Ben Wallace Serving Two-Days Behind Bars

Ben Wallace Jail Sentence

Former Detroit Pistons player Ben Wallace will serve a two-day sentence in jail after pleading no contest to leaving a February car crash.

Wallace was sentenced to one year in jail, but all except two days of that sentence were suspended by the Henrico County judge. Wallace began his two-day jail sentence on Tuesday.

In February, an SUV registered to Wallace slammed into the fence of a home in Henrico County. One person fought to get out of the car and smashed pieces of food against the fence because he was angry, the homeowner told

An expired insurance card was found in the car and Wallace and his wife were listed as the policyholders, according to


  1. Sounds like DWI to me.

    He really too old for this. Someone needs to tell him the glory days are over.

  2. I think those faggoty white boys just want to see Ben Wallace naked and do a cavity search on him

    Who the heck give a 2 day sentence?

    The registration costs the city more than the justice.

  3. I like Ben but I got to give him the side eye on this one. He got the drunk/dope fiend sentence on this one. Don’t make us have to call you UNCLE Ben…

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