Was Teyanna Taylor The Reason Why Ray Rice Knocked Out His Wife?


Joe Budden and others on social media are claiming the reason why Ray Rice knocked out his wife Janay, in the elevator is because Janay found out her Baltimore Ravens running back was cheating on her with Teyanna Taylor.

An insider is saying Joe Budden and others didn’t call Teyanna Taylor’s name but it’s her they’re talking about.

Here’s Joe Budden & Friends tweets about Teyanna Taylor:



    • Exactly. The first time I heard of Teyanna Tyler was as on NYC sweet sixteen. Since then only thing this young lady is known for is scandles. Like where is the talent that she was so called has and the music career striving to achieve. Maybe come get your girl. This is starting to sound the 2009 Rihanna/Chris Brown situation. At this point I’m over it. Regardless to what or who the incident was over their no excuse for Domestic Violence. I guess we have 2 more days to hear about Mr. And Mrs. Rice. Maybe Obama can put this in his Adress The Nation speech tonight.

      • And I’m also starting to questions??? the real motive behind TMZ Harvey Lavine (I think that’s his name) the lawyer off of Judge Marilyn Milian show release of the tape right before the NFL season starts.

        • @babbsbunny; i agreed with u about Harvey Levin’ s motives. I just haven’t figured out what those motives are.

          Maybe Ray Rice turned down Harvey’ s sexual advances. Eitherway; i can’t wait for some1 to bring down that piece of shit known as Harvey Levin.

          • Yo! It probably was sexual y’all know how hollyweird gets down. You have to lick and stick to get the green light. Truely some foul and sad stuff that goes on there.

        • Harvey Levin is a typical Joo male homosexual. They love Black dick but hate Black men. They want to be dominated in the bedroom because they know they have a foot on the BM’s neck every other time. That’s why Black folks need to think and rethink dating IR.

          I’m not here for the tragic mulattos who may hop on to dispel myths about IR relationships. This isn’t about your white mama, your Black daddy or your Mixed Chicks hair care products. This is about Black people historically being sexually fetishized by our oppressors, yet they don’t respect us as human beings. We are just ass, titties, lips and hair or big muscles and bigger dicks to them.

          A white man or a Joo can have a trillion dollars, but they will still seek to destroy everything a BM has, which is significantly less, out of sheer hatred and jealousy. Harvey protects the white stars that TMZ posts stories about, but he will ruin Black lives, careers, marriages and families because he is a devil. Never forget satan’s mission. He comes to: 1. Steal, 2. Kill; and 3. Destroy.

          • Damn shame us black folks still fighting over people. Hell if U ain’t ready to settle down, then marriage is not for you! Instead of fighting over each other about some irrelevant person, how that same fight and anger that we lashed out can be use towards on getting the rest of rights back! Better go to these three credit beaureaus and get our credit straight so we can support each and grow forward. He we are a damn good dominate race. But if we don’t stop this stupidity of fighting each other we are what the other races say we are. A bunch of dumbasses!

            • IDC about what other races think of us nearly as much as I care about what we think of our individual and collective selves. Therein lies the problem. There is so much self hatred in the Black community. Self-esteem is at an all-time low. If it wasn’t, why would good Black women line up to be part of a harem for Black men who have decent careers and a few dollars? How can you hate your sister, but you’re both laying down with the same man? As long as you’re climbing the same pole, you’re sharing potions, so you may as well get along.

              Tyrone said it best yesterday, and I say it daily in my everyday life, people need to employ logic. Pair that with common sense. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Watch us rise as a people just on those principles alone.

            • I asked a woman that once. Why would you help him get away with lying to me? We are women. Doesn’t that mean anything?

              She just looked at me with a blank stare.

              I give up. Sigh.

            • Joi, J-Joi, Joi, Joi. I can top that. I was talking to a guy I met via social media. He was somebody 20 years ago. Lol. We were online buddies with the same woman. When he found out she and I knew each other, he was taken aback and asked how we knew each other. Same way I knew him. Smh. Anywho, I asked her if they had any involvement, not to be intrusive, but out of respect for her as my sista. Her response was a very mature, “No comment.” WTF is that?!.

              We talked a little while longer. He was a magnificently cunning linguist and the rest is history.

          • “I’m not here for the tragic mulattos who may hop on to dispel myths about IR relationships. This isn’t about your white mama, your Black daddy or your Mixed Chicks hair care products…”

            I don’t have a comment. I just wanted to make sure that passage got the attention it deserved. Lmao.

          • You know what??? You on some real ish right now. I just was blogging to someone on another page because they were trying to give me a history lesson on New Orleans and why black there speak. And me being the from Louisiana I had to tell them that Creoles are nothin but house negroes who were created for the white man’s often times slave masters pleasure and while most creoles (free people of color) walk around like they’re better than what every other black person is. But the white wives of those masters let them know real quick that they weren’t nothing but negroes. Why deny who we are as black people like it’s a plague to be black. I love my blackness. I love my black men so much. I”ve been rocking braids for about 3 yrs now and I let natural hair texture grow back in for about 3 yrs now because I didn’t want to look mixed or Indian or white stereotypes that most black women aspire too because we’re by white society that we have to look like them to be successful.

            • We can only truly be successful when we begin to love and embrace who we are as a people. The word ‘success’ is open for so much interpretation. Ex: My bff’s mother has never earned more than $40k/yr. This woman is a retired educator who raised 3 children. She is a widow. She owns a home in NY (I think a duplex). Most people wouldn’t think you could own a home in NY on $40k/yr, but she is a home owner AND a landlord.

              We are so busy judging ourselves based on THEIR criteria and THEIR standards. How many of us ask ourselves, “Who are they and who died, making them the purveyors of all things decent?” They are rude and indignant, but will be the first to caution someone about manners and social propriety. They will use a public restroom, not wash their hands afterwards, pick their nose then try to shake your hand. Yet, they perpetuate the myth that “cleanliness is next to godliness.” I can’t with them, and I will be so glad when my people catch up.

              Props to you for doing what every free, Black, grown person should do — define yourself!

            • Our black men and women are dealing with an identity crisis for real. I have a sister we’re about 2 yrs apart she’s Caramel complexion, hair down to her waste and I overheard oneday telling one of her friends that she has a sister whose half asian… I’m looking around like who is she talking about. I mean do white people not still burn crosses in front of the and hanging black dolls from trees on LSU campus. I had to shake my head and tell he about herself. She deals with a true identity crisis even until this day. We use to clash so much when we’re younger over stuff like that because she wanted me to be something that I was not something other than black and we don’t speak until this day mainly because of her idiotic house negro mind thinking.

            • teyanna isn’t mixed with white her father is from Trinidad he’s probably a coolie (Indian) nia long is Trinidadian and they both got the same
              hair type

            • Babbs:

              Et tu? I have dealt with people lying, telling folks my father is white or I’m something “other,” because of their issues. I am Black. IDC who is mixed with what, half this, ¾ that, ¼ moisturizing cream… I am Black. I am not beige. I am brown/burnt sienna. I will never be able to Lena Horne my way through life, nor do I care to. I straighten my hair, not because I want to emulate a white person, but because it is easier to manage.

              As a race, we have serious issues. The divide and conquer tactics have been successful since slavery, with no immediate end in sight. We need to stop involving ourselves in the fights of those who are not us. All of this “we are human” bullshit doesn’t apply to us when our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters are being gunned down by racist cops or citizens. It is never perceived that mental illness afflicts BM or BW. We are automatically presumed to be “drunk” or “crackheads.” We simply must do better.

          • Speak the truth and shame that dirty devil……but they don’t here you though..

          • @B:
            I read this on the train and Did a fist pump. You betta preach and give it.

            And yes, Joos hate us because as Black Anastasia says, they know our real identity.

            They were the slave traders and owners. Now, they own Hollyweird and sports. Why do you think all these Joo owners are being exposed.

            I love it, you told errrybody to have a seat. We need to become more refocused as a people and positive, ya know, like it’s a black thang.

            Harvey Levin is a typical joo, racist, gossipy, pushy, nosy, crass and controlling.

            • They own Hollywood, sports and PORNOGRAPHY. People scoffed at Mimi Faust when she said her and Nikko’s sex tape was the top grossing African-American sex tape. What people don’t realize is how racist the porn industry is. Steven Hirsch doesn’t deal with Black people. I would love to know what compelled him to release the video, beyond money, because he was taking a chance.

              Thank you for your reply. I’m glad I could get you amped on the train. You gave me a great visual! Lol

          • As blackmen, we know the rules of the game. For us, the margin for error is very small. Our talent and money is not respected in the same way. We’re lionized by the same media that spits on our grave 12 months later. Ray Rice keeps Harvey Levin and his minions fed, because they can’t stop f**king up. Teyana Taylor is not worth all this. He may have thought so at the time, now he ass out with no ends. Who knows how much he saved? If he wanted to sex other women, don’t get married. A lot of folk entangled in this because a blackman hit his fiancee now wife. I feel bad for Janay Rice, she didn’t ask for this to happen. The IR stuff is a distraction, that’s how i’ve always viewed it. Loyalty is a problem we are afraid to deal with. It perpetuates the stupidity. No one can love us like us. Swirling is not about us, other folk worry about our sexuality more than we do. Colorblind racists are the worst offenders by far. Love to get close and feel the cocoa butter skin, but will cut our throat about the money. I’ve seen Sistas have affairs at work with superiors, and end up getting fired for bulls**t reasons. We need not play that game anymore, let them exploit somebody else. It’s a process, i’ll leave it at that.

            • Tyrone,

              Your posts make me so happy 🙂

              Tell your mama I said, “Thank you!”

          • What’s a Joo? I enjoyed reading your Post “very well said” but I was a little lost..:-(. Did you mean Jew/Jewish?

  1. Joe Budden is such a faggot. He is a faggot and a woman hater. What type of man sits up on a social networking site all day, talking about other people?!. He is a straight up yenta. He needs to get his anger issues under control, because he is a serial batterer. I am unsure as to what these hos see in him, but then again, they are hos.

    Joe needs to come out of the closet and admit he loves Royce Da 5’9″ more than he ever could a woman. He is a joke.

  2. Joe Budden ex just got her azz beat by a dude…instead of being in Rice’s bizness, maybe he should go see about that.

  3. teyanna is one ugly bytch……….remember when she had the over the top birthday bash from “sweet sixteen” at rich kids showing off about
    their life style. bet they regret bragging and showing off now realty shows will make you or break you

    • Yep. I remember Rihanna being on one of the episodes too. When she first came out in America with Pon tha Replay???. She was acting all innocent and stuck up.

      • rihanna acting like she’s miss perfect not……….sweet sixteen was a show about spoiled brats showing off about their
        privilege lifestyle (if memory serves me correctly) L.A reid’s fat spoiled brat son appeared on it acting smug and cocky

        • He was smug and cocky, until someone sent MTO a pic of him sleeping. He was in his boxers and his cocktail frank was exposed. I’ve seen bigger bunions. Aaron Reid has been quiet ever since. Rightfully so.

    • But I thought she likes girls? So why am I seeing her with all these men now…hhhhmmmm….?

  4. B. STIVIANO I agree with what you said and even though I don’t believe in calling women bitches and hoes. I must admit that the’re too many Captain Save-A-Hoes trying to change these street walkers into housewives.

    • So true. If we judge people by the company they keep (because I do), why would I want ANYTHING to do with any of these “men?” I’m not a whore, so being in the presence of a whore monger would do nothing but cause someone to think less of me. When you know better, you’re supposed to do better. Too many BM are in a state of arrested development. 30, 40, 50-something BM getting drunk daily, smoking blunts, playing PS or Xbox all damn day, collecting everything Nike releases every Saturday, etc. They’ll go on Twitter and complain about spending $200 on a date, but 2 days later, they’re posting pics of their new $500, $600 video game console.

      The world is going to hell in a hand basket, Babbs.

      • You described it and nailed it too.

        The subconscious message in rap was the whole MANCHILD existence. It was subliminal, but it was there.

        All men have that. Black men just want to live it instead of keep it in its place.

    • They need a girl on their level. I can tell within five minutes of talking to you if your last girlfriend was a stripper. If you have goals and ambition, you want a woman with goals and ambition. If you are a hustler, you want a hustler. What I look like trying to turn a hustler into a venture capitalist? Like Chris Rock says, crackheads should marry crackheads.

  5. Why did Teyanna call Ray’s ex’s and present wifey manly looking?? Back in the day Twitter messages from her to him starting isht up. Has she looked in the mirror? Not hating, but tired of women putting other women down just for d*ck. There’s d*ck on every corner…you really don’t have to try hard to get it. It’s offered to you on a daily sometimes, 2, 3 times a day. smh

  6. Teyananna is such a Thot. I seriously cannot come up with any other word for this pugface looking chick. All she does is post pics of her body because she knows she has a face that only a mother will love. Eww.

    • She and Rihanna have a lot in common. Maybe that’s why they are in conflict with each other.

      • Rihanna’s in conflict with ERREBODY. Does anybody like that bitch? I guess if I sold my soul then got my ass beat, I would be pissed off all the time too.

        • Thank You Sis! Moms said she feel you too. I try to keep up with ya’ll, that’s a tall task. We can’t live for ourselves, giving is the greater good. Take Care Ma!!!

  7. @ B Stiviano “I’ve seen bigger bunions…” (CRYING LAUGHING) Truly you all make my day!!!! I’m glad you all brought up the point about TMZ and them exposing celebrities, then sit there justifying and ranting like they didn’t do nothing wrong. Paying people for evidence and information, they’re just as bad as a john paying a prostistute for services. Grant it, in the hollyweird, entertainment business, they’re lives aren’t private, because of paparazzi and media sites. Someone needs to do a show about those commentators up TMZ and see how much they appreciate the public all up in their personal lives, lose their jobs, go through humiliation, judging their every mishap, dish on their pathetic lives. Expose Harvey for the panty waste he is. Can’t stand that loud trout mouth Raquel either…ugh.

  8. (Random and off topic) B. I think I’m gonna cook me some cajun red beans and rice tomorrow w/ a side of cornbread and fried chicken. I’ve been counting calories the whole week. I’m hungry. Lol!

  9. I knew it had to be a cheating scandal, why they were fighting, but i wasn’t expecting to hear T.T. is the “alleged” cause of it o_O but isn’t “TAE” Tae heckerd?!

  10. Omg u guys are hillarious!!!! Too much for me lmmfao. I love yall
    @babsbunny,@b.stivano (sorry if i spelled ur name wrong) . I think she’s a pretty girl, nice body. I never heard any “music” frm her.

  11. Lol. Thanks Afro. Any I’m sitting here at work watching this news talking about the women’s right group is now going after the CEO of the NFL yet the still haven’t sentenced Oscar Pistorius for the murder of his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day….and you talking about a crime of passion.

  12. Teyanna Taylor? Fa real? That tacky ass slut? Really? Ray u need some medical attention mane lol I guess easy sluts is all that’s necessary to complete the I’m on topa the world attitude and now because what goes around comes around your no longer play’en for the NFL to bad think people think first before you consider doing stupid shit now was it worth it?

  13. Isnt this the same chick that is accusing Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers and 2 of his buddies of rape? If it is, then these pro athletes are stupider than I thought. She is obviously anxious to herself permanently hooked up with a pro athlete…..or at least get hooked up with their money! I can’t say her music career is going much of anywhere. I guess she needs to find other means.

  14. If this pit bull in the face ass hoe dropped music like she drops her drawz then maybe she would have real career, I have yet to here any music that she has ever put out, honestly I don’t believe she even makes music foreal, I believe she is a iindustry hired prostitute nothing more nothing less..

  15. Yes, gawd @ Teyana Taylor on Inside Edition. Girl, get your fame, by all means necessary. Lol

    And for clarification purposes, it is being stated that Ray spit on Janay first, then she spit on him, then he spit on her again, then she lunged at him and that is when he hit her. That would make Ray the aggressor. Spitting on someone constitutes assault by law.

  16. This young woman needs to come off the scene, or try Iyanla. She has been connected to too many scandals in her short lifetime. Yep, just Google her, all you will find is f*ckery. When your name keep getting connected with filth time after time it shows that your life is out of control, and that all the rumours about you are quite possibly true.

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