Wezzy Suing Birdman & Cash Money For $51 Million

Lil Wayne vs Cash Money

Lil Wayne is suing his former label, Cash Money Records, for $51 million and the rapper is staking an ownership claim to half of Nicki Minaj and Drake’s music copyrights.

Here’s what’s reported:

“For Tha Carter V to drop, Lil Wayne would be contractually obligated to an $8 million advance and another $2 when the album was completed. Wayne says he has received nothing, even though Cash Money allegedly has the album.”


      • Well, remember when Wizzy kept having those seizures from drinking that syrup and a CM rep who is accused stealing Wizzy money came out and said it is not him it is birdman and he is trying to kill Wizzy. Now, I think that is true based on the developing stories since the CM rep made that statement.

        • That does make since he did say and Mack Maine also stated somebody gave him some fake or bad lean… Got me thinking they also said that Baby and Slim were behind the death of Souljah Slim for not wanting to sign with Cash Money….

          • Imma tell y’all where to find the answer. Download Karrine Steffans How To Make Love To A Martian. Now if anybody know Wayne real good, is Karrine! Karrine listed all the medicines he was taking plus the toxicology report of what was in his system. Y’all paid attention to Karrine. That chick knows the f*ck is going on and she damn sure knew that Wayne never had a damn seizure in his entire until that day when he did. I downloaded the digital book on Kindle. Its pretty damn good! She detail that shit down to every damn thing that was going on between her and Wayne. If anybody know, Karrine know.

            • Thanks for the recommend DaRa. I really enjoyed Karrine’s first book. Say what you will about her morals etc, the girl can write and tell a story well.

            • You’re welcome. And she can write her ads off! That book is kindle. Not expensive but you won’t be able to put it down.

            • Ooh I might need to check that book out. I also read her first book and it was okay but this one looks like it may be more specific.
              Your description and the description on amazon makes the book sound promising.

    • That’s what I’m worried about Ms. Reg. Maybe that’s why Wayne is playing this thing out in front of the media.

  1. Yea, these “Hot Boys” might throw some Hot LEAD before this is over. I think Wayne is BROKE!!(by his standards) and he needs the cash and he rushed the album to get a Check. Birdman doesnt like the album and doesnt want to pay that kind of cash if its not coming back in sales.

    NO WAY he would hold up a HOT Wayne album. I dont know why they cant talk it out or if Waynes being stubborn about not changing anything and “PAY ME!”

  2. Really Wayne?so you mean to tell me cash money really owe’s you 50million? Or are you just going after them for that much because once you finally sober’ed up u realized bird was rob’en you? Well Wayne I’m sorry to say you will be tied up in this law suit for years before you see a dime if you see any of it, so when you started your own label you didn’t have them sign a contract specifying that you,not baby they were under your label (young money) not cash money directly securing that what ever any of them make you are responsible for them? And that they are your group that you have under you (cash money) you produce and promote the music and get a shear of the percentage? You didn’t get any of these things under contract? O lord say it ain’t so, say you had them sign a contract specifying you are (young money) it’s your label? Wayne I know you weren’t that high or stupid? Of course baby would get his little part but you did have them sign as your artist didn’t you? Don’t tell me you let baby get you more than he already has? if you didn’t Wayne you are extremely stupid,im going to give you the benefit of the doubt here because I know you wasn’t that stupid?comen out of the drug induced and alcohol fueled orgys and party’s right into reality, a horrible reality I guess epecally after all you’ve done to make that 100 year old look’en hag baby all that money and this is the thanks you get? even the love that was shared between you two and this is how he treats you, left you for young Frankenstein and has plans to make millions off his sugar sweet ass next, diry dirty low down baby you lower than fly shit lol, it just ain’t right, you were a sleep to long Wayne, to long now you have to deal with all of this disappointment did it come as a crushing blow to find baby is a serpent a venomous viper hu? And all those loving and passionate kisses were lies see how they do Wayne ain’t no loyalty out here mayne good luck with this here situation u gone need it

    • His catalogue is pretty huge by itself and that’s not including Drake and Nicki. He might come out on top. But it will take a few years, but he will get it eventually. Yeah…this is one subject and outcome I wanna see. On Top, Remember when the late Magnolia Shorty got killed? I wonder did Baby had something to do with that she went and sign to Jive Records.

      • wayne does have a lot of music but if wayne does get killed everything wayne did will sell again plus baby will release unreleased stuff for years just for pofit.



    • It’s the same method that Donald Trump uses. He doesn’t pay until the court makes him pay. That’s why no one wants to do business with him now.

  5. oh well…have no sympathy other than how it affects his tribe of kids by a bunch of equally smart women. Who would procreate w/ that? The Emmit Till line and overall coonish behavior maybe this will be the demise of the label and garbage music.

    • when you’re the hottest rap star and people think you are paid women want you.

      surprised none of his baby mamas are complaining.

  6. Rumor has it Baby paid all them like hoes. Meaning he’ll foot the bill, but you not getting no cash in hand. I heard Wayne aint been paid in years since Drake started pumpin. Oh well, sucks to be them.

  7. baby was giving wayne money here and there to keep him in line anmd shut him up.

    baby made wayne think he owned a record label.

        • @Chris, he discovered Nicki through YouTube and mixtape and I think Drake was thru mixtape as well. But having them discovered by him (Wayne) under the YM label which is Wayne’s before he left. Those two artist are his brand and he gets a small cut from them thru their publishing. Anybody can buy the rights of anybody music, but you have to have an agreement or some kind of understanding that the joining parties come to some agreement on how the money is split. Like how Michael Jackson had the Beetles catalogue. They had an agreement.

      • So let me get this straight. Doesn’t that mean both Wayne and Birdman are supposed to get their money first? So if Wayne is saying he hasn’t received any money that means Drake and Nicki haven’t received anything either. If that’s true, that is really messed up.

        • Nicki and Drake are getting theirs because they are the hottest thing out. And their brand is fresh and young. Plus Drake is a triple threat in the industry. Nicki got the rap, the clothing line and not to mention the Myx liquor. So she stay doing the next thing. Wayne on the other hand is getting girls pregnant and being at the skate park are a ill bit more important to him. Baby looking at the fact he need money and he do whatever means necessary to get his money.

  8. Is Sad How These Men Are Fighting Over Money, They Used To Have A Close Bond Now They
    Can’t Stand One Another So Awful.

    Baby Took Weezy Under His Wings (Just Like A Bird) Fed Him Looked After Him, Now Weezy
    Is Suing??

    Friendship And Loyalty, Faithfulness Don’t Mix In Hollyweird

  9. Moving on to more important news.. this sh^t is for lifestyle of the rich dumb and famous!

    • I read it but I dont get it because the article did not mention the name of the interviewer
      That would show me how credible the story is or if Birdman actually admitted this

      • @1:52 Just like how U posted Anonymous, an interviewer can do the same thing. He or she do not have to reveal their name(s). But look at the fact of their behavior over the years and I am going to listen Drake song what is mention in the article. I am not a huge Drake fan but I like one or two of this music especially the one where he has Malia Micheal in his video. I saw the article popped up in my Google news feed on my phone and brought it here to share.

  10. poor wayne. baby got a new bottom bish. if baby sent keyshia cole a bag of money why cant he send wayne a bag of money and kiss & wake up

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