverize B’s all day!!!

  18. The Sun has Set on Mariah musically and I doubt she’ll ever be a chart topping Singer again.I think deep in her soul she knows it and once the Leona Lewis ccomparisons started,it forced her to lash out negatively about a new artist whom she obviously felt threatened by.

    • rather hear bey than madonna anyday.

      seen that old hag looking slut lately swear when white women get older they wrinkle faster.

      but hey to most black men they cant do no wrong.

  19. NOBODY is spending $$$$ on promoting no more.. if ur big enough u can cop units on the back end.. labels ain’t makin paper.. told my boy almost 10 years ago I was sellin digital downloads..ahhhhh but niggaz know errything riiiightt.. smooches

  20. mariah been a part of the industry her titles indicate mk ultra rainbow which reps the lgbt lifestyle and butterflies which reps mk ultra plus she was married to satanist tommy motala yes that qualifies as being part of the occult world.

    she was put in the asylum for being a druggie other than that she has no arrest record but you wanna talk girls going through a dark p[eriod try paris hilton, lindsay lohN, BRITNEYU SPEARS.



    • I mentioned ‘dark period’ as that’s a prevailing trend among successful female pop singers (Even Whitney–Some say ‘Queen of the Night’ was hers), though in Mariah’s case, she was already ‘MK-Ultra’d’ out already based on several comments in here, including ours.

      And yes, ‘Rainbow’ is a reference to instructions MK-Ultra victims are given to go ‘Over the Rainbow’ to further disassociate from the trauma they’re enduring. ‘Music Box (And possibly ‘Charmbracelet’)’ is another MK-Ultra term she named an album after. I know you’re aware of all this–I’m just pointing it out

  21. charmbracelet is a reference to black magic.

    queen of the night was whit paying homage to the goddess of the hunt she was wearing the mewtropolis wardrobe3 while performing it in bodyguard.

    rainbows also rep the gays and lesbians.

  22. You’re on crack if you think that breathy rasping Mariah is taken to doing is “singing.” Beyoncé has a better voice. Just because Mariah learned some opera tricks from her Momma doesn’t make her a better singer.

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