Bench Warrant Issued For Anita Baker!

Anita Baker Wanted By Police

“We’re not trying to give her any hard time or anything unnecessary. We just would like to collect the money for my client…”

Reports reveal Anita Baker pulled a no-show in court, yesterday (March 20, 2014). It’s a situation said to stem from the singer’s 2011 civil suit, alleging her “failure to pay for services rendered.” The songstress is accused of stiffing ‘Ray Smith Painting and Decorating Company’.

The plaintiff at the center of the case, a Michigan painter and decorator, is now going head to head with Baker — over the more than 15-rack$ “in work done at her Grosse, Michigan home” which he says the songstress still owes him.

“Baker was ordered to pay his client $15,351.41 in 2011 in a default judgement for carpentry, plastering and painting work she is accused of stiffing his painting and decorating company.”

On Thursday, the singer tweeted what appears to be a response to learning about the warrant from a TV news report:


Here’s what attorney Daniel Gerow, who represents Ray Smith Painting and Decorating, had to say about the case:

“We certainly would have liked to resolve it before now. We just want to try to get my client his money. We’re not trying to give her any hard time or anything unnecessary. We just would like to collect the money for my client. He’s owed the money, and that could end it all right then.”


  1. Don’t know her side, but I do know that when celebs are on top they get a lot if freebies and comps. I’ve seen some swag bags that blew my mind, they were so over the top w opulance. That said, once they are no longer so in demand, celebs have developed a taste for luxury . And feel entitled to freebies. Trouble is, small business owners these days aren’t trying to give away freebies just for bane association, esp an 80s has been like Anita. If she owes the $$$ she should just pay up.

    • How dare you GPH!!!! LOL

      Ms. Baker is anything BUT a has been. Recently caught her in concert in a large venue and it was PACKED.

      Furthermore, Ms. Thang was in GREAT VOICE and her MIC was TURNED ON!!!!

      Problem is, today’s youth think anyone past the age of 12 is “ole” and if the truth be told, it’s vets like Ms. Baker who can teach a few of ’em a thing or two about class, showmanship and what TRUE TALENT IS.

      • while ms. baker may be very talented she still ought to learn how to pay her bills

  2. I luv me sum Anita! I can attest, “it’s hard out here for a pimp!” BUT Anita U gotta pay dude for services rendered#IJS

  3. Like Rick James said in his AUTOBIOGRAPHY which is a great read by the way, get it if any of you all have not read it, Ms.Baker is not a nice person at all, he called a straight BITCH

    • Omg lol my mom listened to her like she was a angel but you know what they say a wolf in sheep clothing hahaha if Rick James calls you a bitch somethings up lol

    • Well you have to take some of what Rick says with a grain of smoke…since his azz was probably high. IJS

      • rick had issues with black women anyway.

        how you gonna make a song called ebony eyes but prefer to date and be seen with white girls.


    • How bout you go f*ck yourself? Yes I did call her a has been cuz shewas mainly recording over twenty years ago and its not like she’s been doing Broadway or television. Maybe if she had the cache of Diana Ross people would be gifting her free stuff but she just isn’t relevant right now. Nor is she your mama so calm the f*ck down. You got real personal, real quick. Take a zanax and wash it down w some red wine. Make ya feel better

      • Yeah and this is Glittery. Now go head and start w the name calling and finger snapping lol. LIGAS !!!!@






    • NO. YOU STFU Eric with your no sense making illuminati bullshit. Chris is exactly right. You can’t blame all these deaths and shit on some quasi- mythical group. These celebs take some personal responsibility for their acts and sometimes a death is the result of their choices.

    • We all knew Whitney was gonna die for the last ten plus years. Yet, she didn’t die until they KILLED HER.

      Also, we all knew Whitney was gonna die bc they set the stage for us to expect her dead.

      It all starts like this…

      • The Illumanti also caused my check engine light to come on yesterday…lol

        Those of you who belive low level wash ups from 30 years ago are being chased by the Illumanti are the biggest of star worshippers.

        • Those who dismiss everyone will be blindsighted. You probably believe that black men should be wearing skirts too.

    • true these people do worship the beast.

      their hand signs and symbols on albums and videos prove it.

      but can you blame every action everytime a cekleb goes broke or has money problems its the industry’s fault.

      can we say bad managing skills and p[eople not nowing how to spend money.

      the industry turns these folks on to drugs and then they sit back and watchy them self destruct.


        Not all deaths and career declines are due to “Illuminati” and satanic sacrifices. That’s complete bull. Some folks make mistakes and their mistakes cost them. Just like us regular folks.

    • @Eric, I also believe you. Could u be kind enough to share a little bit of your story? I already had some experience and assumptions with the industry and ur story may be a confirmation 4 me

      • What did you want to become – before you learned the real deal? I wonder if everybody has to pay the tax?

      • Thank you @Eric B for sharing that. My grandmother (guardian) was an eastern star and I also remember something about the songtress Aaliyah running from them before she died.
        Thank God u came to ur senses and got away @Eric.
        Thank God

  6. Yes, Anita is def. a target for ‘luuminati’….they tried to kill her cold blood a few years ago…Look up Anta Baker home invasion…they tried to whack her…

      • she would know she was a willing participant.

        her name means fire.

        her song i’m every woman she talks about casting spells the same song whit covered.

        she understood why miles played backwards.

        she’s a scientology.

        • I think Jay and Bey believe that they will just “do a Prince” in a few years and they will still be saved before they die. I think a lot of celebs think they will just apologize and be forgiven.

  7. Hey Chop,

    With Grosse Pointe being a stone’s throw away from the east side of Detroit — you can literally step across the street between the two points — it coulda been some jiggas that broke in. Just saying.

  8. Insider,

    In addition to what you’ve already stated, which by the way, I have reason to firmly believe you’re not far off the mark at all. I just want to add the fact that I believe her ex husband Walter was being used by “them” to do their bidding. He ended up being quite instrumental in the demise of her career & finances . I think “the situation got a little too much for him to continue to pull off in the end” since Anita wasn’t cooperating with ANYBODY at a certain point in time & the plans set for her just didnt work out…

    So, for the last 10 years or so they’ve made certain to perpetuate the media image of Anita Baker being yet another “broke black female has been songstress known for having a bad attitude.”

    Sound familiar, right?

  9. I’m sorry but with all the big stars in the business today, why on earth would the most powerful players be after Anita Baker? i mean I love her music and she’s great, but she’s hardly a Whitney Houston.

    Isn’t it just possible that she is a little low on funds and pissed some folks off?

    Does every damn thing have to be a conspiracy and satanic?

    • IKR?! Besides if she made a deal with Satan (as they claim), why should we care or feel sorry for her? GFOHWTBS! These conspiracy nuts don’t realise how little sense they make. Enough with the excuses. PAY YOUR BILLS, Ms Baker

      • @Anon 02:13 ,We will see if us conspiracy are nuts when the dollar collapses and u may have to take the mark of the beast just to stay alive

      • @Anon 02:13 ,We will see if us conspiracy are nuts when the dollar collapses and u may have to take the mark of the beast just to stay alive
        We will see

          • @Anon 20:51
            Yep, Scary it is
            That is Jay z and them are aligning themselves with them and are proud to pledge allegience with them
            They think when it all go down they will have some sort of protection or covering
            They are laughing now
            But will be crying later

            • You tell no tales. All of the symbolism re: his brands are his pledges of allegiance to satan and the illuminati. He studied Crowley, too.

  10. Well the enlightened are watching. They won’t get away with it. If anything happens to Ms baker we will get a few answers at least. Let’s pray for Anita – even though she could probably care less about us.

  11. People have legal and health issues. Nothing to do with the Illumanti. Some of these former stars have less money than a typical doctor or lawyer’s salary. Are all doctors indicted into the Illumanti also?

    Maybe those aliens from the roswell NM crash will abduct her to Planet X. We all know UFO’s are real.

    • We get it. You’re here to attempt to distract people from the truth. Mission failed.

      Aretha was on the same list as Whitney was. Aretha was struggling health wise. I guess they couldn’t close her coffin, so Clive went for Whitney, the easy target, who had a premonition she would die, btw.

  12. If you have to question why so many readers feel the way we feel about what’s really going on in our society, then you’re not truly awake.

    “The closer you look, the less you see.”

    Try to look at the bigger picture and decide for yourself before calling someone out on what’s blatantly right in front of your face yet you do not wish to see (yes, WISH to see).

    • Oh I’m awake…

      Illumanti… Real
      Currency and oil manipulation… Real
      Race war and Eugenics… Real
      Mind control through music and media… Real
      Satanism… Real
      Gay agenda… Real

      Assuming that every star that had a heart attack, aids, diabetes, cancer, suicide, drug problem, divorce, religious confusion, DUI, got into a fight, car accident, plane crash, slipped and fell on ice, premature baby, impotence, was arrested, didn’t pay taxes, dropped unsuccessful album, had hangnail, wisdom tooth pain, wore an ugly outfit, or had a flat tire on the expressway did so because the Illumanti made this happen to them or their family member is the zenith of stupidity.

      These artists are not that important or powerful like you think. A CEO at your local bank supermarket or hospital is much more important in 2014 than Anita Baker.

      I have some beachfront land in Oklahoma! You interested…

  13. I am still stuck on does she still owns the biggest IHOP in Detroit? U know the one her and ex husband owned where he handle all his drug business.

    • Scorpiess, you’re my girl and I like you, please take this looney with a grain of salt. I love gossip as much as the next person here, but when someone starts making a lot of bold accusations and slanderous remarks…consider the likely veracity off the accuser.
      Sorry to intrude.

  14. I have seen some of his videos and he is pretty accurate. Also a sister on Youtube by the name “Hollyhood”…,,,she was in the industry knee deep.

  15. @Insider,
    I like @Hollyhood and Professor Griff
    They are on point
    And @Scorpies, those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled and
    God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise
    So continue to seek the truth my sister
    Because people perish for the lack of knowledge

  16. Black Child is the truth! I love Prof. Griff as well. He always enlightens. Just saw sista Holly Hood. She really came with a prophetic word for young Black men. I just hope they receive it.

  17. Has anyone here ever read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand? It is considered the “illuminati bible.” Just curious.

    Also, while we’re on the subject of YouTube videos, folks should check out John Todd’s videos as well.

  18. I found this interesting. Re: Aleister Crowley:

    Crowley’s philosophy was as follows (which is the exact same philosophy of all Witches and Satanists today):

    “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

    “Lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture. Fear not that any God shall deny thee for this.”

    “I do not wish to argue that the doctrines of Jesus, they and they alone, have degraded the world to its present condition. I take it that Christianity is not only the cause but the symptom of slavery” (Crowley, The World’s Tragedy, p. xxxix).

    “That religion they call Christianity; the devil they honor they call God. I accept these definitions, as a poet must do, if he is to be at all intelligible to his age, and it is their God and their religion that I hate and will destroy” (Crowley, The World’s Tragedy, p. xxx).

    Crowley studied Buddhism and Hindu yoga, following in the footsteps of Helena Blavatsky, and did much to popularize these in the West.

    Crowley was influential to many legendary recording artists, such as The Beatles and The Doors. Crowley was also a friend to L. Ron Hubbard.

  19. I agree with you re: there being hell on earth. I don’t believe you have to die before you experience heaven or hell. You can experience either on earth.

  20. That’s the problem! It’s hard to ruin the reputation of people like Anita and Lauryn. I know no one who would turn down an opportunity to see Anita live.

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