Tyga Using Kylie Jenner and Wants Off YMCMB?

Tyga Using Kylie Jenner

HSK Exclusive – Tyga’s new gang banging homies are advising the Lap Dance lyricist to get off of the YMCMB record label.

A person close to Tyga is saying, Tyga’s new gangsta friends dislike Bryan “Birdman” Williams and think he’s only dating the underage Kylie Jenner to try gain a foothold to a more mainstream audience.

Here is the drop:

“The new homies Tyga rolls with are not feeling Birdman. They told him to stop f*cking with YMCMB.

Tyga’s too smart to f*ck Kylie. He’s running with her because it’s a popularity contest”


  1. yeah right, just like Wayne told Drake, either u with YMCMB or u aint wit nobody…its straight pimp-hoe relationship & Tyga aint shit noway so his best bet is to stay wit them f*ggs birdman & wayne…Kylie mama is a hoe-madam & she be damned if her daughter f*ck wit a nigga that livin in a roomate house wit YMCMB..yall heard Katt stacks when she said them niggas is roommates wit dirty ass furniture & bunk beds LOL

  2. When you this skinny in photos, it’s too damn skinny. Somebody get this dude a nutritionist!

  3. He looks like he has a serious skin disease. They are all using each other. Then again, it didn’t work for French.

  4. Tyga probably got those 360 deals and mostly likely he doesnt own any of his publishing. The house, cars, jewelry is all probably rented. Luckily Blac Chyna got her own.

  5. tyga got all his royalty money up front when he signed the contract that’s how they hook u offering you money up front.

    rthis guy like most dudes get paid by touring.

    who wants to be a caash money millionaire.

    wayne doesn’t run ym baby does wayne just there for show to keep him in line we all know baby is the real owner of ym and yes baby getas paid off whatever wayne and nicki, tyga and drake makes.

    • Very true…. crazychris is right. Birdman is the real power behind the YMCMB throne. I work at Universal Music Group and whenever there is a business meeting with the powers that be it is Birdman and his brother that are there discussing business and brokering deals. Not lil Wayne

  6. Sometimes we dont even gotta post comments cause the facts are RIGHT THERE in the article lmfaooooooo obviously Jacky has too many associates and acquaintances for anybody to even waste time trying to debate

  7. Tyga should be in jail for banging Kylie. Any other grown man would be arrested on the spot.

  8. Pimp Mama Kris is gonna let this buckwheat make a babymama out of her cash cow? He’s trying to pimp that young girl cause he got no money. We’ll see if PMK will shut this down or let her girl get used by a chump. Many men place their seed in a woman to shut down her life and get a check/be connected to her. He ain’t nothing but a gold digger you can’t trust them man hoes!

  9. @BluSky thats not a skin disease. Lol. Thats the ugly tattoos that is suppossed to be a trend. Why would someone destroy their bodies like that? Your body is already a piece of art. This generation. Smh.

  10. Dont get me wrong there are tatoos that are tastefully done but Tyga’s self mutilation. I dont find it cute at all. These kids are getting tatoos because society tells them to do it.

  11. Wasn’t there a rumor that when Tyga asked Bird about his coins he got the shit beat out of him? Big Red style.

  12. Tyga hits? It’s sad he need a rich brat to cosign his studio time. Lol, he needs to stop it right now!!! Kylie got music skills???? hahaha…it’s funny cuz she doesn’t. Lmao

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