Is Magic Johnson’s Son The New Joan Rivers?

EJ Johnson Fashion Police

Move over Kelly Osbourne.. E! has granted a new ‘It Kid’ the “Fashion Police” power to takeover of your spizz!

It’s been announced that EJ Johnson — self-described as a “Boss B*tch” — has sealed a television deal with the network. Part of the deal raises EJ’s ‘Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills’ rank, pushing him into the forefront — while other clauses of the contract secure Mr. ‘Boss B*tch’ lanes to branch out.

“EJ Johnson, son of Magic and Cookie Johnson.. will make appearances on a variety of the network’s programs to showcase his fashion expertise.”

Magic Come Get EJ

Here’s what E! reports:

“He has appeared on E! series and specials in that capacity, including Fashion Police, E! News and as a special correspondent during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in February.

E! will collaborate with Johnson to develop new projects.”



    • God is using the sons to expose the fathers. Many who reside in this modern day Sodom and Gomorrah will have their sins exposed through this children. Their children will kick their closet doors wide open. Just pay attention.

            • What, what, what??? Overly womanizing dads covering up for more than their whoredom. Michael Jordan’s oldest daughter is also gay.

      • Amen! Anon 12:12, you just made my whole YEAR with your comment and we’re only in May! Lol. What the parents do in moderation, the kids will do excessively! God said He will NOT be mocked. Magic and nem can play that good guy role all they want but YOUR KIDS are telling on you.

    • Only a girl trapped in boy’s body would call himself a “boss bitch.” It’s very sad as far as I’m concerned although he’s just being himself. I don’t care what parents say, it has to be hard watching your SON carry on in such a “fashion.” It’s just disgraceful and the end is near.

  1. Look out world, here comes House Mother EJ with her ‘silver fox in the SoCal summer wearing self.’ He is definitely no Andre Talley but I must give him kudos on the overstitched Chanel Boy Bag which is on my to get list. Hope he tones down the flamboyance. Will his waif-like partner tag along? This piece of info makes you lol and smh simultaneously. Well I’ll be damned.

  2. Who knew that Men on Film in 1991 would be real in 2014. All I see are queens on these E shows.
    Jews getting rich off of our absurdities. What else is new?!

    • Boom! You called it right out..the Satan’s I mean the wayans knew what the deal was. We was laughing then but crying now..its all fun and games til ya son walking around talmbout ‘hey DA det’

  3. no disrespect to my gay boys and lesbians, but i wish this activity stayed in the closet.i know its a new day and age but i don’t think kids should be exposed to this f*ckery.all this parading around calling yourself Boss Bitches and Barbies in front of my son.its confusing as hell.this kind of coonery for the camera needs to be shut down.imo.back in MY DAY,you walking around with a purse with heels and lipstick wulda got that azz whooped.mustache and each their own,but don’t keep glamourizing that silly shit.

    • Wys! It is ultimately our responsibility to steer our kids in right direction. Best thang going, get rid of cable and limit internet access. Its hot kids need to have they butts outside anyway…looking at clouds to see what they look like, riding bikes, having lemonade stands…stuff we used to do and we turned out OK. Scripture says we have to live in this world but not become apart of this world. Praying for the kids

    • *back in MY DAY,you walking around with a purse with heels and lipstick wulda got that azz whooped.*

      Yeah my uncles thought that crazy mess too and tried to jump a so-called “sissy” Seems that sissy whooped their ass instead. My Grandfather warned them ‘They might wear makeup but they’re still men!”

  4. This is sick and sad is this the new normal of life I can’t take this shit its every were I can’t even walk down the street with out seeing one of them looking me up and down with a attitude. In. Words of stewie Griffin I hate it here.

    • Lanette,

      I totally feel you. Its like if you don’t agree with the lifestyle we in the huh? Gays are the majority and straight people are the minority. Once again, peeps can say what they want but the Scriptures don’t lie, Isaiah 5:20 ” Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Be patient though, trouble don’t last always…

      • N.I.,

        Ironic it is with all the gay rumors about Majic. How Majic really got aids from homosexual activity but it was covered up to make it seem like he was sleeping with many women because that is more accepted than being gay, especially back then. Never heard about Isaiah so can’t comment on that one. Another DL celeb with gay son not in the spotlight is L.L. Cool J. Ain’t no telling what these kids have been exposed too

        • I was told Magic had a relationship with singer Jermaine Stewart who, coincidentally, had AIDS.

    • You know what? Time out for the corner for 10 min lol…truth be told she probably ain’t never touched majic’s paynus…

        • The apple never falls far from the tree. Magic put that “spirit” in his son. The sins of the father.

          • When I saw Cookie on Arsenio a couple months ago, she looked like a smaller version of Queen Latifah. They may have a sham marriage a la Will and Jada.

            • So your saying q is gay then. What’s up with your other post on the other story with queen latifah. Who’s speculating now.

  5. Now… I usually don’t do this… but let me break yaw’ll off a little somethin’somethin’ for the remix:

    People kill me getting on here acting like young/older queens just came around!!! This ain’t the “end times” people – PLEASE STOP IT WITH THAT BULLSHIT. Gays been here BEFORE and SINCE Jesus walked the earth.

    Read your Bibles: Matthew 19: 11-12 – Jesus says that not all men are to receive this but those who receive it (heterosexuality)- for some are eunuchs (no desire for opposite sex) – some are born of their mothers this way (born this way), some are made this way of men (castration/servitude), and some take this upon themselves for the sake of the kingdom (priests/ministers/monks).

    Gays ain’t NOTHING NEW TO THIS WORLD. So stop acting like just cause some young flaming man is about to have a show, that it’s a sign of “the end”. As a gay man myself, I get tired of hearing that shit. Please just shut up with that ignorant stupid ass emotional shit.

    Sodom and Gomorrah was not destroyed because of it’s “homosexuality” – it was destroyed because the people OVERALL had lost their sense of HOSPITALITY. READ YOUR BIBLES PEOPLE and stop getting caught up in this ignorant rhetoric.

    Gays are everywhere and just because we ain’t all flaming queens, doesn’t mean that our PRESENCE or RECOGNITION is causing the pains or darkness in the world.

    I was raised by a stepfather minister/associate pastor and my real father is a pastor. I know plenty of closet case pastors. I know plenty of straight pastors who are not in love with their wives but put up a front on Sunday. And I can tell you plenty about STRAIGHT/HETEROSEXUAL DEVIANCES that happen all the time “behind the pew”. I have a younger cousin who gets p*ssy thrown at him EVERYWHERE HE GOES… by heterosexual BLACK & WHITE WOMEN – who are all MARRIED SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN FOLK!!!

    So… please… holla at me when “Christian folk” stop doing shit JUST AS WORSE as “the gays” that’s bringing on the end times. If Jesus was here now, he would slap a lot of folks in the mouth and say “have a seat”.

    So again… I say STOP THE MADNESS about gays and the “end times” Ugggh. That is so late.

    • Homosexuality has always been around but it was known and understood that it was an abomination. We are associating this with end times because people are pretty much forced to agree and accept this way of life. I mean the boldness of it all, where is the shame in the sin. In mathew 19 11-12 Jesus was talking about marriage, and his response to those who couldn’t receive the laws of Marriage. He speaks about the eunuchs as a response. Refrain totally if marriage is not for you is what he was teaching. Live your life for it is only yours to live; twisting up Gods word to support your life style is just not right. And I’m not coming at you on a argumentative tip, I’m saying this with Love.

    • @P.Phabulou-I feel what you are saying and I am heterosexual.I don’t think the problem is with Christians per say because there are many gay Christians. I see many heterosexuals judging based on people’s choice to be who they feel they were born to be .

      If someone is heterosexual,gay,bi-sexual or lesbian that doesn’t mean we should categorize their character by that.Christians,Muslims etc all come in each one of those sexual orientations.We are all children of God and we all have made bad and good choices that we will have to answer to God for.He judges us and we should not hate each other because of who we are.

      Now as for Sodom and Gomorrah the city was destroyed because the people of Sodom had tried to rape the angels.The sin of gang rape was also in view, not homosexuality. In a broader sense, the men of Sodom were inhospitable to Lot’s guests. The Sodomites were destroyed for the general wickedness which had prompted the Lord to send angels to the city to investigate in the first place.

      So you are correct it was not destroyed based on homosexuality .We are living in the days where morals are destroyed and hate is rampant . There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are we to judge our neighbor?LOVING people of different sexuality is not the problem but HATING someone and loving the sin of hurting is what will be our down fall.

    • An eunuch. Is a male with out testicles. The bible says that Old men and to little boys were beating down the doors to have sex with the angels who came to Sodom to warn Lot of it destruction. Also that is where we get the word sodomize from. Oral or anal sex . Gays were called Sodomites during that time.

      • and lot and his daughters survived only so lot could ghet drunk and impregnate both his daughters.

        wonder why nobody burned ancient greece and rome back then and they was way more open with homosexulaity.

        oh yeah jehovah had a serious issue with blacks and anybody that was’nt a hebrew or from the trinbe of isreal.

        • Blacks were the Hebrew of the bible. That’s what black anastatia and others are constantly talking about. ,

  6. Its funny I just had this discussion with my kids father about the end of the world and all he could talk about was gay people. My point was all the others thing happening in the world that led me to believe we close to the end. I have no problem with someone else sexuality. Im mad at the grown man raping these babies and the satan lovers. This shit is much bigger than hhomosexuals

    • Homosexuality is not a curse on the culture, but a curse FROM the culture.

      It arises from a culture that exalts material things over the true and living God.

      Its signaling of end times is due to its acceptance among the general population vis-à-vis its opposition to humanity and nature.

      The material things exalted in Western (and Eastern) societies are wealth, money, physical beauty, coldness and whiteness.

      Men will become lovers of themselves. That means hetero and homo. The homosexuality is just the obvious manifestation of that prediction. Homosexuality is the ultimate form of self-worship.

  7. He dresses like an old church lady. In order to be a fashion expert one should at least be stylish and fashionable. He fails on both. He’s getting these shows based on his name. Plenty of big, gay flamboyant gay dudes running around alteady who dress way better than him.

    • Why? Blame the gay agenda that has taken over this country. When I try and watch Fashion Queens I find it a bit disturbing that the woman on the show looks and sounds like a man and the two “men” are wearing women’s clothing, shoes and makeup. Hot steamin’ mess.

  8. As a gay man, this queen annoys the shit out of me. Gay means attracted to the same sex, so why the hell you acting like a big ole woman? If you want to act like a woman, get a sex change. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

  9. My fit, “hetero” acting gay friends are appalled by fat, flitty drag queens; they say that behavior and presentation reinforces negative gay stereotypes. I am just repeating what they tell me.

    Anyway, EJ’s handbag collection is stunning, I am envious. If he would only drop 100-125 lbs and tone up a bit he’d look so much better, dress in a flattering manner plus expand his shoe game.

    • If he took your advice, then he would “man up” and that ain’t a part of this super queen’s makeup

  10. Plus my “hetero” gay friends tell me they don’t understand queens. They explained they are males attracted to other males, they are not attracted to males who act and dress like females, they just don’t get it.

  11. This kid needs to go to college and get a degree so he has some skills and the knowledge to do something with his life after this whole “boss b*tch” thing fades away.

  12. When I first heard and read that Magic has a gay son, I literally thought nothing much about it. Then one day I had finally seen him and it’s safe to say this big dude kicked down the gay closet with extreme force. Now every time I see him, the song “I’m coming out”, sung by Diana Ross has become his theme song in my head. LOL!

  13. If it wasn’t for his famous father, this thing would just b another guy acting as girl. He has no talent what so ever.

  14. You are a good person Macy. This rainbow blimp is almost too annoying to take pity on.

  15. not watching his gay ass show too many fags and people sitting by supporting it.

    when a couple say its okay for a 5 year old boy to crossdress its a wrap.

    celebs crossdressing their kids oh yeah gay life is on.

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