Video Vixen Digs For Gold: Slams Curtis Jackson W/ Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit!

Sally Ferreira vs 50 Cent

“Sally Ferreira posted this photo of her and 50 Cent in 2011. She has since hit the rapper with a lawsuit Thursday claiming defamation.”

Fiddy is facing an multi-million dollar lawsuit, brought upon by the very video vixen he apparently tried to hook-up! You’ll recall Fif previously took to IG, cautioning other that working with Sally Ferreira — who Fif offered a spot to in his “Big Rich Town” video — could be a liabiity. Go Figure!

“WARNING: Do not attempt to work with this thirsty video bitch she sent photos Of the video shoot to Mediatakeout Saying I’m in a relationship With her Cananyone say RESHOOT? Big FAIL, super thirsty, new shoot this week coming. Unbelievable #smsaudio #Animal Ambition”

The 29-year-old model may now actually be living up to Fif’s words. Know why? Ferreira is demanding $11M “claiming the rapper defamed her and caused her emotional distress.”

Here’s are Sally ‘I’m a Damsel in Distress’ Ferreira’s claims listed in the suit:

“Photos snapped by third parties — not Ferreira — were leaked from a March 23 music video shoot for “Big Rich Town” aboard the No. 4 train in the Bronx. The photos showed 50 Cent up close and personal with Ferreira, 29, and were picked up by Hip Hop Weekly and, which speculated that the two were in a relationship.

Video Vixen Sues 50 Cent


“Without undertaking any investigation whatsoever, Mr. Jackson falsely accused Ms. Ferreira of being the source of the coverage by posting a picture of Ms. Ferreira on his personal Instagram account with the following text superimposed over her image… [Fif’s quote above].

Before the defamatory posting, Ms. Ferreira was working on three separate entertainment industry projects and enjoyed a good reputation in the industry.

Ferreira has been in a committed relationship with her fiance for more than nine years, a fact she claims 50 Cent knew. A number of media outlets wrote articles about the Instagram post despite the rapper removing it from his account within hours of writing it.

As a direct and proximate result of the defamatory posting and the subsequent media fallout and negative publicity surrounding Ms. Ferreira, as of the date of this filing, all three projects have been put indefinitely on hold.

Moreover, as a direct and proximate result of Mr. Jackson’s actions, Ms. Ferreira has been subjected to harsh and hurtful comments about her profession, character, and appearance, causing her severe emotional distress.”

Has Sally Ferreira benefited from her 50 Cent connections over the past three-years, possibly let him smash, and now looking to cover her cheating azz with her fiance — while banking on gettin’ deep into Fif’s pockets? I don’t know, but what do you think???


    • Anytime you hurt how a person earns a living and cost them money, YOU GUILTY! CIARA SHOULD SUE.

    • How are you in a committed relationship for 9 years but your are a fiancée …why he couldn’t put a ring on it? Now you want to sue 50 to pay for your wedding. GTFOH!!!
      She is better off making money online!

  1. 50 needs to go back to dating black girls.

    these white girls are dogging his ass out she got her mandingo fantasy plus money.

    • black girls dont need this disrespectful A-hole. I’m so glad this spanish heffa going to get ALL his money.

    • @crazychris

      Hip-Hop reminds me of what happened to Soul Train and Don Cornelius. All or the vast majority of dancers were blackwomen…On & Poppin! Then, Cornelius decides to put a bunch of thirsty white chicks on the show…Kiss of Death! Anytime blackmen get white-girl stupid, bad things happen. Now, all i see in videos are a bunch of wannabe white chicks…american, spanish, italian, arab, indian, etc. The same crap destroyed jazz music for blackmen. Chris, these chicks are just bad news all the way around…Bottomline!

  2. She ain’t even all dat fine! So, I don’t even see the big deal here with this story.

  3. I have no sympathy for these brothers who are so quick to sleep and shag anything less than black women as if we are the bottom of the barrel. Each woman he slept with since CiError has been nothing but trouble for him…these dudes and their exotic hauxs make me gag!

  4. Serves him right. That dude prowls blogs worse than an overweight woman, twitter beefs like an high schooler and IG photos more than a 12 yr old girl. Even though i dig his recent photos of Budapest Castle Hill and St Stephens Basillica since I enjoy Hungary. Video vixens are looking homlier as time progresses.

  5. Hold up sistas….
    NOT ALL but some of you ladies need to chill out and ask yourself:
    ‘Why am I at all concerned what race of women that a man that i don’t even like or want is dating/sleeping with?’

    I’ll go one further, some of y’all who’ve been screaming doom and gloom about soooo many black men dating non-black women are the SAME EXACT sistas that act snobby, entitled, difficult and fake as shyt when decent black men try to approach you out here in everyday situations.

    I could see the issues y’all are taking if it was Denzel, Will Smith or Idris Elba who were serial non-black women daters but y’all mad at 50 and Kanye???? That’s that BS.

    • Don’t get it twisted, we are not mad. Just calling a spade a spade. Curtis has been a joke for a while now.

    • I’m confused by your comment because Denzel, Idris and that weird ass Will smith all date black women. Kanye and kurtis date the exoticals. So I don’t really get your point…

      • You should reread cause his point is actually quite clear. Why are black women upset that men they supposedly despise (Kanye, 50 cent) are dating outside the race? The backlash they get would seem more feasible if it were the known heartthrobs (Denzel, Elba, Will Smith, etc…) who were dating non-black women.
        Frankly I agree with Franklin. With many black women the right of first refusal is a real complex they have. So when men they would have otherwise paid no attention to are getting flack for dating non-black women then most of us guys just kinda have to smile and attribute it to the childish ol’ ‘chix always want what they can’t have syndrome.’

  6. Get that money honey!

    I just love it when a non black woman put their foot up these color struck kneegrows azzez and take them straight to the cleaners.
    I love it!
    Absolutely luv it.
    Lol !
    They may run all over black women but they best to BOW DOWN and worship non black women if they know whats best for them.
    Lol !
    If you dont believe me just ask Chelsea Handler or Bette Midler. Lol !

  7. Well im a black woman who dates nothing but white men
    So who 50 (or any other black man) dates doesnt matter to me

    *shrug shoulders and walk away *

      • Its all good cuz Im too young too get married now and im not ready right now. But id rather be a white man jump off anyday then to be affliated with or date kneegrows any day

        • Oh,you date the very man that enslaved and oppresses your people on a daily basis?Gotcha!!You must be a long list cousin of Halle Stupid!!

    • Time heals all wounds. You will learn. Read Ida b wells or the works of by Washington & get your head together.

      • Time heals all wounds. You will learn. Read Ida b wells or the works of b . T Washington & get your head together.

        • No,you need to do what the bible says and stay away from you’re common enemy and that is primarily the White man.Duet28:68.I could careless that nonsense you just spewed.

  8. every yte man i dated were perfect gentlemen and wer sexually agressive as black men and treated me like the lady that i am. No complaints here

    • my girlfriends who engage in the swirl say that the white men they have been with court them as if they have to “earn” them…they don’t act as if they are “entitled” to the prize as so many brothas seem to think.
      No shade meant towards my beloved brothas, I’m just passing along something I’ve been told.

      • Most black women that frolick with white guys are setting themselves up for a major disaster.Whiteboys on a large scale view blackwomen as beneath them and for the most part only they only want a taste of the brown sugar.Once that happens usually the fake representative goes away.For the record,we are prohibited by bible laws of amalgamation with the Edomites(Whites)

      • I have three relatives now that are married to white guys. I’m happy for them but …..I.Just.Caaaaaaaaaaant!!!!!!

        • Any blackwoman that dates the very people that oppress your people on a daily basis are a Self Hating Sellout Coon that deserves the Sword.Go and read Genesis the 26th Chapter.The birth of Jacob & Esau.We were clearly seperated at birth and forbidden from intermarriage. Duet 7:3

      • I’ve heard the same, Christa. It is stupid, I guess to make ridiculous broad generalizations, but I will say, if black women keep being rejected by their own, they will seek love from other races. And I am seeing it more and more. Black women are not only dating outside of their own, more importantly they are MARRYING.

    • Do you feel validated as a women now? I know some excellent black men, some are family some are friends. And I am dating a really good one

      • Sure I have dated some assholes in the past, was even married to a jerk. But guess what I had to take a look in the mirror, I fixed the undesirable things about my personality and I have thus attracted nothing but outstanding people

        • You go a head and fun being those white men little pet project, because you are nothing more to them. This is not a delusional rant. I have been good friends with a few white guys and ask them to keep 100 with how white men view black women

          • #have. They were honest, they said that in a whole most successful white men don’t see black women as their equal. You got the nerve to bragging and boasting

            • You’re a little too transparent. You may not like it or approve it, but it’s so like a black man to want to bring a sista back to her senses by reminding her of how poorly the white man views her. bullshit. I know what I see with my own eyes. I see a fair number of
              BW being treated very well by WM and that number is growing little by little every year.

              If BM don’t like it, be better men and do the husband thing. Because if you won’t, there are others who are more than willing.

  9. I reluctantly cosign. Seem more goal and family oriented at younger ages. Also invest more quality time and do substantial activities that are free to low cost besides the occasional movie, cookout, clubbing and bootleg dvd and bacardi on the couch dates.

    Hiking, rock climbing, food tours, musuems, indie concerts, bible study, book clubs, skating, wine festivals, even LAN parties with your very own xbox controller. Try asking a brother if you can play his call of duty 😉

    My girlfriends like to have fun with black men but not seriously date them. From observation I am offended but see their point.

  10. This golddigger looks evil and spiteful. 50 cent didnt hurt your career you did by yourself by opening up your legs while you were probably in a relationship with another man. You sound like an opportunist. You can hop on the #4 train and take that wannabe J ho looking ass back to the bronx.

  11. 50 is known for fisting chicks. That is why he was given the nicknames “Fisty Cent” and “Fist Me Cent”.

  12. I reckon you are onto something. I always wondered when he was beefing with The Game (Back when they were both relevant), was it really a lovers tiff??

  13. Fuck everybody tryna milk 50 for his dough .. people think they can just get rich quick by 50,the f*ck is up with that?! … man,f*ck this super thirsty hoe!

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