The Weeknd Arrest For Punching a Las Vegas Police Officer

The Weeknd Mugshot

On January 10th R&B singer, Abel The Weeknd Tesfaye was allegedly involved in an incident around 4:20 a.m. at the Caesars-owned boutique hotel in Las vegas.

Here’s what officer Laura Meltzer said:

“it was unclear whether the altercation was a physical fight or verbal, but when law enforcement arrived and attempted to break it up, separating those involved, Tesfaye struck the officer in the side of the head with a closed fist.

Tesfaye was arrested on one count of misdemeanor battery of a protected person.”

The Weeknd post bail the same night and was released.

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  1. Ummm, call me crazy but couldn’t this have been an accident. People get hit all the time breaking up fights, which is why I never get in the middle of them cuz could get you popped.

      • haaa haa yep, they let him go so it could not have been that serious. He posted a pic of himself boarding a flight that said escaping Las Vegas.

  2. This dude has a beautiful voice but I’ve read that he’s a stone cold heroin addict which would explain why he alwaysvlooks so stank. I hear he don’t bathe or change clothes too often..ugh!

  3. I’ve heard some of this guy’s work and I just don’t get how guys like him get so much attention and pub when you got artist like Eric Roberson who’s far more better musically and doesn’t do dumb shit in public?

    • @Unowho…he’s a good artist. I’m a bit concerned about his obsession with f@$&!n so much but he makes good music. No, he’s not like Eric Roberson but he’s good.
      One thing is certain though, true artists/singers rarely get their shine. The studio singers are the ones that get the fame. Sad.

    • Hes habesha? I knew there was a reason why I find his dusty ass intriguing. He needs to sing to me while we are making tella 😉

  4. I think this happened at Nobu & I don’t believe it was too bad of an incident to attract media attention.

    If you’re not a fan, an artist or producer you wouldn’t recognize this cat on the streets & at first sight you’d think he was crazy, homeless or high. HIS body oder will KIILLLLLL YOU & the 6 people nearest to you!

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