Benzino & Althea Hart Hit With Lawsuit

Lawsuit Against Benzino & Althea

Benzino, Althea Hart and Dave Mays are all being sued by a party promoter named, Caldwell Wells Wright. Know why? Caldwell Wells Wright, is claiming that he paid Benzino and Althea to host a party at the Urban SKI Weekend … but, the pair were a no show.

Benzino No Show

Here’s what’s reported:

“Althea is a party to multiple lawsuits against Benzino. Benzino and Dave Mays are being sued by promoter Caldwell Wells Wright and S.E.T. the details are sketchy, but it seems that he was the promoter of the Urban SKI Weekend that Benzino was paid to attend”

Lawsuit Filed Against Dave Mays & Benzino


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    • DR1,

      Girl, are these people still the topic of anybody’s conversation still?
      Damn, I heard you & I were more popular than the both of them…at least on HSK!
      Oh…the stories….Honey Chile!!! 🙂

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