Pimp Momma Kris Set To Collect Trap From Kim & Kanye’s Wedding!


HSK Exclusive – It’s expected to be a profitable weekend for Kris Jenner — who Kanye will officially call his Mother-in-Law, come Saturday’s ceremony. An insider tells HSK, “Kris Jenner organized the entire event.”

Though Kris has at least one marital union she’s officiated under her belt (Just ask Pastor Brad), she won’t be doing the same for Kim and Kanye. But one thing’s for sure… Kris will be collecting 10-percent of the monetary offerings from Kim and Kanye’s wedding guests, according to our source.

Here’s the drop:

“Kris will be sure to look out for Kathy Hilton’s and Will Smith’s envelopes. She’s not too concerned with envelopes coming from La La Anthony and Blac Chyna.”


  1. Don’t know how things work in Hollywood but in my family and circle if you are twice divorced and shacking with an out of wedlock child then gift registries are non existent and by chance or perhaps courtesy you may receive an empty 2 for $1 greeting card with ‘just another day’ handwritten with no signature.

    • Especially you make your guests fly to Paris for an elaborate wedding you’re already profiting from. God this family is shameless. I CANNOT wait until they go away. Kris Jenner is disgusting.

  2. I doubt these two narcissists will make it down the aisle. Kim arrived back in LA yesterday looking down in the dumps. I also think Kris Jenner is feeding the press false info, mostly ones that are on her payroll i.e. TMZ, Us Weekly, People.

  3. Ya know Kris just wouldn’t be the old Kris we all know and expect, if she acted any differently.

  4. So let me get this straight, They are expecting monetary gifts from the Smiths and the Hiltons, two families that are rumored to not be able to stand them much less show up to their wedding, but they don’t care about their real d-list friends gifts (lala and black china)? If it is true, which it isn’t, #thesehoesaintloyal



  5. The black girlfriends that keep her relevant in urban culture don’t matter, but, the Hiltons are good as gold. I’ll never understand why La La, Kelly Rowland, Serena, and other sistas waste time with Kim?

      • @CrazyChris

        It wouldn’t shock me if they got a slice of Kim’s Cakes. It makes perfect sense. Kim wants to be like them, so, they’re gonna behave in like fashion. Sistas don’t have to brown-nose other women to get shine. Honestly, Kim is faking the funk. Her evil momager controls her, it’s a problem. Kanye is making a mistake, i expected more from him. If Kanye’s Mother was alive, Kris Jenner would not cross his path. She knows the right ones to target. Later Chris!

      • Fake, fat injected ass. Check out her old pics. It never looked like it looks now. Ridiculous and now Khloe has done the same. Seriously messed up priorities right there. Complete narcissistic, hypocritical idiots.

        • Whores on drugs they start popping pills from the surgeries you can tell that Khloe is now strung out. The youngest ones are whores already. trash. kanye is a sell out bed wench for the slave mass when he dies the white whores get the millions.

  6. This has to be a joke! Ok I understand that they had a smash session baby! But marriage! Ye stop trying to live Jayz life its not convincing,stop this shame already we are bored with it all

  7. The Hiltons and their ilk don’t give cash in envelopes as wedding gifts. They give Flora Danica soup tureens. Good luck getting your 10% of that PMK.

  8. If you ever want to see a fame thirsty whores here they are the kardahsians these low down fame and money thirsty whores will do anything for it Kanye should if he really cares he should protect his daughter from them because soon as she takes one step khia and kim are gonna start her out get’en her ready to be the next thirsty trick by the time she’s 11 she’ll be on the stroll but then her dad is a diva himself and crazy as hell poor baby she’s trapped along with the other grankids and the younger kardahsian sisters . finally I see what kim’s talent is to be a thirsty whore and get married several times fake fake fake fake is that all it takes in Hollywood? Because them some fake and thirty whores o and poor bruce Jenner I don’t know what to say about him he’s confused as ever being with them fake people

      • And to add on that is one f*cked up family, by the time this charade is over I’ll be surprised if they aren’t all checked into rehab.

  9. I love how this site starts over and erases.
    Meanwhile f*ck Knaye confederate flag wearing ass.
    He want that Lilly white chick now he got her and all her Momma.
    pay up fool $$$$

  10. Kim is an old washed studio hoe. She has always wanted to be Bey but has no talent. She had already sucked off Jay and Ye years ago. She really wanted J, but what would a private person like J do with a media slore like Kim… She never got him… but she did get his lil homie who sniffed up her ass all day and night waiting in the wings like an idiot… She kept Ye as a “friend” all those years until all her other fake relationships dissolved. Multiply how Ye talks to the media by a thousand and that will be your clue how the arrogant trick Kanye treats her behind closed doors… They’re both disgusting… Let’s not talk about Kris and the infamous drug fueled….

  11. kanyte got what he paid for shoving her down our throats like she’s the perfect hopusewife.

    he never did none of his black girlfrieds like that he even tol.d the president to keep her name out of hgis mouth betcha he would’nt have told gw that.

    • Kanye is a sell out bed wench and when he dies the white whores get the money what else is there to say?

  12. Why didn’t he just smash and dash like the others? He must have fell in love with her when she won that game called “Name That Dick”, and she named that dick in three licks. He got to be the biggest idiot since Mike Tyson when he fell in love with Robin Givens after being warned by his friends.

  13. Well it happened. Kimye Westrashian are now Milf/Motherf*cker fa life…or 7 months. Good luck with that you two shallow bitches

  14. These two make me sick! I have never seen such an ugly couple that can’t stand the site of each other. Eurgh! I hope that Ignoreme has a better life with the nannies then these two oxygen thieves.

    • You just had to throw in an insult to their baby! And you sit and judge them for bad character.smh

      • Get over it. Most have notice they trot the baby out mostly for photo ops. You can tell by how often they are photographed without North that they just don’t see her Nu h compared to most new parents. Calling it as folks see it does not equate dissing the baby.

  15. More bs stories that anyone with half a brain would take with a grain of salt!! The hate is real.I wish them the best.

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