Porsha Williams Was Lying About That African Dictators Son…


Actress, Tamala “Booty Call” Jones, is calling out for RHOA’s Porsha Williams for claiming that she’s dating that African Dictator’s son, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue.

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  1. But Porsha has a history of lying. I’m so thankful that Tamala called Porsha out on her deceit. So folks still believe Porsha married Kordell to “fix” gay rumors about him (that I never heard until Porsha spread them, btw) or nah?

    • I was living in Pittsburgh when the gay “rumors” about Kordell was swirling. Porsha did not start those rumors. Allegedly (and I believe it is true) Kordell was caught with a trans in a known gay area. And SUPPOSEDLY he was frequenting gay hangouts. So, you can’t blame Porsha for the rumors on Kordell. They precede her by many, many years.

      • They may precede her, but they weren’t everywhere like they are today. Porsha is disloyal and disrespectful. As a wife, you keep your commitment to your husband, and vice versa. She betrayed him, and to attempt to challenge both his sexuality AND think she was going to bleed him financially dry after a 2 year marriage shows every ounce of character she lacks. Those of us who never heard anything derogatory about Kordell heard it from her. That is my experience.

  2. If it was her man she shouldnt have to say it she is probably one of his many concubines.

  3. Those two are obviously sharing a man. As usual, the women are the last to know. Tamala should have contacted Porsha privately to find out what was going on. Putting her on blast without all the facts is ghetto and childish.

      • LMAO! Perfect timing. If either woman doesn’t know how to go about this then, that old song, ‘Woman to Woman’ can teach them how it’s done.

        Oh and now that that song is stuck in my head. I will be getting on eveyone’s nerves by singing it all day. Many thanks! lol.

        • I sowwy!!! I swear, its the first thing I thought of when I saw one woman confronting another over what appears to be community dyck. Lol

        • Lol…I’m thinking Monica and Brandy, _”the boy is mine”. So funny to see two birds cat fighting over this Idris Alba wannabe . Like, whyyyyyyy? Oh yeah…$$$$$$$%

  4. Porsha released a statement that she never met this dude, doesn’t know him.. and somebody made this rumor up..
    But she DOES have a new SINGLE OUT CALLED “FLATLINE”….

    calm down Ms Tamala

  5. Tamala Jones needs to stop!! Porsha is not thinking about that damn man. Leave Porsha the hell alone! One thing SHE CAN DO and that is SING! She has a great singing voice for all you dumb asses who don’t know!!

    • Lauren, is that you? Just because Porsha sang a few notes on the show doesn’t mean she can go in a studio and record singles or an album. Kim Zolciak couldn’t hum a note, but “Don’t Be Tardy” was a hit. Oops.

      • No! Porsha and Kim are two different people. Porsha sang in a church choir and you can TELL by the few bars that she did sing that she is good. Only the tone deaf couldn’t hear it.

      • You are constantly posting on this site as if you are a master of intelligence and everyone else is of low intelligence and beneath you. You are no better than anyone else who posts here! Yeah, you have a few minions who think your bullshit is cute because they do not have the intelligence to see through your bullshit. You are ghetto and not really that intelligent at all. Part of the problem in the Black Community. One of those Black Women with their noses in the air like their shit don’t stick but walk around all day in shitty ass diapers. Now why don’t you tell us of your many degrees, Mercedes, and million dollar home! I am sure your site minions will eat it up and hang on your every word. With that being said, I will not address you again nor acknowledge you because I see you for what you are. An ignorant f*cking bitch!

        • You would have to be an ignorant bitch to be able to ID one, no? Honey, your words aren’t swords. They are not even cheap paper towels. Stay mad and keep spilling. I’m glad that you can extract that I have a good life from my posts. I guess that’s what pisses you off. Keep striving. You’ll get there.

    • BM, you swear you calling folks out, but who exactly do you think you are. You need to stfd and Stfu. Seriously. There a reason why your initials are a euphemism for caca

      • I may be an acronym for caca but I am the last hope for this silly, dying planet.

        I am the rebuilder. I am the replindisher , I am real.

        I am life

        I am.

        • If you’re a rebuilder, you need to relocate to New Orleans and help the Katrina effort. You can then spend some time in Haiti and help the forgotten people there. There was a tsunami in Japan. You should see what happened at Fukushima and help repair the damages there. But you’re here…

          • Shut the f*ck up Bella with your big stupid ass mouth! Why don’t you go and do that shit ole high and mighty Queen of false intelligence.

            • Girl, bye. Intelligence isn’t false simply because you’re not familiar with the information.

      • Educate yourself AND I will ONLY sign in as Black Mamba and NOTHING else!!

        The black mamba, also called the common black mamba or black-mouthed mamba, is a highly venomous snake of the genus Dendroaspis, and is endemic to sub-Saharan Africa

      • I will CONTINUE to call out the IGNORANT!! Period!! Don’t like it? So f*cking what!!

      • I am who I am and I am going to continue to post exactly the way I want to whether you like it or not. If you can’t handle comments then do not post on a blog. Perhaps you should learn not to take things to seriously when it has no effect on your personal life. Try mastering that!!

  6. Tamala done went and got riper than a mouv f*cka!

    I love them thick chicks but I suspect she got in in her buttocks which would eliminate her as a banger.

  7. if those KUSHITES in New Orleans and Haiti didn’t get the memo already…………..

  8. I never read or heard Porsche claim that African so Tamela may need to fall back!

  9. I thought africans only dug overweight black american women? I think they are both lying, pardon my ignorance in advance.

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