Benzino Busted @ Airport With Loaded Gun

Benzoino Mugshot

Former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member, Benzino, was thrown in the slammer on January 27th for trying to take a loaded gun on his flight to Los Angeles.

Here’s what’s reported:

“While going through the security checkpoint at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, a TSA employee searched one of ‘Zino’s bags and found a loaded 9 millimeter gun with 7 rounds in the magazine. The former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star was then hauled off to jail.

He was released on $3,000 bail.”


    • Not Really……its strategic move…you havent heard about zino in the blogs News or tabloids….

      so this is a move out of Music Industry 101 ….Get people talking about you again GOOD or BAD

      • No way in hell he forgot about it ! No way in hell !!!!
        People do anything to stay In the publics eyes !
        Who the hell is his PA!!
        I mean damn how about doing something good for the hood !
        Man I hate these suckers can you imagine how the meeting went ?
        So Ben your going to catch a flight with a loaded hand its cool all the rappers are doing it terrorist try but you will get away with it ! Get the ppl talking hey what’s up with Ben talk shows Wendy be calling it’s good a win win for us all then you can talk about your new tell all book now that your man crush is about to be lock down cheating on you with another man toy ! I’m just saying that’s pretty much how it went down lmao…..!

  1. He did this for publicity. Nobody with common sense would try and get on a PLANE of all places with a GUN.

  2. lies, waka did the same thing i believe when he was whoring for mona & fame…member zinos questionable gun shot? stunt queen

  3. Dang, jigga u looking for attention again. First u got shot at ur mom’s funeral n now this….really.

  4. The Sad Thing Is Zino Knows Better!! Maybe Hothaa Put Him Up To It To Gain More Media Attention

    • the entire cast of LHHA knows about Althea before he did! Look what it got him every since he hooked up with her. He got shot, lost his friendship between him and Stevie, the bistros and bar closed, got into a fight with his former best friend, got fired from LHHA, and now this bullshit. All these red flags and this fool haven’t wised up yet? If he like it then I love it.

  5. Anything to try to remain relevant in the media. Will these thirsty celeb wanna bees ever stop doing dumb sh^t to get another 15 minutes? GO AWAY ALREADY!

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