Iggy Azalea Claps Backs At Jill Scott & Eve

Iggy Azalea Answers Jill Scott & Eve

Iggy Azalea is using twitter to clap back at Jill Scott and Eve, for saying the Fancy lyricist should rap with her Australian accent.

Here’s what Iggy Azalea said:



    • All blacks should ignore this Nicki Minaj copycat patty. Every time one of them starts doing our music the media begins to paint them as the (BEST). They did the same thing when EMINEM starting rapping and doing hip-hop.. I say when a white artist that is being raised up above our own that we as a people unite and turn our backs to them in the same manner that the NYC police did to Mayor DiBlaso.. (even though I don’t agree with NYCC) Don’t buy the music, don’t play it in the clubs, yall get my drift. I just get so tired of this. How dare they say that because the artist is white that they are a step above the originators… NOT!

    • @THAT RESPONSE!! WOW! @Sher I agree with you 100 percent. Iggy should have a seat.. NO talent

    • I agree totally. What people fail to realize is theirs a black writer behind most white rappers. I also agree with Eve and Jill. Iggy has taken the Bratts style/voice and guess what people she is going to win numerous grammys because of that.

      Bratt make a come back and show her how its done.

  1. I like it. After all, artists(and I am using that term loosely when it comes to Iggy) should be free to perform what they feel. No one ever told Leontyne Price, Kathleen Battle or Jessye Norman that they should not be performing Verdi arias in classical Italian language. Art is an expression of the artist.
    The consumer makes the choice to consume.

    • Hallelujah! I was just going to say pretty much the same thing! Just because one race quote/unquote “invented” an art form doesn’t mean other races aren’t free to chime in. And if they’re good, we’re all winners. End of. It’s art, it belongs to and speaks to us all.

      • So why don’t she just rap in blackface also…. i’ve said this time and time again why do blacks come to white people’s defense with such speed and ferocity? I haven’t heard one white person defend Cosby (even though i believe he is guilty), no white person defend Marshon Lynch, i never heard a white person defend Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Rodney king or countless other blacks when it has been perceived they were wronged by whites. This lady has made numerous bigoted remarks over the last 12 months but i mean as soon as somebody throws respectful lightweight shade her way people are quick to “but its no different”.. SHE IS MOCKING DA F^CK OUTTA BLACK PEOPLE. Dayumn quit cosigning the isht. So i dont get no dumbass comments about other rappers, yes alot of BLACK artist that the media is pushing are making a MOCKERY OF BLACK PEOPLE. Including her sponsor Lil TIPPY…

        • You must not listen to the sports shows I do. A LOT of white sports radio dudes like Dan Patrick and Colin Cowherd have been backing Marshon Lynch.

        • And a lot of ytes helped Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King and some even marched and protested in Ferguson

  2. …Meanwhile, in real life, she is still on record rapping in a stereotypical black Southern Hoodrat voice, so these butthurt retorts are moot points. However, it is nice that Clifford didn’t Ghostwrite these tweets. Baby steps, people…

    • T.I. can only do so much. His bodyguarding is affecting his cash flow…A Problem! He supposed to be a D-Boy…Get In/Get Out! It’s in black and white, as it relates to royalties. Gotta distance himself from this chick…4 Real Real!

        • This chick ain’t worth all of this madness. Losing the respect of your peeps over some wannabe is pathetic in so many ways. He got his pound of flesh, got his forbidden fruit fantasies fulfilled…Move The Hell On!

    • only white ppl r buying her shit matter of fact they love rap music more than some black folks

      • This is about cultural ownership more or less. Blackness in and of itself is a multi-billion dollar a year industry…Globally Speaking! We see skin color, Others see dollar signs…Ditto!

  3. Iggy Is Fake As Fuck Her Time Is Slowing Coming To An End, Why Do You Think She Dating That Basket Ball Player? To Leach Off Him When Her Career Goes Bust.

      • People Need To Put 1+1 Together That’s Not Her Real Voice, She’s From Australian (A Racist Country I May Add)

        How Can An Australian Born And Bread Rap In A Southren American Type Manner?

        She Said She Come To USA When She Was 17 But How Could She Devople The Southren Accent??
        Usually When You Enter Another Country, You Will Talk Like A Natives, If You Been There For A Long Time

        Iggy Is Just A Poser Her Accent Is Fake, Remember Villi Milli And How They Lip Sync Their Song
        While The Music Was Playing Their Cd Kept Skipping.

        Iggy Is Bound To Get Caught

      • NO, SHE AIN’T.



        • en.mediamass.net/people/iggy-azalea/highest-paid.html

          Celebrity net worths vary from site to site. I am citing a People magazine which lists her net worth at 145 million. They have taken all her investments and endorsements into account and have also listed her as the top grossing singer of 2014. Her Cover Girl contract alone will top your laughable 6 million dollar net worth.
          Whatever. Anyone who think she is after Nick’s money is seriously stupid.

          • Thats one thing about blond women, they are really marketable. Anna Kournikova didnt win as many matches as the Williams’ sister but her net worth surpasses them due to endorsements and other ventures. Kinda suck others have to work twice as hard.

            • Its a man’s world and those with power, money, or access(men that matter) prefer blond women with less skin pigment and the grunts under their dominion follow suit. Maybe in a few generations as women come into power via networking and education things will change as they tend to think less with their dycks.

              Speaking of grunts, watched American Sniper and this should be seen by any who seeks understanding on the affects of PTSD on soldiers and families. Dont think anyone who hasnt lived with a former combat vetbcan understand the complexity of war but Clint Eastwood did a damn good job with the movie adaptation of the book. Thank goodness for DOD implementing warrior transition programs. If you haven’t read the book should watch the movie. Its on the showbox android app for free… 😉

          • For what its worth I don’t believe those celebs net worth sites. They are often inflated.
            Iggy won’t have a long career because she is essentially an actress and the character she portrays is that of a white skinned foreign woman rapping in the sterotypical times of a black southern rapper. When the novelty wears out so will she. I so not like Marshall Mathers either but he is a talent because he raps I’m a manner authentic to his actual life. That’s the difference between him and that vanilla lollypop headed Girl.

      • Money is not a factor. She needed a black dude for credibility. At least, that’s how her PR crew thinks. She is not growing old with a black man, but this guy will do for now. What you going to do when an idiot does not know he is being used.

    • That relationship is a facade. Nick Young was chosen by her handlers to push a narrative. Got caught creepin’ with 2 groupies in LA…So It Goes!

  4. How the hell some of these entertainers even get a record deal is beyond me.. Meanwhile someone who actually has real talent is being overlooked by labels.

    • I doubt it. The way things are going for her, TPTB’s plan for her is to be the female Eminem. Nothing in America or abroad sells like a white woman, even a marginally-attractive one who raps like how she thinks a Down-South Thot talks. You can thank the legion of Coon Negroes in the Industry for her being so accepted in Mainstream rap, as well.

      • Juicy J
        Mike Will Made It
        Lil Wayne
        Young Needy

        All the Miley Cyrus boys created the environment for this chick to pimp our culture…Remember These Names Ya’ll!

        • Hell, she already IS a Pop artist; from what I hear, her album is basically a Pop album with some rapping.

          • All the hoopla over Taylor Swift taking bits and pieces of hip-hop to go mainstream may give her an incentive to change course…Who Knows?

        • She been in the game too long as is…Overstated Her Visa! Pop is not what the suits want, harder to influence the masses in that way. They know the streets is where its at.

  5. Iggy’s Time Is Up, Give Her 2-4 Months Tops Her Career Will Be Saggy Like Her Fake Butt!
    No One Is Checking For Justin Bieber, Bieber Fever Is Well And Truly Over!!

    Justin’s Career Is Fucked Because He Kept Hanging Around Nicca, And He Wanted To Look Hard
    And Tough, Now His Nothing

    A New Rapper Is Going To Take Iggy’s Hot Spot, Then Iggy Will Be Competing Just Like Nicki Did
    Swagga P Is Using Iggy For Fame

    She Looks Like A Fucking Gecko Kangaroo Bytch

    • Australia is home to Crocodiles and Great White Sharks…Take A Bite Out of Rhyme! They would love to sample the other “White Meat” for their pleasure…Oh Yeeeah!

  6. Another..culture vulture, created and invented..to make money….and laugh all the way to the bank.

    Notice, aint nobody saying a word to T,I.

  7. bitch shut ur fake as up ….go have 7 seats…..u will never ever be accepted as a real rapper ho…withur fake azz

  8. nasty bitch always coming for someone what an opinion….bitch showing her true colors…humble up bitch sinse its a black women swagger u so desire

  9. nasty bitch always coming for someone with an opinion….bitch showing her true colors…humble up bitch sinse its a black women swagger u so desire

  10. Now I’m sure beyond doubt that this bitch is retarded. Albino gecko looking ass kangaroo

  11. everything said to her or about her is just positive publicity
    for her jill and Eve or making themselves look like haters

  12. Shes not mocking me and I am Black. If you feel she is mocking you then you own that.

  13. will the real gangsta boo please stand up!! every time this chick talk i think about that white rat tip!!

  14. Why wont these black fake bitches stop hating and leave her alone. Black women are do damn jealous.

    • Right on.

      Leave the bitch alone she appeals to whites not blacks. Judging by the responses here all if not most blacks don’t support her. So who gives a f*ck.

  15. So much hate and racism!! People care about the least important.
    Omfg leave this chick alone…

    • Well part of the Wutang Clan endorsed Iggy, so she is by proxy legitimate to todays music.


      “She’s doing what she wants to do,” he said. “She was able to take it from somewhere so far away, where she was at, to here and nobody’s gonna ever wanna give it up because of course she’s a white girl, pretty and she’s got talent.”

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