Darren Sharper Facing Two More Rape Cases in Arizona

Darren Sharper Arizona Rapes

Former NFL star, Darren Sharper, who currently sits in a Los Angeles County jail cell, is facing yet two more charges of rape. This time from the state of Arizona.

Two Tempe, Arizona women claim Sharper drugged their drinks and sexually assaulted them at their apartment on November 20th. Just a few months after the alleged assaults in New Orleans took place.

Cops recovered one of the cups Sharper used to serve the women and it tested positive for traces of Ambien, the drug Sharper used to knock out his victims. Tempe detectives submitted the case to a grand jury and Sharper has now been charged with two counts of sexual assault and three counts of administering dangerous drugs.

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  1. Shame a successful good looking man like him should have never had to rape women I see a life sentence for such a prominent young man shame what a waste I hope he doesn’t receive the same treatment in jail after all it is prison. This is a fine good looking successful young man and he chose to rape women wow u never know what goes on in someone’s head he’s screaming for help something went wrong and he needs help professional help I hope he gets it what a waste

  2. Wow!! This guy is a serial rapist. He will more than likely spend the rest of his life in prison if he is found guilty of all those charges. What a waste!!!

  3. I don’t know if anyone here remembers a game show in the 1980’s called The Jokers Wild. Darren Sharper looks just like the devil card that sometimes appeared on the show. Just like it.

  4. He’s looking at life behind bars. What a waste! I can’t help but wonder what his life was like when he was growing up and what made him or changed him into a serial rapist.

  5. I don’t understand this dude.I mean, it’s not like he’s ugly looking.repulsive or unpleasant to look at.Which is why his victims trusted him and did not see him as dangerous or threatening.Obviously, he has some serious psychological,mental and emotional issues.

  6. Teachable Moment…Sistas, Stop Assuming The Psyche of Men Based On Looks. Any man is capable of raping women, regardless of looks, status, money, etc.

    • From reading the comments one would think most attackers were cockeyed toothless and homeless. Usually men with looks, money or prestige never get told no or rejected so when it happens they cannot deal. Rape is about domination and control through violence, not lust.

      • All men get turned down at some point in time. If a man tells you he has not been, for lack of a better word, ‘rejected’ at some point in time, he is lying. Unless he hasn’t tried to make the rounds.

  7. I think humans and especially human women make the error of mistaking attractiveness with moral goodness.
    That’s why there are so many good looking basards running around wild in the black community.

    White women breed for intelligence and wealth.
    Niggas just wanna look good.

    • @Anonymous

      Male Beauty is a big deal to Blackwomen…Catch-22! Oftentimes, these lady killers stab blackwomen in the back the most…Rappers, Ballers(NFL, NBA, MLB). As you stated, Whitemen are raised to run ish. With Us, it’s about sex and status. Meanwhile, other men have their own infrastructure. And, we get mad with these cats for trying to copy us, steal our culture, etc. We have no cohesive long,-term strategy moving forward.

      • I see nothing wrong with your post. Folks will extract from it what they will and sadly miss the message. You’re on point, brotha Ty.

        • @Bella

          What’s Good Mama? Sex is a major hurdle for us as blackmen. Darren Sharper is a prime example. Handsome Brotha, yet, he allegedly has to rape women. Most women on this planet would not make it hard for Darren to get “The Sugar.” It makes no sense Bella. As Blackmen, Sex Is A Double-Edged Sword…Thin Line! We gotta get over this hump, if we want our race to move forward.

          • IMO, in this particular arena white men are much worse than BM. Read Non Importante’s post above^^. She said it all. Everytihng you need to know on the subject of men of power and good looks vis a vis date rape.

            • @Christa

              Whitemen and Blackmen view sex and power in opposing ways. As black males, our forefathers did not feel the need to force themselves on asian and anglo women(Minus The Moors). Whitemen made it their mission to rape and plunder black womanhood on a grand scale…Africa, India, Polynesia, etc. Why did they do this? Obviously, sexual envy of blackmen played an integral part in their behavior. To this day, they still resent the fact that we’re men of color…They’re Not! We don’t have to force ourselves on blackwomen and non-black women…They Do! What did i mean by sex being a double-edged sword? Too Many black males on this planet waste time and energy trying to validate their existence via sex. Instead of viewing sex as divine and noble, we forsake our true purpose as blackmen…Further The Race! Loving Blackwomen and Progressing The Race Forward Is Paramount. The Interracial nonsense, rape, deviant sexual behavior is not what it’s about…Please Believe!!!

            • Tyrone I don’t know if you misunderstood me or if you were just expanding on the point. I agree with you 100% that white men rape far more than BM.

            • @Christa

              I was expanding on previous post. Apologize if i went off script…Bad Habit! My larger point to blackmen in general…Sex is the bridge that links everything together…Respect It! Life, Freedom, Family, Prosperity, Politics, Population, Wealth, and so forth. Darren Sharper is a mirror for all of us. He never respected womanhood, thus, will miss it for the rest of his days…If Convicted! This is the irony of it all, another man will treat him in like fashion behind the cell. As to the racial aspect, i assume most of these victims are white females? As a blackman, i’ve overheard many a convo about fair skinned women. The Ugly Truth! Oftentimes, black males who lust whitewomen don’t respect them any more or less than blackwomen. Whitewomen need to wise up, they’re stuck in the middle of a battle between 2 groups of men that hate each other. I can assume how it went down. Target these white females because they’re gullible, crazy over blackmen, hit whitemen in the chest by conquering their daughters. Sistas, this is residue from slavery. I know this ish like water. Darren Sharper will be severely punished because he dared to abuse white females who would have willingly granted his sexual desires…The Lesson! Brothas, ya’ll get the jist of what i’m saying? Christa, Keep It Eye Level!!!

          • @Tyrone

            How would you know what most women want unless you were a woman?

            The name Tyrone is too obvious ma’am.

            Or anyone who has a screen name with the word “Black” incorporated in it in any way.
            That’s shit white folks do when they playing on the internet.

            • Anon:

              If I may…

              Not sure what gender you are, but as a woman, I appreciate a man who investigates what women want, particularly the woman he is with. That’s an attractive quality. JMO.

            • @Anonymous

              I’ve witnessed a lot of ish in my life. I’m not the smartest, most well-read brotha in the world. But, i do understand and decipher human nature. Darren Sharper is an Ex-NFL Baller with pesos. 2 women get together with him and maybe a homeboy. You tell me what will take place more often than not? You and other blackmen need to realize that this ish is not a game. We complain about drug laws so much, how did they come about? White Male Fear of blackmen raping their women. Hundreds of Thousands of brothas in jail based on sexual stereotypes and fear. Our race is dealing with a lot of chaos, because of our sexual dysfunction…hiv, abortion, homosexuality, swirling, etc. You see it as trivial, Ain’t S**t Funny! If we don’t get right on this issue…We’re Screwed! This brotha wants his backside tore out the frame over stupidity and arrogance…Tragic!

          • Ty:

            I would love for BM to spend as much time on intimacy as they do trying to procure sexual partners. Kissing, touching, conversing… Those things can be so satisfying in so many different ways. I encounter too many BM who go out of their way to try to “smash,” which is such a turnoff. Short term gratification should be the pursuit of young, inexperienced people who know no better, not seasoned men.

            • @Bella

              If we don’t love you…Ain’t No Love! Our women are the greatest resource we have…Forever! Black Manhood is important to me, It Matters! Ain’t no shame in loving blackwomen, cats gotta understand that.

    • Negroes want to look good more than white folk wanna look good, that don’t mean YT don’t place importance on looks.

      Ask a plastic surgeon what is the demographic of his clientele.

    • We’re a blessed culture. So keep picking your small mind Wonder Woman. Once we conqueror it, it’s gone:)

  8. People keep commenting on how good he looks. Rape has nothing to do with looks. It’s all about power and control. He’s sick. You can look at him and tell he’s sick. Too bad one of those ladies didn’t have a gun to send him out of here before he raped as many as he did. He is a vile individual who most likely has some deep seeded hatred of women.

  9. @Tyrone or Trina or whatever fake name that you are using today,you can’t teach a person shit,because your fake.Your the problem with the black community.There’s too many fake ni@#ers like you.Allow me to teach you something.The word assume means to guess.Sharper has been arrested.That is not a guess or an assumption.Please get an education before you start throwing words around that you do not understand.

    • Hey Peachie, Baby steps. At least she stopped signing her posts Ty. It’s a small improvement.

    • @Peachie

      Sista, You Still On That Bulls**t? Blackwomen like you don’t know what a sincere blackman looks like…F**k You 10X! I respect women to the utmost, but, i’m not gonna allow you to keep disrespecting me just because you’re female…Recognize Sis! You hatin on me, but, defend crab ass blackmen who do harm to our people daily. What The F**k Is Wrong With You Blackwoman? Yeah, I stopped using Ty at the end of my post, So What? Anonymous, the same goes for you as well.

  10. He does have pretty teeth though. Love it when people have great genetics or can afford orthodontic work 🙂

    • Of all the things to mention, you mention his teeth. What kind of comment is that? Are you stupid or something?

      • You don’t know N.I. She’s very dry and if you take her literally you’ll miss the joke.

          • I don’t know if I should be flattered or insulted that some think I post under multiple names. I think the practice of creating sock puppet personalities is wack as shit. Never done it, never will. If I want to say something that I’m embarrassed to sign, I post as anonymous PERIOD.
            You on the other hand….

  11. this man definitely would not have to rape me. Just joking.
    seriously according to psychologists rape is not about the sexual act but more about dominance and control. I guess the old adage is true you can’t judge a book by its cover

    • IKR? Every time I cruise through this thread, he gets better looking. But in all seriousness, I think it’s clear that he doesn’t “need” to rape anyone. He does it because he gets off on the power.

  12. Am I the only woman here who never looked at this man and would’ve offered him my drawers? I may be slightly asexual, but even before Sharper was facing charges, he never blew my skirt up. He looks like an airhead, IMO.

    • this man is universally appealing he looks clean has great skin great teeth. I never heard of him until the rape allegations but yes Bella maybe you are a little asexual, lol. or maybe you have the gift to see past the BS

  13. this man is universally appealing he looks clean has great skin great teeth. I never heard of him until the rape allegations but yes Bella maybe you are a little asexual, lol. or maybe you have the gift to see past the BS

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