Latifah’s Locked Down HBO, BET & Centric As Queendoms…


Flava Unit Takeover!

The Queen is hyped up… even if she’ll be singing The Blues. Not only has Latifah saved the ‘Single Ladies’ series… it’s been announced that she’s set to star in and exec produce a Bessie ‘The Empress of the Blues’ Smith biopic for HBO.

“The rapper, actress, and talk show host will star in and exec produce a Bessie Smith biopic for the premium cable network.”

Aside from the HBO project, industry word reveals La’s Flavor Unit has struck a deal with BET and Centric to revive Single Ladies. It’s a situation that most likely has LisaRaye and Co. breathing a sigh of relief. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Stacy A. Littlejohn.

Check it:

“The banner also exec produces Latifah’s syndicated daytime talk show The Queen Latifah Show, which recently was renewed for a second season on CBS Stations.”


  1. All hail the queen. Don’t give a damn about if she’s a lesbian or not. She’s making power moves.

    • If she weren’t a lesbian she wouldn’t be making any power moves. As long as she’s willing to wear that strap-on and the do the Devil’s bidding she will be able to make some moves up to a point.

      • So true, tell it! We need to never lose sight of what is behind the screen/curtain.

        • people like to act ‘holier than thou’ and despite all this woman’s achievements all you see is that she prefers women.

          ignorance will be the death of us. the revolution will not be televised.

          • It is because she likes women that she has achieved,

            Oh, and it is the counterrevolution that won’t be televised. Television is the revolution — into darkness.

        • No big question about my curtain, because I am not I people’s living room on the television.

          You put it out there, be prepared for comment. And I believe it is the gays who want everyone to be talking about below the navel action. Well, don’t demand people shut down the brain power to bow down to the “Queen and her gay agenda”

          • Since a “gay agenda” is being mentioned and folks want to attack successful Black women, why isn’t Oprah being mentioned on this post? Oprah, IMO, absolutely represents a gay agenda. She went from being the counselor to and mentor of white housewives everywhere to starting OWN and showing us her illuminati brethren and fellow homosexuals. Rarely do I ever see or hear anyone call O out on her BS and her hairy leg, Steadman.

          • Your right, Oprah… An in the closet lesbian queen of daytime tv retired and what did we get, an open lesbian queen of daytime TV. Teaching, programming hordes of women and gays thier agenda.

          • I know this u know this talking bout the masses that are asleep. Your reply to mine could be same reply to your own comment bella. U r really egotistical. Bella.

      • I agree an im so disappointed with latifah. I loved her an she likes p*ssy! Smh. Its jus sad. But i still f*ck with her music but i cant do shit with her personal preference. She jus like the rest. Dancing an dealing with The devil!

        • dancing with the devil??? lmao…. some of you so hypocritcal im surprised you don’t burst into flames walking in the church house.

          u know nothing of this woman’s personal life. How about focusing on her achievements as a Black woman making moves.

          nah… u all would rather kiss beyonce, ciara, rihanna, fantasia, keyshia cole, whoever ratchet ass, who prolly spend more time f*ckin for track (and that includes other women too) than worship someone who we’ve witness climb to the top on talent..

          yea.. real smart.

  2. I’m a BIG fan of how ‘Single Ladies’ comes across on screen and not necessarily the sub par show itself. ‘Single Ladies’ has superb men’s clothing that I’ve found myself often copying and course perhaps the finest cast of ladies in TV history.
    With that said I won’t be watching it on Centric because they don’t offer Centric in HD where I am. Hopefully I can download them in HD somewhere.

    • +1. If it didn’t return, I was championing for a spinoff starring Travis Henry. JMO, but he is the star of the show.

      • He really is…LOL…love that guy! And I like to watch the show, for nothing else, the male eye candy and the fashions!

  3. Latifah ain’t nothing but a f*cking SELL-OUT! This bitch ain’t no f*cking queen. Old mannish looking bitch is more like a queer. Fuck this fake ass dyke bitch!!!

    • I agree but i love her music an style tho! Its jus sad cuz La my girl smh lol

      • Latifah is a successful, self made BW with a net worth that exceeds most people’s net worth. She never used sex or sexuality publicly as a means of garnering appeal. That’s why I respect her. She is a good daughter and a good businesswoman. That equates a threat to so many people. All they can do is speculate about her sexuality because she has never been the subject of any substantive controversy. Haters are going to hate.

        • No, those who know gonna share knowledge. Her and Missy Elliott done turnt out lotta young gurls with the promise of “gettin’ into da bizness”.

          Don’t put success before character.

          • I don’t consider a person who is void of good character a successful person. So much for your presumption.

        • Thought you knew about industry bella. Queen la getting all the doors opened for her. Why?come on u know why.

        • It’s time for people to stop over shooting the issue and painting everything with such a broad brush. No, I’m not intimidated by Queen La. I’m not impressed or threatened by any of these Hollywood types because paying homage to the dark side and pushing the gay agenda is how they all get there , which really means talent isn’t shit. Many are talented but the ones you see everywhere are the ones who paid their dues and what nasty dues they are too. So no, I ain’t threatened by Big L. I pity her actually. Because at the Ned of the day and at the end if life, money means nada.

          • Unless and until any of us witnesses what another person does to obtain fame or success, what we think they did is purely speculation.

            What I know is Latifah has always been an entrepreneur. She opened video stores back in the day when she was collecting rap checks. She did 20 years ago what Rick Ross is doing today by opening WingStop franchises.

            Latifah has Flavor Unit Records. The artists that she and Shakim Compere signed owned their masters. That is an unprecedented move in the recording industry. The only artist I can think of off the top of my head who owns his masters is David Banner.

            In stating “haters are gonna hate,” I was referring to people who would rather focus on her presumed orientation than her business acumen. Your feelings about Latifah won’t stop her success, nor will mine. I am happy for her and I know she will continue to do great things. She is a Cover Girl/model of several years, an accomplished singer and rapper, a talk show hostess, actress, she has a clothing line… The sky is the limit for her. If the girls she paved the way for in the industry would put some clothes on and stop the shenanigans, they, too could have longevity in the entertainment industry and become internationally recognized multimedia entities.

            • @ Bella, like someone else said , I thought you knew what was up. Anyway, we are all entitled to believe what we want. But I was in the entertainment industry for years. It’s filthy. And the higher you climb the more evil it gets. And what’s truly frightening is at that level, ALL participants know EXACTLY what’s up. They make a choice. It ain’t speculation, its a fact. But….believe what you want to. Oh, and its not a presumption, she’s definitely a lesbian.

  4. I’m here for Dana. That woman’s got a lot of talent and comes off as down to Earth as they come.

  5. Queen is not talking about doing big things…She Doin’ It! Black Culture is omnipotent, we’re supposed to own and benefit from it…Bottomline!

  6. Queen Laqueefah could easily wrestle Hulk Hogan circa 1984 and The Ultimate Warrior circa 1990 with that big Mack truck body of hers!

  7. This why kids get confused, all hail the queen, when in real life she carpet eating anti Christ. Phoney as they come.



  9. QUEEN LATIFAH is too old to portray Bessie Smith, this film is over twenty years in the making, it was meant to be a Major Motion Picture, just Diana Ross was too damn old to play the role of Dorothy in the film “THE WIZ” (She was in her mid thirties playing a 16 year old) Queen Latifah should let her ego get in the way, you are too old, simply get a younger actress and produce the film, don’t let your ego get in the way

    • and the cast of different world were too old to be playing college kids.

      don’t forget Diana played a preteen billie holiday as a child on lady sing the blues and I’m like man you lknow Motown could have afforded a child actress to play billie as a kid.

      but hey Diana was the queen of Motown and berry and his money was backing her.

    • don’t know Bessie was 43 when she died and dana’s 44 she can pull it off.

  10. Latifa has done whatever it takes to get where she is,she has fulfilled the lesbian agenda and that is turning out every other black female within the industry and now she is reaping the evil rewards

    • yeah the state of California gave her the power to minister a wedding oh when did she become a pastor then oh yeah latifah has to be hooked up with those satanic gay and lesbian cults.

      you can’t worship satan without being bisexuazl since satan is a bisexual freak himself.

  11. tweety bird loc dissed her back in 94 in the track I’m calling you a bitch.

    tweety went hard on her check it out on youtube.

    • I just went to youtube to listen to Tweedy Bird Loc yes he did go in. OMG, he called her all the way out of the closet and that was 20 years ago.



  12. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Queen Latifah.
    On her talk show she makes money off of asking celebs and everyday people to be truthful and honest about their love lives but she’s been living a lie for the past 20 years. Also gay and lesbians are some of her biggest supporters. Latifah is too much of a punk to come out for fear of losing endorsement deals. Fuck The Queen…

    Dykes Like Dick Too (Must Be 18+)

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