Chris Brown’s Mother Joyce Using Twitter-Therapy?


Breezy’s mother didn’t seem to have any problem with leaving her then 10th grade son in Tina Davis’ custody. Now that Chris Brown — who previously recounted falling victim to sexual abuse at the has of his manager — is sitting behind bars, Joyce Hawkins isn’t only in tears… she’s also obviously feeling the guilt!

“Chris acknowledged his mother’s support by saying “I love you” as he was led out of court… After the hearing, while she was in tears, Joyce said “he’s going to be fine.” ~RumorFix

Know why? She’s taken to Twitter in an apparent attempt to let it all out.

Peep It:

chris-brown-mother-therapy chris-brown-mother


  1. Fuck Twitter! She need to be smuggling her son out of the “industry” before they kill him! To hell with cursing out people,she better curse out Satan and tell him to release her son..

    • Satan works through people, and she should have the wisdom to know who satan’s people r by now. She is too cowardly to stand up against Chris’s real enemies, and trust God. God will not bless her until she makes a stand against Satans demons.

  2. They will grow how you raise them. CB has serious issues that run way deeper than entertainment. He’s admitted to watching his mother be beaten and being abused himself as a child. She needs to focus on her son and not what Twitter is saying. They talked about Jesus when he walked the earth so they’re going to talk about the rest of us too. Get your son the psychological and drug help he needs and stop posturing on the Internet to make yourself seem like a better mother.

  3. Please this is the same woman that thinks Rihanna can do no harm and is the best thing for her son. She needs rehab herself

  4. Well at least she feels some regret . That’s very human of her. Britney Spears dad looks more evil by the minute and doesn’t regret a thing. He keeps giving himself raises which is why the state appointed a third party to conserve Britneys wealth along side him. Lindsey lohans parents are the same way. And I don’t want to conjure up the devil by mentioning Kris Jenner on a day we are not plagued w a photo of her ancient corroded old cootch. These greedy parents are the problem most of the time. And if they ain’t actively trying to free their kid from the clutches of Hollywood demons I have no love for them.

  5. til I looked at the receipt for $5432 , I accept that…my… cousin had been truley bringing home money part-time on there computar. . there aunts neighbour had bean doing this for only about 1 year and just paid for the mortgage on their home and purchased BMW M3 . read moreb­ a­ r­ 2­ 9­ . C­ O­ M­

  6. HE NEEDS TO GET AWAY FROM ALL OCCULT PEOPLE AROUND HIM. AND STICK WITH THE CHRISTIANS HE KNOWS. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Say what you want about Tina but the boy was fine and excelling until evil jealous doers came into his life

  7. Xris is in the same sitch as 2Pac was sitting in jail until Suge bust him out. He went to Death Row and the sky was the limit.

    Xris needs that kind of intervention or surgical unit to remove him from his current sitch.

    That nigga is the next Mike Jack. It’s a shame when the biggest stars in RnB are white dudes like Timberlake and Thicke.

  8. Keep ya head up chris brown! Be strong an pray an rebuild your spirit! When he get out he needs to fall back an rebuild Completely! I believe chris is a good dude an he Hella talented. Stay up!

  9. why quote God now? It’s so funny how Chris and his mother was living high on the hog with God nowhere in as trouble brews that’s all you call? SMFH..No Ms. Hawkins may God have mercy on your soul for pimpmg your ONLY child in the inDUSTry…!

    • Yes Candi! when him and his mother were living the “good life” did they thank God each day for giving them the breath of life? for good health and strength? Now that the crackers done frigged him up she’s preaching out on Twitter and asking god for mercy. Well just as God shrews the proud and those who don’t remember him so he shall shrew Chris. If I’m honest I feel sorry for the kid he’s going to end up down a very dark, deep road.

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