Dice Dixon Girlfriend Gocha Hawkins’ RHOA Purpose


originally published: 09/12/2014

HSK Exclusive – La La Anthony’s cousin, Dice Dixon, is rockin’ with one of RHOA’s newest, Gocha Hawkins.

Here’s the drop:

“Gocha is not signed on as a title cast member of the show, but the producers of RHOA put her on to stir up sh*t with Demetria McKinney.

Gocha is planting rumors she is involved with Hollywood executive producer, Roger Bobb, its a total lie and just to a way for her to try and be provocative.”


  1. Why is this a story? Gocha was on Lala’s reality show because of Dice. Then, Gocha was on LA Hair. Now she will be on RHOA being her typical rude, ignorant self. Homegirl is a hairstylist, no? Go do some hair, starting with yours!

    • Thanks for the info. I thought this Gocha person was the same loud mouth who was going out of her way to perform for the cameras on LA Hair. I don’t watch Lala’s show so, I didn’t know this ole purple haired heifer(do people still use that term?)was making her reality show rounds. *Off topic: I wonder if she was the one who gave Nene that bleached blonde Daniel Boone do she has been rocking?

  2. She’s a reality star just using Dice
    All these different hair colors are not for old people

    • It ‘s Me Again,

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

      My second thought about this story is below.

  3. I watched a few episodes of Dice when she was on her cousins show. She looked much better then. What the hell happen? I’m all for losing weight but she looks all drawn out and what’s up with her hair? Did I read the girl next to her is a stylist.?…

  4. Dice looks old as hell in this pic. I distinctively remembered Gocha being the older woman in their relationship, but Dice looking older than Gocha here. Bad pic but love the hairstyle on Dice. It suits her….her long hair was beautiful but too feminine looking for her.

    • They both look a hot ass mess, especially that Dice creature. There but for the grace of God go I! Trying to be less judgmental in 2015 but all I can do is shm at the lifestyles people jump into that end them up looking HORRIBLE.

  5. Yes, Tashla Gocha Hawkins is over 40 and a grand mother. I truly believe that she is using Dice for connections and visibility. If you search the web you will find articles where she was engaged to NFL player Travis Fisher and the article states that he found out she was a gold digger and also had lesbian relationships. See link below…


    • I don’t see the big deal. Gocha has a sister that’s much prettier and she’s older. Why has she never mentioned her????

  6. These Recycled reality stars OUGHT to let you doe doe birds know that REALITY TV is scripted but somehow that facts constantly eludes people

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