Erykah Badu Performs Blood Diamond-Funded Show For Swziland’s “Brutal Dictator”


She once fronted a face of activism, but Erica Badu says “I’m an artist with a big heart not a political activist.” This while the newest face of Givenchy stands firmly behind her recent performance during the 46th birthday celebrations for notorious African dictator, Swaziland’s King Mswati III.

“I went into a situation not completely knowing [Swaziland’s] political climate.

The singer — whose real name is Erica Abi Wright – has since lashed out at outraged human rights activists, accusing her of “endorsing a brutal dictator.” Possibly adding insult to injury, sources report her role as jester for King Mswati III is one that was Blood Diamond-funded. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Jacob the Jeweler.

“All the money that I got from the trip I gave to all the servants in the house.”

Here’s the latest:

“Jacob “the Jeweller” Arabov asked her to sing Happy Birthday in an arena packed with thousands of people.

The singer has refused to apologize for appearing at the show, insisting that, although she doesn’t “keep up with current events”, her “harmless” visit did not help “further [Mswati’s] political agenda

The singer was just as unrepentant in posts to her Twitter account, where she claimed critics were using her as part of “a political season”.

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  1. wow. Its ok for people to perform for an american dictator (yes obama) but not an african dictator.kind of biased in my opinion.

    • The peril lies in someone calling herself “Black and conscious” performing for ANY sort of dictator. TBH, I side eye “artists” who perform at the White House.

      Erykah is faker than a $3 bill.

    • No dumb ass its not but most if not all are forced. Just like in North Korea.

    • Correct. She said in her own words that the people were there out of love and she could see it in their faces. People still will see and say something else when they were not there and have never been there to see for themselves. Every government is a dictatorship, some hide just under the label democracy which just means it’s more than one dictator ruling at once. Most people that the media calls dictators are really not. Most have free education even at a University level and free medical coverage. They usually get called that because they don’t agree with america and Europe or didn’t let them take over their countries resources.

  2. Uhm please do not tell me that this chick did not know that Swaziland is the last remaining monarchy in the world

  3. Yeah, Erica may have gone in politically blind, but it was the money she was seeing. She’s not the only celebrity to do this because Money is really their God.

  4. Why is anyone f*ckin’ with Jakov the Ziopig Israeli Jeweler who does more to hurt black folk than help?



      • Jacob took an L for associating with BMF. Did you see the American Greed episode about Jacob and the guy who screwed Jacob and Jacob’s wife out of approximately $14 million? I don’t think Jacob is as rich/liquid as people think.

  5. Every diamond that comes out of the ground in Africa is soaked in blood. It shows how far the music industry has fallen, Cooning for dictators has replaced concerts as a pathway to make pesos. She ain’t the first black artist/activist to contradict themselves. Our kinfolk in Congo would slap her if they could…She Didn’t Know?

    • mariahmCarey…jay z…Seabiscuit and a few others have performed for dictators later to get heat for it then claim ignorance after the fact of whatever said dictator was involved in whether murder, corruption, or blood,diamonds. Bet Badu won’t be the last to perform for a dictator or regime Americans frown upon legitimately or not.

      • @Anonymous

        Our people have fallen prey to the “I Don’t Judge” mindset. See No Evil, Hear No Evil. African-American entertainers don’t live in a less developed country…They Know Better! The marxist/communist bent is evident in folk like Badu. “He kills his people, but, he don’t kiss any white ass.” So, having a stubborn mindset is justification for their actions…Hell Naw!!

  6. Whites can’t tell me shit about Africa that id believe …dictator means NOT their puppet

  7. So basically Erica Badu is a sellout!? Then when she gets called out her only defense is to play dumb, insulting her own intelligence as well as ours. Well that just goes to show you that these so called warriors for the cause are really just full of shit. Just posers. That’s the reality folks; in the long run money really does rule the world. 🙁

    • Abassi, you are giving her a lot of credit — I think she cannot insult her own intelligence because it is non-existent.

  8. badu already put her naked ass on display letting us know what she was about and tried to say she was speading a message yeah right.

    the message was sex.

      • whicxh was why she got naked and claimed ignorance in that flaming lips video where she was naked and her sister showed her ass in the tub and yes the bodypainting was another sex ritual.

        who told erykah and nayrok to get naked in the video those whiteboys didn’t force them.

          • And BM stay bucking and shucking and marrying the slave masters daughter thus giving their money to the slave master for more generations to come.

  9. If you ask me she’s been acting sense day one,she found a gimmick that she could hide behind while she f*cked different rappers getting pregnant and all sort of things all while pretending to be this conscious activest type…bitch please

  10. Naw, she never really fooled me. Although she is musically gifted, and naturally, music draws people. I always watched…because people true colors will always reveal themselves. When she had 3 babies by 3 different men, I knew she was phoney! If she was anywhere else, in any other state, she would be labeled a “hoodrat”! Just because she’s not dependent upon the welfare system to take care of her kids, still makes her a hoodrat, nonetheless! A hoodrat is known by her ACTIONS, not what she professes out of her mouth. Pitch Blease!

  11. #Truth there are so many celebs men and women who have a gang of kids by a gang of different people. She just hides behind her Afrocentric image and celebrity. Regardless I like some of her stuff but have never bought into her image or thought she was political in anyway shape or form.

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