Fiddy Says Steve Stoute’s Getting Closer To Azz Whipping!!!

50 Cent Steve Stout Fight

Not only do we now know what 50 Cent said to Steve Stoute — after the pair ran into each other on the Nets’ court, last month, the G-Unit founder is sending out a warning to the music exec who previously called him a “has-been”.

Fif — who says Stoute “is getting into shallow waters” — also questions why he is often viewed as a “bully” despite not being the one who started the dispute.

Here’s what Fiddy told Complex:

“I’m responding to it, to something ‘he’ said. Do we say good for him? If I smack fire out of him in front of everybody at Madison Square Garden, wow, where you see his skin d*mn near come off the side of his head, does anyone say good for him? Or do they go, ‘Oh man. Why 50 do that? He bullied him. You see how he did that?’ I don’t understand [the bully tag]. I don’t understand how you’re the bully for responding to someone else’s actions.

If the journalist pushes and pulls, pushes and pulls and at points asks the question – you didn’t force him to say it but it sets him up. It sets him up because it provides the opportunity for him to go down that actual lane and some of them are actually smart enough not to.”


  1. 50 CENT should leave that alone and just prove Mr.Stoute and others who say he is a has been wrong by selling his upcoming album when it drops June 3, 2014 I predict when it is all said and done he will independently sell close 2 1 MILLION if not a MILLION FIVE

  2. You have to check disrespect or it will only continue …didn’t puffy bash dude in the head with a bottle awhile back:/ He must like getting beat up…

  3. “You have to check disrespect or it will only continue”

    Very true. Funny how it applies to me on this site–I respond to people & Trolls talking shit to and about me on here, and I get labeled a ‘bully’ or ‘angry.’ It’s bullshit, to say the least, and I have no problem stating that while laughing it off.

  4. The guy is pushing 50 and already has been shot 9 times. Time to stop playing tough guy and just be a man.
    If you got a problem with someone, let the lawyers settle it.

    • I’m guessing he is not “playing” tough guy. A cease & desist letter could remove the “bully” tag but…. this is man to man… Not lawyer to lawyer. Steve Stoute a lame for this. #HeKnowBetter

  5. I hope HSK runs this same story in a couple of weeks with a new caption. This story never gets old no matter how many times it runs here.

    • Look@Fifty, inspiring the youth & the masses.(again- Dnt 4get.what that vitamin water:)deal did for them)…..
      Take Note: You DO NOT Let a brand marketer that maintains multibillion dollar clients publicly discuss ur business/brand negatively.


  6. 50 is the only REAL nigga in this rap game.I’m glad he called out this industry faggot

  7. 50 is such a Girl…50 ain’t real he’s GAY as HELL just like all the others. Wake up people…what grown man likes to argue and keep up stuff. 50 is such a queen

  8. 50 u r a bully cause u could of ignored what he said and not gave a f*ck,u r a bully cause u want Stoute or anybody to be scared of u and not voice opinions about u anymore I hope Stoute and whoever not done talkin about u he was just tellin the truth but I guess the truth hurts lol,idk y he think he cant be talked about ur not that great everybody gets talked about lol.

  9. Half of you seem to think 50 should bust this guy up. When does it stop? At what age do you stop being a gangster?
    Is this what you teach your kids? I guess it is, if you want them to get shot as many times as old Half Dollar.
    Problem is, most people don’t survive that.

    • You’re exactly right, JRP. BTW, did you happen to catch the Henchman Jr. thread? Some of the comments were shocking, to say the very least.

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