Steve Harvey’s Brother Banged His Wife Marjorie

Steve Harvey Exposed

HSK Exclusive – Steve Harvey kicked his twin brother Terry Harvey out from residing at the Family Feud’s host Atlanta mansion. Know why? Because Steve Harvey caught his wife Marjorie and his twin brother Terry smashing in his bed.

A source is saying Steve made his wife Marjorie sell their $8000 mattress that she was caught committing adultery on and the Family Feud host stopped wearing his wedding ring in October 2008.

The source went on to say Steve Harvey was done with Marjorie when he found out she was pregnant from either his brother Terry, or one of the other family members and friends that came to the mansion while he was on tour.

The drop:

“Steve never claimed the baby Marjorie was carrying in 2008 to 2009. Steve decided to keep Marjorie to protect his image that skyrocketed from his Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man book that came out in December 2008.

Steve’s books were about Marjorie being a perfect, beautiful and faithful wife. Marjorie never believed Steve’s books were going to hit big. So, she told him ‘He was dumb like his bodyguard Boom to ever write a book on relationships.

Marjorie used to laugh at Steve. But one day Oprah called Steve to be on her show and that’s when Marjorie saw dollar signs and became the perfect wife.”


    • i dont believe this. some african bish is probably spreading this lie in hopes that steve will leave marjorie an she’ll have a chance at his wallet. while their africoons never do one thing for an american woman or man, they’re all trying to get rich throught dumb american rich blacks. that money should remain in the american community.

      • I wouldn’t put it past her. She loved the dope boys before Steve came along and rescued her. They used to call her “Lady Heroin” in Memphis and her 2 ex husbands are in prison. She is trash.

        • OOOO!!!!!!!! Keep dishing, honey! I am learning some new stuff on here!

        • True! I dated her nephew for YEARS before he got locked up. I’m from memphis as well!

  1. Well Steve I believe I did say in the last blog what goes around comes around, I guess this is the excuse for your philandering Steve? Because we know you have some mud not dirt MUD on your hoeish ness, your radio host who has the goods on you? Man are yall some Nasty people, wow you guys are nasty

    • Cannot believe I’m typing this, however, celebrities are no different than the our neighbors, co-workers, friends, and relatives. The only difference is they have access to a lot more because of their money and fame. So, I have to laugh at people going in every time they hear about a hoeish celeb when in fact there are hoes all around us. LOL. Seriously. And while the people around us may care about what we think (most really don’t) people like Steve Harvey have moved into a space where they chalk gossip about them (true or false) up to as going with the territory. They don’t seem to care, so I really don’t know why we should. Whatever diseases they’re passing amongst themselves don’t seem to bother them, so I sure don’t care.

    • “The things whispered in the bedchamber will be shouted from the rooftops.”
      That’s from Luke in the Bible.

  2. I’ve heard a LOT far as the business aspect of Steve Harvey. I have personally NEVER heard this story so it’s a suspect…even though we are talking about Steve Harvey. I know his brother is best buds with Steve’s ex Mary.

    Should any of this be true & it’s no big deal. There’s no big whoop because were not talking about a real loving traditional marriage. This a partnership based on lies,h deceit, greed & comprise. Nothing more nothing less. So, he stayed with her after she got caught screwing his brother & she stayed with him when he was hit with a $20M tax lien last year. One big COMPROMISE!
    (Hollywood Swingin’ playing in the background) 🙂

    Marjorie is a skilled old school whore & SHE will be his ultimate downfall. Wait until he actually prepares to leave her…

      • Hi Asherah, my grand Hebrew sister!!!
        How are things in wine country going? I was telling my colleague at Sony about you, your job & how cool I think it is. He told how detailed & critical your job can be at times. Of course I’m thinking…
        “It’s wine…how can it be anything but fun!!!”

        • Your colleague is correct. The logistics of export management is very, very detailed and critical. That is why I chose wine as my field of expertise, because it is fun and deeply interesting.

    • I’m going to have to agree Ms. Reg, this seems pretty sensational to me…lol. My first question, though I know do by lots of use stuff but who buys used mattresses. Anyone with half a brain knows that there is a good chance that it gonna have at the very least. Seamen, saliva, pee, dead skin and is some cases blood. He should have sold it to his brother. If this story is true, his brother has already test drove it and there will be some very nice sentimental value in it for his brothers. I’m sure he feels all and tingly out of control everytime he sees that mattress. Furthermore, if there are bodiy fluids in that mattress, I’m sure some belong to him.

  3. Wooooooooooow!!! *picking my jaw off the floor*. I’ll be damned.

  4. when You take Your vows before God, You should respect it
    People don’t take marriages seriously

    People should be grateful that Their married frankly some People don’t suit marriages

      • Oh my! And I do recall reading THAT post. Sickening! THOSE so called “reunions” gots to be, mildly put, interesting. Some old Jerry Springer shit.

      • @Anonymous

        honey Your off Your rocker

        I haven’t done nothing to You?, so why are you trying to embarrass me??

        • In my Terrence Howard voice from Crash to Luda “you embarrass me. You embarrass yourself. “

  5. I’m still in shock from learning there are TWO Steve Harveys walking around. One was enough.
    Lady Heroin just sounds worse and worse the more I read about her. Google her name and read the Baller Alert posts on her. With her history and background she could write a hell of a good book, but I doubt that will ever happen. Wouldn’t want to eff with the spotless Steve Harvey image he has worked so hard to invent.

    • Well damn. More and more stuff are coming out on them. Didn’t we predict that she will be his downfall ya’ll? LOL

  6. Hell her head should be hurting with those two massive basketball heads she been screwing with. Lmao! Don’t let me get started on them soup cooler lips that can slap the skin off your face if U tried to kissed them. Better the slob that they hold might drown your mass if U calling yourself to French kiss.

  7. Steve has a twin? Wonder of they are identical because that is a lot of lips to be releasing out into the world all at once. Damn.

      • I’m not sure DR1, I think it works in reverse for Steve. His lips have been certified to SAVE lives. Anytime he goes to the pool or beach he can’t swim because his lips look and act like those rubber inertubes that people float down the rivers on and pull behind boats. He is kind f like a lifeguard….lo,

        • Eddie Did you know that in the event of an inflight ditching, Steve’s lips have been been declared as a usable flotation device by the FAA?

          Jay Z’s are still awaiting governmental approval.

          • Is that why the tack on $200 to every ticket of the flights that these two are booked on. The flight have extra safety measures aboard. If their flights ever crashes these cats are gonna be heros.

          • Damn! Lmao! In other words all Steve gotta do is stretch his bottom lip out like a boat or a bowl and everybody(Lady Ho first)jump into Steve’s bottom lip and sail to safety. Right? Lmao

  8. Here’s the drop! Why do celebs sign up for stardom then get blackmailed by their producers, media, fans, family, friends. Seems like when they become famous, the white man and black bring them down faster then they got up? Steve must not have looked at the background of the curse of the family feud show carefully. Now it’s his turn. He better go to God. Fast!!!

    • U know what Uh Oh…U made a good point. It just dawned on me about the host on the Family Feud. Let look something up.

  9. LMFAO that yawl are really using the strawberry letter from Tuesday as a story about Steve Harvey oh this is classic bullshit i really can’t stop laughing ya;ll want the full story go to the steve harvey morning show web site and read Tuesdays Strawberry letter SMDH Jackie

    • LMMFAO……you got to be shittin!?!? This shit smelled like a can of jack Mack from thegate

  10. Steve Harvey is not a twin but he does have a set of twins…..ugly ones at that. Every time when I see his wife, she has that sneaky Cheshire cat grin on her face. I hope he has a good pre nup in place because it would be a matter of time when the ball drops.

  11. Good God…please do not tell me there’s another horse head troll that’s a twin to Steve Harvey? Everything about Steve Harvey reeks filth, slime and disgust. He’s just been very lucky to have enough money to make shit go away. His poor ex-wife Mary. I believe any and everything that slimes its way out of Steve Harvey’s camp. I am more mortified about him having a twin than a smash session with is Ol thot wife’s ass…..#IJS

  12. I didnt know that Steve had a twin brother. His bother Terry is older than him, I heard he was really good friends with Steve’s previous wife, Mary

    • Well I’m glad we finally have that cleared up.
      I could not for the life of me figure out why Marjorie, with all her experience and obvious taste for men in the fast lane, would choose to screw a DOUBLE CLONE of the damn man she already has. I mean, I could understand it maybe if the man in question was Reggie Bush or Chris Hemsworth, but Steve Harvey? please…one is more than enough

    • I’m glad we finally have that straightened out. i could not for the life of me figure why Marjorie, a woman who has no trouble attracting men in the fast lane, would want to phuck a CLONE DOUBLE of Steve Harvey? I mean if it was Reggie Bush or Chris Hemsworth maybe. But one SH is more than enough for any woman.

  13. If this is true Steve should have gotten rid of her. He should have divorced her then. She will be gone when the money runs out.

  14. Maybe Steve should take his own advice and join his new venture called Delightful by My goodness, the irony…..

  15. What really make’s me dis like Steve is his ass is all the way FAKE! He jumps on his radio show and shout all about God this and god that but doen every low down and the dirtiest shit, Steve your a fake a hypocrite lier, a low down bubble lip lier, full a shit, I was listening to him on that bullshit boarding ass morning show of his and his old broke down lie’en ass was on there talk’en about God this and that and how he worship God and how he pray and all of this, but you live a dirty nasty low down life, do you think God is happy wit your fakeness? And nastyness? You just fake Steve covers blown

  16. Why divorce, they would have to air out each other’s dirty laundry. That would ruin Steve’s career. Just “Messy” all the way around. But they deserve EACH OTHER!!!

  17. I have not been on in a while but I have learned a lot of shit today. I didn’t know buddy had a twin eeeewww maybe she was confused lol



  19. I’m finding it kinda weird that I can’t find one single pic of his siblings, of all of his years of success, not one pic of the twin bro supporting him. Hmmm, i don’t know, I smell chicken of the sea.


  21. Hey what goes around comes around he cheated on his first wife with her. Doesn’t feel good.

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