Katt Williams Turned Target @ Target: Ex-Employee’s N-Word Plot To Get Paid Told!


“There was a reason that they couldn’t let you hear it.” ~Katt Williams

Remember that Oakland, CA Target employee who was caught on tape getting a Katt Williams’ hand to the face? Well.. not only is he said to have lost his job over the incident, he’s being exposed for droppin’ the N-word to egg Katt on. Know why? Katt says dude was looking to get paid!

Target’s surveillance video-gone-viral of the December 2, 2012 incident shows the employee talking on his cell phone just before being approached by Katt Williams. The Pimp Chronicles’ funny man’s recollection reveals.. that’s when the man dropped the N-word, causing Katt to try to explain why that’s not okay.

Here’s how Katt broke it down to Arsenio, during last night’s broadcast:

“I wasn’t smart enough at the time to realize this dude’s trying to make me punch him. Where does that come from where you want me to punch you for your benefit?”

I used the word too much and I’m realizing as he’s saying it, ‘Oh, you think you can say it because I say it.’ So I explained to him, ‘No you can’t “because things will happen.’ And he goes, ‘nothing will happen.’

But in this life there are consequences.. and Ima have to face mine and your nose has to face its.. just for that one time, for that one last mistake.”


  1. Kat williams i miss your ass mane lol yeah it was a set up either way them people comen after you then that little piece of shit comen wit his scams like i said before this is the land of the free slave racism is well and alive it is not dead it still lives come on back kat I haven’t had a good laugh in a while.

  2. Don’t ever give anyone the satisfaction of clowning. They expect us to act stupid. I never give them what they want.

  3. Yea they tryna hold Kat down for exposing the truth but keep talking brother. Continue to open our eyes, you are appropriated.

  4. It was not Oakland dummies..it was a Sacramento Target… Yea boring old Sac..10 min from where I live..plus he came to my neck of the woods..dunnigan,car where he visited FAM..he got arrested at the rest stop in that lil ol town..

  5. Heard Katt finally gave in to the loominate. Heard he’s been bending over just to work. I sure hope this isn’t true because Katt is a little Mofo, but he’s all man.

    • dam, i hope thats not true. but if its a choice between that and your life or your loved ones lives, whats a person to do

  6. Katt really is the size of a cat! You could easily fit him into your back pocket and sit on him!

  7. Poor kat. Standing up to get knocked down. Hope he gives up Hollywood. Him and chappelle should just tour together. I know real folks will come in support.

  8. Katt isn’t letting those satanic beast f*ck him! That’s why they are trying to destroy him because he refuses to comply,they are doing the same thing to Chris Brown,they try to bitch them out until they submit their manhood..smh

    • Dumb black people will ALWAYS find a way to excuse other dumb black people’s actions. #FACT

      • What’s your excuse for George getting caught jacking off to undercover cops in a public toilet. People make mistakes, kat never been convicted. George has. U know why? Cuz he guilty.

      • Why don’t you go to a white site “George” since you obviously have such issues with blacks. I mean one less uncle tom won’t hurt us.

      • What was dumb about slapping the shit out of a white boy for saying nigga? And no conviction!

  9. Katt is a very insightful man. I do question wheter or not he has given in, seeing as though he is still touring and those who have went against the powers that be arent really heard from i.e. Chapelle, Al B. Sure, Amil…

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