Tahiry Gets Attacked Beaten During Fashion Show


LHHNY personality Tahiry was savagely attacked backstage as she was getting ready to walk in the Toure Designs fashion show.

Tahiry allegedly had some behind the scenes issues with a man named Carlos Gonzales. Mr. Gonzales was the production manager of the Helen Mills event venue which was where the Toure show was being held.

Carlos reportedly made it clear that he had no respect for Tahiry from the get go. Allegedly making rude comments to her throughout their interactions. One bystander who witnessed the attack stated that the altercation began when Tahiry questioned Carlos as to why he was being so rude to her. The question seemingly triggered Gonzales to “black out” and he supposedly begin hurling obscenities at her as he walked up closer to her. Tahiry warned him not to speak to her that way and in response Carlos reportedly began striking her.

During the attack, Carlos repeatedly not only hit Tahiry multiple times but also attempted to drag her by her hair as well. A source claims it took about 7 or 8 men to pull him off of her. There was late word that a representative from the PR firm who handled the event may be the source of all the trouble. The publicist has been accused of “continuously belittling” and disrespecting Tahiry’s team.

To make it worse, the PR rep was also allegedly seen doing nothing to help Tahiry as she was being beaten on by a man. Then she reportedly forced Tahiry’s team into a room where they were held for some time.
This delayed Tahiry getting medical attention for her injuries! The show was eventually cancelled and rescheduled for a later date as a result of the craziness that took place.

Tahiry was checked into Lenox Hill hospital yesterday evening following the attack and was later released. She is said to be recovering at home now.


    • Was he gay? What man blacks out on a woman and starts pulling her hair? I’m so confused.

      • he gots to be a gay boy….for hitting her and getting all queeny at Tahiry

        fire fi dem!!

        • That’s why I don’t like gay men. They want to act feminine but then fight females like men. I keep far away from them..

      • Yea that sound like some super homo shit. if he’s not gay, dude has serious issues with women. nigga mama must’ve been a hoe or somethin smh

  1. O my that person should be fired! indefinitely and Tahiry should know now she can’t battle with a man he’s more powerful than she was all though it wasn’t her fault and she asked him what was wrong and he came after her I see a law suite coming and I don’t blame her I think he was jealous of her for some reason he never should have touched her she didn’t touch him where’s the respect for women? He a sucker for hitting a girl I don’t know if she deserved it or not but don’t hit keep your hands to yourself get well soon Tahiry

  2. I’ve watched Tahiry when she was on Love n Hip Hop and her mouth alone will get her killed. Sorry mama next time dont give so much lip.

    • I’m taking back B’s kudos, LOL. Attacking her was uncalled for- regardless of the amount of lip she was given. Wasn’t she invited there?

      • Hey! All I’m saying is, you cannot be a lifetime antagonist, constantly piss people off, then wonder why you got dropkicked, even if she wasn’t the antagonist that one time. Tahiry leaves a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths because of her mouth, actions and attitude. Maybe she’ll humble herself now.

        • All I can say is if you’re gonna run your mouth, make sure you got back up! That what I do. Lol

          • Exactly! And as the Rev. Dr. J. Holiday so eloquently stated, “Act right if you know you can’t fight!”

            • But she did not do anything apparently to provoke such a reaction.

              Any of these millennial mammies making black women look bad in media, I don’t feel sorry for. BUT, don’t sleep on these queens. If one of them wants to start with you, you betta have a heavy next to you. These queens are twisted. No one except a sick fagg*t f&ck is going to do that to a celebrity at a fashion show in NY at fashion week.

              Girlfriends, it is gettin’ real out here. We all betta join the NRA, LOL.

            • “…these
              millennial mammies making black women look bad…”

              I would classify Too Whory as that, changing ‘Black’ to ‘Latin.’ Tahiry, Joseline and Evelyn are three of the most vile reality tv personalities in the history of reality tv. When you start flipping tables and chairs, throwing bottles at people’s heads and running to attack people like a wild banshee, you need professional help.

              I think the issue most reasonable people have with this story is that Tahiry was ‘seriously attacked, sans provocation.’ Tahiry has repeatedly lashed out at people on LHHNY for petty reasons, so I would question her being on her best behavior during a fashion show.

            • You’re right B. I am sure she took it THERE!

              But this queen just f*cked up his coins. You don’t let folks take you there when you are on the clock. And, he couldn’t just restrain her in some way. He was pullin hair and rollin on the floor and scratchin’???

              What I hope is that the DESIGNER suffers. Too many artistic endeavors want to merge this lowlife reality tv trash. Well, his show got cancelled and I hope he got what he wanted.

            • 18:43:

              True! You don’t defecate where you dine. Mister Sister should’ve pulled himself all the way up, like saggy titties in a sports bra, and kept his hands to himself. Tahiry isn’t worth a lawsuit and a possible jail sentence. Hell, she isn’t worth a bottle of Red Rooster and a Solo cup of dirty tap water. Unfortunately, Mister Sister will learn the hard lesson the harder way.

            • That’s a fake ass reverend. It doesn’t matter what words come out if you can’t handle truth keep ya ass at home. That wanna be bitch Carlos is wrong for that and need that ass the hell beat out of!!!

          • I’m going to sell you another -o, dirt cheap, so you can spell your lone sentence sans error. Besos.

            • Digging your comments so far B. Stiv. Lol, #grammerhammer, but, real shit, there’d be very little talking folks left if actual words were indeed physically responsible for hurting you PHYSICALLY….if me saying FUCK YOU!, means you get the right to use hands and feet….I don’t know….there just seems to be a huge trend celebrating depraved violence and too many people seem okay in taking it to the extreme and sadly, justifying it…makes me think, maybe we are being incited?

            • Cursing at someone or saying something “offensive” doesn’t warrant a vicious assault. I honestly believe there was a longstanding issue between both parties that came to a head at the fashion show. Call it a hunch…

        • Tahiry is sassy, everybody knows that about her. My gut instinct tells me this is some “You’re Not Supposed To Be Here Anyway” type of bs. As we know, the industry does not approve of women like Tahiry… Real Wonen! They want bird chests and pancake asses on the models. He was aggressive with her from the jump, which tells me he did not want her there to begin with. If Tahiry was 90 pounds soak and wet, he would’ve loved her. I may be wrong, it’s just a thought. Gay men can’t beat on women, same rules apply. Rikers is where he needs to be, but, he wouldn’t like that scenario.

  3. Where is Joe Budden, somebody read him his rights, he might be a co conspiritor on this..

    Where are the people who talks all that shit about the BLACK man being animals and violent towards women. For all intents and purposes, this dude jumped on a woman that was being somewhat respectful. There is no reason to hit a woman and this guy clearly waged an unprovoked attack on a woman. NOW, Ray Rice was wrong for hitting his fiance who, slapped, spit on and cursed him out. Now if Ray Rice is scum, I expect to see some harsh words for this ass clown. To those who hate black men enough to say we are the worst thing walking, it didn’t take long for the most high to show yall that your opinion might be a little prejudiced.

    • Calm down, @EddieLongs, you didn’t even give us a chance to show up. Errrebody knows that Latino men hand out ass whoppins on the regular. Shoot. That’s a slap on the wrist in latin countries. They are confused as hell when they get arrested for beating their wives here in the U.S.

      Not generalizing because there are abusers in every race/ethnicity. However, this is an interesting dynamic because Tahiry is Dominican. This dude, Carlos, felt like he had the right to check her for the way she was talking to him. Of course we (some of us) know he was wrong for that.

      Seeing the actual footage evokes a stronger response than hearing about abuse. That’s why Ray Rice was all kinds of muthaf*ckas yesterday and Carlos is just a punk ass bitch. Abuse is still abuse; however, domestic abuse will always be a sensitive topic. Anyone can black out on you on the street (men or women). However, someone who’s JOB is to love and protect you should never beat you. IJS.

        • Ok, I will calm down. I just remember people were on his ass from the first post and rightfully so. But i would never expect to see a comment saying that she might have deserved it. It’s not you but it is being said, that’s my 2 pennies

      • To be fairly stereotypical, if a Latin dude beats his girl, she waits it out till he’s old and starts beating him. A lot of men thought they were going to get a submissive Asian woman, but found out that was an act. Now your ass getting hit and pinched, and your not gonna tell a soul!

        • Preach! Asians are extremely aggressive. Asian women will play the submissive role just to get their hands in your pockets. They like controlling the household finances. They aren’t the timid little creatures people falsely paint them to be.

            • You’re telling the truth, tho. The Asians, IMO, are the salt of the earth. THEY are the chosen people. Look at all of the advancements they’ve made in the past several generations. Where would technology be without them?

              They respect their elders. They are family oriented. Asians are clannish. They develop and foster their own communities. They celebrate their culture and diversity. There are some who are colonized/white washed, but not to the extent that we are as Black people. They will educate themselves and work their asses off to acquire property, own businesses, etc. What are their divorce rates like? They don’t relish in failure and have a “fck it” mentality when they don’t succeed. Quite nobly, they will commit suicide if they dishonor their family or their nationality.

              We can talk about Korean owned beauty supply stores in “the hood,” or Vietnamese nail salons, but how many of us study them to see how they came from poverty as a refugee to become business owners in 5-10 years? We are so busy criticizing others that we are standing in the way of our own designation, prosperity and anointing. It is merely food for thought. I don’t expect people to sit at my table, more or less partake of a meal. But it is something to think about.

            • YT boys are finding out the hard way.

              Seen a couple of them come to work with scratches, from their supposedly docile Asian wife.

          • Yep!!! First hand knowledge of that in my cousin’s case. Asian chick played the submissive, educated professional who from day 1 of the marriage harangued him for his pre-marital money, assets and properties. Then she would play the “I sacrificed everthing to marry you” and throw herself on the front lawn having temper tantrums. When she couldn’t get her way she threw knives at him, the final straw was when she aggressively tried stabbing him. Well he finally divorced her after lengthy negotiations and drama because she was always after his money. She was lazy, cheap, evil and vindictive.

            • I almost spit out my frappuccino you said she threw herself on the front lawn having temper tantrums.

              No lie, brothas haven’t learned from OJ Simpson, Michael Strahan, Tim Duncan and the host of other BM who married IR, only to be berated and/or have to cough up a good percentage of their net worth to their now exes.

              I’m happy your cousin is free at last.

    • My bad @ELTHP. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. They really on a black site blaming Tahiry cause the spanish dude went off. Yesterday Ray Rice was Satan himself. You were right. I thought it was too early to tell, but you already knew where this conversation was going.


      • The FBI is investigating Ray Rice. Is he a terrorist? They won’t investigate 9/11, but a BM who slapped his then fiancée after she charged him in an elevator is under federal investigation?!.

        That’s what happens when you vote a clown ass n-word in the White House. Fcking sellout. Calls of support and encouragement were a plenty when Michael “Sack Chaser” Sam came out of the bathhouse. Congratulate a c*cksucker. Demonize a straight man for having a heated argument with his woman. I saw Janay lay hands first, so who is at fault here? Is she under federal investigation or are we going to continue perpetuating the stereotype that BM are brutes?

      • I told you, I told you. Man while the brothers gets held to the letter of the law, castrated and hung from the high branch, everybody else gets judges on a curve. Everyone get a pass. He gets a pass cause he is gay, cause she a bitch, cause she cursed at him, cause she took it there. I’m not crazy, I’m not stupid. Just like Cameo song, “the skin I’m in”. Im telling you, the goals that they set out to achieve with the slave doctrine and proceedures have worked to a T. Everybody wants to kill and cut our nuts off. Now I don’t care that Ray Rice is getting hi ass handed to him, as he should, he hit his fiancé and she IS the Victim, and guess what she hit him first. But all of a sudden this T hairy lady may have cursed and it’s ok to f*ck her up. No man, gay, white or whatever should be hit or beat unless she is causing grievous harm to you or someone else. I’m just saying.

  4. First Ray Rice and now this motherf*cker. I guess these men are women haters. But what goes around comes around,just maybe he has some female in his family and this will come back on one of them. If she got any uncles,brothers,cousins whatever they should find him and f*ck him up really bad. There are two sides to every story and maybe she went off on him and cursed him and talked smack because Black women are known for that. Idk what kind of team she had that sat there and allowed a man to beat her down like that? I hope there were no men on her team because they look really bad right about now.

    • It’s rare that a man nowadays will hold a door open for a woman. Just like black women are “known” for talking shit. Black men are “known” for letting us be victimized and not DOING SHIT ABOUT IT.

      *Shots fired*, I know…

      • As far as a man holding the door for, you have 2 hands use them. If you a single woman, you’re responsible for own safety, until you’re covered (married) so you might want to take some self defense lessons or get a weapon and learn how to use it. If you have little sons/daughters put then in self defense so he can protect you and themselves.

        • As a single woman, you have men in your life, be they brothers, cousins, uncles, your father or your friends. It is their designation as men to protect you unless and until you marry. As a woman, I look out for the men in my life and make sure they are well. I have no problem furnishing a meal if a man has been working all day. He doesn’t need to be my bf or husband. My designation as a woman is to be a nurturer. We all need someone or something at some point in time, so why not be what a person needs as long as they aren’t abusing the privilege?

          • Well you do that but it’s time for sisters to slack off on the support until some of it is given back. I don’t believe in given what i don’t receive and as the men in the family that’s a rare nowadays. White men be ready to jump on a black woman for beating white woman ass, we are the less protected race of women inthis y’all hold on, to this dream you have of being protected in this race. Like i said if you have sons or daughters instead of buying name brand stuff, take that same money and put then in self defense. I’m gonna pick a man (regardless of race) that will provide, protect and nurture me as i will him. Good luck to y’all keeping hope alive.

            • When you lose hope in your people, what do you have? I respect you suggesting BW should slack off of some of the support we show BM. I am a firm believer in reciprocity, so if I’m not the recipient of certain courtesies, I will not be the background to anyone’s foreground.

            • Black women are too Dickmatized to see how low brothers view them. So..the beatings, cheating a and misogyny will continue until they gain some self worth.

            • @b.stiviano, i agree with you but let me tell you,i have not lost hope, i just believe in giving a man my time if he deserve it. @anon 18:53pm… Not all black women are not like that only the ones you personally know and come across. Maybe you need to broaden your perspective beyond the women you give your attention to, that’s so negative. And don’t say decent black women aren’t out there cause it is, just go to places that janky women don’t attend. I hope you possess class and a great moral compass cause that’s just some of the positive attributes to pull that decent woman in. Do you possess that persona to pull ?

            • 18:53:

              Personally, I have never been dickmatized. I have never had a man lay a hand on me to do anything other than protect or please me. I’m not sure who the BW are whom you are referring to, but thankfully, I am exempt from your generalizations and stereotypes.

        • Damn, I gotta be “covered” to protect myself from my own black brothers. That’s f*cked up. No wonder relationships are the way they are.

          How do you suppose any black woman is going to agree to marry a black man if he won’t cover her until she takes his name? Personally, the type of man that is marriage material covers all his sistas regardless of their relationship. I guess I’m just old fashioned.

          This generation is really FUCKED UP.

          • Last time i check any man can protect you. What If there’s a man that wants to be your protector and he’s not black, you gonna pass him up? A woman should choose a man that’s worthy of her hand, not cause the color of his skin or race. And yes, you are truly old school, if sisters of this generation and the one coming up follow this marry in the race thing, like a lot of black women of the older generation, they’ll have kids but still no ring trying to be Mrs Loyal to the race. It’s better to marry based on compatibility than try to marry someone only cause they apart of the same culture.

            • You trippin. LOL.

              If you think I’m leaving my black men for some pink dick, you must not know bout me. There are tons of good brothas out there. I’m not worried about getting married as much as I’m worried about STAYING MARRIED. All black women aren’t the same. Some are in higher demand than others!

            • Joi:

              *Vivica Fox in Soul Food voice* You my sista, girl!

              “I’m not worried about getting married as much I’m worried about staying married.” That’s the gotcha gotcha. I could’ve had, conservatively, 5 or 6 husbands at this point in my life. There’s no joy in that. I want ONE husband, ONE father of my child(ren) and ONE marriage. I’m happy to know someone else here isn’t interested in settling.

            • @the real joi…. No I’m not tripping and i thank you for your wisdom, i forget the real challenge is staying married. However, don’t take my words out of context, what i was merely saying is don’t pick a man based on being apart of this culture. I love the brothers to but God made mankind in his own image. And sisters like you make me sick, when it comes to talking about interracial conversations all you cab think of is white men. Newsflash boo, last time i check, God didn’t stop at this culture and caucasians when he made humans. That fine you want to date in culture, that’s your prerogative. However, i choose to pick my husband through the spirit of the Lord after all marriage is a Spiritual union(a covenant ) meaning a promise. That mentality that you have, that alot of sisters possess is why allot is not married, cause most refuse to see men of any culture, in their spirit. Following stereotypes and myths is what most of you do, that’s why black woman have the highest rates of being unmarried. You must see the spirit by the spirit, you may never know God have you, he may not even be of this culture.

      • Maybe more Black men will hold a door open for you Black females when you all get back to carrying yourselves like ladies. Some of you Black women are so masculine acting,it is easy to forget you are females. It is also very unattractive.

        • Thank you for saving me the time and energy. I can’t with the generalizations. When I said black men are known for, I should have never stooped to that level. I have never personally dealt with a black man who wasn’t looking out for me. You get what you give for sure.

          I question the sexual preference of black men who talk bad about black women- especially in mixed company.

      • That was the “seriously” post. Oh that was classic, one of the best things iever saw that was amazing,……SERIOUSLY!!

  5. Sounds like a gay guy
    who thought he was in a catfight
    for a minute. No matter how feminine a males “behavior” , he still has a males physique. L

  6. Now all of a sudden we trying to figure out if she deserved it, while yesterday there is absolutely no reason to hit a woman (which there is not) or maybe that just pertains to black men….this is telling.

    • This is an issue for the Latinos, not the Black community. Tahiry is Dominican and I’m sure Carlos Gonzalez is Latino, so on that note…

      • Oh I know she is Latina and I figured from his name that he is Hispanic. But my point is that people act like black men are the only men that raise up on a woman. Everything bad, the black man is the poster board for. I’m tired of being stereotyped by my own people. A lot of black women think black men are the worst thing in the world and that no other men have the issues that we see in our communities, when in reality all races of men guilty of all the same behaviors. That a what I’m trying to say.

        • My fine Nubian king of magnificent musculature, stellar business acumen and hurricane tongue, who is stereotyping you? Let me know so I can let them know that YOU are what is right with the world.

          Let the Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Brazilians, Cubans, Guatemalans, etc. deal with the issues amongst their own people. This is a topic for a few of the posters on HSK, not US. Latinas will date, procreate with and marry Black men, yet they will disrespect Black women (and oftentimes the men they are with). It was only a matter of time before someone went up beside Too Hairy’s head and hit her with a honey bun. Don’t concern yourself with anything other than how you like your eggs in the am and if turkey bacon works instead of pork bacon.

          • There she is, the perfectly proportioned Nubian Goddess, mind firmly fixed on forward progress, she takes no lip and no mess, come sideways and you will be blessed with words of wisdom, that will never have to be repeated because the fist time she told it to you, she said it with her chest…lol

            What it do ma? I need to look around and see if yall have cut loose in here, I’m sure you have….lol

            • I am going to take a screenshot of your perfect poetry.

              I’ve been good. I promise. *adjusts halo*

          • Evelyn was quick to refer to Chad Johnson as “nigga.” She did it repeatedly. Me: “Bitch, you are Puerto Rican. You have no entitlement to use that word.”

            Joseline is extremely disrespectful of Stevie. He has a second chance at success and she is going to cause him to lose everything. IDK why any man would want to attempt to legitimize a woman like Joseline, bit that’s because I don’t have a penis. *gives thanks*

          • @ B.

            I am too through with Joseline Hernandez. Girl why is she always laying hands on these women? She is cocky as hexx and I can’t hardly stand to look at a picture of her.
            I am really asking myself if she is a he. That would explain how arrogantly she picks fights.

            I say that because a regular chick is going to size you up, and she is not going to randomly talk smack about who she is going to let live, and she is going to fight.. She brags about beating up girls like she is positive she can beat their tail. I am saying a regular chick, with chick strength, is not going to be certain of delivering a tail whipping. A fight between two women is a crapshoot. Something is not right about Mr. Joesph Hernandez.
            I have had a couple of fights with guys as a young’in and Joseline/ Joseph punches fast like a dude. Girls don’t punch that fast.

            She picks fights without a doubt in her mind that she can beat these girls and I am asking why is she so certain of this? Must be a guy.

          • GUF:

            Word at the reunion is that Jose is ridiculously insecure. IDK why she thinks Stevie is in high demand sexually, but she does. It is obvious that women who get with him are doing so seeking what they think is an opportunity.

            Jose came from an extremely broken home. When your parents throw you out to the wolves as a child to fend for yourself AND them, that’s a problem. She is used to fighting over and for everything, so her anger continues to build and bubble over. When she self destructs, she just might die. I am by no means trying to speak death or destruction over Jose, but being that she is on a collision course, she cannot expect healing and completion until she seeks it and works towards it.

            I love Jose with the love of the Lord, but we could not be friends. She is far too volatile for my taste.

        • At ELTHP…Not me! I took someone to task yesterday who said this was a black issue. It’s a human issue! The person who commented seemed to think that just because she saw this happening to a black woman it ONLY happenes in the black community. I interjected that I saw it from my black father most of my life. But guess what? My sister who is biracial like myself was married to a Hispanic man who was also physically abusive! Also know of 2 white girls who have gotten beat down by their white men on several occasions. No way is this a black man thing! Btw, my dad is black so I love black men! Love all men, really. Point is, I don’t hate men just because SOME are rotten.

          • As a matter of fact, it was the post that you responded that came to mind today. I saw you response and I truly appreciate that support, there are a lot of us that take pride in who we are. Because we know that not everyone can do what we do. (Live in this world as black American men and women). NO other women walking the face of the earth will ever be able to compare to my sisters. Thank you so much.

            • Eddie:

              I hear you, but this is a forum focusing on black folks in the news.

              Also, Ray Rice is a football player built to take hits, so you know when he hauls off it is gonna be bad. I think people were judging Ray Rice as a black PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE, not as a black man.

              This Carlos sounds like he bites and scratches and doesn’t realize he is a man. Plus, he was backstage help at the fashion shows so you know his claws were longer than the trans LaVerne Cox.

              What is scurrin’ me is that everyone thinks these queens, fags and DL bitches are friends of women.

            • 17:31:

              What is scurrin’ me is that everyone thinks these queens, fags and DL bitches are friends of women.”


  7. They have not shown the picture of the man who attacked her. Why are they hiding him,he is not the victim she is? I have searched high and low and cannot find one picture of him.

    • *In my @Eddielongs voice* If he was BLACK there would be pictures of him posted all over the place.

  8. Latino men are known for beating their women. Should I go down the list Big Pun, Hector Camacho,Tito Ortiz,Franscico Rodriguez, etc.

  9. This man probably is gay or maybe he was reeancting the Porsha and Kenya knockout drag out. Why would a straight man attack a woman in such a manner and in public?

    • No, a straight male abuser would just knock her out cold. Then drag her lifeless body away. SMH. I guess, I’d rather get into a fight with a sissy.

    • Yep @ anon at 10:29. Not too many straight men would be coordinating a fashion show. Just sayin’.

  10. 1st. Ray Rice must have beat his girl before, because he showed no regret or compassion.
    2nd She did the right thing when she marri him
    3d and final, she should file for divorce, claim batteredspouse, and get half of his 25 million.

    What a stupid man. If he didn’t control himself for millions of dollars then he wasn’t going to control himself for love. He dropped her like she was worthless. He’s a football player and he didn’t attempt to carry her–he dragged her, left her ass out, but he did pick up her shoes and tried to kick her legs away from the elevator doors.

    Tiriny all I can say is sue him for every penny he has, and then press charges–get the money first and leave the state.

    • Unless your last name is Kardashian, a woman usually doesnt marry a black man bc she wants to get him for his money thru the divorce. If that chick STILL married him after he knocked her ass out, then she’s too weak to leave him AND take his money. I CAN ONLY HOPE that seeing that video played over and over will make her sick to her stomach and give her the strength to leave. I couldnt imagine watching a tape of my man dragging my unconscious body. She was so vulnerable at that moment. That would SCARE THE SHIT out of me. I’d go Diary of a Mad Black Woman on him.

      “I’m not bitter, I’m mad as hell!”

  11. why are black people worrying???? cos if it was the other way around they wouldn’t of given a f*ck and that’s the truth!!!!!!

    • It’s not like Tahiry stars on a spanish soap opera or something. Who do you think watches LAHH? Black people. Lol.

      • you do’t know who watches white people could be watching as well do’t assume. Spanish Mexicans Cubans etc etc could be turning in
        it’s just not a black show their are Spanish people starring in it as well

        • Exactly Raw. Everyone watches these shows and black American folks’ reputations suffer around the world.

          • @Anonymous

            what about jersey shore a group of Italians sexing with strange people fighting cheating etc etc ????
            what about buck wild a group of white trailer trashes causing trouble fighting ???

            is interesting how sellout black people love to blame black people but not white people

            • Hey Raw, I agree with you. But it is not seen through the same lens when the trash is white. When it is black trash, then the whole black race is painted and tainted with the same brush. I ain’t sayin’ it’s right, I’m sayin’ it is

            • @Anonymous

              black people have standards and understanding where white people doesn’t

              last year i was watching a white trash realty show and a white teenager french kissed a stranger in front of her mother yuck
              a black person wouldn’t do that type of shyt we got more respect!!

              buck wild and jersey shore are white trash tv

            • @Raw, again I agree with you, but when you don’t (which we don’t) control the lens, we come out looking worse even though we know that we are not.

  12. I read on other websites that she started this fight. Not sure if this is true but there appears to be other facts to this story.

    BTW never like Tahiry. She is fat, not thick like she is made out to be. Lose some weight, ho!

  13. First of all, most black women ate not the only ones with mouth, I’ve seen my share of heffa’s of other races. Secondly, it’s it makes no sense how most people on the world who have a demon eye in their living rooms, think what they see is actually real, like reality TV. It’s all entertainment people, it’s all fake tahiry & all the rest of the whores of reality TV, gets paid to act a fool for a paycheck. Yes i know, it’s a shame what people are willing to do for a paycheck. Black Men are not exempt, all in the industry are just as guilty as guilty as the black women.

  14. I read the other sites and I believe them she came in there all divaish and tried that punk like she was a real star and he said you low budget bitch you don’t want it with me in spanish. That made her feel some kinda way and she ran up on the punk forgetting that he still is a man and he whooped that ass case closed. Don’t feel sorry for these so called woman always saying but I’m a woman if you are a woman stay in your lane because as a woman and a mother of a 20 something son I told my son don’t fight woman but if the bitch runs up on you knock that bitch out because just like her no good mammy loves her and never wants to see her hurt I feel the same about my son.

  15. All women need to stop that slick talk and laying hands on men because if you hit my son mama said knock you out.

  16. I’m not trying to pick on spanish women but they have way too much attitude and act like there always right. Learn to keep your mouth shut next time and not be so combative Tahiry.

  17. Those combative personalties are the worse. They always want to start an argument or manipulate the situation. Loud, ghetto,and no home training.

  18. Dude is a faggot punk.

    If she ran up on him and he couldn’t knock her out, but had to bite, scratch, drag her hair, he is a queen.

    Now who is gonna hire this queen for another fashion show???

    Spanish gay men have real bad reputations for THEIR attitude. IJS

    But, on the real, I loved that he called her a low-budget bitch en espanol, LOL!!

  19. Tahiry started this mess. She personally give her side of the story because she didn’t want to end up getting arrested. When asked what happened she replied “Nothing”. Then claimed all was “fine”. P.R team orchestrated this story for the public to pity her. Tahiry plays victim when she gets her herself in trouble. She dont get her act together, it will worsen.

  20. Crazy broad probably started Chopin off at the mouth to the wrong cat, he sound Hispanic, these women need to learn that they can’t jump up in everybody face and think they can’t be harmed just because they got a big booty

  21. Black and Latino women need to learn when to stfu,because a quiet woman does not get f*cked up.

    • Most men know when to be cool. Women don’t seem to have that same self control. Something about this entire incident smells rottwn because notice how there is no pics of the dude. Not one person there thought to record the attack on their cell phone? This might all be a set up. Maybe for ratings or to make Tihary more known. Something is fishy because since when do they hide the attacker?

      • Most men know when to be cool…until they get around a woman they like and want. I’ve been around too many guys who are cattier than women will ever be. They would smile in another guy’s face, drink with him, then come back and tell me ALL of the dude’s business without me soliciting it.

        That “men stick together” BS is just that. Once you throw a vagina in the mix, and they all want that vagina, man code flies out the window like it drank a case of Red Bull.

  22. Tahiry is know for bossin up like a man, Joe said that this was one of his biggest issues with her, she has a big ass mouth and thinks she’s tough, and it was reported that she was screaming homophobic slurs at him, so she bossed up like a man and got her ass beat like one, no I don’t condone a man hitting a women but a women has to conduct herself as such, don’t jump up if you can’t take a hit.

  23. women tonight act so aggressive and vicious towards these women love to belittle men talk about their man’s d*ck in public
    which is nasty and disgusting and very inappropriate. but is funny if a man talking about his women’s p*ssy his women would beat him

    but when a women talks about her man’s d*ck he can’t do shyt?? do you think that’s fair???

    when women flirt they act very bytchy and mean towards these men

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