BET Executive Loretha Jones Quits

Loretha Jones Quits BET

HSK Exclusive – BET Network executive for scripted shows, Loretha Jones, has quit the network… and is now working as a consultant for for it’s parent company, Viacom.

An insider is saying Stephen Hill, who’s the other executive for the network will not be taking over Loretha Jones spot… they are looking to hire someone else to be the executive of the networks scripted shows.

Here’s the drop:

“BET will announce next week who they’ll hired to replace Loretha Jones and it’s not Stephen Hill.


  1. BET is garbage. They have ruined so many shows(ie..The Game & others). And also present blacks in a negative way.

    Who the hell is Stephen Hill? Who cares about Loretha Jones

  2. ****OFF TOPIC****
    Does any1 have any tea on George Clooney’ s sudden rush to get married? Thnx

    • BSSMN:

      George Clooney is a closet heauxmo. That fool knows damn good and well he likes d!ck. He is the 21st Century Rock Hudson. I’m guessing he found someone who he trusts to keep his secret. Countdown to baby watch in 5, 4, 3…

        • Hr needs to own his truth. He is anti-woman. Clooney has been adamant about NEVER getting married again. Yet, his gfs last a year or 2 (under contract), then he moves on to the next. A womanizer is anti-women. He doesn’t love or respect these women. They are beards. The only one I respect is Stacy Keibler (sp). She went on with her life, got married and is expecting a child with her husband. She didn’t let that experience hinder her from living a full life.

          Conveniently, after Stacy got married, Clooney announced his engagement. That’s what they do, though. One ex gets married, the other ex follows. One has a baby, the other announces a pregnancy. It is so childish.

            • No, ma’am! I’ve noticed what appears to be a one up among exes, particularly celebrity exes.

      • Rumor has it that he was running off to get married because of the Brian Singer scandal. That was part of his crowd ,so, he was supposedly getting married if anyone started looking his way and bringing his name up. You noticed things are getting quiet, people are making HUGE payments to shut people up. He has political aspirations…Bearded marriage til the end.

  3. Sigh…. I told myself, even before I click on the comments, that MOST of the comments will be about her looks. I was completely accurate.

    • That’s because the general public lives to worship the brainless beauties while poking fun of the not so cute, educated executive that signs the checks.

      • The executives signing the checks must not be that smart when they are allowing stereotypical programming that degrades the race. They should be astute enough to know that all Black people are not the same. Diversify the programming so it appeals to the vast majority of the Black people the station was created to cater to.

        Add to that all of the “brainless beauties” the network hires to do distasteful things like make jokes about innocent 2-year-olds. Stephen Hill is the one who should’ve resigned, tbh. He has been a thorn in BET’s side for years.

        Folks probably kept it light on this thread because, prior to this post, how many of us knew who she is or what her position was? If she defected from BET to Viacom, I view that as a promotion.

        This vague and ambiguous story is more likely the reason why “the general public” spoke about this executive in a superficial manner. It was ok to rake Pam Oliver over the coals a few days ago, but we need to show respect to this woman not because of her actions, but her title. Ok.

        • Damn B. I typed one sentence that wasn’t that deep but since you want to go there.

          You know good and darn well no one in the entertainment industry of any race really cares about anything but making money so I don’t care one way or another if they are respected. I just hate to see how superficial we have all become when it comes to critiquing others. Who cares about the woman’s looks? She’s not an entertainer, it isn’t her job to sit in front of a camera and look pretty.

          Think about it…do you think we would be making jokes if this article were about a male executive moving on? No. Instead we would be discussing what he did or didn’t do during his tenure at BET.

          As far as brainless beauties go, I was referring to the entertainers out there who are put out in front to “represent” us. They are idiots but are worshiped by some just because of the way they look. For whatever reason you may not like Loretha, you can’t take away from the fact that she must be a pretty smart woman to get where she is without getting on her knees. I’ll give her that.

          Also the programming that Loretha was responsible for was generally not stereotypical, degrading programming. In fact she was one of the few beacons of positivity for BET. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she was tired of the b.s and decided to take her talents elsewhere.

          I also didn’t like the comments about Pam’s looks BUT Pam’s job required her to be in front of a camera. She’s over 50 and it was obvious she wasn’t taking care of herself so it was time for her to go. Yes it’s sexist but any woman who works in a professional environment knows that’s just how it is.
          I was more pissed to know Pam did not have a back up plan in place for when her time came.

          • IDK how Loretha arrived at her post. Because she isn’t a traditional “beauty,” why would you assume she became an executive solely on her merits?

            Folks drag men on this site all the time. Gender has nothing to do with it, and you know it. HSK posted that photo for a reason, and that reason is to bait us into commenting on the post since there isn’t much of a story there. Mission accomplished.

            As I stated prior, IDK what Loretha’s roles and responsibilities were at BET. I wish her all the best at Viacom. I have no reason to dislike her simply because IDK her or anything about her.

            I wasn’t firing shots against you, but I know you know why nearly everyone posted in kind.

            • K.1985,
              What are you talking about? There was no “checking” from either one of us. That was what civilized adults call a back and forth discussion.

      • I’m sorry Say Cheese. I didn’t read & understand the whole discussion at the time.

    • well its kind of hard to judge her cooking skills , I think she knew it was coming see how she hides the gap in her front teeth . you think that’s her real hair ?

  4. Loretha Jones dug up one of singer Sylvester’s old wigs. She looks like she was walking around BET’s offices, saying, “Yooooooouuuuuuuu maaaaake me feeeeeeeel. Miiiiiiighty real!”

    • Lol. She looks like the woman holding the lighter.
      “I’ve got a secret… I worship the devil.”

  5. That’s Larry Jones loretha whom? Lol and I don’t watch bet either it has come a long way from video soul

  6. She’s still working for the parent company Viacom and I bet she’s getting paid more for that job. So calm down.

  7. Viacom is calling the shots, does it really matter who replaces Loretha Jones? A consultant for the parent company, a demotion not quite? BET always got drama in the midst. A million cable channels, give us a reason to watch?

  8. I hope Viacom covers her desk chair in plastic so the drip doesn’t ruin their furniture. Just let your Soul Glo, Loretha Jones. Let it glo, let it show, let it flow!

  9. Well, it took Beulah long enough to get fired, not that it’ll improve the quality of that doomed (Mark my words) Network any.

  10. Making fun at someone else’s expense for no other reason than the fact that nobody knows her outside her job title. Posting that picture on this non story proves HSK is part of problem about black people in general… Some of these bitches here, need to get a life!!!….

    Main culprit B. Stiviano who likes to pride herself as the HSK resident intellectual, but ends up as usual sounding like the same bitches (Kim et all) she often criticises, you know, pretty on the outside but ugly as fugg within….

    B. Stiviano, save your bitching for someone who deserves it. Go back to bragging about your designer clothing collection or who you’ve dated, slept with, or met, that’s all your really good for. BITCH!!!

      • Hey Joi. Hurt McGirt awoke this am with me on his/her/its mind. It has to be tough to be obsessed with a complete stranger. Lol. We have had NO friction on HSK the past few days. I suspect that’s why they’re mad. Oh, well!

        Have a happy Saturday. I know I will. 🙂

    • Awwwwww… And you’re mad because?!.

      I pride myself in being MYSELF. I have no interest in “pulling rank” amongst a group of friends, more or less a group of strangers. If you have no personal experiences that you can lend to the thread because you have never gone anywhere or done anything, then that may explain why you’re mad.

      We’re on an entertainment blog, so naturally, people are sharing their experiences re: the industry on the threads. The fascination with who you think I’ve slept with needs to stop. If you had a full life, I wouldn’t be an afterthought in your feeble mind.

      You must look like Loretha to be offended by my jokes. You went out of your way to address me when I’m one of several who commented on Loretha Jones’ appearance.

      You should ask yourself why you awoke on a Saturday morning, just waiting to spew what you thought was vitriol about me. Meanwhile, I’m watching tv, eating breakfast, attending to my household and running errands.

      Stay pressed.

      • In regards to your completely pointless response

        I’m sure you are proud of who you really are, after all the posturing and judgemental big talk, you come across as a shallow, superficial bitch.

        Your feeling yourself a little too much with your ‘pulling rank’ jibe. What rank are you reluctant to pull?…. your ho card? you already did that on another thread talking shit, about how you sleep with other men without having sex.

        ‘why me’ your asking? Well just like Loretha Jones you’re fair game.

        Just Joi? (or should that be ‘Just annoying!’) jealous of what? an ageing late thirty something woman with fading looks trying to stay relevant on a blog with her childish comments about other people.

        Oh wait there, she said she has no interest in pulling rank amongst a group of friends or strangers….. lol…… That comment alone says it all.

        • You know my age? You know me? Oh.

          Last I checked, we are all aging. If you’re breathing and you continue to have birthdays, you’ll age. Some of us are getting better with time and others are looking like who did it and why?

          What are you, is the question? You’ve invested time into reading my posts and calling yourself learning about me, or so you think. This post is about Loretha Jones, not me. You hopped on this thread to create a divide. Are you mad because everyone on HSK has been united for the past few days? You couldn’t handle it, could you? Start shit, eat shit.

          Where I sleep, how I live, what I wear, eat, drive, do, etc. is my business. If you had some lucrative business of your own, you wouldn’t be worried about me. I’m so low to the ground, but you’ve called yourself attempting to study me. When you see my posts, you could ignore them, but you don’t. If that isn’t a revelation, IDK what is.

          Again, stay pressed.

          • R U drunk or high when you post!!!!

            Everything I know about you is from this blog. You put it out there yourself.

            I study you like, I’d study the muppets. Go figure.

            Stupid bitch!

            • Like. I. Said. If. You. Don’t. Like. Or. Respect. Me. As. A. Person. Or. A. Poster. Then. Why. The. Fuck. Are. You. Reading. My. Posts?!. Reading Comprehension 101, you f*cking crack baby.

              I don’t read everything posted on the forum. I don’t read every comment on the threads. Regardless of what I’ve posted, YOU DON’T HAVE TO READ IT, BUT YOU DO. With that said, you must have a fascination with Jim Henson, because you awoke with me on your mind and keypad and you are still here with me on your mind and keypad.

              Just like my comments aren’t hindering Loretha Jones’ life or career, your opinions aren’t hindering me and mine, moron.

            • You still here… haven’t you got your exciting action packed life to tend to.

              Ciao lol

            • I’ve been attending to my life. Just as soon as you attend to yours, maybe you’ll find your bliss, if that’s possible.

              Au revoir.

            • Perhaps you’ve seen it because you are it. Take a good look in the mirror, dear. Based on your comments about yourself, you’re bored with your life. It is crass to speak about what one has acquired, yet you spoke on what you acquired. Oh. Continue projecting.

              When you get ready to take your lunch, make sure you clock in and out on time so your pay isn’t docked. That way, you can continue to live your mundane life.
              ‘Wealth’ is of the mind, not of the pocket. As long as my mind remains free and clear, everything else that I achieve is merely icing on the cake. I have the things you mentioned and I’m happy to have them simply because I could have nothing. Some people work like dogs their entire life and have nothing to show for their hard work. I have a lot to show for my hard work and a lot more to acquire.

              You may be past tense, but I’m just embarking upon my glory days. I just started living and I have a lot more to learn and achieve before my life ends. The beauty of it is, if I died tomorrow, I can say “mission accomplished” and be happy with my journey. Here’s hoping you can say the same

  11. as soon as I saw the name Loretha I knew she was going to look like this , bitch jerry curls went out in the 80s WTF

  12. Georgieboy is getting married because the true reason he was running to Thailand was about to comeOut!!!! They dont call him georgieBOY for nothing. Just ask the man who said he would take a lie detractor test 3 weeks later here comes some women name Amal!!

    • And she is a lawyer, so she is notorious for nondisclosure/maintaining privilege in all she does. I know from experience how much work carries over to one’s personal life when you work in law. It is a very well orchestrated move on George’s part. I’m not sure what will become of it, but he has executed his moves well thus far.

  13. funky punky hair with big boobs and big lips ummm lips taste like champagne and chocolate rolled into one but is this women
    a self hating coon who get’s d*cked down by white men or is this woman a pro black woman who rides her man like a bus

    soo many questions but some little time the only question is what’s up with the hair. a perm gone wrong or was she caught in the rain

  14. I’ll take 80’s wigs for $200 Alex!! B*tch got NERVE to talk about anybodies hair:-D

    Is it just me singing utfo-Roxanne’s a Man? !

    • look likes shes going to see a old skool 80’s concert of new edition, full force, kurtis blow and the time.

  15. Friday after next was a okay movie what disturbed me was terry crews character trying to rape katt Williams.

    calling him golden brown sygar and chasinbg him trying to rape him.

    makes me wonder did katt get phukked in real life.

    terry crews acts like a dl homo anyway.

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