Kelis Antes Up: Pushin’ Hot Plates & Performing Tracks…

Kelis Pushin Lunch - SXSW

Her milkshake once brought all the boys to the yard — not to mention, BIG BANDS from Nas — but Kelis is now bringing her hot meals to hungry customers! Just ask the lines of Texans who showed up for a taste of what Kelis served up yesterday…

The ‘Bossy’ one debuted ‘KelisFoodies’ truck in Austin — as part of the singer’s Cooking Channel show, “Saucy and Sweet.” That’s before she got ready to take the stage for a midnight performance at Clive Bar… with her food truck posted up in front of the venue!

This Hustlin’ Homegirl ain’t playin’ around!





  1. I’m glad to see Kelis behave responsibly for once. She is a mother. Her singing career is pretty much over. Unlike most pop and r&b chanteuses, she found a plan b. I don’t care if she funded it via proceeds from Nas or through her own labor. I just hope she succeeds, because she appears to be very passionate about her new craft. Kudos!

  2. Now Nas can modify his Ch.Supp.(that how is look on a pay stub Child support) for a decrease.

  3. This just makes me happy! I love it when a sista has a plan and makes it work. Good job Kelis!

    • You know what Christa, I wish more women thought like this, black women (generalization) seem to project negativity, jealousy, and competitiveness towards each other instead of encouragement when a woman ventures out. Kudos to you.

      I don’t subscribe to that bullshit at all. Makes a woman look insecure and petty about the fact that she doesn’t have much of shit going on for herself at the moment, so she needs to throw a stone at someone who does to feel better. Its an age old basic bitch mentality, nothing new, but when will these wastrels learn that the same level of opportunities exist for us all. I mean, get your f*cking life, don’t be mad if you knew better you’d do better. It don’t cost nothing to be happy for someone.

    • I agree! I’m loving her hustle. Do yo thang, Kelis. I can’t wait till her new cd drops.

  4. Great plan Kelis!
    Finally, a smart sister in show biz who has a plan other than selling ass in Dubai!

        • Right! lol. I’m happy for her new venture but I would not touch that plate. lol.

          • This refresh bullshit on this site delete comments I write, I don’t have time for that, so I’m deleting this site from my inbox.

            Kelis didn’t need your f*cking approval and doesn’t care you miserable hater. She is well trained, and spent her time at Le Cordon Bleu.

            Duck is not easy to prepare, you couldn’t do it and her plate looks fine. Its hilarious that miserable people like you who can’t boil ramen noodles actually have something to say about it. You don’t even matter. White Castle is that way.

            • Kiss my ass “tuffy.” That shit looks nasty. I’ve prepared duck plenty of times and it has never looked like that. And duck ain’t hard to prepare. Only to a want to be hood rat trying to talk “tuff” and tall on a message board. Refresh your dumb ass out of here.

            • ROTFL @ Anonymous. The fact that a bird such as Scruffy condones a bird cooking her own is just…

            • The only thing looks nasty is you and your jealous ghetto ass mentality, and you have the nerve to call someone a hoodrat! Ha, far from it. You living your life on a blog hating on somebody out here getting money. Tell me how much money you just earned typing all that rachet? Nada!

              Bella? Who are you? And who was talking to you? Don’t come for me unless I call for you. Girl, bye.

              Anon, You know damn well your filthy ass project kitchen only boils hot dogs…FOH.

            • Pretendya No Moore: Please take your alias and attempts to be a ruffian to another blog. Jacky burned ISP sage and rid his blog of several negative spirits on here who used profanity like most folks use the words “and” and “the.”

              If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you were one of them. If you’re new here, entering this board on attack mode is detrimental to your survival. Take heed.

      • I agree. I’m intrigued and would definitely try food. She might have a different spin on some soul food considering her diverse cultural backgrounds.

      • “Makes a woman look insecure and petty about the fact that she doesn’t have much of shit going on for herself at the moment, so she needs to throw a stone at someone who does to feel better. Its an age old basic bitch mentality, nothing new, but when will these wastrels learn that the same level of opportunities exist for us all. I mean, get your f*cking life, don’t be mad if you knew better you’d do better. It don’t cost nothing to be happy for someone.”

        Draya is working on improving her life. Why no props for her, especially based on what you just posted? Lol.


        • Bella: I wasn’t the one who shaded her. You cannot read. Facepalm. Kill yourself.

        • Bella: Fuck you, this blog, Jacky, your corny ass attempt to censor and bully somebody. Fuck your clown ass “spirit”

          I have never commented before, won’t be around, and don’t f*cking care about the ability to comment later, this shit is trashy and a bunch of envious snakes in a pit spewing venom at people, pure jealousy. The few productive conversations go left when nuts like you pop up on some miss popularity contest shit trying to dominate conversations, and saying stupid shit because you don’t read and comprehend well. I wish your simple ass would pop up in my courtroom. You have the weakest mentality, you are too needy for people’s attention and acceptance on here girl you really need a f*cking life. Your stupidity is detrimental to my time. Take heed, no take this L and hold it.

          Now, do like you are used to at home: be ignored. Type away for the last word bitch, I can’t be bothered. I actually have shit to do online besides read gossip for hours unlike you bum bitch. But good luck with all that, its gonna take you real far.

          • I see you projecting. You jumped all over a poster for saying Kelis’ food looks nasty. You initiated everything you’re receiving.

            IDC how well trained a chef is. Some of these chefs can’t boil rice properly. Some can’t cook shrimp properly or bake a chicken well — simple things. Maybe Kelis’ presentation of her food isn’t appetizing to some people. That’s THEIR opinion. They have a right to express that without you writing a fcking thesis and calling people out of their names. Feel free never to return. Bless us all!!!

            • Bullshit. She’s a hater, and jealous because she don’t have shit, and didn’t think of it first. Nobody make that bitch eat Kelis food she should shut all the f*cking way up what a dumb bitch. Fuck yall opinion

              I haven’t received anything. Why do you think you matter though?/

              Again f*ck you, you can’t bless a demon.

            • I’m not quite clear as to whether or not you can bless a demon, but I pray for devils daily, so I will add you to the prayer list, “Tuffy.” God bless you!

  5. Homegirl has been on that Legit Hustle lately.Kudos to her.BTW,I’m still listening to kaleidoscope in 2014 baby girl.

    • Wanderland is better, tbh. Not sure how easy it is to get a copy these days, but I love it.

      • Considering Waderland was a import album and was not released in the states I’ve not had the Liberty to hear it as of yet.BTW,Bella.I’m quite fond of you.

        • It was available here. I bought the album at Amoeba Records on Sunset back then. It was stolen along with a lot of my other vinyl. I still have the cd which was given to me by a former friend. He snagged several when Virgin closed their L.A. offices. Check They have rarities all the time.

          • They had an amoeba down there? I bought PLENTY of music from the one in Berkley… could get almost anything in there, three floors of ear candy

            • There’s an Amoeba on Sunset in Hollywood, corner of Sunset and Cahuenga.

              You just reminded me of all of the awesome record stores on and near Telegraph! Good times.

        • Bella you are a phony twofaced lying bitch, you troll straight from the pit of satan’s den. I see what you did here. It didn’t take a genius to scroll up and read and see you are playing both sides of the fence. You are talking shit about Kelis here, but you here biggest fan by the end of the thread, after I got your dumb ass together. Bitch if you don’t sit your five cent ass down before bubblegum get chewed.

          Bella Reply:
          March 14th, 2014 at 18:44

          ROTFL @ Anonymous. The fact that a bird such as Scruffy condones a bird (Kelis) cooking her own is just…

          Meaning Bella called Kelis a bird, who is cooking her own kind, and I condone it, and Bella is not a fan and doesn’t support her like she is over here portraying she’s trolling because she finds that entertaining. That’s what jealous petty bored miserable losers like her on the internet do. Exposed bitch. I warned you don’t come for people when you f*cking stupid, and they didn’t call you. Go long.

          Don’t be a fool Black Anastasia you are being trolled, she is fishing for compliments, don’t feed the troll

          • Birds have businesses, too. I’ve seen Kelis on numerous occasions, so I know how she maneuvers personally. I’ve owned at least 4 of her albums because I really like her as a recording artist. I honestly believe she played Nas out, but that’s between her and Nas. Why you so mad, tho?

            I commend her on her professional endeavors.

            • That Anon post is me. I didn’t log in.

              I have but one face, and its pretty awesome! *looks in mirror* LOL

          • Tuffy, I mean this in the most non condescending way possible, you seem waaaaaay too upset over this. You heard sonething you didn’t like and came out swinging. Some will like her food, some won’t. Personally her duck looks just like what I get at the Asian grocery lunch counter so it looks fine to me. And I’m all about her going from ex wife to entrepreneur. Don’t get so upset by differing opinions.

          • I’m not causing trouble but out of intrigue I read Bella’s post again & tuffy is right you played both sides!! But tuffy lighten up and stay blogging apart from refresh that keeps me away lots this site is good

            • I’m aware of what I stated. I have seen Kelis as a businesswoman and a woman. I respect her hustle with her food truck/becoming a chef, but I’m not a fan of Kelis as a person. I have also supported her music career longer than most because I like her recordings. What’s your point?

      • amazon has cheap used copies.

        wanderland was a good album even if it dealt with occult references.

    • ‘Kaleidoscope’ was a dope album, especially production-wise, and one of the few ‘contemporary R&B’ albums I know of that can be played from start to finish without skipping a track.

  6. Great Kelis. Doing your own thing. Building your own food empire. Way to go!!!!!

  7. That’s a good look! An artist showing the world she doesn’t have to wear a onsie, toot her ass in the air and simulate sex on stage, just to get her coins.

  8. This site is an awesome sociology experiment. It proves how obsessed people are and can be with complete strangers. All you need is a little buzz. Lol.

    I’ve had more folks try to tell me what I think I am, what I am, and what I’ve posted, like I don’t know myself or like I have amnesia. Stay pressed!

    • P.S. And not one of them knows me or has met me in real life. Lol. I will continue to allow folks to assume. I will never correct them.

  9. Um…yeah, but you DO realise that we (yourself inclusive) do the exact same thing to the ‘celebs’ whose lives we speculate on, right? It’s not too much of a stretch of imagination for some to extend the ‘courtesy’ to the ‘regular’ folk posting on a gossip blog. Especially to the more tedious ones.

  10. I love HSK and I appreciate Jacky because he dispels the myth that ‘celebrities’ are any better than a non-famous person. In fact, they’re oftentimes worse. If you want to see the salt of the earth, look no further than someone who gets up everyday, doesn’t have all that they may want or need, but they keep striving to do better. They are earning theirs honestly, not by robbing, stealing, killing or via sex or sexuality, but via their merits. Its clear as day what Jacky’s agenda is. I love it.

  11. Folk will worship someone who collects $55k in tax free child support and alimony for doing something with her life. Shit…she should! Not long ago, that $55k/month was being misappropriated and she was in debt up to her eyeballs. We all have to grow up and some point, so in that regard, I applaud Kelis’ growth as a woman, mother and entrepreneur. She will serve to be an inspiration now to many young women of color. The lesson is, get off of your back and stand on your feet. You can be something if you do the work.

  12. Kelis, is a smart and very wise woman with a peace of mind. Something precious alot of artists, despite their huge succesd, as imply can never have. She may not be rich, successful, or in the limelight but….she has not made dealings or signed contracts with music executives, exchange her soul for riches you cant cash back in. Kelis could participate in alll of it and become a huge star. For what have to come up with sacrifice to have success. I commend her for becoming a business owner,instead of a follower.

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