Rich Dollaz Is Smashing Fizz’s Baby Momma Moniece Slaughter

Moniece Slaughter & Rich Dollarz

HSK Exclusive – Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast member, Moniece Slaughter, flew out of LAX over the holidays to JFK. Know why? Because Moniece Slaughter and L&HHNY cast member Rich Dollaz have secretly budding relationship.

Dig the drop:

“Moniece and Rich have been talking to each other for while now. They decided to seal the deal over the Christmas holidays.”


  1. Do rich know how crazy that girl is? Because that girl is nut’s, it’s a reason she doesn’t have custody of her kid, and why fizz got him, because she crazy, rich is use to trash, he f*cked around wit erica so he’s use to it

    • Nawwww….Moniece is that girl that don’t take no shit! U see how she ducked Amanda Secor up. And she did it so nice and sweet too. Next thing I know Moniece done went upside Amanda’s head! I was rolling! Turn right around on the reunion show she shut Amanda all the way down. I like Moniece.

        • She is more than a lil cray cray…not a fan of hers either. Anyone can sucker punch.

          • THANK YOU!!! Standing ovation because i dont see where she ” checked Amanda” i dont like Amanda either but monice is wack as fucc, all she did was pull her hair from across a table, and taking her jacket off slowly wasnt intimidating it was dramatic and stupid, it was no different then a fight on real housewives of orange county, what hood are yall from that that BS qualifies as an ass whoopin? Who the fucc fight someone that clearly doesnt want to fight you? Some of these clowns on here are full of isht

            • Bitch shut the f*ck down. Moneice socked that Arab hoe and pulled that bitch by the head. That hoe came there tryna look cute and got slapped. I believe moneice would have whooped her ass Hands Down lol! I like her and she is really pretty. That greencard comment was priceless lol Anonymous Goe eat a dick you wack Bitch. Somebody should slap yo ass. Moneice slap that bitch Point Black. Happy New Year Bitches lol

        • I agree with Monique on this one. I was like…DAMMMMMMMNNNNN! Out of nowhere she got Amanda’s ass! Lmao! Now Moniece is one those types U definitely have to look out for. Quiet at first and all of sudden…BAM! She got U! Lmao!

  2. could this be Mona’s doing?? stirring up drama for Her low rent comedy show

    Erica And Cyn’s fight was staged, People were eating and drinking They wasn’t watching the fight!!

    even tho Erica and Cyn was arguing very loudly, I might add, no one watched??

    • You peeped that too. Hell I thought they were arguing in front of a green screen that was suppose to be a restaurant.


  3. Moniece might be crazy but she’s a good mother. Lil fizz is a broke bum who needs to find a steady job to support his son and stop blaming the child’s mother.

  4. Slack ass mother, she should of been home over the holiday season with her child. That’s the shit fizz was talking about. Shout outs to fizz, keep doing a good job with your son.

    • Shut the f*ck up. She did spend time with her son over the holidays. You bitches read one thing and all of a sudden assume another. FOH.

      • Lmao! You are funny. I did more than read one thing, I watched that wack ass show and came to my own conclusion. You must be a slack ass chick defending this. #carry on

        • @jazzy,

          Do you find it disturbing that in 2015 a woman who chooses to be a cast member of a reality show who is clearly portrayed on & OFF camera as a “hands off mother” who makes a way for herself but (nice weave, designer glasses & purses, latest fashion, make up & nails done, etc…) leaves EVERY ASPECT of raising her son to his father…has fans???

          Seriously? 🙂

          • Well Clearly you haven’t done enough research. Here you go judging someone’s life based off of a 5 minute scene on a 45 – 50 minute show that comes on once a week.You don’t even know what type of person she is off camera, seriously f*ck out of here with your dumb assumptions. Good f*cking day.

  5. Oh really? And…since she’s the expert
    A-Typical baby mama type chick in Hollywood who feels she has the right to insert herself into her son’s father’s life anytime & manner she chooses all because she has a child by him…EXACTLY where was her SON she loves so much of whom she pays ZERO child support for & whom she spends time with just long enough to get a photo opportunity to post all over the Internet PRETENDING she’s a great mom during “the Christmas holidays” while she was indulging in Rich Dollars?
    Bet he wasn’t with her uncouth ass.

    This girl had a baby to secure her future so she thought but her plan didn’t work because the money & fame ran out. Fizz seems to be a decent stand up young man who wants to be in a relationship but he will NEVER have a decent woman in him & his son’s life until he puts this Moniece trick in her place once & for all. THEY are NOT a family. Dropping babies a family does not make. She needs to PAY HER DAMN CHILD SUPPORT, get her son on a consistent biweekly visitation schedule & every or every other holiday. All this other mess she pulls should have been voided long ago. Where is this boy’s mother? She lucky he’s not my son…all her checks from that show would be garnished by court order. He needs to have a chat with my son… Moniece is the very type of chick I warn him about on the regular.

    She is not God just because she has a baby out of wedlock with this man. If she were a guy behaving in the same exact manner she’d called a bum, a deadbeat & jailed for not paying child support. What a terrible double standard.

    • Mrs.Regular Hoe… Shut up. Your long ass speech was all Smoke and Mirrors. You know nothing about Moneice and yet you talk like you at her house for the Holidays! Shut the f*ck Down. Your child should not replica a bitch like you and most likely he will get a Man. You bitter bitch. State Facts not lies you ignorant bitch. I dont agree and you basically need to stfup! Foh. Lol. That nigga pose to pick up the slack when she falls short. He was in B2k Da Fuck? He aint getting no props and im sure Moneice Slaughter loves her child.

      • First off…
        The only HOE in this thread is YOU based on your ignorance. Just because YOU glorifiy the “baby mama” role does NOT make it neither cute nor acceptable to everyone.

        Furthermore, trash like you could not fathom in your best of dreams who I know. And, based on the continued belligerence of your comment to me 2 things clearly happened:

        1. You took the time to read my comment through it’s ENTIRETY in spite of it’s length…but you mad?

        2. My “long ass speech” as you called it CLEARLY struck a nerve quite deep in you just as it would most with your mindset.

        Do yourself a favor. Neither read nor respond to ANY of MY “long ass speeches” & spare yourself the agony of seeing yourself through my words, having the disgrace YOU represent on display here on HSK & get your feelings hurt.

        And…never do you have to worry about MY son because unlike you & Moniece I provide love, guidance, a private school education, the stability of a STABLE HOME & NEVER have I ever put mine off on ANYONE NOT EVEN MY HIS FATHER WHO HAPPENS TO BE MY HUSBAND & WHO UNLIKE YOUR IDOL MONIECE HE PAYS CHILD SUPPORT & ALIMONY…but I guess all you deadbeats think alike!

          • Another Useless Funky ass Bitch writing a Speech about NOTHING! LOL Again Regular Hoe… You are a Box of empty Crackers! Shut the f*ck up! The nigga who f*cks you prolly hates yo ass cause you Silly.You like a old piece of cake… Just sad!

            • @Queen Monique,

              I’m THAT Funky Ass Bitch & Regular Hoe the likes of you STILL jocking my comments. Unlike you, I’m not on a gossip blog worried about who & what you…in your words “FUCK” so once again let me set your empty headed ass straight…

              Unlike YOU I don’t deal with “niggas.” I have a MAN & whatever he feels about me is all my business & none of YOURS. THAT’S yet another difference between me & a foul mouthed tramp like you!

              Far as “silly” goes all I can tell you is YOUR KIND KNOWS ALL ABOUT IT!

      • Moe, I like you. Your comments are raw and funny, but you are wrong to call ms reg hoe. Just agree to disagree . Everyone who has a different opinion from you isn’t a bitch or hoe.

        • Lol… You have a point but we All should be Mad cause this Toxic Trick… Wrote this Bullshit! You feel me lol Mrs. REgular step the f*ck off!

          • And…yet you STILL find MY comments intriguing enough that you can’t resist responding.

            Have at it! Your hoe card was already pulled in my FIRST comment because like I said…”you saw yourself through my words.” THAT’S why you’re so mad! So, yes Queen Monique, I’m THAT bitch & hoe you secretly despise, admire & simply can’t resist… simultaneously!

            And…for all concerned THIS too is written for, about & directed at Queen Monique!

            • Girl… Your comment was useless just like you. All them words and Blah! I appreciate you directing your Energy on me Hoe! See im the type that feed off Anything as long as im Praised! Jokes on you Reggie Hoe! You are a bitter cockroach Point Blank lol Foh And you right… I Am Queen!

            • Queen Monique, unfortunately for YOU you’re so ignorant you can’t even see your own stupity let alone learn it.

              Funny how you want to twist you getting your ass handed to you here. It’s NOT you who’s being praised here. Let me take YOU back bit…I know you slow but here’s how this got started.

            • Queen Monique, YOU choose to respond negatively to MY first comment which HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU or so it would seem. And you’ve been venomously responding to me ever since. You’ve called me out my name SEVERAL times, you wished bad on my child, you’re so obsessed with me you even showed your concern about how men feel about having sex with me.

              Now, you being the woman you are & a self proclaimed Queen at that should know better. There’s no praise for you only the jealousy, hatred & anger YOU feel. What I said from the start REALLY rocked you!

              Just so you know, I annihilate hateful people like you on the “regular” for sport!

  6. Moniece is a good mother who needs support from her family because fizz is a broke bum. This is what happens when you have kids too young and your not mature to take on the responsibility . That’s why education is the key to success. Women stop having babies by these boys because a real man can handle his.

    • Bitch, are you blind or just plain dumb?! I see you’re a stan of Moneice, btw which is cool and all. But hunty you are lacking some morals and common sense if think Lil Fizz is a deadbeat father. Although Miss Thing properly handled Amanda, she DID NOT take care of her son like a mother. I just don’t this new generation because some yall asses are lost, backwards, moraless, and stand for any bullshit. Man man I’m scared to get old.

  7. All these dudes on these shows are broke because the music isn’t popping anymore and nobody’s checking for them. More than likely all of the boys on this show was raised by a single mother so that explains a lot. Fizz, Omarion, Yung Berg, etc. The only one that has both parents is Ray J and he’s a disgrace. There is no excuse for him to treat women the way he does.

    • @anon,

      You said it perfectly. I couldn’t say it in fewer words because I simply can’t stand the way this young lady behaves.

      As for Ray J, disgrace is an understatement, however, their father is no saint either & his mom has put up with far more mess than she lets on for “image sake.” Brandy & Ray J have siblings they don’t associate with thanks to their father. Ray J acts as if he’s from some sort of dynasty when in fact at this day in time they all are barely in the shoes on their feet.

      Rsy J’s entire life…is rented.

    • Berg was raised with both parents. Technically Berg is not broke. His dad is a financial advisor and his mom does something that is having something do with law and money. But he came from money. So Berg straight.

      • Yet that Goofy ass nigga owe back child support and he is a Woman Beater… A bitch ass nigga who gets punked out all of his chains!! Lol! And he is color struck. Fuck young berg. He aint Respected in chicago and i am chicago! Huh….Nope! Lol

      • Mama may have and Papa may have, GOD bless the child that has his own. That song came to mind when you made that statement. I’m not trying to contradict anything you just stated, so please do not misunderstand me.

  8. Hey you all I just read the legendary rapper Cool C is set to be executed tomorrow in philly. Keep him and his family in your prayers.

  9. Wow it’s a shame we still don’t have the people who killed Pac and Big. The story is Cool C allegedly killed a police officer years ago. The death penalty is just wrong.

  10. Moniece isn’t someone I want to judge, with that being said so glad isn’t any type of kin to me… cousin, mother, sister – thank you Lawd!

  11. Have you guys seen Darryl Strawberry daughter Diamond who abandoned her daughter to come to New York to be with the producer Cisco. I think Moneice is a good mom because nobody’s perfect.

  12. Moneice is a young lady finding her way and i wish her the Best. All you funky hoes on her judging need to worry about your own kids not secretly disliking yall asses on the low. Nobodys perfect and i wish her the very Best. I like the way she slappef that bitch… She has spunk!

  13. Damn she went from f*ckin 1 broke ninja 2 f*ckin another broke ninja smdh mofo with no $

  14. i don’t know what rich wants with that. it seems like he is afraid to get a real, educated, professional woman with class. maybe he has a mommy complex. hes educated, classy, good home, good work ethic and he only wants strippers or video vixens. what is he afraid of???

    • Moniece is educated, real and professional. Compare her ideas and composure with the rest of the LAHH women. Listen to her dialect, she’s definitely someone with an education. Might lack common sense in some areas, but she is definitely educated. She’s not your ‘typical’ LAHH woman. She’s real because she didn’t sugarcoat her portrayal on TV, she showed everyone her struggle, positive and negative. Professional, although she grabbed Amanda’s hair which I don’t agree with, apart from that she managed to keep her composure with Fizz/Dreux, she didn’t raise her voice. And also professional in terms of her sex toy business – she may still be in the early stages of her company, but she is definitely shows ambition for her business (found out from an interview that, both her and her uncle decided on which materials and chemicals to use for her products – her uncle specialises in the science field). And even her music, which she put on hold because she wasn’t getting the money she needed from it in order to support her child.

  15. Can’t respect any parent that doesn’t take care of their child responsibly. She isn’t a drug addict or alcoholic (and some of them are more responsible), she isn’t in complete dire straits or homeless so she gets no respect… She is just a crazy (in the literal sense), selfish, childish, damaged chick….. is she f*cking Rich to what help her music career Eeeeeeeeeeew!!!

  16. Shorty know what she was doing. She trying to come up. She know rich cash out and put his money and time into who he f*ckin. She had a plan for getting him or somebody higher up the chain than fizz

    • @BDSpade .. Im thinking along the same lines.. “higher up the chain than fizz” …lmao!!

  17. That photo camouflages her cross eyedness. They should have included Raz B in the LAHH lineup. That queen knows how to entertain!

  18. He seems to like the koo-koo ones that don’t take care of their own children… hhmmm.

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