Uncle Sam’s Ridin’ Lauren Hill… AGAIN!

Lauren Hill's New Tax Troubles

“Clearly, the institution tries to hide its own criminal history at the expense and wholeness of the abused.” ~L Boogie

It’s barely been six-months since Lauren Hill served her time for “tax fraud”, but that doesn’t mean Uncle Sam is done with the former Fugee. Reports reveal L-Boogie “was recently slapped with yet another batch of liens from the IRS — to the tune of nearly $867,000!”

According to tax documents, reportedly filed on January 14, the IRS has “served Hill with seven separate liens for a grand total of $866,868.05.”

“The IRS claims that in 2005, Hill failed to pay $422,008.26. For 2006, she owes $19,838.75; 2007, $61,158.50; 2008, $58,405.71; 2009, $30370.91; 2010, $13,247.73; and 2011, $261,838.19.”

Here’s what L-Boogie took to social media to say about it:

“To me, it is obvious that the accumulation of generational trauma and abuse have created the very behaviors the system tries to punish, by providing no sufficient outlets for the victims of institutional terror… the hatred, violence, cruelty and brutality that [Black people] were shown by white people for centuries… Clearly, the institution tries to hide its own criminal history at the expense and wholeness of the abused, who ‘acting out’ from years of abuse and mistreatment, reflect the very aggression that they were exposed to.”


  1. She doesn’t want 2be down with the illum….anymore so what’s the best way 2punish {BLACK}celebrities..by slapping them with the age old TAX EVASION..don’t believe me just ask Redd Foxx..

    • Anymore?? She went up to the Vatican & called them child molesters…she’s just like Dave Chapelle now

      • The word Vatican means divine serpent so Lauren was correct if she did in fact say it.

        • She was a marked woman the minute she came out against Gangsta Rap.

          First they called her crazy, then on Drugs, then the IRS came after her. (See the pattern when U don’t Conform?)

    • I love Lauryn. Keep your head up girl. Feel the real love from the real people of this planet.

  2. exactly. And the good people of the middle class flaunt their christian morality while electing mass murderers to office and investing their financial future in companies that enslave, murder and pollute the “third world”

      • Hey Candy Gyal wat a gwarn sistrin? And yes X on point with the statement! they won’t stop until Lauren Hill is imprisoned again or even murdered wow! these crackers aren’t playing.

        • It always amazes me how negroes do their dirty work to each other and then figure out a way to blame a white man, when everybody knows that, that marley and his white woman r probably somewhere enjoying every cent of her money that he talked her out of paying taxes on.

    • “X” your are absoulutley ON TARGET

      sorry to say but the folk you speak of has another tag they go by
      which is “SHEEPLE”


  3. O luran these people are after you their going to make u seem crazy and have people thinking the worst printing all sorts of things leave her alone

    • The best was to be dismissive to a person is to call them crazy…just ask DAVE CHAPPELLE

  4. See this is why I think this is a witch hunt. Either she knows something or she refuses to be an industry pawn/whore. This seems like some sort of govt sanctioned double jeapordy. If she was already convicted why does she now have to pony up money for tax debts going all the way back to 2005. L Boogie is another one I’m goi g to keep in my prayers. They are after her for real.

      • And even crazier, if you pay the debt before any criminal proceeding, you can still go to jail because payment doesn’t “cure the violation”

    • If she thinks she is unjustly persecuted she should write to the department of justice head, eric holder.

  5. I am not sure how Lauryn statement relates to her not paying her taxes, I can feel the illuminati conspiracy theories that is being spoken of on her, but she simply didn’t pay her taxes and that is just stupid and dumb when you are a celebrity that is being paid nearly over 1 MILLION dollars annually LAURYN PAY YOUR TAXES, ESPECIALLY U CAN AFFORD 2

    • Lauryn hill is worth less than most of the atl housewives…she was in a slave contract just like tlc

    • Thank You ENT!
      I can’t believe working taxpayers are speaking out against Lauryn being penalized for not paying her taxes.


        U Can’t cause there is NO LAW.

        Do the Research!

        • Two words: TAX CODE

          That’s all the law the US Federal Government needs. Pay your freaking Fed Tax.

          • CODE IS NOT A LAW.

            No Where, I Repeat, No Where is there a LAW requiring US Citizens to pay Taxes.

            Congress has been around since the birth of this Nation, and has not turned a Bill into Law requiring Taxes be paid 2 the Government.


            WAKE UP!

            • Wite T has challenged this in Fed Court and WON. (Do the Research)

              Black Folks have challenged this and WENT STRAIGHT TO JAIL.

              There is no Justice for Black Folks in the Criminal Justice System, and has not been since the first Black Indentured Servant ran away, was caught, and sentenced to a Life in Servitude in 1620.

            • The federal tax laws are contained in the Internal Revenue Code, which was passed by the United States Congress. The Internal Revenue Code is also known as Title 26 of the United States Code, which is the compilation of all the laws passed by Congress.

              The Internal Revenue Code is the law that requires people to pay taxes.

              The most important statutory provision with regard to income taxes is the very first: section one of the tax code, 26 U.S.C. § 1. Section one imposes the income tax. If you are unmarried, the relevant provision is § 1(c), which states:

              26 U.S.C. § 1
              There is hereby imposed on the taxable income of every individual . . .

            • Now, how do you know that you have to file a tax return and actually pay the tax?

              Section 6151 of the code, 26 U.S.C. § 6151, says:
              [W]hen a return of tax is required under this title or regulations, the person required to make such return shall, without assessment or notice and demand from the Secretary, pay such tax to the internal revenue officer with whom the return is filed, and shall pay such tax at the time and place fixed for filing the return (determined without regard to any extension of time for filing the return).

              So according to this section, if you are required to file a tax return, you are required to pay the tax owed, to pay it at the time you file your return, and to pay it to the internal revenue officer with whom you file the return.

              But who says you’re required to file the return? Turn back to section 6012(a) of the code, 26 U.S.C. § 6012(a), which provides:
              Returns with respect to income taxes * * * shall be made by the following:
              (1)(A) Every individual having for the taxable year gross income which equals or exceeds * * * the exemption amount plus the basic standard deduction * * *.

              The “exemption amount” is defined in 26 U.S.C. § 151(d) as $2000, adjusted for inflation since 1989. The “basic standard deduction” is defined in 26 U.S.C. § 63(c) as $3000, also adjusted for inflation. You can see the adjusted amounts for the current tax year in the IRS instructions to form 1040. If you have more income than the sum of the two amounts, section 6012 requires you to file a tax return.

            • You can look up the above statutes yourself in any law library or online.

              These statutes demonstrate that the claim that there is no law requiring average Americans to file income tax returns or pay income tax is complete nonsense.

            • The first income tax law was passed in 1861 and was continued until 1872. In 1880, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of that income tax in Springer v. United States, 102 U.S. 586 (1880). In Springer, the court states, “Our conclusions are, that direct taxes, within the meaning of the Constitution, are only capitation taxes, as expressed in that instrument, and taxes on real estate; and that the tax of which the plaintiff in error complains is within the category of an excise or duty.”

            • In 1894, there was an income tax law enacted. In 1895, the Supreme Court in Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan & Trust Co., 157 U.S. 429, 558 (1895), the court decided that a tax on income from personal property (i.e. rental income) was the same as a tax on the property itself and a direct tax and therefore unconstitutional. Also, the majority opinion stated, “Upon each of the other questions argued at the bar, to wit: (1) Whether the void provisions as to rents and income from real estate invalidated the whole act; (2) whether, as to the income from personal property, as such, the act is unconstitutional, as laying direct taxes; (3) whether any part of the tax, if not considered as a direct tax, is invalid for want of uniformity on either of the grounds suggested,-the justices who heard the argument are equally divided, and therefore no opinion is expressed.”

            • Morel of the story?

              Pay your damn taxes.

              BTW Title 26 is the law that says pay your taxes. Yes that code is a fed law.

          • Thank you Anon 00:09. The illuminati is not after Lauryn because she ruined her own life when she laid up with that Marley dude. She just needs to pay her taxes like the rest of us living in the US.


              …and it did not take multiple paragraphs 2 try and discredit what I wrote.

              I STAND BY my statement.

            • In United States v. MacLeod, 436 F.2d 947, 951 (8th Cir. 1971), cert. den. 402 U.S. 907 (1971). The court stated, “The statutory requirement to file an income tax return does not violate a taxpayer’s right against self-incrimination.”

              In United States v. Stillhammer, 706 F.2d 1072, 1076-77 (10th Cir. 1983) “The Fifth Amendment does not serve as a defense for failing to make any tax return.”

              Name one case where the defendant won.

    • I don’t think she could pay them. I think that she didn’t ever see the money she’s being taxed on. It’s a set up. NO ONE would sit up and not pay 1 mil in taxes if they had the money to do so. It doesn’t make sense bc it’s not supposed to.

      • I don’t feel sorry for her one bit, Lauryn can put out one album, go on tour and all of her bills would be paid. It’s possible she had a shady accountant working for her but it’s still Lauryn’s responsibility to make sure her tax bills are paid. Just like the rest of us.

      • This is multiple years dating from 2005. That return was due April 2006.
        From my own experience where the accountant made a mistake & $3K from my PT job wasn’t included on the return, it took a little over a year for the IRS to tell us we owed tax & penalty. So she’s known about this since 2008 at least, & this is year after year.
        She could have made a payment plan. She could have negotiated with the IRS to cut the penalties (trust that about half the $ is penalties). Instead she let the penalties keep running up for a decade?
        Please, she had a comfortable middle class upbringing w/2 parents, was a mostly A student taking Advanced Placement courses in HS, & finished a year of courses at Columbia. None of that means she’s a tax expert. It does mean she’s bright enough to know you HAVE TO PAY TAXES, & if you’ve got royalties coming in from songs you’ve written for others, for movies, for your solo music, for producing, for concerts, for Fugees, from acting…you need to hire someone w/experience doing taxes for entertainers who have income from these different arrangements.

  6. No one(dark skinned) has sold an album like Ms. Lauryn Hill…what a Miseducation the United States is

      • OK…since 1999 who has had an album released in the US of dark skin that is a female to have 1 album sale 8 million or more…I can name one album Confessions by Usher…name another

      • Name an album released after 1999 that has sold more than 8 million copies…female?

            • Not necessarily,but let’s be clear.Maria would not have reached the same level of success if she was woman of a darker hue regardless of how angelic her voice was.

  7. At this point, it’s obvious someone’s out to get her. Leave this sister alone and let her continue to create amazing music.

    Disgusting. Someone set their sights on the Kartrashian ‘krew’.

  8. They have been after her since her handler lost her and she droppend MTV unplugged without anyone knowing it. Live so they couldt blockher!! I PRAY Jah keeps you Ms. Hill and your music is greatly missed…

    • I agree who dat. And how did the alleged conspirators manage to make her come unwound and look like a fool at her own concerts? The woman s not well, but I agree that she probably has been thru a lot.

    • Umm, paying “taxes” in the “United States” of America isn’t in the constitution. Who’s the “dummy” now? O_o Yeah, I’ll wait

      • OK don’t pay em. See what happens…

        Regardless, you are going to jail if you don’t pay your taxes.

        • No shit. I don’t care if it’s just tattooed on Lady Liberty’s green ass. Pay your taxes.

  9. Wonder if brother anthony will give her some of her money back. Toure wrote a great article about nutty buddy some years ago

    • BTW

      You’re French brother TOURE, is one of many journalists who is a CIA embedded tool.

      They had him write false articles about Tupac to set the stage to have the public believe that he was going to be murdered at the hands of street gangs and not by them.

      Toure’ is dirty.

      • Dear God coloureds and their conspiracy theories. What does that have to do with the price of butter? Regardless of toure’s “affiliation” he didnt create the website where she sold polaroids of herself with her illegitimate brood to a tune of 500 usd while promoting her self published never released book The Middle Man in the early 2000s – before that eerie mtv unplugged episode. If she is conscious she should know how Rome works she has been in the game since childhood to be that ignorant. No sympathy here. I dont blame her pretend husband rohan, toure, haitian mafia or the white man but Lauryn. Perhaps Karma for not properly crediting production on Miseducation. she photographs well, is unorthodox and sentences contain subject verb agreement thats great, however she better learn how to use exemptions and handle her money.

        • Hey non importante,
          Please stop, you are making too much sense :0)
          It seems to be easier for some people to blame “the man” for everything that goes wrong in black peoples lives instead of holding them accountable for their misgivings.

        • christa, I know you ass must be old.

          You went back to Archie Bunker on this one.LOL

      • I cannot stand Toure.

        give a “brotha” a nonblack woman and he will say or do anything

        • WTF are you blathering about? Are you saying that a white woman made Toure into an asshole?

          Like he wasn’t one already?


    Brother Anthony changed his mind on that but only after he advised Lauryn that being a child of Gold she was free to not file.

    Wrong! We are all slaves of the Corporation and Jesus said “Give Unto Ceasar What is Caesar’s and Give Unto God That What is God’s”

    • Consign times a million. With the amount the it’s says she owes, she earned in the millions. I pay my taxes by April 15th every year why should she be exempt?

  11. Is the IRS tsrgeting black celebrities and athletes, while giving others a pass? Seems that way to me. Another point, millions of dollars is wasted and stolen from black stars much too often. We create billions for other folk, yet, our stars always have money issues…Why? Cali is a high tax state, yet, black celebs wanna lower the value of their dollar. Athletes don’t need agents, tell a brotha that? Don’t need five Italian sportscars in the garage, etc. Money is allergic to black hands, catches fire in an instant.

  12. james brown who had instant acess to the white house who ate dinner with every president yes jb ate with the reagens, bushs, and clintons he admitted this.

    jb was told by l johnson that the irs is gonna get you.

    jb was gettimng too powerful and it was time to bring him down a notch this was around the time his firstborn son died.

    funny how jb called out to his white house friends who left him hanging in hius trial in 88.

    • Yeah but she signed the contract with Sony, she went to prison…now it seems like she should be left the f alone. Unless there’s another deal she isn’t cooperating with.

  13. She have enough children where they owe her a check. She got deductions sure, that they need not handle her that way. The same way people are routing for free zimmerman, boosie, and pookie, get there and have that same energy for L Boogie.

  14. If my people would read Deuteronomy the 28th Chapter none of this would be a Astonishment. Is say we would be oppressed and crushed all of the days for breaking Utah’s Laws.We are in the second Egypt people.The House Of Bondage.Wake Up before its to late.

    • Thanks for the correction. couldn’t figure WTF Utahs’s laws had to do with anything.

  15. Lauryn will forever be targeted since the day she openly attacked the Vatican about child abuse and Pedophila. They are the beast/leaders of the n.w.o. I suggest people research the Jesuits/Vatican, all roads lead to Rome.

    And research Sherry Peele Jackson

    • Wasn’t she making a record for Sony. Her get outta jail free album. Maybe they don’t like what’s she’s laying down in the studio





  16. Whats up with RoMarley introducing their teen daughter to the world rt before Lauryn did her bid. Daughter was everywhere talking about starting singing career.

  17. False story, nonetheless, glad to see the positivity and support for our sister! She’s one of the few Blacks in entertainment that is down for us and only us and keeps it real!

    L-Boogie we love you and all that crap about Rohan being married when they got together is a lie; he was divorced and her and Wyclef were in a relationship prior to him marrying his wife. He cheated on Lauryn with current wife and then married her, Lauryn didn’t know until he actually married her. She was young, still in love, made a mistaken but she’s no hypocrite. She’s never preached, but has always talked about hew own shortcomings, the effects and what she’s done to rectify and heal.

  18. L Boogie is one of the most intelligent people we share the planet with, I feel she does not belong in this planet, in tems of how we are just supposed all fit into the standard, which does not really exist, as she says in one of her songs that “WE were each created to be individual standards”

    UNFORTUNATELY that is discouraged in our society.. and therefore people like her who refuse to conform at any cost will always be deemed as crazy at best and when the authorities and all the people who fell safe within the standards fail to make her conform, in the past she would have had to be killed,

    I love that she exists, I love that she is opinionated, even when it gets her into trouble with the jail keepers of our planet,I’m grateful for her courage to dare to say things that most people would not dare to say..to speak freedom and individuality “everybody knows that their guilty” of whatever they say she is guilty off.

    we love you Lauren, we fell you. keep being yourself and liberating all of us to do the same. peace

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