Columbus Short Played ‘Truth Or Dare’ W/ Tanee During Alleged Knife-Attack!

Columbus Short Truth or Fail

It’s been more than a year since HSK broke news of Columbus and Tanee Short’s Hollywood swinging lifestyle. Recently released police records of Tanees Short’s April 16th restraining order against the ‘Scandal’ star now reveal the shocking details of what allegedly went down before dude straight snapped. It’s an incident that’s suspected to be the result of the pair’s “open marriage“. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Christian Keyes.

“He [Columbus Short] allegedly began listing men he believed she was cheating on him with.”

Columbus’ alleged attack on his estranged wife reportedly went down back on April 7th, at the couple’s L.A. home. That’s about a week before Tanee filed for divorce (again) — citing “irreconcilable differences” — on April 15th.. obtaining her restraining order the following day. Part of the order required Columbus to vacate the couple’s home, leading cops to “oversee” the April 16th move. Sources say Tanee Short is now seeking sole custody of the couple’s 2-year-old daughter.

Check out the latest word:

“Tanee claims that, during the incident, Columbus entered her room with a bottle of wine, pretended to hit her with the bottle and then poured the wine all over her. She alleges that Columbus then got a knife from their kitchen, pinned her down on a couch and began to choke her. She claims he forced her to play a game called “Truth or Truth,” and allegedly threatened to stab her in the leg if she lied to him.

He allegedly began listing men he believed she was cheating on him with and when she denied having any affairs, he allegedly held the knife to her throat and threatened to kill her and then himself. When Tanee tried to escape, she claims Columbus slashed her tire.

Columbus recently pleaded not guilty to another charge of criminal domestic violence and child abuse after he allegedly abused Tanee while their toddler and the actor’s son were under the same roof.”



  2. I TOLD y’all nicca a this was going to happen!!! Tanee AND columbus are f*cking crazy. You don’t file a restraining order and divorce papers 4 f*cking times in 3 months AND do a f*cking pap stroll holding hands at the grove. If this nicca is threatening to kill you & doing shit in front of the kids as she claims, then it takes a special kind of stupid to stick around.

    Columbus is DL & a drunk. That’s why he’s spazzing. And that scandal money has gone to his head. He’ll be fired soon & then the nicca will really go crazy just watch. Tanee is a hoe bag period. Only ones I feel empathy for are the innocent kids. Other than that these two mud ducks can disappear.

    • maybe he threatened her ass to take that walk, I saw the picture also. Yeah they are special having their daughter in that huge stroller feet dragging the ground when she should be walking. umm but yeah he will most def go crazy now. Eff a restraining order she better go into hiding.

  3. If he loses his gig on Scandal he’d be excellent in a remake of ‘JD’s Revenge.’

    I don’t know if I’m madder at this or his Arsenio Hall appearance a few weeks back. Looks like he’s got a substance abuse problem to me.

  4. What’s going on with our black men today? First you have the rapper the game beating his children’ mother up then you have Kevin Mccall chasing Eva Pigford around the house and breaking doors. I dont blame women like Halle Berry for being down with the swirl. If you dont want no drama sistas stay away from black men!

    • If you’re going to assess the state of the real world based on what celebrities do then you’re dumber than the guy who asked how many original members were in the Jackson 5?

    • More and more black women are all saying they will not date anymore African-american men. Tired of the issues. They will point there fingers at us and criticize us while they lay up with white women but refuse to look at their own shit. Taraji avoided saying it on her recent interview on Wendy Williams. She said she’s dating across the pond because of the ‘built up’ anger. Black women pay for it. They don’t treat white women as back as they do us. I haven’t gone over yet, but almost there too. Not all BM have issues. If he’s work out stuff in therapy, his dad was in his life/a major male influence, spirituality, educated/self-educated, family-type-man, then you got a good one. Thank God there are still some good ones : )

      • Anonymous 17:05 I agree that too man BM have some serious issues. At the same time most of those BM you see w/ WW get with WW because they CAN treat them like shit. And they do. Contrary to all of that “I am woman hear me roar” and WW feminist BS you see pumped in the media, white women are pretty much doormats. Some of them have a spine but that is rare. A few BM told me straight from their mouths that they get with WW because they do whatever they tell them to, buy them shit, and put up with them cheating. Some BW put up with that shit too, but my point is a no good man (black or white or other) is just a no good man and he’s going to treat any and every woman like shit except for the woman who kicks his ass to the curb.

    • Wow so now a non black man is the key to not dealing with Domestic Violence! So only black men abuse women huh? You can’t seriously believe that! How about staying away from men with Anger Management, Alcohol, Substance, and Confused Orientation… in general?

  5. I hope Columbus gets his shit together, because he was/is blessed to have all of the opportunities he has. There has to be something going on inside of him, in order for him to do something like this. Not that I’m making any excuses for him. But there’s got to be a bigger picture to all of this.

    • Hi K.! (Waving both hands @ you!) Howya been???

      Columbus, get yo life. (In my Tamar voice)

      • It’s so good to have you back on here! I’m good Ms. Gemini, hope your recovery has been going well. 🙂

  6. And this is why I never wish to have what other people have, because you never know what they truly have looking from the outside in. May God protect and guide their children.

  7. Outside of self-defense, a man should never lay hands on a woman. Shonda Rhimes, says she is a woman of integrity…We’ll See? Another Point, blackwomen need to get real about this problem. Oftentimes, violent blackmen are forgiven by the most naive and clueless sistas in the collective…Disturbing!

      • @Speak Truth

        Columbus Short, and other blackmen like him, will be the downfall of us all, Why? He feeds the narrative…”Blackmen are violent and self-hating, thus, Blackwomen should fear their own men. This dark cloud has been over my head and that of every other brotha for decades. Black Male Anger is a serious problem within our race, come on brothas? Boyfriend/Husband kills black female, black female killed in drive-by shooting, shootout at club kills innocent blackwoman, etc. And we have the nerve to be upset about Halle Berry being afraid to be with a blackman again. Be mad with David Justice for beating the hell out of her, Eric Benet for cheating on her, etc. As a brotha, i can speak on this issue. The Real…Whitewomen and other non-african women are viewed as submissive next to blackwomen. Yes, this is the motivating factor in lusting other women, Why? Power has always been the downfall of blackmen. The past 500+ plus years, we’ve been slaves to whitemen. We have no cohesive strategy to combat white male supremacy, so, we seek to control those closest to us…Black Women! Of Course, this has been the plan all along. Whitemen have never stopped fighting for our women…Pay Attention Brothas? They play us like suckers, and watch us tear down our women. Who do you think they will turn to? Any blackman that brings tears, violence, and bloodshed to the doorstep of any sista is aiding and abetting our demise as a race of men. Our women are the greatest resource we have, without them, nothing else matters!!!

  8. Sounds like a toxic relationship to me! They should stay away from eachother, at least until they are able to co parent without the added drama! That is no environment for children!

  9. Columbus Short is feeling inadequate among most of those well-trained stage actors on that set. He should just accept his blessings instead of comparing or measuring himself and just know we are exactly where we are supposed to be where we are.

    See how folks block their blessings and destroy their lives?

  10. And as we can see it is IMPLIED that he was killed off in Scandal’s season finale…

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