Nicki Minaj Backs Clothing Brand Charged W/ Nazi Symbolism

Nicki Minaj Secret Nazi

“I’m the child of a Holocaust survivor and have seen my father’s papers stamped with the Nazi eagle – so I know what it is. It’s 100 per cent offensive.” ~Sharon Lee, UK protester

Anti-Semitic protesters may have recently rocked a UK retail giant to pull one clothing brand its stores — but ‘Black Barbie’ has no problem with serving as that very brand’s great American mascot. Just ask Paris Hilton.

It now seems obvious what Boy London did with those pulled pieces… introduce them to American pop culture! Ms ‘Twerk It’ Minaj is confirmed to have sealed a Boy London endorsement deal. Hold up! She’s not alone. According to Boy London’s website — Rihanna, Rita Ora and Wiz Khalifa have done the same.


Mark Gardner, spokesman for an anti-semitism watchdog, had this to say:

“The logo closely resembles the Nazi eagle – with its claws holding a circle containing a swastika, except now, the swastika is removed.

It is easy to understand why people will be offended by such a logo, particularly when it is promoted for profit to youngsters who are probably ignorant of its resonance.”

John Krivine, who sold the company in 1984, said:

“I don’t know what kind of eagle it was – Roman Legion, American Indian, Continental Congress, Third Reich – it looked cool.”



  1. the question might be where did the nazi eagle come from? where did the circle held by the eagle come from………………hitler stole those symbols f?rom Egypt and made them into symbols for his party. so whats the problem with taking back symbols that never belonged to them in the first place?

    • Thank you.and also, society is taking shyt to literal these days.damn.its a fuggin damn what.always trying to take sumthin a make it a big deal.stf

      • Thats a NAZI Eagle and Nick, RiRi and Whiz are STUPID for selling out to wear it. I dont care where it came from. What matters is what it represents now. Blacks dont take White hoods, confederate flags and pictures of hanging nooses lightly – Why should Jews take Nazi symbolism lightly? People are STUPID if they dont get this. THIS IS SOOOOO WRONG!!

        • These fools are puppets who would sell their child’s soul for a buck. Best believe the Jews in America not gonna let this ride. All their careers about to be over, I guess they forgot who pays them for real.

      • Thats a NAZI Eagle and Nick, RiRi and Whiz are STUPID for selling out to wear it. I dont care where it came from. What matters is what it represents now. Blacks dont take White hoods, confederate flags and pictures of hanging nooses lightly – Why should Jews take Nazi symbolism lightly? People are STUPID if they dont get this. THIS IS SOOOOO WRONG!!

    • ^nammrgn + Nik

      Absolutely!!! It never belonged to them anyway. Like the pyramid, the udjat (Eye of Horus), etc., you name it, it all came from black people. But they ignorantly attempt to use it for their benefit and keep blacks away.

      • Nice to see black folks taking back their birthrights and whites are helping them do it.

      • True! I have the Eye of Horus tattooed on myself and some chick tried to accuse me of worshiping the devil, LOL. Like seriously all it takes is a tattoo to become a satanist? LMAO! I just laughed and walked away.

        • Yea dummy you can’t be that dumb, get satan tatted on you then tell me how you feel, heaven and hell is serious numnut

          • It’s a symbol you blind fool. There are many different interpretations of symbols. Don’t hate on me because you are too foolish and blinded to not think for yourself and only believe what you read on the internet.

            • Keep telling yourself that dummy, I bet your apart of the fag agenda sent to make people believe stupidity is okay. Oh child gone head and get that 666 on your neck baby it don’t mean nothing, smmfh. Wake ya punk azz up.

          • @Cakey, Whoa, kid. Heaven and hell really is a state of mind. Do you even know the origin of 666?

            why would you even talk to someone like that? Your behavior is a display of that “devil” you talk about, that hell you fear. Your behavior is that.

            “Fag agenda”–I find that people who focus on that type of behavior are actually struggling with their own homosexual feelings. Just an observation.

            • Yawn….so played out. Im so so soooooo sick of people claiming if you don’t like homosexuality its because you are gay too. I call bullshit. Some straight people find gay activities disgusting .
              That is all.

            • @Anon, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. That’s fine. But some people focus on it to the point of obsession and I’ve seen some of those individuals have their own personal battles with it.

              Homo behavior has been around for along time. There seems to be many reasons why people engage in this behavior now. Some of it seems to be natural, other seems to be from sexual abuse, being in a same-sex environment (prison), hormonal (food), environment (whatever pollutants), curiosity, etc. I think some things happen in utero.

            • @Cakey, what cause? Do you even know what you’re talking about? Nope, just another sap mimicking what they hears/ reads.

            • Thank you Yeah Yeah for having some common sense. Everything about Cakey’s response reeks of insecurities about who he really is and his lack of real knowledge.

    • So very true. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have this interesting type of information. They just accept it as what these signs and symbols mean today.

  2. Well don’t help whites continue to steal & enrich themselves on black symbols

  3. And people stopped liking rainbows and colors after the pride parades. The eagle and swatiska were around long before 3rd Reich.

    I wonder if descendants of American slaves,Tulsa riots, Red summer of chicago twittered a call to boycott for milton bradley or itunes Hangman games, would it garner public support? Not downplaying anyones oppression but there is museum dedicated to the holocaust in DC and and lets not forget reparations.

    • N.I. While on a college trip to a rainforest in Central America I was shocked to see the indigenous people bedecked in “swastikas” It wasn’t until I returned home and did some historical investigation that learned of the true origin of the symbol. I purchased a mola from one of the village craftswomen, then had it mounted and hung it in my home. You can imagine the comments I get to this day about my “Nazi fetish.” lol

      • It’s sad to see how quick people are to judge. They are too close minded to actually learn anything new because it’s much easier for them to accept the image the media puts out there for them to eat up.

    • You are a weak link to say such. You are a parasite and those who lack dark melanin is a cancerous cell. So f*ck you, every race want to do what blacks do. Our secrets offend you. Take your white filthy race, and shut it up your ass. Whites are the filthiest, you marry your siblings, sexing your pets, and the women passes diseases to their children, who are born with unexplained illnesses that no other race can get. Your filthy. Black women taught white women how to bath, and how to be a mother to their child. Most of you are related and don’t know it because your filthy ancestors decide to keep it all in the family. So please you might don’t like blacks, but we are the reason your living.

        • No I’m an enlightened black. Betcha Spielberg, Gergen and woody Allen won’t wear this shit. Niggas got no soul no class no spine to wear whatever for a dollar fifty. There have to be boundaries or no one will respect you.

      • @Anonymous 16:47

        Do you or anyone else here remember when many white babies were born with a tail and it had to be cut off? Do any of you remember not too long ago when white people were extremely hairy?

  4. Travel to eastern Europe or even visit the Vatican and you will see the Black Madonna and Child there. All of this stuff is based off of black religion and science. The sad part now is that they shroud it with this Illuminati fear so that the descendants of these wonderful people who created it (black people) are too spooked out to want to investigate it. So they do what’s comfortable even though it’s black people’s stuff.

    I really wish more people would research or at the very least use Google more. You’ll see how Hitler, an occultist, perverted a lot of ancient symbols like the swastika.

    • Hitler is a grandson of the Rothschild’s.So,his script and the position he played was already written for him by others Prescott Bush being one of them.Hitler also,use to show footage to members of his organization that the real Joos were black.Hitler had major identity issues because he was a fake joo himself but he was set up to eliminate the other take joos. Never made much sense at all.

    • @redlight, then create your own.

      If black people did it once (and actually, they keep doing it–look at indigenous religions) then they surely can do it again.

      • Whites made the shit up but when we wear it we are the bad ones, again just want to point to every race but the satanic white race. Go fix your babies and stop worrying about blacks

        • Yes, Black people were the first to be called the “Enlightened” people. Illuminated…Illuminati, if you will. That too was stolen from whites and made into something bad.

  5. Hell to the f*ck no! Here in Cali we had to go to school with white,latin and some black kids(to fit in) wearing Independent Clothing Company or Metal Militia which are all White Supremacist clothing companies and adults did nothing about it for years! If you didn’t grow up dealing with stupid shit you shouldn’t support it and make it worse for the kids that still have to deal with racism!

  6. Nicky was brought in to take out Beyonce and Rhianna she was just disguised as a “rapper”

  7. But it is okay for Jews (like Donald Sterling) to be racist against others. I have not heard the Jewish community come out and chastise Sterling for his hateful remarks.

  8. Rihanna has something similar tatted on her smdh when will they wake up.

    • @Cakey, Rihanna has a sista, you know, the Goddess Isis, a black woman, tatted on her belly. Research or Google will do wonders.

      Not trying to be disrespectful Cakey, it’s that I’ve been at this for a long time, long before many people even jumped on this Illuminati-fear bandwagon. And so many people are clinging to their fear of the devil, white people, anything, that they miss the truth. And they inadvertently empower the thing they say they detest.

        • @Cakey, Yes, I do know who she is. The question is do you? Isis/Auset/Aset/Ast is who Mary of the bible is based off of. She’s the original Madonna.

          BTW, do you even know the origin of the word demon?

          Let’s do this, lean your head forward on your computer screen. I will rebuke that bullshit from you. I’m very powerful. It will work!

          • Oh , just f*ck you. Cakey is so right. You are a demon. My ass Isis is the original Madonna. I see exactly what you are trying to do here with your disinformation and counterfeit deities. Im thankful I have discernnent when faced with the evil you people are trying so hard to push.

            • @Anon, 9:52, You know I love you, right! Even through your anger. That’s why I’m going to share this with you:

              It’s widely known that the Mary and Jesus story, the Madonna and Child, is replicated from other sources, particularly the story of Isis and Osiris. I just included that link to show you a picture. If you’ve traveled to any of the large museums in Europe, and visited the ancient Egyptian section, you will see this.

              Anyone who would deny this is working for “the devil.” Seriously. Only a fool would speak on something they no nothing of or only “an agent” would purposely deter people from knowing the truth.

              Again, with love, I share this. And encourage you to pick up a book or at the very least Google.

            • Yea I saw right thru that one. But all jokes aside that’s how they get you, tell you lies and convince you that demon gods/goddess are for Jesus. They are not they want to be him, just like the yesus character and evil-yonce smh it’s a trick.

        • LOL! Wannabe Christians are the best. They love to pass judgement on others when they have 3 or 4 illegitamate babies at home and go out to the club every weekend. I see you Cakey, I know who you are.

          • Maybe that’s true of wannabes. But I am a real Christian watching bible prophecy unfold before my horrified eyes. Like many have said this appears to be a critical time. So I remain in ky faith even if its not the popular thing. And I don’t have a pack of babies by different men . IJS.

            • @Anom, if you’re the same “real Christian” that wrote “f*ck you” then … we all in trouble, lol

              Jesus only had one commandment and that’s love. Having a spirit of discernment isn’t about fear or shouting obscenities are others (especially when one’s too lazy to just do a simple Google search). It’s so much more than that. Being covered in the blood of the lamb is so much more.

              But you’re a “real Christian” so you already know this…

            • @ SB you are Brainless. That is all
              .@yeah yeah… Speak for yourself because I am not in trouble at all. If you are, so be it. And yes, I am really a Christian. I can tell by the tone of your response you haven’t a clue as to what that means so I suggest you research it before brandishing your random views on a subject you are apparently not wholly familiar with. You see, my immersion pre dates the I internet. It’s not a tool that I use frequently to research my faith.Although charlatans , hacks and net gangsters love it. Btw, Jesus gave several commandments when he was here. Love one another is not by a long shot the only thing he said so you better get to googling . No one gets covered by the blood of the lamb without first knowing who was and how ultimate his sacrifice. And if one doesn’t have the holy boldness to claim Him without shame and without pandering to the world, mere knowledge means absolutely nothing.

            • Oh…and yea, I did say f*ck you. I said it because I felt it. I said it because I meant it. You see, Christian I am, Jesus I’m not. I don’t have his patience and diplomacy when dealing with demons and the anti spirit. He would probably bless you. Like I said, I’m not Him.

            • @Anom, I really could go on and on. But everything I want to say I already did. I don’t really feel the need to say f*ck you because it’s apparent from what you type you already are f*cking yourself. So instead, I will say I love you and wish you well on your journey.

            • Hey Anon 9:58
              You must have a guilty conscience or something because I wasn’t referencing you at all in my comment. Read closely and you’ll see who I was talking to. LOL!

    • @ Chrissy, no not at all. I was just chiming in. I k now you weren’t talking to me and I’m not the anon w whom you discussed your tattoo. I know the type of Christian you were referring to, I actually know some. I was just stating that we are not all like that.
      Funny , the tattoo issue is a very interesting one, and I would have liked to discuss it had the thread not gone left. Oh well. Another time!

  9. The symbol is from Kemet , Hitler and so many other stole the secrets & sciences from ancient Africa.

  10. Who in their right mind would wear this crap? These clothes are uglier than Rihanna and her dolphin forehead!

    • Ed! I am surprised at you! U love bewbs and rhi-diculous is always showing hers,lol. I’m surprised you don’t find her sexy lol

      • I love boobs when they are attached to a beautiful woman. Rhianna is just a weird looking chick. You can easily place an ad on her huge forehead!

  11. Ok I want everyone to listen. A few years ago The Confederate Flag was flying high over The State House in Columbia. If it wasn’t for us to petition and boycott things in Columbia, that would flying still over The State house. Anyway, they removed and put it on the grounds of The State House. The moral of this is …WAKE THE HELL UP! WHAT FOLKS ARE DOING TO YOU IS DEGRADING TO MAKE YOU THIS PERSON THAT YOU ARE NOT TO BE! HISTORY IS REPEATING AND WE DON’T TAKE A STATE OVERTURNED THIS SO-CALLED “BROOTHERHOOD” WE ALL WILL PARISH AND NOTHING WOULD BECOME OF THIS IN THE AFTER LIFE. BY THEN, IT’S TOO LATE!

    • I hear you but I honestly think only heavenly intervention san save this broken world. The best we can do as individuals seems to be stand for something so we don’t fall for everything. And teach our young ones because the battle is really over their hearts minds and souls. With that in mind I try to hit these freaks the only place they care about…their wallets. With that in mind no neo Nazi garb for me, thanks.

  12. O boy are these celebrities are running out of ways to stay relevant this is sad as can be they are doing everything just to stay in the papers and gossip mag’s nicki go sit down some place because if you were born when this dreadful evil man was doing what he did you would’ve been first to be killed dumb skank

  13. Not with me she doesn’t. I dislike this vapid trick and hate the programming agenda her fake ass reps. I been done with her.

  14. Never mind if the symbol is an original Egyptian symbol It was adopted by Nazi regime. It has no place with civilized societies. Nikki and others are aware of what type of agenda they support…Fuck that bitch and the rest of them to like usual!!!

  15. I’m watching this malefemale mexi-Thai-blasian thing talking to Barbara Walters right now and she is a weirdo. But….I can’t say she is stupid. I expected her to be more vapid, but she’s holding her own agaonst this nosy jooooo witch. Anyway her body language says she is lying , keeps looking down, hesitant speech….but, it appears to believe what its saying. Claims it got a house and 3 cars for being a “silly rabbit”. Hell, I’m my husbands jokey bunny, but I do it for free. Bwahhahhaaaaahaaaa!



    • 4 cars: 2 Bentleys, a Ferrari and a Range Rover. Rather than Sterling engage a woman who is decent, he wasted his time and millions of dollars on a gold digging prostitute who will be the literal death of him. Smh

  16. Nikki is a complete sell out. Don’t expect much out of her. Her flame is getting dimmer by the day.

  17. Communism/Marxism runs deep in hip-hop. All the bullies around the globe use the militant side of the music to brainwash their youth. Obviously, Nikki does not have any prior knowledge of Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Hirohito, Kim Il Sung, etc. The bloodiest of the bunch, killed millions of people in the 20th Century. Rappers are not expected to be scholars by any stretch, but, this is basic info most people should have.

  18. She is a agent for the devil. Her job is to mislead as many young girls as will follow her example.

  19. I can understand how people can get offended by what it is associated to this kind of symbols due to the Nazi regime, but I am still surprised by how few people know of their true origins.
    Does most people have to look it up afterwards probably because it is not taught at schools?
    The eagle has been used for centuries a representation of strenght and honor, and I am sure we could find similar ones in different countries.
    This eagle was used in the Roman Empire Banner, which means that it was everywhere and was a way of showing their power. Nazis tried to surpass that empire and decided that using it was the first step. And they were successful, as we can see we only remember them first.
    Perhaps it is too soon to try to deprive these symbols of the ideas they are associated with.
    I would prefer to think that such a famous company has not tried to associate its merchandise with the Nazis, but that it was trying to start severing such hurtful ties.
    Unfortunately,no matter what reason they had, there is still a lot of people who support those horrible ideals and may embrace these clothes as a good sign to support their ideas.
    The only thing we can do now is be polite to each other (because there is no reason for being disrespectful to one another) and hope that there won’t be consequences.

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