Tamar’s Cheating Affair W/ Drug Kingpin Xposed!

Tamar Braxton Cheating Mr. Rikk

“All this ‘happily married’ bullshit is just that.. she ’bout that gold digger life!”

HSK Exclusive – Apparently Vince Herbert ain’t the only one that’s been creeping since he and Tamar jumped the broom, in 2008. Our tipster has given up the deets on Tamar’s alleged secret smash affair with a now-incarcerated drug kingpin.

We’re told… Tamar was lookin’ to lock ‘Mr. Rikk’ down before dude got locked up. Don’t believe me.. Just ask MajorGirl.

“This guy is in prison now but was having an affair with ole girl.”

Reports reveal.. Rikk — whose real name is Rickey Lamont Colley — was indicted on federal drug charges, back in June 2010. A source says, “He was neighbors with Tiny and TI… and seeing how Tamar always claims Tiny is her BFF, that worked out as the perfect alibi to tell Vince she was out with her girl but was really creeping across the street with Rikk the Hard Money Lender.”

Here’s the drop:

“Word is she begged him to save her from having to be with Vince and wanted to be reassured that Rikk would able to provide a comfortable lifestyle for her but Rikk said NO.

Heard she found a way to buy him a watch.. with Vince’s money of course.. before he ended up going to prison.”


  1. Tamar was probably sex starved and needed someone who could put it down her without drooling. Every time she had sex with Vince she probably worried about his fat ass having a heart attack on her.

    • Marriage is not a joke, but the institution is faulty when the wrong people continue to partake in it.

      • marriage means nothing these days

        all you hear and see is infidelity, homosexuALS, LESBOS AND INCEST AND OTHER THINGS THAT JERRY SPRINGER LOVE TO HAVE ON HIS SHOW.

        • These days? You think that infidelity and the other marital “issues” just started? Social media, blogs, and messy people just magnify the woes of marriage today. Marriage has always been this way.

          • These ladies are marrying for bragging rights, image, ,status quo or something. But it’s not for the right reasons. They spend more time having ladies night out and popping bottles and dropping it like it’s hot in the club… than they do having a mother daughter lunch… Mother son date… They don’t have any home making or parenting skills, virtue, or loyalty. Women like Angela Bassett take care of home and business and when it’s time they get out and have a little fun.

  2. That whole crew stay chasing outside d**** and tricking on niccas. Tiny, Kandi, Tamar, Monica, Rasheeda, Nivea, Phaedra, Trina, Ciara, Toya Carter, and a host of others, they run deep. Trying to be wifed and turned into an honest woman. But that’s how the women of ATL roll. With all those DL brothas and young tenders hopping around at Spellman, Georgia State, Emory, Clark, etc the men are scarce. ATL may be a booming place to start a career, but your love life will suffer.

    • I’m a N Y C girl and Yall make Atlanta sound scarier than the putter limits of hell. Like,…no thanks!

      • Well, I just moved here to ATL from out of state two months and trust and believe you me, it is in fact VERY SCARY.

        First time in my life I have EVER:
        1. Been asked if I was “born a woman” by a dude
        2. Seen full grown, handsome azz men in full goatees rocking lip gloss,false lashes and switching harder than me
        3. Observed normal looking black dudes from the outside but when you get up close enough to hear them talking in their feminine falsetto’s feel like I’m at a queen convention
        4. Seen Masculine azz, handsome azz dudes carying purses—not hand or messenger bags—full on pocket books better than mine
        5. Been in the gym and seen the most buffed up, muscle bound dude look right past me working out checking all the other muscle dudes
        6. I could go on but I’m sure you get my point……

        I’m already planning my exit strategy and my lease isn’t up until March 2015.

        Chile! Stay do you and me both a favor and yo’self in NYC…….SMDH at HotMessLanta!


          • Atlanta is not a place I would move to raise my family. There are some suburbs that are okay but with all that going on in Atlanta I would rather live somewhere conservative. It’s a lot of imports that move there for a career mostly single college grads. They always complain about the shortage of men and the gay epidemic. I’ve heard great things about Nashville, TN, Dallas, TX, Austin, TX, Tampa, FL, Chattanooga,TN, Houston, Tx, Charlotte, Nc even Birmingham, AL and Huntsville, AL.

            • Moved to Dallas in 2011 and returned to Los Angeles in 2013. Honestly, I think getting used to the way other states live is just hard in general.

        • Sweetheart you got to get out of the city of Atlanta’s gay areas and get out to the surrounding suburbs to find handsome STRAIGHT brothas like me…if you are fyne feel free to hit me up.

            • Oh and playa…are you fine (or fyne as your dumb azz spells it)??!!! Bet you’re as ugly as sin

  3. Being with a drug kingpin would be too stressful of a lifestyle for me. I’ve been part of the working class poor, and it wasn’t as stressful to me as would be worrying about going to prison or being robbed and/or murked would be for me.

    All the pretty girls I knew from back in the day that got with dudes like that are either in prison, dead, had to leave town, or they look soooooo old and worn out that it’s sad to see them.

  4. Not shocking who half blames her. Vince is not easy on the eyes. Most people who spew that beauty is skin deep spiel are normally funny looking and not 2nd pick drafts themselves. Also I am told that most nice guys cant Eff You Cee Kay which is why many females gravitate towards playboys and bad boys types.

    Still with good conscious she cannot call herself a Christian woman breaking sacred vows. There is no spouse looks like Jabba the Hut/Vienna sausage clause in marriage.

    • I absolutely Needed a laugh today and u provided it non-importantate. Your words are so right but still so wrong. Wrong is the comment concerning Jabba the Hun. Lol ! Dead……..too much

  5. She hate seeing that sloopy fat nigga naked so what she found a better nigga vince gone keep paying he know what he signed up for

  6. Trina and Toni think they’re white girls or want to be white girls, I should say. Don’t think Tamar does.

    • So why doesn’t Tamar think she’s white? Is it because she uses ebonics and only does stuff that masses of black people has said it was ok to do as per some black celebrity? Like wearing red bottoms and Louis Vuitton purses? Im sorry. I don’t get that one. Please elaborate. And why do Toni & Trina think their white?

      • If you need to ask why Trina especially, and Toni’s facke behind, think they’re white then you’re white yourself. As far as Tamar: who said anything about the way she speaks or what she wears??? Tamar, like her or not, is who and what she is. I don’t see her trying to use fake accents, trying to act like she’s not from where she’s from, and pretending like she was born into money. Trina and that fake nasal accent she speaks in is ridiculous. It doesn’t take all of that not to use broken English when one speaks. Toni is as fake as a two dollar bill and definitely tries to come off as white with her high tea foolishness. And yes, I know a lot of what they all do is put on for TV but a lot of what we see is straight up just what we see.

        • Tamar does NOT act white. To me all of them act black. Trina talks different WHY nobody seems to know. She sounds so foolish it is almost hilarious listening to her speak. But…. she does not act white. Everybody is not what you would call ghetto speaking that are black. They are professionals and their speech should be professional.

  7. I’ve often wondered if she steps out. I’m not down with cheating or cheaters but….who could really blame her. Vince *seems* cool and all but I just couldn’t do it.

  8. You have to love how some people make assumptions about people that they don’t know! All men in Atlanta aren’t gay , though there is a large gay male population! Same can be said about NY, DC, San Francisco , along with several other states! You have to be selective about who you get with wherever you move! Secondly all big dudes don’t have Vienna sausages,and all bad boy/thug types can’t f*ck..Last but not least if you want to do things that single people do stay single, don’t marry! Money buys things..not happiness.Happiness is not a thing .Its a state of being! If you only married for money and nothing more, than being a kept woman is what you signed up for! Deal with it!Nine times out of ten these women know what’s up with these dudes and still stay with them, because they like the lifestyle that staying affords them!Nothing more than an arrangement! Most people seem to feel that Vince is too unattractive to get anyone BUT Tamar but keep in mind that even men who might be considered unattractive sometimes cheat, and have their pick of women to cheat with! He may or may not have a long d*ck..who can say? I sure as hell haven’t seen it, nor do I want to, but one things for sure! His money is long! Might not buy love, but it will buy a whole lot of like from some women..If she cheated on him..how upset can she be that he did the same.. I don’t think that Vince is as slow as he looks sometimes…

    • I haven’t been to Frisco in a while. But the last time I was there, it wasn’t common to see dudes walking around in lipstick and eyelashes. The gays take up a small area of San Francisco and last time I checked the Black men were mostly straight. I knew some real dudes in Frisco. I would be shocked to see gay men everywhere I turn the way it has been described on this site.

      • It was at one time a hot spot for gay men..but most of them were openly gay! I’m less worried about some dude with fake eyelashes, and a knock off Birkin bag and red Bottoms than I am about a man who by his outward actions and masculine style/look)appears straight but is gay or bi! A Queen makes sure you know what they are..no mistaking them for straight…Those DL men are something else..and yes they are everywhere not just Atlanta..though the ATL may have many!

    • Vince has plenty of MONEY. Vince was big when he met her. And his money was LONG. I think this is a LIE about Tamar. I think she loves her husband.

  9. I live in the ATL and most of us are not gay, that GAY SHIT is mostly popular in areas like MID-TOWN ATLANTA and EAST ATLANTA VILLAGE. People need to get informed, and not go on ignorance. 1st of all RHOA is not a real representation of the BLACK BOURGEIOSE in Atlanta, Ga most of them women on the show are not wealthy with the exception of Kandi B. and she would never, ever be excepted by the BLACK ELITE in Atlanta, Ga or by any BLACK ELITE click in any state because she is soley an entertainer, not formally educated, has no ties to HOUSE NIGGA BLUE BLOOD and up to this point has live a loose immoral lifestyle like dating drug dealers TRUE FACTS I’M STATING

    • BLACK ELITE Atlanta, Ga. My goodness. Please. Atlanta is so overrated. Didn’t get any props til Bobby Brown moved there in the 90’s. Elite? LMAO. Please. Atlanta was done by 2000.

  10. Tamar looks really pretty in this picture, not all “Muppit-y” like she looks in some pics.

  11. if vince didn’t have money he never would have gotten tamar or any woman you can tell he pays for sex.

  12. So frogface cheated on the nutty proffesor with the godfather? Ok wow……

  13. Tamar is a gold digger. Toni dated Vince first and past him on the Vince. I really don’t think Vince is having sex with Tamar. I read on the site that Vince loves lil boys booty holes.

  14. Atlanta and the South in general was good until all you Mfs from NYC came here in 1996 for the Olymoics. Atlanta has not been the same.

  15. To me Tamar and Vince relationship seem’s fake and Tamar is an insecure female. it doesn’t surprise me that sista’s going around dressing up like white women trying to get money from king pins.

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