Cortez Bryant Throws Birdman Under The Bus

Cortez Bryant Lil Wayne Money

HSK Exclusive – When you hear what Wezzy found out from his manager Cortez Bryant during the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour it’s going to flip your lid.

Cortez Bryant told the Lollipop lyricist that Bryan “Birdman” Williams and the the disbarred entertainment lawyer Ron Sweeney have been stealing his money.

Dig the drop:

“When Wayne started blaming Cortex for his money problems–Cortez fessed up and said ‘Birdman and Sweeney are stealing money.’

Cortez is trying to get on Wayne’s good side. Remember Drake told Wayne he fired Cortez, because he found out Cortez was stealing from him.

The whole sh*t is a mess.”


  1. Maybe if weezy stay of the f*cking drugs he’ll be able to keep up with his finances.

    • Thank you. I was about to say the exact you. I was about to say the exact same thing. It’s also f#@$ing with my nerves that “with ALL the money” Wayne is supposed to have or at least have earned WTH is he now whining so much about his money?

      Don’t tell me Wayne doesn’t have a finacial manager & an accountant? Those are the people he should be talking to about his money.

  2. Maybe having all the kids by multiple women is catching up with him.

    Kids and. Baby Mama’s are expensive!

  3. Advice from the book: “The Millionaire Next Door” . get Married, have 1 wife.
    Planned Parenthood.

    BABYMAMA’s and Alimony eat away at any cash reserves you have, and Non Payment of Child Support is just wrong!

  4. I’m not shocked lol shot like this been happening long before these idiots, wayne put them drugs down that dam lean nikka, and quit impregnating these dumb broads and watch the bottom line of what you daddy as you call him is doen wit yo money. U so busy get’en high, and have’en baby behind baby and check wit your accountants stupid. So busy run’en around have’en a good time you not pay’en attention life isn’t always a party I suppose you know that now hu?

  5. Stop hiring thugs and family members that have no formal training and education to be your manager and financial advisors that are on the labels payroll doing nothing and either get an accounting degree and keep your own books or hire a real accountant.

  6. Thats just how business is. we cant even trust our own mothers sometimes SMH wow so faggoty flop Birdman is spending the money on females AND little boys. Karma is really that bitch

  7. They all steal from their fans. Go to a concert!. It is so many people on the stage til you can’t tell who the artist is. Then they yell and be drunk/high. They NEVER sound like their album! How does it feel to be us Weeezy Jefferson. And what thug rapper wants to be called weeezy? Did he get that from George Jefferson’s wife weeezy?

    • I can attest to this. I bought tix to a Wayne show at the HOB Sunset. I waited 2 months to see him perform. I left after 10 minutes. There was a stage full of people and all Wayne was saying was “p*ssy.” It was disgusting.

  8. Wayne better go knock on Keisha Cole door , Birdman just gave her a big bundle of cold hard cash….lol!!!

  9. Why are they stealing from each other? I thought these guys were rich. That must mean that theyre really broke. When that 15 minutes is up its time to find a new hustle.

  10. juvenile and mannie fresh you don’t see them f*ck’en wit birdman no more, he tried NO he did bullshit them and they walked away, I believe juvenile made some threats of some kind before he left cash money cause outa no where juvies baby mama and kid was killed now I don’t have proof I just put 2 and 2 together, I don’t know this to be true but I believe it is. These some low down shady back stabbers now when it comes to money, birdman played mannie fresh f*ck’ed up he ain’t been back since, and they was hard back in the day when 400 degrees came out I still bang that juvie at his best. Bird playex them and now Wayne yo daddy got you is he still yo daddy?

  11. And NO ONE is going to mention the fact that these two look like a Dr. Frankenstein experiment gone wrong?

    Damn these are some twisted looking things!

  12. This Nicca Was Rapping About Milly But His Dick Keeps Making Him Broke Stop Dick Collecting Stop Dicking Down These Hoes

  13. Birdman deserves to be thrown under a bus, truck, train and whatever else weighing close to a ton with wheels on it. Lil Wayne is wrong for being broke. I think his presidential step down at young money has a lot to do with his financial woes. And even if he is having financial problems with his label, then I would think that his trukfit earnings would cover a percentage of his losses. I don’t get why he was demoted from his position as young money president and how that position was picked up by mack Maine. Are we finally about to see the beginning to the end of lil Wayne? I think so. Don’t believe me? Ask jay z. Lol

  14. ‘ Best believe both have destroyed Drake’s booty ‘. you wrong for that,Lol.

  15. I believe that’s where all the drug use comes into play, possibly trying to block out being violated regularly..

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