Gucci Mane Shaves Off Prison Time

Gucci Mane Jail Credit

Thanks to an Atlanta court’s ruling, rapper Radric “Gucci Mane” Davis will be released from a federal prison sooner than expected.

A judge ruled that nearly a year of Gucci’s sentence has been credited as time served, so that time has been subtracted off the original 39-month punishment. At the time of sentencing, it was noted that Mane’s lawyers would argue that Gucci’s 39-month sentence should begin at the time of his September 2013 arrest and not the August 2014 sentencing. The judge finally agreed.

Gucci Mane will now be released from prison in December 2016.

You may recall, Gucci Mane previously reached a plea deal on firearm possession charges in order to avoid a possible 10-year sentence. As part of the plea deal, Gucci’s lawyers asked the court to also put Mane in a drug rehabilitation program as well as house him in a West Coast prison away from his native Atlanta, where the rapper has “negative influences.”

Once Gucci is released from prison, his probation requires him to spend no more than one week per month outside the state of Georgia, which would severely hamper the “Icy” man’s future attempts to tour.


  1. away jail bird = release date December 2016. Men watch Ur batty holes..Gucci gonna be deh pon di hunt..ooohh how He doing’?

  2. Gucci Mane had every opportunity in the way to become a top selling recording RAP artist and instead he throw it all away on drugs, county jail time, shady Managers(Deb Antney), inferior music and a bunch of BLOOD sucking, leeches. Gucci has to know that he has an uphill battle to recapture any of his stardom, the MUSIC business changed and will be changing again about the time he is released from prison, will he still be relevant? we’ll see

  3. He gonna go right back a week later, these type niggas love prison and sword fighting with they cell mates.

  4. I saw a interview with Gucci on the breakfast club
    Im not a fan of Gucci but i sure do like the way had Charmalagne, Dj Envy and Angela Yee shook
    Lol ! It was hilarious

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