Rza Discovered Rap Prodigy Andre Johnson: “Penis Can NOT Be Reattached”

RZA Protege Penis Cutoff

Rza is being revealed as the person who first made the gruesome discovery of Andre ‘Christ Bearer’ Johnson, who reportedly remains in “serious condition” today. This, more than 24-hours after Johnson reportedly, “severed his penis and jumped off his second-story balcony apartment building in an apparent suicide attempt.”

Sources say the NorthStar rapper’s “penis had been located and transported to hospital, where doctors determined they would be unable to “reattached the penis”.

Cops say.. Johnson was found on the sidewalk outside of his North Hollywood apartment building, around 1AM Wednesday morning. That’s just one day after ‘Christ Bearer’ released his music video “OOOH!”, on Tuesday. It now turns out… Rza was the first to find Johnson, who insists Johnson “wasn’t on any hard drugs.”

“Christ Bearer was discovered by the Wu-Tang Clan producer RZA in 1998, as a member of the group Northstar.”

Here’s the last thing he tweeted:

Andre Christ Bearer Penis Cutoff

Here’s what LAPD Sgt. William Mann told CNN:

“Mr Johnson survived the fall from the second story of a building in North Hollywood, but has sustained serious injuries, He is currently recovering in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he is being treated. His penis was retrieved. It is not yet clear what caused Mr Johnson to jump from the building.”


  1. Many times we hear that the Illuminati did it….well this time believe it. This man did not try to kill himself. That is what they want us to think. Don’t fall for it. Either he broke the oath or he failed to perform his ritual obligations.

    • Everything is not linked to Illuminati.So tired of hearing about damn conspiracy theories as it relates to these celebrities. Where is the self accountability when everything that they do is blamed on something or someone other than themselves. Fact is some are just reckless as hell..without the help of an Illuminati…

  2. Good Lord Man! One of two things happened here:

    1. The RZA pulled the Shaolin strut, hacked off old dude’s member, and then threw him off the balcony

    2. Old dude tapped into his hidden stash of PCP and Quaalude and somehow thought it was a good idea to slice it off, wanted to end it, then threw himself off a 20 foot drop

  3. I’m baffled by this story! It just doesn’t make any sense. But like the saying “truth is stranger than fiction.” So like the late Mr. Stanley Kubrick’s films demonstrated everything is hidden in plain sight.

  4. Or….Now that he has found a new religion,he had a hard time with some of the things he has once done..and you say who found him?RZA?

  5. What if he did it because he found out something like, he was infected with the package? My reason for thinking this is because he cut his own penis off…………#somethingtothinkabout

    • Valid point! Or he could be a pedophile and wanted to chop off the source of the pain he caused others. Hopefully he finds the peace he is seeking.

      • Wow. Whoever you are anonymous 10:40, you are very sharp indeed. Your possible theory jibes with what
        a psychiatrist said in an article just read.

      • or he could have been on a drug like PCP..weed laced with PCP.. that caused him to trip out and hallucinate.Some of you are seriously over thinking and reading into this.

  6. This reminds me of the young man who put his eye out. Especially since in neither case there was no sign of hard drugs. I think some souls just can’t handle what they have to do to make it.
    Who is who, by the way…Which is the one doing the Masonic one eye thing?

    • You’re talking about that R&B singer Houston who gouged his eye out because due to his religious beliefs. I do agree that many souls are unable to deal with the unspeakable things they do for money and fame. It’s sad…



  8. Have u ever experimented wiyh pcp or bath salts @crazy chris? No pun intended but what make u an expert on these matters?

  9. The part that is wild 1 of the guys who was there when it happened said he was reading a book while this was occuring

  10. How can shit happened in apt full of people and aint nobody sense anything weird before it happened and nothing strange in the air or anything. the boyz that got interviewed on tmz was scared to death

    • Not gonna happen. From what I’ve read he will go on in life “tally wagless.” I’m just waiting for them to make funeral arrangements.

  11. this is a ritual & Wu-Tang is behind it…..it funny b/c early, early this morning @ like 4am, i was watching bloomberg news & they had “Cilvaringz”, wu-tangs producer on Bloomberg London & he was talking about how they had just released today some special album that they only made one copy of….so im taking that they tryna sell it for at least 6 figures….he was telling the bloomberg lady that they hadn’t even set a price on it yet….so they tryna get millions or whatever & I thought it was HELLA WEIRD that he was on BLOOMBERG NEWS promoting this “One album in the world” shit, then this story breaks…Failed blood sacrifice obviously….So this is what they have to do in order to get paid, u gotta be evil & wicked & now this is what it comes to in order to make dem millions. This is not a coincidence that this all happened today.

      • All of u who think this ritual sacrifices is not real ur just a bunch of brain washed sheeple as aj would say.

        • Noone says its not real but its mind boggling how many people can cosign to any ole sh*t like its fact! Now I can understand how so many people join cults…latch on to any belief system and obsess over it. Secret society isn’t behind everything that happens with these celebrities. THINK…

    • I had my thoughts. Your comment helped pull it all together for me. I had no idea about the Bloomberg interview. Knowing that helped pull it all together and gave me an idea as to why this happened. The entertainment industry is truly evil, just a wasteland of lost souls

  12. Kind of like when Jay Z and Beyonces bodyguard went crazy and police had to kill him. Not sure of that whole story since these celebrities only hire the best and come highly recommended.

  13. The world is getting crazier and crazier by the hour. For some odd reason, blackmen are doing weird ish nowadays…suicide, raping babies, eating a man’s face off, etc. Look at the filth that has been shoved down their throats?

    • Cosign, but only so much can be shoved down your throat before you start to willingly swallow.

      Black men are begging to return to slavery.

      Someone need to remind them to be careful what is wished for…

      • @Anonymous

        Lucifer controls Hollyweird, Hip-Hop, Sports, Politics…Betta Believe It! Everyday, some new ish pops up. We know who the puppetmaster is, but, our people are stubborn like a mule.

    • Cosign! It truly astounds me that the masses REFUSE 2 acknowledge what is right smack in their faces! The blind leading the blind. Sad.

      • @Shortcake

        Today, it’s about intelligence, awareness, and luck. Being good is not a guarantee of life, being bad is a ticket to enslavement and death. Wu-Tang has been on both sides all the while. Are they thugs, activists, posers…What? They send mixed signals to the people. So, we have to endure petty rappers who add fuel to the fire…Whoooooa! Another blackman losing it live and in color—Night Vision Goggles!

  14. its odd how people are always screaming bath salts,drugs and mental illness here recently when half of the people they are claiming taking bath salts and are mentally ill have no history of that. i remember them saying the man who lived in fla who bit the homeless man face was on bath salts then the authorities changed the story to marjuana. i dont think people are PURPOSELY taking something that will bug them out to eat people alive and chop their penis off. people be careful who u smoke from, drink from and who u associate with. most black people used to be critical thinkers but not anymore. most just repeat what the media says. @kingdom8, that shyt do sound suspect

  15. Sheeple please stop believing the first thing you read. Common sense isn’t common anymore I guess.
    What makes more sense. Guy with new song cuts off dick and jumps out window or, guy with new song gets big head and gets his dick cut off and thrown out a window? Wu-tang members ain’t saints, they don’t even believe in God. Devils come in all shapes and sizes.

  16. This story does not make sense at all. The authorities said there were no drugs in this guy’s system and all the cats that were with this guy said they were not doing drugs when this took place. So no one has the balls to stop this guy from hacking his balls off and no one in thw whole apt stops this guy from jumping from the balcony? They didnt hear this guy screaming after he hacked his balls off? He was found by some cat and I assume that he found him already on the ground and no one from the apt noticed anything? Somebody is not telling the whole truth in this whole saga.

    • That’s why it seems something sinister was afoot. People keep saying dude was on drugs bit the medical professionals caring for him said there are no drugs. So he this this sober. Or it was done to him sober. Pain must be excruciating. Poor poor man.

  17. It soundslike he was held downsomeone chopped his dyck off they decided to let him then he ran out the window tring to excape they know hes not gonna tell because who would believe him

  18. it sounds like someone held him down then chopped his dyck off then they let him go and he tried to excape by jumping out the window they know he wont tell thats why they are spinning the mentally ill story. i mean who would believe him jmo

  19. remember in the old thicker than water movie where fat joe tried to cut mack 10’s dick off.

  20. No man is going to cut off his own dick. High or not. It’s just not in their thought process to do such a thing. He crossed the line with someone and they cut his dick off and threw him out the window. Maybe he raped someone or passed on a disease but the cutting off of the dick is definitely symbolic.

  21. Maybe he was touching someone’s kid. But his dick was the issue here and how he used it.

  22. Lol. Research Cedar Sinai Medical. That’s were all the celebrities go that need to be “re programmed” after a mental break down by mind control

  23. Mental illness in the a Black community is real. I can’t believe people are suggesting illuminati before manic depression or paranoid schizophrenia. Smdh

  24. Ok here’s my analogy of this:
    #1 RZA discovered this guy but dude had no idea being discovered would include his butthole.
    #2 Dude got tired of broken promises on being a star but he was at the mercy of RZA being his lifeline to the industry.
    #3 RZA had the dude turned out and turning tricks to survive.
    #4 Dude couldn’t handle the illuminati and being a speed dial f*ck toy he chopped it off and jumped out the window seeing no other way out.
    The End

  25. Schizophrenia I believe and he was doing Christian rap/music I’m sure the illuminati club will say they killed him for non compliance or something but he was not in the rap game anymore so he was of no value to the theorist not everything is the damn illuminati or however you spell it even they are selective

  26. And the machine never leaves a mission incomplete once you are out your out you don’t stay around and possibly confess things you know so no evil sacrifice here he had no worth so he held no value

  27. Last thought people with a sane mind can rationalize conduct/actions or step by step right/wrong someone with mental illness will not be able to think as a sane person will when one suffers from paranoid schizophrenia same as when someone commits a terrible crime we ask how why etc.. To commit the unbelievable and shocking will not make sense and hv sane people trying to understand .

    • This is true and someone who already suffers from mental illness really doesn’t need to be doing any type of drug. He lived and perhaps he can shed some light on what happened if he even remembers. Its a very sad situation either way. Some people are saying he wasn’t doing drugs.Not sure if I believe that.His behavior doesn’t sound like just depression, but like he was on a mind altering drug that caused hallucination.

  28. Nothing to see here folks. He was high off of PCP. The end. The Illuminati didn’t make him do this nonsense. He just had a bad drug habit. Google Dallas rapper Big Lurch who killed and ate his female friend while high on PCP. That drug is not to be messed with.

  29. Some shyt went awire. Homeboy been discharged frow the hospital about a day ago and is tweeting and everything. They didnt find any drugs in his system at the hospital and if it was mental illness they would have probably kept him longer to put him on some meds and got him adjusted. If he did someehing illegal the police would have arrested him. This not no normal everyday shit and im very suprised the hospital did not keep him longer medically or mentally. Apparently they deemed him well enough to be discharged. Something aint right and im going with the ritual theory. And for all the naysayers the hospital staffing are usually professionals that go by FACTS not hearsay so please stop saying its drugs or mennal illness

  30. My bad. I just found out they switched the story and now he says he was high off pcp.
    But i still dont trust hollywood and all the shenagins

  31. Normally when someone commits suicide they look for the quickest way to die even if they are high on drugs: shooting themselves, drowning themselves, hanging, drug overdose or overdosing on sleeping pills, jumping in front of a moving vehicle preferbably a train (to get this s*h*i*t over and done with quickly). This dudes friend came out a few days ago saying this guy does not have a drug problem and he doesnt have a history of mental illness. Now we hear this guy saying that he was on drugs when he hacked his balls off but the hospital says there was no drugs in his system. So who is lying here??????????

  32. I’m so tired of sleeping people acting like they know it all. If you like being a sheep fine that’s you but others have every right to think about what actually happened. No freaken black man cut off his own penis! That’s absurd to even think about so I don’t know what exactly happened but I do know that its in the best interest of everyone to at least use your own mind to attempt to figure things out.

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