Chris Brown Denied Bail: Lands In L.A. On Con Air To Spend B-Day Behind Bars

No Bail For Chris Brown

Chris Brown wrapped his 24th, as an inmate who was transported on ‘Con Air’, between L.A. and D.C. And now.. he’s gonna mark the beginning of his 25th year in the tank. A judge denied Breezy’s request for bail, during a Los Angeles court hearing, Thursday. His attorney, Mark Geragos, says he will be filing a motion to release — but the court won’t consider that motion until Breezy’s next court date, May 9th.

That would be just days after Chris’ birth date, May 5th. “Chris Brown must stay locked up in the Los Angeles County jail for at least another week while his lawyer negotiates with the prosecutor about his probation violation,” a judge said Thursday.

“He’s doing remarkably well under the circumstances. It’s a challenging situation to be in. I’m hoping we get it resolved and we get it resolved quickly.” ~Mark Geragos

Here’s the latest:

“U.S. Marshals, who took Brown from the Los Angeles County jail for extradition to Washington four weeks ago, handed him back to Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies just hours before Thursday’s hearing.

Brown attended a hearing Thursday wearing an orange jail suit, just hours after a cross-country trip from Washington to Los Angeles on the federal government’s inmate transport system, informally known as “Con Air.”

Geragos and Assistant District Attorney Mary Murray agreed to hold talks over the next week concerning Brown possibly admitting that he violated his probation. If that happens, it will be announced at a hearing next Friday. Otherwise, the judge will set a date for a trial on his probation revocation.”

Here’s what Mark Geragos had to say:

“I think it’s a little over the top to have him in custody on this misdemeanor when everybody saw the bodyguard’s trial and which was nothing more than a bloody nose.. And you have got the bodyguard who was convicted and who readily admitted he was the one who did the punching. So all of this is much ado about nothing.”


  1. Its weird that he’s doing time. Usually when celebs defect or disobey their master, they don’t get jail.. a lot of arrests, but no jail.. think Katt Williams..

    Idt he ever even hit Rhianna. I read that she beat herself up. Now that I believe.

    Then again I wasn’t there (were you?) & could care less ..

        • She’s ridiculous. JJ should control her crazy ass in some way but you can tell he respects free speech. And she knows better than to f*ck him bit the rest of us have to deal w het verbal nonsense.


  2. I wonder if “they” are setting him up to be a blood sacrifice will he be a member of the 27 club or will the powers that be try to blot him out of history like they did with James Brown. Only God knows.

      • Can’t believe people are attacking your screen name and not having a civil debate. Talent and/or skill can’t be taken away from someone just because of their sexual orientation. But civility is too much to expect when you have people in this world who support statutory rapists like rkelly or jayz. Who think that every single person who makes it or doesn’t make it in the entertainment industry is a baphomet worshipping hedonist.

        Black people in america need to come to terms w/ racism and that it applies whether your rich and light bright (Chris brown) or are Oprah who was once w/o makeup in another country not allowed in a store.

        You are under the radar more especially if you have money, influence, or are political in a positive way

        Bottom line he shouldn’t of f*cked around w/ his probation guidelines, he is does not have money or pedigree/backimng like Mel Gibson/charlie sheen.

        He also shouldn’t have pled to a felony w/o having a prior record.

        • Agreed. You can tell some of these people are kids on here though. You can’t expect a civil debate, when they’re parents are probably not much older than they are. Clearly not being raised properly, but rather being raised by social media. HSK have always had trolls. Although few years back we had a nice balance of intelligent posters here too.

    • Lawd……..not everything is the devil. Sometimes people have to pay consequences for the choices they make.

    • @ Zulu they don’t want him to fill Michael Jackson’s shoes. Regardless how people may feel about breezy’ s actions, the guy is a great entertainer. No one can test him with the dancing.

        • He might be filling MJs shoes more than anyone knows. Both were subjected to foul industry predators as children. Both seem to have exhibited rather psychotic traits later in life. Having celebrity sense of entitlement worked against both of them because neither ever successfully completed any sort of rehab. It’s sad really. They are responsible for adult actions bit for what happened to them as kids, that’s completely the fault of greedy stage parents.

          • The industry is as sinister as f*ck. I could never disagree with that. CB and MJ being given to execs as children. Quite possibly something to that also.

            What I agree with the most is the need for Chris being held to account for his actions in his adult life. I have total disdain for anyone that tries to explain away a man’s consistent vile behaviour, just because he sings and dances well.

        • Vocally not even close to M.J. Substance of songs oppositte of M.J. Hasn’t had one full “classic” album where you don’t have to skip around. Chris Brown is the male version of Rihanna except Chris Brown can actually dance and sings better than rihanna. I think the Stans for both delusionally think they have a shot at meeting/dating them when in reality neither could care less about the Stans as long as their still giving them monetary support.

          They’re both I’ll tempered, overrated, narcisstic shallow people that have let fame/money go to their head and both act ratchet.

          • Like I said they don’t want him to fill MJ’ s shoes, didn’t say he was there yet. He is just turning 25. If his career was uninterrupted, we would have seen the making of the next MJ. I’m not delusional because michael said it him self…..pow#

            • Yup. Sure did…and when he did I was like nooooo Chris, run, run! Because when you are an old head in the game you can demand “favors” of the young and upcoming…if you are that way inclined (side eye at QJ and Puffpiece)

            • Yes at the 2007 mtv awards when he performed Billie jean. He killed it. The momentum was so heavy that they said Michael was in awe. And I knew from that moment they don’t want another young black entertainer with that type of influence again. And then went the downward spiral.

            • No one will ever be able to fill a lot of people shoes who’s peak was in the 80’s but yet the music industry and struggling/attention whoring artists love associating themselves w/ legends dead or alive whether they’ve met or not.
              m.j. also said he got “one” nose job to hit the high notes and co signed a bunch of crappy boy bands and Britney spears no singing ass at his own tribute show. Pre Pepsi accident I would take m.j.s word more seriously but he’s also said Corey Feldman had the talent to be the next Brando. That he is the biological father of the non-african american kids and that he was in love w/ Debbie Rowe so much a shotgun wedding and signing away of parental rights and settlement was given to her. M.J. has said and one many questionable things and told outright lies for image sake. He also said rap was a fad and wouldnt last, him and quincy Jones would argue about this during production of bad among many other creative differences they had.

            • Anon1034 michael also told us what tommy Matola really is and he paid with his life. He saw the genious of chris brown from the privacy of his own home and he co signed him. Unlike the other people that you named that was obviously based on endorsement deals. Go away

            • MJ said it. Wasn’t MJ medicated for most of his adult life?? Despite being a genius performer he always had a disturbing relationship and leanings towards young boys. Oh I see you conveniently forgot that. As a result I can’t take on the opinions of the king of pop regarding anything pertaining to young pretty boys – Chris used to be pretty once upon a time. MJ probably wasn’t even thinking straight, let alone thinking with his head answered that question.

              Now don’t worry little fan boy or girl. Christopher will be remembered in years to come. He will be remembered for being a total and absolute violent loser. Who lacked smarts to focus solely on his miniscule talent.

      • ita! they trying to destroy his mind, spirit, then finally his soul. i never believed he really beat rhianna. i always believed it was some type of intiation and he was the scapegoat and the 1 to take the fall. as i heard, they was supposed to off him that same night. keep ur head up breezy! u have people out here that understand whats going on and whos praying 4 u!

        • Damn I never heard they were gonna kill him that night. I wish his mother would have encouraged him to walk away from the industry.

        • That is a very interesting theory because for someone who was supposed to be a victim Rhi couldn’t hop back on his dick fast enough. I know that sometimes does happen in abuse cases. But in this case I always thought something seemed off. We will never know the truth but I do pray he escapes the industry alive. Rhi too on fact, she’s another Industry pawn.

          • You would do well to go pick up a book or at least research before talking shit. Regardless of socio economic status, women who are in abusive relationships will often go back to the abuser up to three times before breaking free. Made even worse, if the woman is married or has children.

            I will translate, it doesn’t matter that Rihanna is rich or famous her hopping back on his dick, is statistically correct. Yall got a million excuses for Chris being crazy and love to talk about his abusive childhood and how it effected him. But Rihanna also was from an abusive home. She saw her druggy daddy beat her mom on the regular. Of course that shit will effect her too.

    • God will discern in our spirits what’s really going on .It’s a pattern and the industry is very predictable in how they operate .Pray for Chris and whomever it is you feel needs it as we ALL do.No need to argue or debate back and forth some of us know how it goes down just by watching,listening and discerning.Just be blessed and grateful we are not part of the industry…actors ,actresses,sports,singers,rappers,etc.I never met any of them or seen how they live their life but I always get a CHECK in my spirit when I know something doesn’t feel right.Whitney Houston ,Amy Wine house,Michael Jackson etc ,felt it coming before it even happened therefore I was not surprised .They all are pawns even the ones who believe they are at the top.God/Jesus has all the REAL power not the power you have to conjure up with demonic spirits .

  3. A raw deal?? He should have gone to jail in 2009. What you are witnessing is his light skinned, multi millionaire privilege rightfully being revoked. FINALLY!!!!

    And don’t any of his delusional stans claim he was sorry for when he beat his girlfriend like a dog (One of many incidents he has been involved in). You see Chris didn’t EVEN fully complete his very lenient community service. He is so full of puffed up arrogance, he couldn’t even be bothered to properly carry out his pathetic excuse for punishment.

    Thankfully he is right where he belongs, IN FUCKING JAIL!!!

      • GM, the grammy award winning pop artist is a homosexual. I am not too sure thee GM would be familiar with HSK. LMAO.

        • Grammy award winner who jacks in public toilets to undercover cops. The guy is puppet big time. And fuk a Grammy, thier the sellout awards now.

        • LOL @ loser anon 0725 lack of reading comprehension.




          • Lol…like I said, gay people always swear everyone else is on point.# kissmyheteroassbitchboy

          • Some of my faves, Steve wonder, ice cube, scarface, donny Hathaway, Chaka, l boogie, Otis, bone thugs, Marley

          • I think that’s HSK fault. When HSK was at it’s height of popularity Jacky was all about outing these ridiculous hip hop stars. I guess some of these DL dudes started to frequent the site after that.

  4. The ONLY member of team Breezy who is winning is Brown’s lawyer. The more Chris f*cks up, the richer the lawyer becomes.





  5. Sometimes Massa gots to put his foot down, let these light skinned dark skinned and every shade in-between know that they just negroes.

  6. Chris b was over the dc jail before his first hearing.he has been held out virginia since then walking around in population. if he was at dc jail we call it 1901 heartbreak hotel he would be in pc like he is out la.if he wasnt someone would have took his shit just to show his girl on visits like look I took this from chris b sad but its true people get stabbed over the jail for new balance and foamposites all the time hope he realizes he is blessed out va you get shit like tvs in your cell video games shit like that all you get in dc is 23 and 1 unless you downstairs but he might get killed there dc can’t gurantee that man safety so va had him…….

  7. I don’t believe anything the media says about celebs especially when its bad, because every time a celeb wants to free themselves from the satantic life sentence they ruin their lives,I don’t believe he beat Rhianna

  8. Of course you don’t believe he beat Rihanna, because you’re stupid. Stupid people have difficulty comprehending something, even when it’s backed by overwhelming proof.

      • Hate to butt in, but were you there?? Were you hiding the trunk of their car or some shit? Me, I tend to look at facts personally. I saw the pictures of her battered and bruised body and I read the police report. I also saw pictures of Chris on a vacation with his boys weeks after looking like he didn’t have not one care in the world. His relaxed demeanor is of a man who is quite used to beating his girl, and though that time he got caught he knew he was gonna get away with it. So by all means you can create as many alternative versions of fan fiction of what happened that night. Knock yourself out.

        For me, I look at the state of play right now. Karma got Chris in the end. Look where he is now. Lol

  9. The comments from this story gave me life and I cannot stop laughing. Poor Breezy looks rough on that photo but that officer is dreamy.

    • I thought my slut ass was the only one who noticed that. I keep wanting dude to frisk me, lol

  10. Chain-Gang Generation

    “Daddy, Please Let Me Back In The Big House?” An orange jumpsuit is a badge of honor for young brothas…God Help Us!

  11. Poor chris he did something or didn’t do what he was told to do and their doing him like they did brittney Spears he’s not following the rules and he signed up for it by joining them selling of one’s soul comes with a price

  12. Such a talented gifted young man. I hope he can get through this.
    I guess the others that go unscathed are playing by the rules. smh. What a filthy place the industry is

  13. At 25 I was a young lawyer handling biz gettin my grown man on. Fuk Chris brown. Immature gnorant ass.

    • I applaud you for your accomplishments.

      But did your own mother sell you teenage ass to the highest bidder for entree into law school?

      While I am not an apologist for CB, one has to take his effed up childhood into consideration. Having said that, it’s time for him to man up and seek the help he needs in order to end this self destructive cycle he is mired in.

    • Kudos to you for doing well in life. Completely agree with you. Everything Chris is, everything Chris has done, and where he is right now is self inflicted.

  14. Geragos is making bank off all the celebrity clients ts cases he loses or the habitual criminals he defends.
    I love this site!!! Some of the most dumb theories from delusional teenagers/Stans/ and people obsessed w/ certain secret societies very low rung and obvious imagery that is no secret.

    Rihanna beat herself up because of the Illuminati,

    the Illuminati made underage girls have r kelly video record himself while he pees on themselves and chase after a guy more than twice their age begging to not have sex or money but to be used as a urinal

    the Illuminati made beyawnce copy other artists music/style/performance ideas and become possessed by an alter ego gimmick used to sell records and explain away herever increasing raunchy desperate hypersexualized image to sell records since she as well as the whole industry is on the decline.

    domestic abuse happens everyday all day yet I don’t hear or see people defending or picketing to protect the abusers. If your considered attractive/rich/talented I guess its just a “mistake” and not abuse regardless how severe the beating.

    people on this board are u using Illuminati in exchange for government? the heads of the entertainment industry? now conspiracies? the actual group of only white elites founded in the 1700s? secret societies Freemason or otherwise? Serious question because just like the word love people throw Illuminati around but never give a real definition of it or do their homework.

    • If thats your opinion you are welcome to it. But some of us have discernnent. Which means every time one like you pops up, ridiculing and sneering, it solidifies the gut feeling that the entertainment world is just not right….and this world in general is broken and is full of evil.

    • Well said. We have some seasoned nut jobs here. They will happily throw the term illuminati around to excuse the despicable and abhorrent behavior of their faves.

  15. If they wanted him dead he would be dead. Jacky needs an IQ test for delusional posters.

    • Thank you. I notice when gets talked all reason and common sense leaves people. Blacks, especially always got all kinds of excuses for this man. When really we should be judging him more harshly than ‘others’.

      I do think there are nefarious people in the industry, for sure. One thing the nutjobs who got a million excuses for Chris never have an answer for is why Chris is still here? A nut job on this post said ‘They’ wanted to kill him on Grammy night 2009, ok so why didn’t they kill him then? Why has he stayed getting away with shit for years until now? Why has his career still been rewarded with Grammys and whatnot AFTER the incident, when ‘ they’ are out to get him? The lunatics never think things through. Here’s a theory I think the industry protected Chris and still wants to, but because Chris is making a mockery of the law, the court system are now rightly punishing him.

      • “Blacks, especially always got all kinds of excuses for this man. When really we should be judging him more harshly than ‘others’.”

        Just like whites excuse the War on Drugs, War on Terror, War on Iraq, War on Afghanistan, Assassination of democratically elected leaders by US/Israel proxies, police brutality.

        A mockery of the law? Who are you talking about. If the industry were serious about any of their artists, they never would have done away with the chaperone system.

        In answer to your question of when Breezy’s time will be up: when the trials and tribulations of CB has caused enough chaos in the minds of young black kids, then he will be offed.

  16. I will never believe Chris hit Rhianna. .I am not a fan of his but I believe he was paid to take the fall for one of those high level people that did..because how do u BLOW UP AFTER DOING SOMETHING LIKE THAT??? HES getting dogged now because he couldnt keep up the charade… someone will agree to anything at the time someone else is sitting there with pen in hand about to write a check for millions..but after awhile when people keep bringing it up and u know u didnt do that for real THEN YOURE GONNA FLIP OUT !LIKE HE DID ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA! AND I LIKE THE WAY HOMEGIRL GOT CANCER RIGHT AFTER SHE KEPT HARRASSING CHRIS WITH THOSE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE FIGHT! IT CAUSED CHRIS TO BECOME DEPROGRAMMED AND THE POWERS THAT BE GOT MAD AT MS. ROBERTS! THAT BOY DIDNT HIT THAT DAMN GIRL…IM TELLING U …THERES EVEN A REPORT SAYING CHRIS WAS SUPPOSE TO BE SACRIFICED THAT NIGHT BUT SOMETHING WENT WRONG AND RHIANNA FLIPPED OUT! I SWEAR IM NOT TAKING UP FOR HIM BUT I TRULY DO NOT BELIEVE HE HIT HER…HER INJURIES WHERE CAUSED BY A SADISTIC PERSON (NO DISRESPECT BUT I WILL GO AS FAR AS TO SAY WHITE)

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