Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson Busted For Child Abuse


NFL on the Defense!

A warrant was issued Friday for the arrest of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson after a grand jury indicted him for reckless or negligent injury to a child.

Peterson will not play in Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots. On Friday afternoon, the Vikings said Peterson had been deactivated.

Sports Radio 610 in Houston obtained a draft of the police report which says Peterson admitted that he did, in his words, “whoop” one of his children last May while the boy was visiting him in Houston. The punishment happened after Peterson’s son pushed another one of Peterson’s children off of a motorbike video game.

When the 4-year-old boy returned to Minnesota, his mother took him to a doctor. The police report said the boy told the doctor Peterson had hit him with a branch from a tree.

Here’s what Adrian Peterson told investigators:

“To be honest with you, I feel very confident with my actions because I know my intent,” and when asked if he would reconsider using switches in the future, said he would never “eliminate whooping my kids … because I know how being spanked has helped me in my life.”


  1. didn’t his child die because of his mother’s boyfriend??? or was it somebody else

  2. This is NOT child abuse. Just baby momma drama. She is just pissed because Peterson is no longer with her.

    • Yep! Sounds logic to me! All them ass whoopings I’ve been getting when I was young paid off in the end! Thank you my late maternal grandma and my grandma for cutting my ass! Ain’t no telling how I would turned out if I didn’t get my ass beat.

        • He didn’t drew no damn blood. He simply beat his son’s ass. That child’s mother better get on the ball on cutting that child’s ass. I refused to be my son’s friend. Unless he pay these bills in this house then we are friends. Since he don’t,he better stay in a child’s place and remained cool. I don’t want my child grow up for me to fear him cause there wasn:t any structure in the home. That’s the number one problem right there. No structure. Damn if mines think he going to rule me when I had him. I don’t think so!

  3. Who has not been spanked as a child? I’m sure we all have. Like another poster said, the baby mom is probably mad that he had that secret child with another woman. Now none of these women will get paid. Bye bye luxurious life.

  4. My grandpa smacked me with a belt on my bare arse when I was about six yrs old. He only did it once. I didn’t disrespect him ever again. He became the only man I never argued with. He taught me what respect was about. Consequences for my actions. Good and bad. Bashing kids no, firm hand yes.

    • Hell yeah! Its his child so it’s only right he cut his child’s ass. Bitter ass woman got mad and she figure by getting his ass locked up, she would get more money or get back with baby daddy. Nope….not going to happen. She realized that by him being locked up that she will not get that child check. Thanks to her so called child abuse plan, she done made it that much harder.

  5. Peep this y’all. How about I was on Facebook and came across a man went to jail for overpaying his child support and over visiting his son! I was like WTF?! How U get locked up for overpaying child support and over visiting his child! I wished I was that woman. She don’t realize how lucky she got it. Women can be some soulless bitches!

      • My child didn’t have blood coming out of him and neither did I. We both came out just fine! I can’t say for U, but I thank my mama and my late maternal grandma for cutting my ass! Now in your case, U keep on treating your child as your best friend and U really going to have some major problems on your hands!

      • And U got the nerve to calk me soulless bitch! I betcha my son won’t put his hands on me! Quit being your child’s friend and be a parent! That is wrong with these kids today. No damn structure in the homes! I betcha my son won’t do nothing that is not right. I can guarantee U that!!

  6. Look like the NFL get’en rid of black men they clean’en house these days I feel bad for the child that had to go through that but it’s getting obvious they cleaning house

  7. Bitch pluzzzeee, im from.the south a switch, extension cord even wooden spoon have been use to whoop me. And I turned out fine! Now putting a kid in a dog cage and etc is abusive.

    • Exactly JBoogie! I am glad I got my ass tore up! Made me a strong woman as I am today!

      • Im from Arkansas. 90s baby and u swear seeing life with my eyes its like the twilight zone in todays time!?!? I miss back in the day

          • Agree 100%! Kids turned out A LOT better when corporal punishment and prayer was in schools.

            Nowadays kids are ruling the schools and their homes because they know they can scream “abuse” at the drop of a hat.

            Putting a kids head through a wall is abuse; whipping a kids azz when they disrespect authority, seniors or other people’s property warrants an azz whippin.

            Hell, Andy Griffith mentioned whipping Opie’s azz!

    • Or filling them up with drugs, which a lot of doctors are doing these days.

      I saw a kid on Dr. Phil that straight needed that azz whooped. Instead, the “doctor” prescribed some pills.

  8. Who knows what they’re finding (or have found) in this investigation but this sounds more like the magnifying glass over the NFL right now. The media AND the league will likely overreact and over-discipline players and employees for a while after the Ray Rice tape came out and placed the NFL under the nation’s watchful eye.
    Kids get whooped with switches, branches, belts and other things all the time out here so I guess there’s a fine line between physical discipline and abuse. I’ve seen some of my friends’ kids take greek fraternity wooden paddle strokes and take them LIKE CHAMPS!
    Still, as we’re learning, actual video (Ray Rice) and/or pictures of bruised faces and bodies (Rihanna, Evelyn Lozada, etc…) can galvanize the public’s reaction to an abuse story so stay tuned…literally.

  9. Says who??!! Girl bye. My mom & dad tore my ass up as a child with a switch AND a belt when I got out of line. And ain’t nothing wrong with me today. OKAY!

  10. Sorry…ass whoopings with a switch is NOT child abuse.

    I was occasionally whipped with a switch. It caused me to have a healthy sense of respect for my parents, elders, and authority. I’m a healthy, happy, well adjusted contributing member of society as a result of those occasional whippings. Thanks Mom!

    Sounds like a case of bitter baby mama drama!

  11. The mother has every right to call the police. If the child is being abused which he was then he needs to face criminal charges. There’s people out there with anger issues both men and women and then the kid ends up dead. Apparently this guy is having children left and right and doesnt care about them.

    • Mighty funny he do care about his kids. It doesn’t have to anything about being angry. It all have to with structure. You can talk a kid until U are blue in the face. If U whoop that child’s ass, he or she will thank you in the long run.

  12. Thats why black men are getting killed by the police because of all this angry black man persona. Start to communicate with your mouth instead of your hands. Black men are looked at as barbaric and savages in society. Why is the first thing that comes to mind is using your fist or a gun? Change the way you think. Your a black in America and you will be punished for your actions. White people dont have to worry about their actions because its their world. Had this been Eli Manning abusing his kid it wouldnt have made the news.

    • Black women are viewed the same now, thanks to reality tv shows like RHOA and Love & Hip Hop. People don’t know how to judge a Black person as an individual. Somehow, one Black man or woman’s misdeeds is now projected onto the entire race.

      Does the entire race need to change our actions and tip toe because some people think it is the “white man’s world” or should racists and prejudice people change their thinking and treat everyone fairly and equally?

  13. Adrian Peterson beat a four-year-old little boy — his son. The baby had marks all over his little body. I am unsure what he could’ve done to warrant such ABUSE, but it is evident that Peterson has bad luck when it comes to his children. He just lost a young son last year or early this year, now this. If the child was older, I wouldn’t have a problem with him being spanked. Once blood is drawn and marks are left all over the child’s body, there is a problem.

      • B. Imma ask U a good question. Do U have any kids? I don’t mean neices and nephews either.

        • I don’t have children. I’m sure you know this. I have helped raise other people’s children and they are doing well. Because you have one son, I suppose you’re going to attempt to justify your position re: “discipline,” which I view as ABUSE. Spare me.

          I wasn’t beaten growing up. I wasn’t a latch key kid. I wasn’t subjected to alcohol or drug abuse. I wasn’t raised in the ghetto. I didn’t have to fend for myself, though I began working at an early age by choice.

          I didn’t endure much of what people on this site have (based on their revelations). That may be what makes me a target. Maybe that’s why a few all day suckers have a bone to pick with me. Yet and still, I rise, and proceed to not give a f*ck.

          Carry on.

          • Helping and raising a child is totally different. Trust me on this one. And yes I am going there on this one. When I was growing up, U didn’t disrespect your elders or get your teeth knock outta mouth. These kids think they grown as hell! And if U don’t get they asses, they gonna end up somewhere U don’t want them to be. This society I can blame parents who don’t put child in a child’s place. I can’t put blame on all the men but women too. I grew up without my dad, but them ass whoopings made think why I was getting them. Nobody don’t have the time to be running back and forth to the school cause a child has been disrespectful. Oh hell to the no! U damn right I cut my son’s ass. As of right now, he is one of the most respected child I have. See B. when U have a child or decided to have a child( me in this case, lost three but got one) U will see exactly what we go thru. I even betcha when U see kids acted the damb fool in public, U be wanting to beat that child’s ass for acting out, right? Of coarse U do! All that talking is unnecessary. Its only enter in one ear and out the other.Imma give U an example. My Mama cut my ass so much when she had my sister, she was more lenient on her. She been pregnant back to back, didn’t graduated from high school, and still living with our mom. Me, graduated from high, went into the Navy, had so many jobs, got pregnant at 21(miscarriage) own a house graduated from KS and had my son. Chile whooped that child’s ass, U won’t regret it. If anything that child will thank you in the end.

            • I’m well aware that helping raise a child isn’t the same as raising a child full-time. I posted my comment because it is MY belief. I never asked you to agree, nor did I solicit your life story as a result.

  14. Cool, U straight. Imma go to the Kris post. Let’s go there. I gots some shit foryall to read.

  15. Calm down people the real problem is BLACK SOCIETY. I was born in the 70’s so my mom was light on me but she did put a belt and a switch on me. The reason I didn’t get abused is because in her generation they really were abused. So now 70 babies have kids born in the 90’s now take a look at this generation they have raised a whole bunch of kids that are prison bound. Would you rather whoop your child ass of have the prison guards do it for you because that is where they will end up if you don’t step up to the plate and raise your own children don’t let the system do your job because it’s nothing that you can do for them once they end up in jail.

    • WELL SAID STACY!! I am a 70’s baby too! A 76 baby! Sweetheart I hit that on the head!

  16. It doesnt matter what generation you grew up in the kids today are screwed but its not their fault. The adults are always to blame because they didnt do what was right. Black people are suffering from lack of knowlege and morals. Women need to start making better choices with who they lay down with and the same goes for men.

    • THIS!

      If ass whoopings were the answer, the jails would be empty of black folk.

      People don’t remember why these child abuse laws were put in place.

      Newsflash: adults are wicked. I got beat when I deserved it and when I didn’t. Adults lie and they will lie on children. And while we were all getting’ our asses beat in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, we were also getting sexually and verbally abused as well. But “grown ups” were always believed over children.

      Funny how before slavery, Blacks and Native Americans did not beat their children. It was common among Europeans.

      Moral of the story: Excess leads to elimination. Beatings were excessive in previous generations especially in the Black community. Whenever something is abused, the right to have it is taken away.

      • Oh and on topic, this beating was excessive. This Adrian’s son was killed by one of his baby mama’s boyfriends. (He has a couple of baby mamas). He didn’t ever meet the boy. So, he really needs parenting classes and to stop being an asshole.

  17. ugly coon who eats with a spoon your f*cking loon whoops his son with belt whack whack with a guitar hero controller
    n*gga should of put a rubber on his sausage because this n*gga wouldn’t of been pushing a stroller

    a self hating man living in a self hating world better act right before your hands are blue stop f*cking them joos

  18. I got my behind whooped with belts, extension-cords, small branches a few times… Nothing Excessive! Never had bruises or cuts. I was a good child, but stubborn at times. Honestly, we have a lot of anger in us. I’ve witnessed some of the worst behavior in us via the children. Parents cussing their kids in public, slapping them in the face, using the n-word, etc. In the past, i was more supportive of physical discipline. Today, not as much. Obviously, it’s not working as was assumed.

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