R Kelly’s Brother Bought Him a Whore For His 48 Birthday


HSK Exclusive – R Kelly’s brother Bruce, last week Thursday, paid an Atlanta stripper who goes by the name Zae Miaa, $3500 to smash the Bump & Grind lyricist. Know why? Because last Thursday was R Kelly’s birthday and his brother Bruce, gave the R&B singer a stripper as his present. Don’t believe me.. Ask Keri Hilson.

Zae Miaa is a 23 year old stripper who works at the Gentlemen’s Club Follies; Bruce Kelly invited Miaa, to his brother 48 year old birthday bash.

Source says:

“Bruce met Zae on instagram and invited her to the party. R Kelly was all over Keri Hilson during his party, but he smashed Zae, later that night.”




  1. So sad. Plus 3500 is chump change. If you’re going to be a prostitute, might as well sign up at an escort agency, they might provide benefits.

      • I know times are hard Anon, but save every penny you can, they want you to shop till you drop and have nothing left in your accounts, but really 3500 is nothing but one months emergency money, and ask any retired prostitute, in the end they have nothing to show for it. It ain’t worth it.

        • LOL. If u selling ur body and soul, you might as well get some benefits.

          I saw an HBO special years ago about prostitutes, I mean these women were in their late 50s and still blowing for cash, all their lives spent tricking. Maybe I’m naive but they really make a career out of it, an unsuccessful one at that.

        • You sound like you’re experiencing Nostalgia @Stupid/Lucid.Shut the hell up!

      • You tramps always talking about black men aint shit. Black men need to respect you.
        Yall ready to have sex with a child molester for the cash equivalent of a P.T. cruiser.
        You dumb hoes will stay broke forever……lol

      • That dumb bitch said Chuuurch. This hoe quoting Don Majic Juans coon ass.
        My people are truly lost

    • A true “escort” should make enough to provide for self. Medical, dental, vision, vacation, holidays, AND their own profit shares. If “whoring” don’t make money, then it don’t make sense. IMO.

      • Oh god, the resident “Israel in da hood” clearly missed me. Well since you didn’t call me a hamite, ho mite, fomite, whatevermite, your medications must be working.

        • Ahhhh….romance is in the air!! Lucid and Black Anastasia are a pair destined to be together!!

            • For your information @Stupid/Lucid my screen name which is all it is comes from the Italian Mobster Albert Anastasia and I’m Black so you mesh the two together and there you have BlackAnastasia.You should probably tell Albert Anastasia’s family about their girly sounding name as you call it.You are the prime example of why the bible says women should always learn in silence because whenever you open your mouth dumb shit flows out of it.

            • @Anon 17:17 I would recommend you stop peeking in your brothers room late at night.

            • Aww how sweet, you took the time to explain it to me, like my boyfriend does when we watch something intriguing, I’m flattered, but the characters in your screen name are probably longer than your penis so I’ll pass on the bending over bit, it might feel like a stubbed toe instead of a deep penetration, but thanks for the offer though!

            • I got you right where I want you at Stupid/Lucid it’s clear you want me and soon you’ll get your wish.

            • My screen name and a Tree Trunk combined would be no match for that Pacific Ocean of yours @Lucid.I’m sure you know alot about the strip and I ain’t talking about Vegas either.

            • So romantic! It’s like the HSK Love Connection all up in here!
              Lucid, if I was you sis, I’d give some serous thought to BA and his tree trunk. But that’s just me.

            • It’s clear you want me, even the Anons know you want me, LOL.
              The only Pacific Ocean you know of is that big gaping hole you were born out of.

              @18:38. I don’t do broke either. ….so…

            • @Stupid/Lucid Broke?!Ha.Ha.You should try comedy because that’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard.Trick I can take on you on a 10 thousand dollar shopping spree accompanied with an all expense paid trip to Jerusalem and it still wouldn’t touch me financially.You got me misconstrued with the nigga you sleeping with right now who’s blowing your back out without paying the light bill.I’m going to have you @Lucid if it’s the last thing I do Muthaf*cka!

          • Oh is that right? Ok, I’ll pick you up in my BMW (cause u still sound like you take the bus)and we can go on that shopping spree of yours, all spent on me of course…And you’re still eager to blow my back out..first you have to prove you have the goods!

            • And I needed to know you drive a BMW? Some people love to brag about things thay didn’t make or create. SLAVE MENTALITY.

          • This entire thread made my hump day so gracias, efahristo, vielen danke, grazie, and merci bien. I really needed the comic relief after a bad day.

            • For the same reason I needed to know you can afford thousands in shopping trips and a trip to Jerusalem? Come on, I can take the jokes but not the HYPOCRACY.

              For the record, nobody is really self made or creates anything, including the strands of hair on our head. Everything in this universe is recycled.

  2. The stripper is 23 yrs old? That’s a little old for his taste isn’t it? Just saying…

    And…Keri isn’t thinking about him unless he’s willing to write her a CD full of hits.

  3. These so called agencies take half of the money for setting them up with celebs. Is it me or does that girl look awfully young?

  4. Is this suppose to be a story..if the stripper wasn’t in the 8th grade then I don’t believe it…21 yrs old..yea rite

  5. In that first picture he got a look on his face like he is thinking “as soon as theses motherf*ckers stop taking these pictures, yall can call this bitch OUTHOUSE, cause im fista piss all over this bitch!!!!!!!” And she has a look on her face like “I hope this nasty mothef*cker don’t think he gon piss on me for no $3500, cause the port a potty package is $3750″…,lol

    • How do you know he didnt “pee” on her? You got some better inside info, lol.

    • I see you’re back to being mean and negative in your comments CB. I had such hopes for you too in your Miss Baylis character. Try to be nice once in a while.

  6. Kelly’s almost 50 hes getting too old to be making songs about sex.

    I think too short;s too old to be talking bout pimping girls at his age.

  7. did he tuck you in bed and read you a bedtime story and fix you cookies and milk.

    he take you to toys r us.

    did he tell there was no monsters in the closet.

    did he tell you that you was special and you was the girl who was gonna grow up and be his special little princess.

  8. TB, you nasty as hell,……….But on the real check this out, if you let me take you to McDonalds I can get you as many apple pies as you want, I know the person that makes the pies, and not the baked ones either, the fried ones. All that warm lemonade has to have something to wash down…..lol……IJK


      OR WE CANB GO TO BURGER KING SO I CAn give you a whopper.

      whop her get it.

      yeah those buns need some beef in between.

      or do you want breakfast and that good old smoking morning sausage.

    • Hot apple pie is better with pink, chocolate and vanilla Neapolitan ice cream in the middle.

      • I’m more of a chocolate person like Chocolate-Souffle or real warm Chocolate cake with cream sprinkled on the top and infused in the middle.

  9. r kelly is twisted dude man, i hear people say it all the time hope they put r kelly in jail listen man, the masonic brotherhood and the boule love this man because they are into children as well for sexual magic and blood sacrifices. aaliayh parents knew what they were getting into. r kelly is old enough to be that stripper father most of these girls who strips have psychologial problems and a lost cause it’s sad to see our lovey black and latino women go to waste like this

    • I know it says that this girl is 23 and grown now, but it’s still creepy to think that when “Pissgate” happened, this girl was 8 years old. Damn!!!!!

  10. His ex-wife Drea attended his party over the weekend. Wonder if they’re on better terms now. They also both reside in ATL now too.

    • I’m pretty sure they are on “good terms” so he can pay a low child support but this dude stays with a new hoe on his arm damn near every day. Always at hotels smashing them.

  11. hell dat perv didn’t want dat damn stripper he wanted a lil 12 yrs old girl r lil boy 2 piss on he would really enjoyed dat 4 his birthday with his creepy azz lol rofl @ da perv

  12. For all the shit you spew about hating white people, you actually hate black people even more. That’s so sad.

  13. Wrong Different brother. Bruce is his older brother. The one you’re talking about, Robert no longer speaks to.

  14. Happy Birthday R. Kelly .. I love you!! (giggles from a grown woman ..just because I can.. lol)

  15. R. Kelly your mother would hate the day she gave live birth to your ass if she knew back then what is known now, or did she know ? Umph I wonder.

  16. R. Kelly im glad ur mother dead. This would break her into 1000 pieces. I hate U.

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