Is Prince Movin’ 2 Bump Pharrell 4 New Prada Generation?


HSK Exclusive – If Pharrell picks up the NPG game Prince is puttin’ down, the Billionaire Boys Club’er could get the chance to walk in the Purple icon’s shoes! Don’t believe me.. Just ask ZùTotò.

That could mean shelving that Arby’s hat. Know why? We’ve learned Purple Love is being fused into Prada. Back in 2011, it was Versace that gained Prince’s purple touch — when the Versace’s Medusa logo was fused into Prince’s Symbol of Love. Just ask Donatella.


Since then the masses haven’t only jumped on the Versace train, it’s a now-uniformed ‘Versace Versace Versace’ craze that many say has become boring. Prince is now going left, apparently heading a new fashion campaign: NPG — an acronym for ‘New Prada Generation’.

“My 2 great passions 2gether.. NPG pendant melted in2 my new Prada bag. Isn’t it nice???” ~ZùTotò

Here’s what Pharrell previously told the press:

“Oh man, I would love to work with Prince.”



    • #WORD…& he look stupid in it too, but it does add a little height to him, esp when he stands next to his wife

      • That is why he wears that stupid hat. To give him more height. I could not believe how tiny he was in person.

  1. he looks like he works at jellystone park.

    entertainers and their weird chose of hats and wardropbe.

    better than a skirt.

    • Post of the day. Jellystone Park! You are sooooo right about the skirt thing Chris.

  2. I don’t do labels anymore. I’m over their overpriced madness. I will NEVER spend $1,400.00 for a pair of shoes, I don’t care who endorses it. Especially since advertisers and marketing firms use mind control techniques formulated by Sigmund Freuds nephew to make cheap mass produced products seem exclusive , special and expensive…like celebrity endorsements. No thanks.

  3. This is another way to get attention with the dunce forest ranger hat whatever prince been a icon from all his music he wrote himself and all the exprernce he has with instruments he can play like 7 or 8 diffrent ones so everybody go get the purple one new prada line it looks o.k. nice give it up to a real artis

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