Columbus Short Fired From Scandal!!!

Columbus Short Fired From Scandal

Columbus Short’s real life scandal has just taken over dude’s entire acting Scandal! Industry word reveals… execs behind ABC’s hit show just gave Columbus the boot! Network associates say, “ABC fired Mr. Short because of his criminal domestic affairs.”

“The time has come for Harrison Wright to exit the canvas..” ~C. Short

Check what Columbus had to say about it:

“At this time I must confirm my exit from a show I’ve called home for 3 years, with what is the most talented ensemble in television today… Everything must come to an end and unfortunately the time has come for Harrison Wright to exit the canvas. I wish nothing but the best for Shonda, Kerry and the rest of the cast.”


    • He’s breaking himself. He may be downlow. Downlow black males are very angry because they have been sexually rearranged. This brings about feelings of self-hatred and they tend to take that anger out on women. White men don’t have this problem because homosexuality comes to them naturally.

      • Aww, isn’t that cute. You are looking for a reason to explain why you “stay” somewhere and have generally failed as an adult. It MUST be the white man’s fault. The fact you function on an 8th grade level couldn’t have anything to do with it.

        Eat a bag of dicks Anonymous Sharpton.

  1. No one is trying to break this idiot.
    He is a violent thug who makes terrible life decisions.

    He needs to look in the mirror and decide to change himself.

    • This will either make him or break him. I know he must be devastated and the wife or soon to be ex-wife may live to regret calling the police once there is no money to be had. Maybe he should give Isiah Washington a call and get some pointers on how to cope with being fired from a top show. Black actors in Hollywood need to be careful about how they carry themselves. They don’t get the same breaks as Downey Jr or Lohan.

      • “Black actors in Hollywood need to be careful about how they carry themselves. They dont get the same breaks as Downey Jr or “.

        Truth!I dont condone what he done if he did it but it is what it is.

        • Has Robert Downey Jr. And Lindsey ever been charged with domestic violence ? I hadn’t heard that. Drugs and out of control yes I would say he’s more on track with being Terrance Howard-like or Mel Gibson-esqueif he doesn’t turn it around soon. I love him on Scandal. I hope he gets the help he needs, whether it’s drugs, toxic people in his life- or all of the above. RIP Harrison. 🙁

          • It doesn’t matter what the black entertainer is charged with, he has a hard time bouncing back after any kind of “scandal.” Just ask Michael Vick.

          • Lindsey Lohan did assault someone, a model. And I believe she hit a paparazzo with her car and was charged with vehicular assault for that one. Not to mention she steals and snorts anything that isn’t nailed down. Ok, still want to pretend that white people aren’t judged by a far more lenient standard?

  2. Columbus is not a victim, he is the problem. Wants to abuse women and beat up random men, consequences for that.

  3. I don’t condone violence against woman, hell I am a woman, however, doesn’t it appear to be a coincidence that he cracks now? On a very successful show at that, c’mon son open y’all eyes…

      • LOL@Anonymous. She’s of the belief that a ‘beautiful’ woman should be 100 lbs soaking wet, be at least 5’8,” have non-natural hair, light(er) skin, and shoulder blades and elbows that could cut paper, when people who live in reality know that there’s more to beauty than that. I’m not one for shallow people who gauges people solely on their looks (Especially those with no headshots of themselves to show), but to each their own, I guess.

        • You know what I noticed Raheim, that ever since the 1960s, television has been the projection of self-hatred of those behind the camera.

          The worship of blondness was the Jewish/Italian element of self-hate and the worship of just what you described above was the element of the Black self-hate.

          A certain standard of beauty is definitely forced upon the public.

          • @ anon 23:09 That may be misinformation I remember as a child during the 90s when Latifah showcased women of different hues, hair, body types and professions with Living Single, also Cosby and a Different World. Not to mention Family Matters where the Urkle introduced the Black Nerd(intelligence, biggup to fellow nsbe peeps) who pined over a brown girl from a working class loving two parent home. All were hit shows. Regardless its ultimately up to the family to project a positive image and not the media. Art imitates life.

            @ Raheim if you were referring to me in your reply, quit reaching and assuming. It may be mistaken as effeminate. Was a sincere question since many on blogs look like her or have mothers/aunts/grandmothers that do instead of lupita, beyonce, or gabby union. An accomplished educated lady who also adopted children even though to me her shows are pure shyt when/if I watch the idiot boxxx on occasion. and Apologies in advance and no disrespect if you were not…

            • @non important maybe I didn’t catch it but I thought rahiem was agreeing with you

            • @Anon 1:54, non-importante is just that, always trying to take the conversation to the left, and making comments about “post civil rights blacks” and shit.

            • Yes,but after playing the character if a “Urkel”and “Rudy” once all if the hype subsides no one would ever take you serious whether it be in your professional or personal life,ever.None of these aforementioned actors are doing anything formidable with they’re careers nowadays after playing those characters.

            • @non importante–Who else would I be referring to? And there was no ‘reaching or assuming’ in my reply. While I’m all for people espousing their opinion(s), the fact of the matter is that you’re a very shallow and snide person who judges people solely on their ability to be photographable, and there’s nothing effeminate about pointing that out. Speaking of which, how about you assume some feminity and work on your glaring faults & grow up? Everyone, famous or not, obviously wasn’t meant to walk runways (Yourself included, apparently, since you’re a mainstay on here), and that isn’t the barometer of success or attractiveness in the world for everyone.

              P.S. I could care less about Shonda Rhimes or her shows.

          • @Anonymous 23:09–I agree. The ‘White is right’ bullshit was bad enough in Western Society (As you probably know, virtually every country in said society has white-or-white-looking people at the top,and dark(er)-skinned people at the bottom, with many of the darker-skinned people getting nosejobs, straightening their hair, and even bleaching their skin in the [Often futile] hope it’ll make them more ‘accepted’ among the higher-ups in their respective societies), but now you have people like the Chinese getting nosejobs, eyelid surgeries, and even shoe-lifts & dangerous leg/back surgeries to look taller, all in an effort to what? Look more ‘European.’

            Furthermore, it goes without saying that Blacks have more than enough issues in the Western world without being constantly reminded that we’re not of the ‘cherished’ European/Nordic phenotype, yet here some of us are, gauging our worthiness on how many of our ancestors were raped by whites. It’s sickening, to say the least.

            • “yet here some of us are, gauging our worthiness on how many of our ancestors were raped by whites”

              Real Talk, Raheim. We need to honor our ancestors more by cherishing our Black Beauty!

            • @ Raheim Your assumption about me is incorrect and as a mainstay you have more posts than myself on this gossip blog – hence effeminate. Regardless will see you in the same heaven or hell.

              Keep preaching to those in need validation of Self constantly comparing and mentioning the same status quo they despise. Unlike many I didn’t need an xclan cd or ivan van sertima book freshman year to validate who I am. Also Ive lived in other countries and therefor dont have the same tunnel vision.

              And if you could care less about Shonda(for me for that matter) why even acknowledge the post. Stay blessed and Maat.

            • ^Of course you would say it’s incorrect as it wasn’t a flattering observation about you. Also, your attempt to shift the focus to me and what I post on here has failed (Again, another sign of shallowness, despite the name-dropping black Intellectualism 101 names like Van Sertima and Maat) and doesn’t take away from what I said in the least. As for Rhimes, Poindexter, you and I both know that was never the reason I posted, so drop it, press on, and use some of that ‘worldly experience’ to work on that shallow streak of yours while you’re at it.

            • Also, the only one here with ‘tunnel vision’ is the one snidely gauging peoples’ worthiness by their appearance, which is, how you say, shallow. As hell. And spare me the grade school snaps about ‘identity’ and ‘preaching,’ as all your prattle told me was that I struck a nerve. In short, don’t start things you can’t finish. Have a shallow week.

  4. unresolved issues f*ck a black person up again.

    Oh well, hands are not for hitting,

  5. But, a very classy exit.

    Now, if only he could have acted the same way this statement sounds, he would still be employed.

  6. I was never feeling him as an actor. He has no charisma or personality. Hopefully now he can get some help for his anger issues.

    • Didn’t impress me with his acting skills next to those stage trained kids he was up on the screen with, but I felt he could hold his own.

      But that is the point, if he didn’t have that, he didn’t have the latitude to act the fool off screen.

    • He doesnt need help with his anger because the bible says:Opression Will Make The Wise Man Mad.People have some nerve to assess our problems.Its The Hate That Hate Produced

  7. I agree he doesnt have stage presence and always looks angry. He probably is on the down low. Unfortunately he comes across as the short angry black man. I hope his wife has enough common sense to leave him this time.

  8. To Exist or Coexist in Hollywood as a Black Actor first you have to fit the mode of being safe and non threatening.Columbus doesn’t fit the mode,so it was only a matter of time before he’d become Expendable.

  9. I don’t buy the ‘its the White man out tryijng to get him’ scenario. He was acting stupid and he couldn’t act right. That’s his fault. All you have to work, collect your paychedck and get somewhere & sit down. But we create drama

  10. We don’t have the power in society like that. So it’s not affordable to lose our cool behind the scenes or on camera.
    Maintain a sense of stoicism around them and keep elevating. Columbus take that anger out on your real issues rather than your wife. Wife he did it before and will do it again. Keep it moving…

  11. As far as Columbus Short is concerned, goodbye Scandal, hello chitlin circuit.

  12. What do Gary Dourdan, Isaiah Washington and Columbus Short have in common? I’ll let you guys think about that?

    • Hmm i believe NBA that all three of course were on hit TVshows Gary CSI, Isaiah Greys Anatomy and Columbus Scandal, all are very very good looking…and all of course the last two were fired cant remember if Gary was or not…so what is your answer…what else do they have in common

    • Dourdan was on drugs I believe? Washington’s axe was bullcrap and Short seems like a nutty buddy.

  13. How do anyone know his wife isn’t lying or put her hands on him. Don’t know one knows it’s too bad men don’t call police on women when they started acting violent we don’t know what led up to their issues that’s Scandal lost because he hasn’t ben charge it’s all hearsay. did she have any marks or bruises

  14. He did this to himself. We all knew it was coming. He can’t act white boy crazy and get a 2nd chance. Rob low got caught getting down with a 15 year old. He’s still working and is celebrated, even. James Franco just got caught trying to get down with an underage girl: still working. Chris Brown is in jail but Justin Bieber is still free. If Columbus didn’t know, now he knows.

  15. It is not just the wife, it is the two dudes he knocked out, one at the bar, one at the basketball court.

    3 strikes…

    He did this to himself, but yes, Hollyweird don’t give black folks the same breaks.

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