Mario Winans Arrest Warrant Issued For Not Paying Child Support


Mario Winans has had an arrest warrant issued in Miami for his arrest. Know why? Because the former Bad Boy artist hasn’t paid a red cent in child support to his baby momma, Janelle Bennett, in over three years.

Winans was previously ordered by a judge in 2007 to pay Bennett $3,500 a month in child support payments.

Here’s a copy of Mario Winans arrest warrant:

Mario Winans Arrest Warrant


  1. No wonder he can’t pay his child support. Look who he is signed with, Bad Boy. And we all know how Diddy is.

    • You Ain’t Lying Sis! Bad Boy is a modern-day roach motel…Easy 2 Get In…Hard 2 To Get Out!!!

        • They might as well deal with Diddy, or, Do they want the Black Flag treatment? Ya’ll get out my way, The scent of death is around the corner…Too Late! A trapped feeling indeed…No Escape! All Too Real!!!

  2. Damn The Nicca Is Fine, I Could Eat My Dinner Of His Body!!!!

    What Does He Expect He Signed His Soul To Devil (Diddy) Who Has A History Of Not Paying His Artist A Dime.

    Diddy Keeps Discovering And Signing Artist And Not Paying Them

    • Ok crazy troll bitch what are you today Male/Female or both cray cray bitch ?

      • Unnecessary comment. She said she just wants to be part of the conversation and not get into it w anyone anymore and so far she’s been mostly doing that. Stop stirring shit for no reason.

    • ITunes is the equalizer. A shame it wasn’t around decades ago. Music industry hella corrupt, always has and will be. Imagine how much richer artists from the Old School would be if they had not been hoodwinked by labels and management? Cruel Cruel Game…A Snake Den!

      • At this juncture, the fruit of a woman is the least of his worries. His freedom is slipping slipping away the longer he avoids dealing with his money problems and AWOL father issues…Understood!

  3. What is wrong with some of these entertainers? All the money they make, lavish lifestyle they enjoy..huge homes, luxury cars, and everything else and won’t financially support their children? Ridiculous…

  4. Warrants for missed child support payments must be the new driving with a suspended license in the community.

    • Yep but there is a catch. If the judge see you can verify a place of an employment, the judge can give you one point back. Its an employment driving point so you can drive back n forth to work to pay your child support until I are caught up. Once U are caught up, U can get the rest of your points back. My son’s father is under that guideline.

    • I really can’t figure these brothas out. Quick to slang a Willie, slow to pay for the baby that results from said slangin. And if warrants for missed support payments is the new driving while suspended, these asshole men getting full custody of babies they didn’t want just to avoid paying support is about to be the new stop and frisk, Smdh.

  5. Wear a condom…..damn! Lot cheaper than going through this b.s.

    10 minutes..ruined your dealing with some life long..the next 18 years… Crazy ish.

    Bet you that BABY MAMA don’t look so fine …after she puts you in jail

  6. I as wondering what those warrants looked like. I’ll be calling on Monday for a warrant to be issued for my daughter’s father.

  7. The second generation Winans stay in legal trouble. That first generation were Angels compared to them

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