Bobby Shmurda Still Locked Up in Rikers’ CDU

Bobby Shmurda 2 Million Bail

The rapper born Ackquille Jean Pollard, is currently still being held in the NYC jail’s West Facility, which contains the department’s Contagious Disease Unit (CDU).

Despite multiple rumors alleging that the Brooklyn-bred rapper had been released, law enforcement sources revealed that Bobby Shmurda remains in Rikers’ West Facility in East Elmhurt, New York.

A source says:

“Pollard was admitted into the West Facility December 19, two days after reports say he was apprehended by police at Quad Studios in midtown Manhattan.”

On December 5, an Instagram video shared by aspiring singer Yung Relle captured the “Hot Boy” rapper clutching his gold chain, saying “I’m back baby.”

The caption also claimed that Shmurda had been released. “My Bro Is Back,” he wrote, along with the hashtags “#DontTellNobody, #bobbyshmurda and #Yungrelle.”

The bail for Pollard was set at $2 million. If convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison.


            • Listen up, I’m about to speak some truth.

              This “he’s being held in the Contagious Disease Unit”, is a smoke screen that was cleverly crafted to divert the public’s attention, while simultaneously hiding the REAL truth. People, you are watching/reading a serious damage control cover-up.

  1. I hope this a lesson to these young cats that prison aint no joke. Bobby whatever you do please don’t drop the soap. I’m not trying to be funny but dudes turn gay once they get locked up ask 50cent.

  2. He’s being held in a contagious unit which only means he has something maybe hepatitis c or something else. Prodigy from mobb deep was held in a similar facility because he has sickle cell and has to take meds.

  3. If the allegations about him is true he won’t be getting out unless he has a good lawyer but even if that was the case he would be out already just like Jeezy.New York has the strictest gun laws in the country ask lil Wayne.

    • Hell yeah! Before my uncle passed last year, he damn sure did some time in Riker’s. He said that place ain’t no joke!

      • My sister and brother used that address as their permanent address they were in their so MF much. lmaoooo…let me see…my name ends in “A”, so my visitation days are…

          • Word! I know all them damn blocks up in dat bytch…and not by being an inmate either…sad but true. In the words of Chris Rock, “BUT THAT’S YOUR FAMILYYYY…” CTFU! Every time I open up a bottle of liquor I got to pour some out for the homies who are locked up. LMAOOOOOO…Oh yes Rikers…And don’t get me started on Greenhaven, Attica and Fishkill. Oh, the humanity…I love them though.

    • But you know 6 mill aint nothing when you paying for everything or paying back for everything (videos, promo, studio, airline tickets, car rental, entourage and hoes). That shit is like $60 real money.

      • No damn way you’re comparing $60 to $6 million. Let’s see 3 – $20 bills vs. 300,000 – $20 bills No comparison!

  4. We can stick a fork in anything about this loser. $ 2 million and the label ain’t paying up, his album is a confession.

  5. Bobby Shmurda is facing deadly serious charges. If folk wanna know the details, check out and search for his name. All the dirt will be brought to light. A crab he is… No Doubt!

  6. He is just getting prepared for reprogramming. He will be as sweet as kayro syrup when they’re done with him. This man is not in nobodies prison but in one of those scientific camps. Don’t believe everything these devils feed you. When you are profitable yo these demons you can literal get away with murder. He just has to be programmed so he will act right.

  7. Bobby just like a lot of young men in New York. He starts a rapping career then raps about his real lifestyle in his music. When will they learn!

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