Ludacris Kills Gay Rumors & Marries Eudoxie

Ludacris Married

Ludacris proposed to his girlfriend/beard Eudoxie on Christmas Eve, and the pair were married on the same night. Don’t believe me.. Ask Chaka Zulu.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Just hours after popping the question to his longtime girlfriend Ludacris married his beauty in a private ceremony. The actor/rapper shared a photo from the nuptials – which took place in their Georgia home.”


    • Exactly!!! More than half of the married folks in Hollyweird are gay. He is fronting with a woman while walking around with shit stains on his dick.

  1. It’s about damn time. He’s had babies, made movies, music, got into some very lucrative investments…she hung in there through it all. She deserves to be married to him & all that comes with it.

    Kim Porter is somewhere jealous I’m sure!

  2. That is the best I have ever seen Chris look, but that’s not saying a whole lot.

  3. Dont let none of them fool yall. they act like thugs but deep down inside they are flaming faggots AND he’s from Miss Georgia anyway lmao LeToya and Monica are his BFF’s and besties. He fired Chingy because Chingy is only into transsexuals and didnt wanna sleep with Ludacris in order to extend his record deal. ewww

    • actually chingy was his boyfriend and lover way before the trans’s came into play but that’s another ATL story the good ole folks in the A already know about

  4. What did she do to her face???? Exodie looks very different. Anyway, wasnt it reported a whike ago that these two had married. He referred to her as wife on instagram. This was before he sued for custody of the break baby he never met. Whatever. Marriage ia probably a sham. Theae dl rappers have no respect for marriage, its a biz transaction for them to cover their clandestine life.

    • african blogs spread that lie about them being married. they all stick together to get american black fool money.

  5. All fags/dykes hide behind the straight folks. Marriage doesn’t make it right. Having kids doesn’t either. His past will still haunt him about his gay ventures.

  6. Congrats to them. He finally made an honest woman out of her and not a 10 year engagement like most do.

  7. Anotha Black celebrity marries a light, bright, damn near WHITE woman, y’all know as well as I know she wouldn’t be marrying him if he wasn’t a celebrity, just saying, Lol

  8. It looks like they have 0 chemistry, women can be naive thinking that because a man is talking and spending that means hes in love, looks to me like hes just going through the motions

    • To add to my comment, his.body lauguage is in a defensive posture like a soldier not a loving inviting posture, and in the first pic hands in his pockets also says the same thing, any body language expert would see through this

  9. It nigga that marries a filthy Hamite needs to lose every penny.Duet 7:3

    • I don’t know about other states but a couple can obtain a wedding license on the same day you apply for it in GA.

  10. Since when has Ludacris been gay? Anyway, congratulations goes out from me to them. I didn’t think he would ever marry that girl but she sure was patient.

    • american black fools with money are hard to come by. she couldn’t get another fool on the line.

  11. I don’t know – getting married at home – his mother picked out her dress and he surprised her with the nuptials the same evening????

    Most females like to be heavily involved in planning their wedding. But I mean this is Luda and his daughter is probably just turning a year old.

  12. With all due respect, Chris is a good looking guy, I believe that, apart from his fame & fortune, that’s another reason why these girls are attracted to him

  13. why do black celebrities particular black men marry non black women??

    is it because of their brand or reputation, that’s why these coconut shy nicca’s are wifing them white broads

    • No it’s because they want to marry classy women, not ghetto hood rat bitches who have no class and act like “Maury, is he my baby daddy.” I can tell you are one of them by the way you write.

      I used to be a loud mouthed full of attitude “bitch.” Let me tell you where that gets you…. No where.

      You and your friends might think is cute, but you’ll attract nothing but the wrong kind of guys. Seriously, an education is so important and acting classy. That ghetto hood rat mentality is played out and needs to go away, it is not cute and only makes people look down on you. In the real corporate world that is not cute, maybe working at some minimum wage job or stripper joint it might work.

  14. That is why their love don’t last.. They marry trophy’s instead of the real thing. Who get’s engaged and married the same night. Why?? Anywaze, it won’t be long before it goes, Snap, Crackle and Pop!

    • no and this marriage wasn’t based on love.
      who marries after the proposal on the same night.

      let them have her moment don’t wanna hear him cry when she takes half.

      is there a prenup.

  15. who marries to kill gay rumors.

    didn’t work for david gest when he married dyke ass liza minelli who was more man than he was.

    liza wooped his azz and gave him herpes.

    Michael Jackson was the best man of flower girl at the wedding.

    even stranger was when david gest was kissing da brat she must have really needed the money.

    yes david gest drag looking azz tried to kill gay rumors and marrying liza Minnelli you can’t get more gay than that.

    judy garland’s cross dressing azz would have been proud.

  16. Why are black woman always complaining about black men marrying other races? First of all it’s the man’s choice and personal preference. Also many black women are beyond judgmental, and many of them have way too much attitude to deal with. Who the fck wants to deal with a loud mouth woman running their mouth non-stop and bitching left and right? Sorry guys don’t want to deal with that unless he’s a pushover.

    If you want to keep your black men, start getting it together and try learning how to act classy then the ghetto ass hood rat b*tches you see on Maury. And yes I am aware, that there are plenty of classy black woman, but I bet none of those ladies are on this site bitching. It’s like no wonder they don’t want your asses, all you do is bitch and run your mouth.

    • You appear to be only only one bitching about the ‘alleged bitchin’ like you are the spokesperson/ poster child for anti bitches. You are bogging on this post also. As much as you feel that you have a right to judge others; you really don’t.
      Especially if it means you have to desecrate another human being. This makes you no better than the person/ people you are self righteously trying to place yourself above.

    • There are some typos in my previous reply such as the word should be blogging, not bogging and other errors caused by typing hastily. However; I feel you are smart enough to decipher; especially with your self imposed degree in people.

  17. These pictures look so casual. She looks like she is wearing a nightgown, not a wedding dress. The whole thing looks thrown together. And, she leans on him like she is his pet… Strange!

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