RHOA’s Peter & Cynthia Bail On Bravo!


“Me and my baby is on the grind.” ~Peter Thomas

As the saying goes, ‘You got to know when to fold it’ — and Peter Thomas is proves that he recognizes exactly when that time has come. Reports reveal the Brooklyn-bred brother has thrown Deuces up at Bravo, and Cynthia Bailey’s rollin’ with.

Insiders say Peter’s P.I. move was made with impeccable timing. Just ask Porsha! To be sure, RHOA was far from Peter’s first hustle.. and it’s about NOT to be his last. *Ask Apollo* That’s because Playa Peter is already on to the next! “He’s looking for ‘camera ready’ faces to staff his new sports bar in Charlotte for a new reality show called ‘Building Bar One,'” says a source.

Here’s what Peter previously revealed, shortly after he set up shop in the ATL:

“I’m Jamaican-born, Brooklyn-raised, lived in Miami, had seven or eight nightclubs in South Beach for the past 20 years. I’m a New York, Miami dude, and I lived in London for a while. I get around, and Atlanta‘s new to me. My parents live here.”




  1. I’ll give them a A+ for having a Bravo backup plan. Cynthia was always boring and I’m surprised she lasted this long. They’re both in the right business to profit from their exposure. Clubs ALWAYS use D-List celebs to pack the house (VERY nice where the owners fit the bill) and Cynthia’s modeling ageny is a natural fit (if she has ANY inside contacts).

    • Anyone who believes that bish azz liar is plain dumb. His ARSE got fired BIG TIME. No american black man talks like another bish and get in womens’ business. No American man disrespects and discriminates against only Black American women, while praising his caribbean whores, and No man in America would walk down his wedding aisle with his jamaican woman and say in front of his bride SHE is my best friend. If anything she is his jamaican partner in crime. He was raised by a jamaican jealous woman to use and abuse american women and he is sticking to the code. AND the bish is trying to pass himself off as american to divide our women from their american kings so he can use them up.

        • my name is NOT phaedra. maybe u accuse me of being phaedra because this loser is looking for a target!

          • Doris you nailed it…Nene also analyzed that arrogant mangina having rasta like a Real Black woman would since his wife couldn’t think that far ahead.

      • Peter is an opportunist who has played Cynthia very well. She’s stuck and when she realizes what happened he’ll move onto another woman who can offer him more than she. But he won’t leave until he catches he next big fish or he’ll stay. I know this for a fact. Years before he and Cynthia, I overheard him and a male friend, pointing out which women are well-connected. I was with someone who was a well-connected woman. I was surprised because Peter at the time was kind of well known because of Nia and he had some business success with restaurants and diamond industry(supposedly). When I saw the show many years later, I was sad to see that Cynthia, who I don’t know personally, but had met a few times, was lured by this trickster. She really is a nice person. It made since though. He got more connections because of her (ex. Russell Simmons). She loaned him thousands of dollars. Made him kindof famous with the reality show. So far he has struck gold. But he’s not a nice man. So there is no telling what he’s doing behind closed doors to her. Mental abuse maybe.

        • yes we have our share of no good men in america, but we dont have large numbers of black b8stards who only attack black american women, and do everything in their power to destroy them mentally, physically, psychologically and financially. all the while praising the trashy tramps they raise down there, that they never marry. they have a mission to divide american men and women and use US UP because most of them r too ddamn lazy to work!

          • The worse thing they do is cry discrimination when they’re caught redhanded, doing in their favorite targets, black american women with wealth.

      • damn, got this ish right, as a man who grew up in brooklyn with everyone of his whore 1st cousins having babies with these 3rd worlders.
        everything you said was spot on.

      • Doris, between you and that nutjob Black Anastasia, you got to be keeping mental health professionals busy.

        • I laughed at that too. Black guys going around thinking their kings, while the real African men don’t call themselves kings because they know there can only be ONE in the village. LOL

      • Black people are trash… Actually the ones from the Caribbean are better, more like white people.

      • I was thinking the same thing about this silver back betch..I feel like when a man says he’s jamaican nowadays it just simply means they’re are crooked self hating betch..They go around hating on Black Americans like Klan members and then expect for US to take them serious past jerk chicken and plantains..


      • Doubt it. She is loved and adored by her family and no one really cares about Kenya like that because Kenya is so hated.

        • Oh hey Porsha’s sister. Yeah Kenya is so hated which is why ALL the media is talking about HER, and why she is negotiating fat pay raise. Lol.

          The only people who like Porsha are just like her – black and dumb. BLOOP

          • Hey George. If I’m her sister you must be her African prince. You have a lot of nerve on here calling people black like its an insult. Guess that makes you white and smart . And since you are such a fanboy, make you can rent Kenya’s fake stallion booty for a night. According to Jackys sources she charges 5k, sucks a mean one, and her cootchie smells like hot pig droppings. Go for it, it will help tide her over until her big pay raise goes through. Twirl on that

            • I would like to apologize. I don’t think you are Porsha’s sister. I think you are Porsha herself. Your lack of mental alertness, and general slowness is evident from your hilarious attempt to retort.

              Because you are clearly mentally vulnerable, all I can do is wish you well in your future endeavors. Like your mental capacity, I know your career options are limited to selling fake hair, and selling cooch to married men.

              Good luck to you, Porsh. You’re going to need it.

            • Lol…don’t even try it trick. You can play that tired ass “you must be Porsha .”line all you want. That’s like me saying you.just be Kenya, when clearly you aren’t her. Just someone in her camp. You can take your fake apology and blow it out your ass you gd hypocrite. You tosses the first bullet with your “black and stupid” line when no one was even talking to your stan ass. You are either female or gag, but whichever it is you clearly love Kenya’s dirty draws, so I was simply instructing you on how you could get a crack at ’em. I’m glad you found my retort hilarious. I found it hilarious that you would dare use the word black as an insult when Kenya claims to be so proud of her dark skinnedness. Almost as hilarious as you claiming Porsha will soon be selling ass, when Kenya has already been outed as a Vegas trick. Delusional much? It must be contagious over there. And you know what’s even funnier, you didn’t attack Jacky for stating it. Hmmmm . Let’s see your lame retort to that one lol.

          • Some of you need a life outside of watching RHOA… so obsessed with these individuals who are doing nothing for you.Its just a damn show.Why are you defending any of them so had like your getting paid to be a PR rep.

    • Oh please. Peter would be in the poor house if it wasn’t for Cynthia carrying him. And Cynthia would be in the poor house if it wasn’t for the show. No freaking way these two would leave the show of their own accord.

      • I agree about Peter hanging on to Cynthia’s skirt tail riding her for the cash flow. I also believe he is either verbally or physically abusive or both to Cynthhia. She seems afraid to confront him. Also her Daughter has disappeared from the show. I wonder if he has something to do with that as well. He is not that childs Father and he was looking at her in a way no man should look at a child/wifes child.
        He states he as owned 7-8 business’s, Big red flag, none were successful and he is trying again? The man clearly has a drinking problem and I believe he is the one Kenya was referring to that she was having an affair with. Cynthia is being stupid allowing him to open another business (alcohol access) and her money is tied to him. She will look around one day and realize she has lost everything because of him.
        Another thought: Peter and Apollo both may have slept with Kenya, they both try hard not to push her and are blind to every nasty deed she has done.

  2. I’m glad they got off that show. They’re shady and some isht starters for sure, but I like them. I’m glad to see them shake that filthy show off and move on. Best of luck to them.

    • I noticed. He’s a bad businessman. Hopefully Cynthia is not backing his get rich schemes any more.

    • that dirty dumb azz mama joyce deserves peter for a son in law. i knew it when i heard that fool say on the reunion shows that IF she had a son she’d teach him to victimize and use wealthy women too. that is one evil bish. kandi must have taken after her father.

  3. Good for Uncle Ben. Didnt know that he was Jamaican explains alot. Should invest in Bigen powder.

  4. I am so happy for Cynthia, I don’t like the way Peter treat Cynthia, I think she would be so much better solo. I wish you the best Cynthia, and if Peter have to tag along so be it ;-(

  5. Ok so in other words they were kicked off the show because no in there right mind will watch them do a show about a bar that they just lost they don’t even own bar one no more anything to save face.

    • Did anyone of you notice that Peter was chummying up to Kordell and his money right when Kordell and Porsha first came on the show? Then after they split Peter was shown advising Kordell that he didn’t need a wife, and that he should get an old Jamaican woman (probably an accomplice of his) to take care of his home. I believe that Peter talked Kordell into paying him to give poor Porsha that nervous breakdown. I believe Andy found out and that is why they are fired. Kenya probably got tricked into helping.

  6. Oh yeah one more thing he is using the hell out of her I don’t no why she can’t see that. If she went broke he it the type that will leave her I hope she wakes up and see the kind of man he really is.

  7. so now or we get to do is look at Nene and Kenya, are you kidding me that show is going down hill.

  8. Cynthia is too nice for the show and doesnt bring any drama. She fell off with Nene after Nene called Peter out of his name. I dont believe they chosed to bail from the show but got the axe. I wouldnt be surprised if Nene had something to do with it. Now Cynthia is not on the show who is going to kiss Nene’s ass.

  9. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone quit: Phaedra needs to take care of her legal drama and her boys, Porsha probably out already….Kandi needs to focus on her marriage and reality tv ruins a lot of marriages, NeNe likes the money but thinks she is too big for the show. If they all quit there would be no show. Ooooh I hope they all leave!

    • I think it would be hilarious if everyone did leave, and Bravo secretly replaced everyone with a white cast over the age of 70 . It would then be known as the Real Old White Farts of Atlanta!

        • He . STILL looks like papa smurf, chew in a dick, an old dick, Peters dick. You don’t run shit

      • I think I understand Ed. Mine are slightly older but are mistaken for 30 something though I was born after college. Dont think its the beard since Ed Bradley(rip) was an handsome older man and also Sean Connery. From what little Ive followed he seems catty and argues with females. Being a curmugeon coupled a hobo beard will make you look rest homeyish.

        Yet some woman somewhere has a grandpa fetish and fantasy of smashing backseat a 1970s Monte Carlo with the overpowering smell of Brut by Faberge and Beres Hammonds on 8 track. Apparently that somewhere is the ATL.

  10. I’m certain that Cynthia just like all women look very average without the weave/makeup.But,I’d like to know how the Peter pull a woman like this considering he looks like he can be her dad?I Like Peter but I’m curious.

    • Oh I see. You’re misogynist as well as a self hating negro. Must be real lonely in that closet of yours.

      • Speaking of a closet,its apparent who’s out of it.If you’re attempting to hide your alternative lifestyle perhaps choosing a name outside of George Michael would be more Tangible.Its no mystery who accompanies you in the bedroom nightly what a name like George Michael.

        • Lol…I know right? And this dumb sumbitch was on here earlier calling people black and stupid. It can’t keep with all its personas but I did pick up on its distinct air of “alternative lifestyle”

        • My namesake, The REAL George Michael spent many years in the closet, and was miserable doing so. Perhaps you would do well to own being homosexual. Then you wouldn’t be so bitter and twisted. I note you didn’t address being called a misogynist. I’m guessing you were so amped that someone replied to you, you didn’t have time to google what it means.

          • Bitch please. You she males stay on here swearing you are scaring somebody. He didn’t address it because he didn’t say it. That’s my comment at 18: 32. I’m female and I took issue as I’m sure a lot of us did, at you calling women “black and stupid.”. There are plenty of black booty bandits you could have called yourself after but you chose a white one which speaks volumes about your twisted ass. And you have the nuuuuuuuuurve to call someone a woman hater. Get real.

            • Lol @Anon 11:25 I’m still confounded about this queen calling me a woman hater when I’ve said nothing negative about a woman in my comment.This queen has all the makings of a Perez Hilton who’s frustrated because he lacks the female reproductive organ.

          • I have no rebuttal for stupity,and secondly if you want to disguise your deviant behavior choosing a name outside of a public stall banger like George Michael would be more Sufficient.

    • BA I promise you that Cyn is every bit as beautiful without a stitch of makeup or any other adornment as she is when “camera ready”.
      I am watching a documentary on Iceberg Slim on SHO right now, and I see some similarities between the two gentlemen. He just swept her away on a beautiful pink cloud of bulls&*t.

      • OK Sis,I’m no Antagonist of Peter because he remind me of a former Pimp whom I will leave nameless.But for some reason Peter has a lot of similarities to the person I mentioned and he comes off as he’s riding CYN Coattails.

    • Peter is West Indies and the men have game. I dated a WI guy and he was ugly as hell. He had swag and was good in bed. He had me sprung.

      • Quiet as it’s kept, that’s EXACTLY what my ATL girls say about Peter. They say he must be experienced one on one in person to be appreciated.
        Apparently he is just oozing that island charm and swag. And you didn’t hear this from me, but allegedly his bedroom skills are off the charts.

        • He’s old ass f*ck, of course he’s experienced, he’s been f*cking for 200 years

          • Aw, don’t be mad because you are young and limp and can’t spring a woman no matter what the age. Even ugly fat women don’t stay the night afterwards…ha-ha

        • @Christa Of course my brothers from the Islands have Swag they’re Israelites from the Tribe Of Benjamin.

          • So wait, you are not even pure black american, you’re of Jamaican decent?

            Lmao. I can’t.

            • I’m not black or American you dumb bitch!!I’m brown and Hebrew. Do us all a Favor a drive your care into the nearest River!

            • @Anony What the f*ck is a Jamaican? Jamaica is a place not a Race.Who were they before they became Jamaicans?There were Israelites from the Tribe of Benjamin. Get you’re knowledge up before you step unto the Lions Den and get devoured.

  11. Who care! Now Cynthia can be a dumb ass doormate without the cameras rolling, she stupid and he’s old next!


    • Stacy, dear. You can use CAPS all you want. You still sound dumb as rocks. You think it’s good for a man to have masculine qualities like taking charge, all the while he is borderline abusive, manipulative and a terrible provider? Really? I will hazard a guess if a man can talk that talk, and not much else, it’ll be real easy to get you to drop them drawers. So sad. So pathetic.

        • And your foolishness wreaks of a person who is a practitioner of latent stupidity. I’d take a step back if I were you.

          • You would have to step back because your cloven hooves are not fit to walk in my shoes. And before you try to clown somebody let me school your confused little ass. The word you were trying to use is “reeks”. Wreaks is what happens to your bootyhole after a weekend in Vegas, punk. Google that.

          • Because he’s going on on y’all fake asses who think yall run this shit. Probably work for this blogger too, to push yall bullshit views. Yall not fooling nobody

            • Hahahaha. Nice you are seeing through the BS. I will say, I very much doubt they are paid trolls though. It’s just a few lonely, and illiterate trolls. You know the type, if one person co -signs them, it gives them life. That’s why they stick around.

            • @ Philadelphia girl please. Because people express their point of views they work for the blogger? How can anyone run a gossip site? You a dumb bitch

            • Your trying to get more traffic dumb genius, stirring up dumb shit you Moron. You need more practice because your comments are not making me mad. Internet/thumb gangsters are almost always hilarious. Lol

          • BA, I think you have issues. Just wondering, what is your occupation? What is your level of education? Because I have been reading your posts and I have realized that you are delusional and the people that responds to you are just as dumb

            • @The Professor The fact that you’re curious about me makes you just as dumb as the individuals you called dumb.

            • @The Professor Don’t step to me with that utopian,Cosmopolitan attitude acting like you’re better calling yourself a damn Professor. The whiteman than trained you to be a obedient Slave in his slavery boot camp which is his colleges and now you think your shit don’t stink!Be Gone.

        • Lol. Not everyone, sis. Some useless anon/pathetic Porsha obsessive and the closet case/woman hater/mental health patient, BA.

          I wouldn’t call it going in. They are obviously mentally vulnerable people. We have a program where I am from called ‘Care in the community’. I am just trying to offer help to these lost heathens.

            • Word. It came in here all hostile for no reason. Then then the dike chick teamed up with him. Damn those forces are every where. In day to day life,the media even blog sites.

            • @Anon 13:39 @Georgia Michael has that Sodomite Spirit in full effect here at HSK.This is getting Redundant.

    • For real. I never understood why some women think Peter is so fine. He’s average at best.

      • Whoops, sorry. Double post intended for an earlier comment.
        Anyway, yes …Peter gets no love, but Leon is foiiiiiine!

      • If you Don’t stop using the word practitioner, beyond done gave yall bitches something to run with again.

          • pow pow pow, shots fired. Lol. what does me being a dike has to do with Peters old ass. Lol.

          • Lol so you’re happy someone used a word you previously used on a site? Ok I’m done. Funny thing is if I was a dike or homosexual and I took problem with a site because the people had an holier than thou attitude

            • I wouldn’t troll that site. Why waste time. Damn if I would read shit every day that I didn’t like unless I was getting a mutherf*ckin degree out the deal. You are corny as f*ck. Just like a Philly bitch…..Brooklyn stand up!

            • Look in the mirror and say “homosexual” 3 times and daddy will show up. Lol.

  13. To Doris,


  14. Peter is a go-getter, can’t hate him for that. Any blackman that has not allowed his spirit to be broken is already a winner in my book. Cynthia knew what she got herself into, she a grown-azz woman. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride with Peter, she better hookup her seatbelt. Anyway, i wish them the best.

  15. Me and my son was watching ad from reunion. He ask me why did thr man knock if the tv camera was already in porsha room. It is fake. I’m not watching anymore.

  16. Unless peter knew all this was going to happen over a year ago then this story is a lie. I spotted Peter looking for spots in Charlotte last summer. He is a nice guy and he was going to Mexico shortly after we talked.

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