Chris Brown Wanted By Las Vegas PD For Assault & Battery

Chris Brown Las Vegas Arrest

Chris Brown is wanted by the cops. Know why? Because, the New Flame lyricist, punched a man in the face during a pickup game of basketball at the Palms Casino Resort, in Las Vegas.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Monday morning during a basketball game police have named Chris Brown as a suspect for battery. Chris was playing hoops at 3:42 AM and at some point he got into an argument with one of the guys playing — and allegedly punched him. The pickup game was being played in the famous Hardwood Suite … where Chris was staying.”

Here’s what a police officer said:

“Chris has 2 options–either sign a citation for misdemeanor battery, and agree to show up in court to face the charge — OR take his chances with the D.A … who would decide whether to press charges.”


    • Dumb ass no more excuses this boy is just dumb!
      It’s rare to see someone work so hard to be a screw up !
      His security detail and manager all need to be fired !!!

      • A certain somebody has said this very thing just the other day but included that the person or people responsible for his travel arrangements & equipment logistics should be fired as well. There’s a lot of things wrong in that camp. It’s not all Chris I hear.

  1. They are working hard to ruin this man…Chris watch out and keep your a** quiet…stay inside or away from people you dont know…and who is this so called wuss who rated to the police.

  2. is Rihanna’s fault Her stinky throat ruined this poor man’s careers!
    Leo is gonna use This stinky throat bitch out like a dirty tissue, that She is

    if Leo whoops Her ass She wouldn’t say shit because He’s white and rich, some Black Women are dangerous to Black Men vice versa, just like some Black Men are dangerous to Black Women

    but Leo is a typical rich White Man He will dump this bitch when She gets too comfortable, He will probably leave Her for White Woman like They all do

  3. can’t blame Rihanna for thisa if chris did puch this man all he has to do is go to court get back on probation and pay a fine.

    chris needs to keep his own temper in check Rihanna wasn’t around so why blame her.

    ain’t nobody out to runi chris brown if jigga wanted to fight him he would have did it by now and chris saying he want to phukk bey was a bad move sincxe jigga didn’t like the fact that he beat Rihanna.

    something about jail that once you get locked up you become repeat offwenders over and over again you cant escape chris needs to watch his temper.

  4. This is NOTHING or rather…they weren’t looking all that all for Chris in Las Vegas.
    WAIT until you guys see that girl “who was supposed to be an intruder at his house!!!”
    THAT you will want to see!!!! And….there is more to it than “her being there” but nothing to do with Chris Brown!!!

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