Chris Brown Sent to Jail!

Chris Brown Locked Up

Lessons Not Learned…

Chris Brown has just been sent to lockup, because he violated a judge’s order by getting booted from the rehab facility where he’s been living for nearly 4 months.

The judge in the Rihanna beating case ordered Chris to live in the Malibu rehab facility for 90 days to get anger management therapy. During the last court hearing, the judge modified the terms and ordered Chris to stay in the facility while the Washington D.C. assault case played out.

Here is what’s being reported:

“Allegedly Chris was thrown out of the rehab facility this morning, for violating “internal rules. Chris was caught having “an inappropriate relationship” with a female worker at the beginning of the month, but that is not why he was thrown out today. Chris was previously thrown out of a different facility for throwing a rock at his mom’s car window. 

Chris was picked up by L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies a short time ago and is on his way to jail.”


  1. Ahhh Chris….I see this differently. This is not just probation violation, its a witch hunt. Yes he violated but I bet this has more to do w his model agency venture. He is serious about quitting music. The PTB won’t let him go because others might try it. Emimen tried to het away but he got re caught up. Now he’s basically tweaked outta his mind.
    I’m gonna pray for Chris. He needs all the prayer he can get. And he needs to stay away from that witch Rhirhi.

    • Agreed, Anon. Agreed! But the folks wishing Chris harm better gather their spiritual armor. They will soon be reaping what they’ve sown. You can’t prosper wanting to see others fail.

      • Boo hoo, cry me a river. He deserves everything coming his way because He has earned it.Hope they lock him up for the full 4 years.

        • Absolutely. That’s all his stans know, to make these bizarre and wild conspiracy theories, and never addressing the obvious, which is Chris is a very angry and spiteful asshole who cares for no one. Talent, good hair and fair skin cannot mask this.

    • Hey crazy person. Chris has been away from Riri in over year, and still can’t keep his shit together. Like a commenter said, he was violent BEFORE he met Rihanna, he was violent after their relationship ended. With a different woman by his side, he still remains a loose cannon, and has had 3 or 4 violent altercations after 2009 incident. Blame, blame, blame. It makes you feel better, but there is no foundation for your theories.

      He’s disgusting animal with no respect. Ain’t no one to blame for that, but him.

      • Hey Condescending Prick, Just so you know, this is a blog where folks post their opinions. They don’t need you to agree with you in order to post so GTFOOHWTBS

  2. ^^ I totally agree with the above statements??I was just saying a God wat us wrong with his situation? He needs strong righteous ppl behind, beside & in front of him…God help this bwoy…

    • Keep him in your prayer, Candi. Keep Chris, his legal team as well as the people attempting to ruin him in your prayers. God is the source of his (and all of our) strength. Prayerfully, it is God’s will that Chris be delivered from this madness, alive and well.

  3. Well, maybe this will be the real wake up call that he needs, hope he gets his act together. No jail is cool, but L.A. County is not the place to be. Get it together CB.

  4. Why won’t Chris’s Stan’s let Chris be a man and take responsibility for his own chosen actions? Because that is what real men do. You want to blame Rhianna but the problem it is not her fault he has MEDICALLY been diagnosed to be unstable. LONG before he beat Rhianna people in the industry knew about him getting in a physical alteration with his mom and tearing up a hotel room so bad they had thousands in damages to pay for. He hadn’t even met Rhianna then but you probably will find a way to blame her, when he has BEEN anger aggressive LONG BEFORE her and after her.

    His mother should have nurtured him and done something way back when that first altercation that we know of because there probably have been more, but they didn’t out him the way that hotel did, but guess what when your child makes more money that you do some parents forget they are parents as long as the check keeps coming in.

    Chris should have long time ago received therapy, I’m sure him having sex so young has something to do with his mental capacity as well as been spoiled by his non parenting parents. But it’s easier for people to blame Rhianna then to see the truth.

    When he threw the chair through GMA’s window, when he’s getting into multiple fights in clubs, when he claims to me a member of gang and throwing up gang signs, when he supposed to be in rehab but he’s at parties and Trey Songz messes up and tweeted the pictures, when he was supposed to be doing community service but he’s totally in another state performing and after partying it up, when he finally does get to rehab he throws rocks at his mother’s car gets kicked out, second time new rehab he sleeps with a staff member, who will be pregnant or writing a tell all in about 3 months.None of this was Rhianna, all of this was Chris, and all of this should have been handled by his mother and his support team so this would not keep escalating but yet he’s still on twitter still tweeting shade and craziness, instead of focusing of his mental problem. I’m not a Rhianna Stan because in my opinion she needs meds to, but let a man be a man, and let Chris take responsibility for his actions. Stop demonizing that girl, he has been mental ill long before she met him. And stop making Chris a victim, he can’t be strong if you keep making excuses for him and taking his power away. But if you have to make him a victim, then he is a victim, that turned into an abusiver, of not only other people but of himself, and he will continue to make mistakes until someone gets to the core of his problems that were brought on early on,and until he gets the rights meds and makes the choice to stay on them.He can’t be fixed if nobody will is willing to admit that he is the problem, and that problem could have and should have a long time ago been properly contained by his parents and his handlers, but I guess the money just got in the way of the vision of morals and ethics, and they would rather he financially take care of them, than they mentally take care of him.

  5. Why the hell would the “People” try to get him over a model agency that isn’t even open yet? These conspiracy theorist are getting out of hand,everything is a conspiracy of some sort nowadays..Anyway

    Chris Brown is notorious for his terrible attitude.PR may make him take pics and interact with fans,he wouldn’t on his on. People keep making excuses for him and these terrible celebs and the shit is getting annoying.Having a mental disorder doesn’t give you a free pass to terrorize people and break any rule you want. You can pray all you want,it’s going to take more than talking to god to straighten him out.
    Someone needs to get his financial affairs together,get him a doctor,disband his fruity ass little entourage and lock Chris in a room with some meds and a therapist.

    Hopefully he gets it together and semi-retires after this new album.

    • They won’t hear you, though. Hell bent on weird theories that don’t make sense. Long and short of it is, Chris is a rich, drug and sex crazed asshole. He couldn’t give a shit about his fans, the idiots obsessed with making excuses for him or the law (Which he continues to break).

      Jail his downlow ass. Maybe he might learn something.

  6. Out of everything ijs posted, all u got out of it was “it takes more than God”?

  7. Chris needs to get away from the industry because his life is in danger,their are dark forces working against him and he needs spiritual intervention asap

    • Knew it! said it time ago that Chris Brown is their next victim and my words have never prevailed me! Somebody has a vendetta against him and he’s either going to end up killing someone or the industry will end up killing him, either way it’s not going to be a pretty ending lawd god have mercy pon him.

  8. fake beefs with frank ocean why the hell would a fag like frank even get mad cayuse a duded beat a girl.

    he must be a serious rihanna fan.

    beefing with drake and other weirdos like tyler the creator.

    at one time hip hop and r&b beefs used to be interesting.




      crazychris your name is apt I used to think you were a progressive now I see you just another lame hiphop fool

  10. What a waste of light skin and angular features. We are indeed in our last days…

    • NI I’ve missed your particular brand of dry humor over the past 6+ months. I’m glad to see you posting and I hope you will see fit to continue with your contributions!

  11. There is no vendetta against Chris Brown, Rhianna did not put a spell on him, and the devil coming from him, that’s stupid because they devil comes for everybody, you just have to be strong enough to shake him off, so none of all that is the case at all, all that is a cop out, and poor excuses for his violent, long documented behavior. Chris Brown is MEDICALLY unstable, fact not fiction. Chris Brown has been unstable and anger aggressive for YEARS before Rhianna, and like I said people in the industry know this.
    And his so called entourage and non parenting parents stand by and let it all happen instead of helping him take responsibility for himself and get on and stay on the right meds because they know if he is able to see clearly and understand his behavior then they know they will be shoved off the gravy train.

    When that white girl Amanda Byrnes went off her meds, you see how her parents came and got her and handled the situation? When Brittany Spears went crazy you see how her daddy came and took hold of the situation, threw the old entourage out, and now she is back on her meds and in Vegas performing.

    Who is coming to help Chris? I’ll wait…….Oh, nobody because his camp is full of enablers and leeches and his mom would rather instigate twitter fights fight them then actually parent up and help her child, and his fans instead of telling him the truth would rather blame Rhianna and Karruache, than to see he is the problem himself.

    With his community service he did not take seriously and that’s why he did a small part of it and blew off the rest and when the law found out about it they made him do it again, no devil or Rihanna, or Karruache made him do that, that was all Chris.
    In rehab and instead of taking rehab seriously he’s slipping out partying with Trey Songzs, and you can tell he learned nothing from rehab this time because he wasn’t there for real he only went to escape jail time which has now backfired. He was to busy now sleeping with the hired help, the maid, janitor, candy striper, what ever she was, obviously having sex with her was more of a priority than actually focusing on getting right mentally, and then he goes back to his old ways again tweeting craziness and breaking rehab rules, and nobody sees how destructive that is? Naw cause it’s easier to say its Rhianna, or Karruache,or the devil, or he’s not prayed up enough. All EXCUSES FOR THE REAL PROBLEM, Chris himself.

    Since he won’t or can’t seem to man up and take care of himself then you would think that ATLEAST one of his non parenting parents would do like Amanda Byrnes parents or Brittany Spears daddy and come take over to help them get strong again, but that might unfortunately interrupt their trip to the Louie store. Justin Bieber, your next with you narcissist, out of control, bi-polar behavior too. Oh where is Justin’s folks? His dad left his wife and new baby to go on tour and get high with him, so I guess his and Chris Brown’s parents meet up at the Gucci store together, two for one deals.
    Justin will be the next Vanilla Ice, as the industry has already sent in his replacement by the name of Harry Styles from the group One Direction.And Chris Brown will be the next Bobby Brown or if he stays off his meds and continues on this violet anger aggressive path and ignore his medical mental condition, he will for sure one day go off or hit the wrong one, and they won’t realize, and nor care that he is mentally medically unstable, and instead of him ending up being the next Bobby Brown,Chris will end up being the next Little Walter.

    • Damn…and whoever is paying you is suuuuuure getting their money’s worh. You keep. writing these long ass soliloquys . You should get the hint…you are wasting your time.

      • Absolutely not. That’s the most incisive comment I’ve read in ages. If only his folks could read it, but then again, they’re at “The Louis Store”.

        • And they’re right there with Jamie Spears, who, as Britney’s conservator, “earns” more of her money than she does.

          Amanda Bynes was only worth a few million dollars. Right before she was committed, she blew through most of her fortune.


    • @TheTruthHurts that the realest stuff I’ve read in the comments section of HSK in a long time. Apologists and enablers have ruined 20 black boys yeh I call them BOYS, Chris Brown being one of them. Instead of an older man mentoring him to invest and chill, leeches and moochers are sucking his bank account dry.

      It won’t end well and it won’t be pretty for him and you are right its his parent(s) and entourage to blame he IS sick very clearly he is quite mentally ill so stop the f*ckn denial, black people cause the Chris Browns of the world are crying out for help but getting coddled and enabled instead

    • where he’s at he’ll fit in.

      those fags wouild love to see him dance in there.

    • I don’t doubt it. He likes his men to be dark chocolate. Just ask Andre Merrit

      • No but you seem a little light in the loafers to care this deeply about another man

        • Blah blah. Getting all sanctimonious when you’re on one of the most messiest ghetto gossip blogs around. Almost as funny when once on a post of Jacky questioning some rapper’s sexuality. Some person commented ‘That it’s no ones business if so and so is gay or not’. The idiot not quite realizing the irony of their comment. Probably was your dumb ass. LMAO

          • Sorry Georgia you don’t get to choose why I’m here or how deeply I care about these celebs. Don’t project ur love and worship for them onto me. I come for shits and giggles.

  12. This is about RiRi. As with OJ Simpson, white folks felt that he got away with murder. As to black folk, sistas didn’t throw him under the bus as many assumed. Remember, hollyweird is heavily influenced by white feminists just the same. As we know, they target black males who commit the same evil acts as whitemen, but, they rarely go after them in like fashion. Chris Brown is the Michael Jackson of his generation. Another point, they attack Chris Brown, while portraying Timberlake and Thicke as the face of R&B. Whites are cut-throat, we need to realize this.

  13. U sound like a felon bitchin about the three strike law after having done his third felony. Don’t commit felonies

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