Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans Shatters V. Stiviano’s Defense Case!

Superhead on Donald Sterling Drama

“I can’t have everyone thinking I condone this or am helping her.” ~Superhead

Somebody cue Chris Brown’s track! Know why? Because “These hoes ain’t loyal!” Just ask V. Stiviano’s attorney, revealed to be basing Stiviano’s defense case on: “his client doesn’t know who leaked the audio recordings.”

Now, here comes the industry’s biggest whistle blower, Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans, to dismantle that defense argument. This, after Superhead is proven that have eaten at Stiviano’s Sterling-funded table!

“It doesn’t end all that well. I don’t know what’s next for her.”

But between the set of pics of her with V. Stiviano at Staples Center basketball games, and the drop she just spilled to the press, Superhead insists, “I don’t want to throw her under the bus.”

Check out what Superhead told the press:

“She told me, ‘I know what I’m doing,’ She was preparing for this moment. I told her you don’t want to do this. You’re making a show of something very serious. This is not a show. You’re making a mockery of something very serious.

The only gains here are monetary and then what? That runs out too.

I don’t want people thinking I’m helping her write a book. I’m not. I told her ‘I can support you even though I don’t agree with you… you may have made the wrong decision, but it doesn’t mean you’re a bad girl.’”

Is it just me or is it looking like Superhead accepted a check from Donald Sterling?



    • Right! I know Karrine may be a freak, but a dummy, she is not. This shyt right here is phucking with big league(dogs)

      • Ok…hope shim knows after the job is complete she becomes a liability…rock a bye baby

  1. Where can I buy one of those opaque sun visor masks that v.stiviano sports. Dadt Punkish

  2. Interesting how Superhead wants to now distance herself. I guess word is getting out that this girl might come up missing or they may set her up for a suicide. She should have known when you swimming with the sharks, you may end up getting eaten.

    Karrine is telling her in a round about way, that all of this is not worth it.

    • Good theory I was thinking the same thing.Also when Superhead had that popular tell-all book out about all these men she sexed up it seems she was very protected no one sued or harmed her .Now she knows not to mess with the big wigs.

      • Very true. I may not be 100 percent clear on the specifics, but isn’t Karrine essentially controlled opposition? What I mean is, though she seemingly spilled salacious tea, and the men she encountered came across as sex crazed, misogynistic assholes. She never spilled anything that could affect their brands too deep. To be honest, her spilling helped to solidify these men’s heterosexual and macho images.

        I mean look at her hit list, DMX, Jay Z, Diddy, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Mase, Q tip and Ja Rule. To name a few. All names who are alleged DL/or who have engaged in homosexual behaviour to get put on. Now think of the REAL shit she knows. She’s been protected, because she is merely doing her job.

  3. Karrine is looking out for her own pockets she doesnt want her “Johns” to think that she is this kind of chick who will record conversations and leak them. Her association with V. will f*ck up her money. that is why she says“I can’t have everyone thinking I condone this or am helping her.” ~Superhead

    • Look what she just did to Lil Wayne. She released those te,t messages and had him looking like her bitch. So…I don’t think sheis one to speak on V.

      • And abort Lil Wayne’s baby in the mix. Oh yeah, she was actually pregnant from Lil Wayne! She wasn’t pregnant from her second husband. Nope! She was pregnant from Lil Wayne himself! It was on YouTube and she was recording it the entire visit. Had an ultrasound done. If I’m not mistaken I think, I could be wrong she was around four to six weeks pregnant. Now that was real!

        • It was real, alright. Real stank. Karrine is a human landfill. It wouldn’t surprise me if Orkin does her laundry and handwashes her unmentionables. Karrine should be remanded to the CDC for a 72-hour observational hold. I’m sure she harbors STDs they have yet to name.

          • That was the old Superhead not Karrine Steffans published writer, editor, motivational speaker and recent “mentor” to Montana Fishburne (I know you peed yourself when reading this bc I did)

            We all “have a past” – so I keep reading. It seems we ALL have a semen covered, abortion riddled, substance abusing past of promiscuity. She who is full-panel STD free may cast the first stone 😉

          • Non importante:

            That’s why I cast stones, boulders and moon rocks. My past, like my present, doesn’t include any of that mess. I won’t be entertaining any of it in my future, either. It is sad that Vance Stiffiano (sic) and Superhead, shoulders, knees and toes have become the new normal. Or shall I say “whoremal?”

          • You are extremely clever.

            But you take yourself so seriously and that is why, in the past, you elicit negative responses.

            I don’t appeal to everyone by a LONG shot, and I know it, but the difference is that I never take myself seriously on a site which is, by design, for entertainment purposes.

            You are so gifted, I just wish you would be confident in that and drop some of the pretense.
            Fire away. lol

          • You telling me or anyone else to “drop the pretense” is hilarious. I love how everything you directed to me applies to you. I bet you missed that.

            Last I checked, my response was to nonimportante, so why you felt the need to interject is beyond me. “Physician,” heal thyself.

          • Ahhh, “poor” Bella.

            It is so cute that you continually insist that no one respond to your statements unless you are speaking directly to said person.

            Whateveahs hun. It’s your world. The rest of us just live in it.

          • I don’t want the world. I am more than satisfied with my portion. Folks live for HSK and their ability to attempt to drag complete strangers, be it the celebs JJ reports about or other posters. Continue.

    • @Non Important, U mean the recently Karrine Steffans, Author,Editor, etc.. She just was pregnant from Lil Wayne last year. The same Karrine Strfanie, Author, Editor, etc. She abort that baby last year. You should download How To Make Love To A Martian.

  4. Karinne was on Dr Drew the other night. She’d cling to a t urd if it meant some 4 or time in the lime light for her. Birds of a feather. I can’t stand her or shim.

  5. In other words: I (Karrine) don’t want the rich tricks I service to think that I would do this shit to them EVEN THOUGH I’ve written several books, basically kissing and telling. This man-whore and old diseased ass supahead need to go to the clinic for their shots and leave the rest of us alone.

  6. Karrine Steffans is jealous of the attention that V. Stiviano is getting. Superhead is a competitive bird.

    • agreed. she might not have realized how much V. tricked off of that old man. K was never able to do that on that scale before her book, at least according to her books she didn’t. not sure if after either. She’s envious. possibly scared to because these are billionaire white me now not just rappers.

      • Minimal or no sex. I may be wrong, but I think men with prostate issues have difficulty obtaining or maintaining an erection. That, and his advanced age, though I may stand corrected.

        • Shiiiiit! All these men with prostate problems, that can be handle with one thing: “Give a broth a some head and U will get feed in bed!” Lmao! True statement! LOL!

          • I was thinking the same thing s(he) must have some golden tonsils….then again, it might be a pre op trans with a working penis. Maybe it went in sterling’s back door to earn its keep. No one gets all that cheddar for being a “silly rabbit” I don’t care what that hoe claims.

        • They do NI because of the female hormones they have to take in order to abate the growth of the cancer. I went through my own father’s 10 year battle with prostate cancer and he fought with himself as to the benefits vs the cost of taking a drug which is unofficially known as the “make castration pill.” the same one which is sometimes voluntarily taken by sex offenders in order to obtain probation status. It not only makes getting an erection near impossible, but even worse, the man will begin to take on the characteristics of a hormonally challenged woman–fits of crying, hot flashes, moodiness etc. I felt so bad for him, because he truly was a man for which, even after 50 years of marriage, a physical relationship with my mother was paramount. I know that thought was gross to me when I first heard them discuss it, but even I lost my “TMI!!” mentality after a while and just felt sad for them.

          • Sorry about your dad. It is sad. I know I would like to stay sexing with my spouse for life. It’s very sad to have to let that go . If V made Sterling feel like a man again, that could be why he rewarded her so handsomely.

          • Thank you for the kind words.

            And in my post it should have said MALE Castration pill not make.

          • I just realized that I thought I was responding to NI, but it was actually Bella.
            The two share a very sharp sense of humor with a dash of irreverence which confuses me frequently. If I were one of “our” beloved conspiracy theorists @ HSK I could believe that they are one and the same…but I’m not and they aren’t.

          • But there was no humor contained in my statement because cancer is not a laughing matter. And I have but one handle.

          • Goof lord Bella. Chill. I clearly said that I didn’t think you and N.I. were the same person, and I was attempting to give you a compliment re: the totality of your posts. Do you honestly think that I found any humor in your above reply?

          • Feel free to re-read what you stated, Christa. I was clarifying that there was no humor in my statement because I see people make light of things that simply are not funny. Anyone who has a problem with me clarifying that will just have a problem.

  7. I mean besides a mean blowjob, I don’t understand why these rich men patronize her knowing that she will blow them up if the price is right, I don’t get how dumb they are to entertain her…

  8. Karrine Steffans is a mega attention ##ore… and that’s an understatement.

    Steffan’s silicon implanted self is jealous of this Stiviano, that much is obvious.

    At least Stiviano … with her gold digging self, indirectly put the spot light on racism within the sports arena…housing, etc. That’s more than Steffans has ever done (which we know ALL that’s she’s done.. more info than anyone really could stand. Sort of like Kim K’s faked sex tape… for the price of fame. Riiiiiight. YAAAAWWWWWWwwwwwn)

  9. In answer to the question posed:

    No, Karrine just don’t want to wash up on the beach WITH V.

    V. don’t have much longer, unless she moves to Thailand or wherever her mama from.

    Sad thing is, it won’t be Sterling’s peeps who will smoke her, it will be the folks who put her up to it.

    Don’t ever volunteer to do the dirty work.

  10. Superhead don’t wanna end up with the fishes. These chicks playing with billions, not monopoly money. If they wanna do harm to either of them, it can and will happen…True Dat!

      • @Yazmina

        V. Stiviano released the secretly recorded tapes of Sterling, now she’s back-pedalling like Deion Sanders. At the time, she thought it was a wise decision. She forgot one thing, ladies of the night have no shield around them. God Forbid, a hired goon tries to off her, the police will not seek to find the guilty. Also, Sterling is tight with the LAPD as well…Red Flag! Racists and Cops are a bad mix. Karrine Steffans running with this chick, she supposed to be producing a pilot for Fox-TV and so forth. Now, she says that Sterling is not a racist…V Stands For Vomit!!!


      Stiviano was born Maria Vanessa Perez in October 1982 in Los Angeles, but successfully petitioned to change her name to V. Stiviano in 2010. There’s no explanation for what the name means, but her stated reason in the court filing was, “Born from a rape case and having yet been fully accepted because of my race.”

      In the recorded conversation purported to be with Sterling, the woman identified by TMZ as Stiviano said she was of black and Mexican descent.

    • Many men you see are women and many women you see are men its part of the agenda and some of these thug men are not men and i mean that literally.

  11. She says she’s Sterling’s “Right Arm MAN”………oh wow talk about a fruedian slip. What woman calls herself a man?




      • Sounds like a whole bunch of confusion. I’m a real woman and I would never refer to myself as a man.

        • I almost choked when she said that. Talk about a Freudian slip. And girlfriend isn’t too bright is she? She makes Karrine look like Indira Gandhi.

          • I agree it was one helluva Freudian slip. Did you notice she smirked a little when she said it. Weirdo. That said, I don’t think Shes stupid exactly….delusional and a liar yes. But she held her own against Bawbawra Wadderz, lol.

            • That wasn’t a Freudian slip when she repeatedly referred to “herself” as a male. Mister Sister was trying to give you some piping hot Constant Comment, but you didn’t extend your tea cups.

          • Karrine’s hoetry is legendary!She’s trying to tell this avitar puppet-faced dummy that This ain’t THAT. Sterling may be in the hot seat, but he’s still connected and very powerful. This whole thing looks like some sort of set-up to get some of Sterling’s money. I wonder who he’s pissed off in “the order”? This is the same thing that happened with Mel Gibson. REMEMBER. His girlfriend was used to “expose” his racism.

            • No. He exposed his racism himself when he was arrested and put a police car and ran his mouth to the cops. Remember sugar tits? Jeews starting all the wars? N word?

              That baby mama who taped him revealed the nature of his misogyny.

              Everything isn’t a set up. People f*ck up their own shit all the damn time.

            • Mel was set up, read a playboy interview he did 20 something years ago. He talks bout the real power of Hollywood…. Makes a movie bout Jesus and then we don’t see him again.

            • OK. but did the power in Hollywood secretly drug him i order to get him to spout his ant-semitic dogma openly? I don’t deny that the fake Joos run entertainment, but knowing that, any person who makes his/her living working for those people would have to be a complete moron, or extremely self destructive
              to intentionally piss them off publicly.
              If he loathes them as much as he appears to, he chose the wrong business.

            • @christa. Same thing can be said about PAC. He knew, and still went all in. Is he a moron?

    • By calling herself Donald Sterling’s “Right Hand Man,” V. Stiviano is playing mind games with the public. She knows that people are speculating on her gender. If V. prolongs her sexual ambiguity, she may extend her 15 minutes of fame. Lady Gaga pulled that same trick.

      • Niqui has nailed it. It is somewhat analogous to Beyonce and Jay with their transparent courting of public speculation vis a vis “The Illuminati.”

        Anyone with a room temperature IQ knows that they are not connected to the “PTB” in any fashion, but it behooves THEM to encourage the public to believe that they are.

        Ms V knows that her window will close shortly unless she stokes the fire…so she pored a little gasoline.

        • Agree 100% w/ ur comment of the transparency of Seabiscuit/jayz wanting to court the powers that be or associated it. Both are narcissistic stunt queens willing to say/do/act whatever for more sales or more importantly FREE PRESS!!!

          Don’t think the powers that be or the “Illuminati” want mainstream pop stars on their very last leg of relevancy in their secret society. They’ve never even sold records on the level of what M.J. Whitney Madonna Mariah or numerous others did at their peak.

          When your constantly buying covers and the covers don’t sell well, are a polarizing figure for the wrong reasons your not really helpful to any agenda other than monetary self interest!

  12. V is not a trans but a plastic surgery nightmare,she is still kinda cute tho,but its obvious that she is a woman,and right hand man or wing man,is nothing to associate her with being a man,a lot of people say that. She is a woman. Either way,I doubt if she will turn up missing.

    • I don’t actually think V is a man. But I have never once heard a woman call herself a right hand man.

      A girl Friday yes, a partner in crime yes, a right hand, yes. But never a right hand man.

      I saw her highschool yearbook photo and she was so cute it’s stupid. Why she went and f*cked up her face so young is beyond me.

      • I saw that pic. Not even sure its the same person. I need to see baby pics cuz something just ain’t right.

  13. Forget this dirty mouth hoe who made a living snitching,she probably showed this trans how to get this old racist mutha f*cka! Superhead is a cum bucket lier

  14. Mister Stiviano should just show his big balls and dick to the world. Enough of the hiding. We know that you are a man!

  15. All the money in the world right now would not want me to be in his/her shoes. smh

  16. Superhead syphillis throat. Tell this bitch to put 12 dicks in her mouf and shut the f*ck up. She got that blue waffle pus filled yock piece.

  17. Did you guys hear that this trans looking mess just adopted two pre teen black boys? Yes she’s a”mother” now. That’s how the system works, a single unmarried woman with no job and a notorious racist john can adopt two kids….provided that they are black. Heaven. help those poor boys.

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