Aussie Promoter Patrick Whyntie Xposed Plot For Xzibit’s Paper!


HSK Exclusive – A string of LIES are being spun on Xzibit, as that video-gone-viral continues to spread. Various news outlets and online sites are reporting transportation issues as what led Xzibit to set it off — which couldn’t be further from the truth!

That story — which has also gone viral — is turning out to be nothing more than one conman’s attempt to cover-up his own plot to pocket Xzibit’s paper.. rumored to be in the area of $6,000 USD. We’re talking about Patrick ‘Mastercraft’ Whyntie, the Janky Promoter who X straight checked after seeing the scam for what is was. Don’t believe me.. Ask DJ Victor Lopez.

“The promoter for Xzibit’s show in the Adelaide UniBar on Wednesday night, Patrick ‘Mastercraft’ Whyntie, is no stranger to controversy — having been the promoter behind the failed Hip Hop festival ‘Heatwave’ 2 years earlier.” ~The Australian

After taking several listens to audio of the April 23rd altercation, we can confirm Patrick Whyntie shutdown soundcheck after he “walked off the stage” before saying “No one gets paid..No one gets paid.” That’s the real reason why X became enraged and lashed out at Whyntie, backstage at a venue in Australia… a destination that’s well over 7,000 miles away from L.A.!

Here’s some of what was said after Xzibit caught on to Whyntie’s exposed bait-and-switch plot:

W: “I’m a professional man..”

X: “Oh yeah? You’re professional?

DJ: “What the f*ck? God, it’s obvious when I get pulled from the venue.. and yeah.. and you slapped us in the face when I was leaving out the back in the fan.

W”: “I didn’t do that …there’s only two of us doing the show.. No one gets paid. No one gets paid. I walked off the stage.”

DJ: “He’s a f*ckin promoter!”

X: “Are you a promoter or are you a rapper? Why the f*ck did we walk off from soundcheck? Why the f*ck we walk back from soundcheck? Why the f*ck we walk back from sound check?”

W: “Why don’t we just do this shit, get finished, you’ll get your money..”

X: “Fuck you you b*tch azz n*gga.. don’t you ever pick up the phone…”

W: “This needs to be resolved.. everyone needs to be paid…everyone needs to be paid.”

X: “F*ck you..”


Here’s Whytnie’s flip-flopp’in statement he posted to Facebook:

“People forget Xzibit was one of my idols I spent my life savings to bring him down to Heatwave 1, had best friends invest and we treated him like royalty. Stretch Limos, fat pay cheque, unlimited booze you name it. What do you think we did this time? Moments before he flipped out I had just had my guys running around to make sure every last need was taken care of! … We damn near sold a show out on a Wednesday night in Adelaide. SO WHY on earth would any of the team Xpect you or deserve you to talk to us like s***, throw a tantrum and piss on everything we did for you!”


  1. Chile, he needed to have the advance before he dealt with those racists in Kangaroo land.

  2. Ain’t gunna deny it. We’re pretty racists. You should see the how aborigines are looked upon. My grandmother was aboriginal. I’m white skinned, so I hear how people speak about them when they think thier not gunna get checked.. You can count how many aborigines are on TV with one hand. Getting better now with the younger generation accepting any walk of life. Long way to go tho.

  3. That picture with the aussie cops is classic. He still shouldnt have hit dude with a chair nor went on stage afterwards and have the crowd sing “fk patrick”(lolz). Get lawyers involved instead of going fisticuffs.

    That clip mad me laff and hug myself like Ray Charles. Australians are no more racists than canadians or americans. Just less diverse.

    • Mate I live here. We got a whole island to ourselves. People got use to it. They don’t wanna share with nobody.

    • Please shut the f*ck up, you have no idea of what you are talking about, as usual.

      • Don’t hide. Tell em ya name. If u can’t, then you can shut the f*ck up, you no name.

        • I was talking to non-importante,
          please follow the shading on the boxes.

          Thanx for kickin’ the knowledge to those who don’t know and who deny.

          An entire island of criminals, a penal colony, just like the U.S. State of Georgia.

          Blacks do not fare well under these types.

          • “An entire island of criminals, a penal colony, just like the U.S. State of Georgia.”

            Umm…So you are actually reaffirming my original statement that Australians are no more racist than than Canadians of Americans…in case you were confused I am referring to the ‘U.S.’ of America. I can only go by personal past experience from living and working abroad and also immigration stats. Most overtly racist place by far to me is Belgium – had no issues in Australia. Perhaps bc I am a native English speaker. In addition to reviewing Al Jazeera you may want to improve reading comprehension to save time and embarrassment.

            Killa im quite familiar with that situation and feel every person should watch rabbit proof fences at least once. Sadly that is going on in present day Africa as we speak.

            • I was drawing a connection about the criminal element that started a country compared to a criminal element that started just a state, so yes, a country full of penal colony racists is a tad more racist than a country with a penal colony state.

              Stop trying to argue points, you are not up to it.

      • Our government stole nearly a whole generation of aboriginal children back in the day. They are called the stolen generation. I sat with elders and listen to thier stories with my dad. Look it up.

  4. In the video, security like what you want me to do, and you didn’t give a black man his money, oh lawd.

  5. What is shocking to me is that Xzibit is still alive! I thought he was dead just like his career!

  6. Playing with a blackman’s money can get anybody killed, this whiteboi lucky all he got was a blackeye for his troubles. Australia on the other side of the planet, X was able to get back on the plane…Too Close For Comfort!

  7. i really hate that music box on the side, i already wrote a ‘nice’ message complaining about it, how it overheats my laptop just from one page of this site, i can have multiple bossip website sites open with their auto play videos but nothing ever happens to my laptop, but just one page from this site sends my laptop into overdrive, when i was about to submit comment the music box refreshed the page and my entire ‘sincere’ comment was washed away, so im writing again with no ‘niceness’ to say FUCK THIS SITE

    • Im sorry 4 laughing The same shyt happens to me rite after i write an heartfelt comment. Sometimes i have to type so fast my words end up jumbled

  8. I live in Adelaide & race is not an issue.
    Unprecedented publicity for all involved and our little scene, well played boys.

  9. Race is not an issue. Come on man. Race is hardly ever an issue in the music scene but I’m talking about life outside of music. You know a lot of us is straight up racist.

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