Dallas Cowboys Running Back Busted For Shoplifting

Joseph Randle Shoplifting Mugshot


Dallas Cowboys running back, Joseph Randle, was arrested Monday night for shoplifting Polo underwear and cologne from a department store in Frisco, Texas.

Randle was caught on a circuit surveillance system, purchasing an item at the perfume counter before walking to the underwear section and concealing merchandise in a Dillard’s bag. He then exited the store before being stopped by security in the parking lot.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Randle was charged with a misdemeanor Class B theft of $50 to $500. He was released on writ bond at 1:20 a.m. Tuesday.”


  1. Shoplifting “draws and cologne”; Dillards would have given him these things for free,
    After Dallas win over Seattle!

    Money doesnt make you, it makes you MORE of who you truely are.
    in his case,a Thief. Even with money, he chose to steal.

    NFL = National Felons League.

  2. Whoa, are times really that hard? Is he tricking all his money on strippers , thots, jewelry, homes, cars, etc? No excuse for why he did this.

  3. You can take the goon out the hood but can’t take the goon out the goon! Dumb ass!

  4. And in Frisco of all places they watch/stalk black ppl like celebrities in the mall should have went to redbird mall if he was gone do all that dumbass.

    • Co-sign. My sister and her family lives there and though they have a beautiful home I couldn’t do it. Place is waaaay too Republican for my blood.

    • His dumn@ss was shoving the stuff in his bag and walked out. He couldn’t get away with that at Redbird either as bad as that Mall needs money. How about he just not be a lowlife dirty thief and not steal?

  5. That White girl actress Wynona Ryder was caught doing the same exact thing…..they cleaned that up real good. Let’s see if they will do the same for this guy.

    • Randy,

      You’re right but I think they got tired of her nonsense after that…when’s the last time you’ve seen Wynonna Ryder in a movie since her last “shop-lifting adventure?”

      • After the first time she was caught, her movie roles dwindled. Shit, it’s been about ten years since I heard her name in any type of media, good or bad.

      • NBah she went to a full trial and her career was never the same. This isn’t a case of White people getting treated better. She was never back on top. He is a clown and its no excuse for stupidity

    • No they didnt,they put her on blast every chance they had. They even showed her as in court and all.Dont be one sidded, everything isnt a race thing.smh.

      • Thank you guest, datjerk and anonymous 11:09 for not trying to rewrite history. The last thing I saw Winona is was Black Swan and she was in it for like 10 minutes.

  6. With the current scheme in place by the NFL to rid itself of as many black players as possible & taking back their overly inflated per game paychecks & bonuses…this was NOT a the time for this young man to pull this type of foolishness. Not that there is ever a good or right time to steal but the NFL is subject to fire his brainless ass over this incident.

    • They aren’t picking these blk dudes at random. They are doing it to themselves. It’s hard to feel bad for or defend them when they give ppl all the ammo they need to kill their careers.

      • Exactly people gotta stop making it as if the nfl wants to get rid of black players when we all know the black players are some of their best players.at this point the nfl wants to get rid of anyone who is gonna affect they money and image point blank.people zound ignorant when they start making everything a race thing,use comon sense people!
        The nfl didnt force any of theese idiots to do the stupid shit they did, if anyone starts affecting my money and image i aint f*cking with you no more either,duh.

        • Since I’ve been posting here a very long time so I think it’s safe to say you guys know I never mind when anyone disagrees with my opinion.

          So, let’s go with your opinions that “the NFL isn’t picking these blk dudes at random” & “the NFL wants to get rid of anyone who is gonna affect they money and image,” right?

          IF that were truly the case why have the only selected black players to punish for “off field behavior unbecoming to the image of the NFL?” Is this because the NFL is comprised primarily of black men? In the research I’ve seen, statistically black NFL players are arrested nearly 10 times as often as whites BUT is that due to the fact the negros simply act an ass everywhere they go & exude no self control? Even if all of this is 100% true it does not negate the fact the non black players get into trouble & have problems as well but NOT once did the NFL go back digging into their records & strip them down by way of fines, suspensions & firings. http://www.businessinsider.com/list-of-nfl-player-arrests-2014-9
          Look at Jerry Jones & his illicit behavior. Wild horses couldn’t get the NFL to say a word about that. My point is…it’s NOT JUST THE BLACK GUYS yet they make it appear that way.

          • Reg, I totally agree! Remembered when the Adrian Peterson post where I mention about Albert Hanyesworth behavior while he was playing in the NFL? Well he ain’t playing no more.

          • Ms. Reg, you have a point, but these black guys are co-conspirators in their own demise.

            They marry white women, they run with hoodlums, they beat the shit out of their kid and brag about it on Twitter, so they have no real support system. And when you have no backing, some one, some force will run up on you.

            They also flaunt everything, everywhere they go… Other than Tom Brady and Joe Namath, name a white NFL guy who has got to floss and showcase.

  7. I dont know how much Polo under wear cost but if he stole them then theyre probably expensive. Now Im curious to know what cologne he stole because if his paycheck with the team isnt enough for him to buy what he wants then its time to find another job.

  8. He stole a Gucci cologne tester bottle and Polo underwear totaling $123.50 before taxes. This dumb ninja didn’t have anything better to do.

  9. The NFL has to come down hard on these players. They have severe discipline problems. People wonder why the NFL has to put in its Behavioral & drug policies. Its because these man-children can;t behave and they just don’t act right. When a child mis-behaves they will get punished. Its the same with Adults. You cAN SAY OH he’s Black, its not fair. No. You brought this on yourself


  11. This Nicca Is Making Millions And He’s Stealing Judging By His Picture He Probably Married To A White Woman LOL!!
    Nicca Pick Your Shriveled Up Dick Off The Floor Because You Ain’t A Man

  12. If Tony McDaniel pulls this stunt, Not only his parents will beat the black off his body, but his Aunts and Uncles off his daddy side and the whole entire town od Hartsville!

  13. Pitiful and shameful – millions of dollars and he steals cologne and underwear. Who the f*ck steals dumb shit like this. This is just as bad as that ignorant ass fool that stole them crab legs from the grocery store. Damn! Damn! Damn!

  14. Joseph messed up his Wonka Golden Ticket. NFL dream is too good for him to think he deserves…subconscience sabotage…ruin your own own dream, been there….rough on a achiever

  15. Dumb ghetto bird. You can tell he’s ghetto cause he’s not hip to video cameras LOL. Damn those ghetto bums and birds think they can outsmart everybody, LOL.

  16. First thought – typical, ungrateful, black, lazy, muthaf*ckin’, ‘melon eating, Friday Night lights, academically poor nigga. Typical, absolutely typical. No one else gettin’ booked at the station, acts all tough then realizes he’s in the shit. Pretends he’s all B.O.B. from Outkast then realizes reality… dumb kool-aid nigga.

    This is why a black man can’t win the World Series or World Cup or Rugby World Cup or NBA Finals or Superbowl or anything else cuz they’re surrounded by too many collar poppin fake ass “OGs”

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