C-Murder Calls Master P a Snitch


In a diss record C-Murder says was written “from the heart,” the incarcerated rapper takes aim at his brother Master P. The song is titled “All I Wanted 2 Be Was A Soldier.”

In the song, the No Limit Records artist raps:

“I’m having dreams that my brother’s trying to kill me and steal me / Now why this ni**a hate the real C / After the mills we still supposed to keep it gully / I went to jail and he barely said he didn’t love me / It’s ugly when your brother prosecute you too / Say I’m the black sheep, just show ‘em where the MAC be / P, all you had to do was ask me / But you chose to do your interviews and blast me, assass me.”

In addition to his mention of Master P assassinating his character, C-Murder also shared his belief that “Sometimes I feel like you might have called the cops on me,” referring to Master P.


  1. Well now u see C Murder. Not only did ur brother throw u under the bus, he did his wife/mother of his kids in also. smh

  2. I feel like Percy about himself & his business & pretty much to hell with everything else! He seems to stay out the mix his brother found himself in.

  3. wow but how did he record new music in jail ???? we need SILKK THE SHOCKER back in mainstream heavy rotation

  4. No C Murder its about beating the man at his own games which your brother did. You on the other hand still wanted to be gully. Nothing wrong with havin millz and still keep it real. Alot of things wrong when you got money and still wanted act like a sewer rat nibbling for cheese. I respect Master P he got paid by being independent instead of being owned thats why he calls himself MASTER P. C Murder wasnt goin by the code himself and lost sight on the rules of the street. Do shit by your damn self who can point you out, or testify. So dont blame your brother cuz you was with the wrong people who set you up. Master P may be alot of things and had affairs but you cant knock the hustle.

    • I’m with you. In Miami, when some one is telling part of the story, lying, trying to get sympathy or simply don’t do things that they say you gonna do. The response to what you say will simply be “Man, look here, you can save that rap”. And since C Murder is literally raping, trying to get sympathy and only telling his side of the story, in said rap. I would like to respond to him as if he were a native of Miami and affectionately say to him “Man, look here C Murder, save that rap for the concert” and proceed to ask you, who needs to throw you under the bus when you doing stuff like this. He cut his own throat with his actions, that’s what got him locked up, the stuff he did. I guess by saying P threw him under the bus, the must stand for Panasonic, as in video camera. You can’t do stupid shit like this and play victim


  5. So was I the only person who didn’t know master p worth like $300milllion. What he been doing?

    • From what understand, when No Limit came out he was able to negotiat a deal that had never been heard of. I’m not sure if it’s true because I never saw the contract but it was said that he was able to retain 85% of the profits from each record sold. BUT he ripped his artist. I say that because they signed contracts for $250, 000 out front for 4 albums but every cent the artist made after signing the contract came from concerts and tours. So for all intents and purposes, he was probably pocketing between 9 and 11 dollars for every cd sold by no limit in it’s hay day. But he Also got into other business ventures. He is a damn good businessman.

  6. These cats i tell ya. C murder needs to get himself together. Corey you big brother Percy tried to help you out now you wanna act like a spoiled brat. You did the crime now do the time. Silk needs to stay where he is unseen and unheard because he was the worst rapper of no limit.typical sibling rivalry corey get over it.

  7. I’m so curious as to know why he is just getting this. C-Murda, Master P is the one that dropped dime on Ur ass, sold Ur dumb ass out to di prosecution & DA then threw the key to Ur cell away…damn homie…it hurts so much worst coming from fam, tho huh?

  8. so SAD, but C-MURDER should have listened to his brother “P” when he told him to stop hanging in the hood

  9. BUT…P didn’t put him in that situation. Keeping it real did. Quit whining my dude. P really doesn’t owe that grown ass man shit. Ok perpetual victim ass. Smh

  10. Corey Miller didn’t have to do what he did, but instead of living a better life and taking advantage of all those opportunities given to him, he chose to have that Angola bound mentality, where he is serving a life sentence.
    Soulja Slim (James Tapp Jr.) had that same mentality, but he’s no longer here to talk about it. RIP! I wish both of these guys took a lesson or two from Percy and just took a little time to think about tomorrow.

  11. Don’t know what happened but this dude still can’t rap. Let Tupac rest dammit!

  12. master p set up his ex wife by making her look loony and insane!! doing a video where the his children are bad mouthing their mother
    and the fool uploaded it on “YOUTUBE” not a good look also romeo bad mouthed about his mother as well

    master p cheated on his wife with a Chinese women child with her!!! no wonder he’s wife wants a divorced

    • Cymphonique’s mother is Asian. P has more than one child outside of his relationship with Sonya. He is such a slug. His business acumen will never override his disloyalty to his family. I just pray he doesn’t hurt Romeo.

  13. C-murder just shut up and do your time. Your’ re the one that wanted to live that life, your the one that pulled that trigger. Man up and take responsibility for your actions. I hope your commissary stays piling cause if I was P. I wouldn’t run your ass shit

  14. c murder is still riding pac’s dick.

    c bit pac’s style.

    c made all of pac’s music sound corny.

    all I ever wanted to be was a soldier man c murder quit copying pac.

    x raided recorded numerous albums in jail.

  15. as for the diss record who’s the loser c because hes still serving a life sentence if keeping it real and gangster means doing life in prison while my brothers living the good life.

    once again p benefits on this 1.

    c murderrwas released once bewfore he broke house arrest rules so back to jail ge go.

    c was a damn fool yes he dated monica and yes he used towoop monicas ass.

    • He use to whoop her ass like a slave. But Monica is another one who likes to thug around on the block.

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