Jameis Winston Busted Stealing Crabs: Is FSU’s Star QB Getting Special Treatment?


Florida State’s star quarterback – who’s widely believed to have gotten away with rape – is at back at the center a case. Reports reveal.. ‘Famous Jameis’ Winston was busted for stealing “$32.73 worth of crab legs and crawfish.” Now.. the 20-year-old Heisman Trophy-winner seems to be getting nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

“The facts are not in dispute. He left without paying. He indicated to deputies he had forgotten and when he got home he realized that he had not paid.”

Back in December, Winston was cleared in the alleged rape of a female FSU student. Just ask State Attorney Willie Meggs. He’s the very D.A. who filed the sexual assault case for the state… only to later tell the court “there was not enough evidence of crime to win a conviction.” That was one month after “Winston was questioned [in November] about his involvement in a long-running BB gun battle, and that a Burger King reported Winston was stealing soda in a ketchup cup.” Despite his FLORIDA track record, Winston was “cited” and granted access to “pre-arrest program.”

“Tallahassee Police say that it is being classified as a citation, and not an arrest. The civil citation will require Winston to complete at least 20 hours of community service. “

Here’s what Leon County cops told the press:

“The civil citation is a pre-arrest diversion in an effort to keep people out of the criminal justice system.

The program, instituted within the past year, is for nonviolent, minor crimes and first-time offenses for people without a criminal history.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office instituted the program within the past year. Since December, 32 citations have been issued.”

Here’s what the Florida football star had to say:

“I’m taking full responsibility. In a moment of youthful ignorance, I walked out of the store without paying for one of my items.

I realize that I am in the public spotlight and my conduct needs to be above reproach. Over the last year I’ve learned that my accomplishments on the fields can be a wonderful thing for my school, teammates, friends and family. At the same time, I must realize that my mistakes are magnified and can bring great embarrassment to all those who support me every day.

I make no excuses for my actions and will learn and grow from this unfortunate situation. I hope and pray my friends and family will view me as the 20 year old young man that I am, and support me through this unfortunate situation. I am grateful to be able to participate in the adult citation program where I will complete community service.”


  1. Florida State allowed an alleged rapist to play in the National Title Game…Good Ole’ Boys Don’t Care. They got their pound of flesh.

  2. Its totally against the dietary Laws of The Bible for us to eat Seafood so,perhaps,this is a message in Disguise for the Kid who can’t seem to avoid Scandal.

    • I got into it with somebody over this and they said that was the old Testament. I’m curious because many a thing changed from the old to the new Testament. One major one was being able to have more than one wife…..lol. Set the record straight BA!!!!!

      • The Laws were never done away with,so the old Testament and the New Testament,is pretty much the same contrary to what the churches may teach.Yes,my brother,we can have as many wives as we choose as long as she’s manless.

          • Exodus 2:10:

            King James Bible
            And the child grew, and she brought him unto Pharaoh’s daughter, and he became her son. And she called his name Moses: and she said, Because I drew him out of the water.

            How do you get multiple wives out of this?

      • ELTHP:

        The Bible states in Leviticus that we are not supposed to eat scavengers. Fish is ok, but we are not supposed to eat crab, lobster, shrimp, crawfish, etc. Even tilapia is a bottom-feeder, so I’d add it to the list as well. No scavengers and no cloven hooves. So says the Word.

        • Hey Bella, how are you doing? That’s exactly how I read it. But to go e a little more on the discussion that I had with someone. They wanted to cut my head off.when I gold them that we were not supposed.to eat catfish. But it clearly says that we are not supposed to eat anything out of the water that does not have find and scales. And catfish does not have scales….I know.this has some.people.pissed, but oh well

    • I don’t know why you bang on about the Bible so much. A religion that puts black people at the bottom of the pile. Humph, I bet the version of Jesus that hangs on your wall is the blond haired blued one too.

      • The KJ Bible has nothing to do with Religion at all,and everything to do with Laws,Statutes and commandments. When moses met the most high at mount Sanai he was given Laws to give us, not Religion.Theres no Baptist, Catholic,Muslim,Buddhist, Atheist,etc..nowhere in the King James Bible.Religion means to seperate and divide.

  3. I backed dude on the other allegations out of what now appears to be misplaced loyalty. This incident seems to indicate much deeper problems and they aren’t related to lack of funds. It seems he may have an insidious level of EQ(entitlement quotient)

    Your “get out of jail free” cards are used up Jameis. Time to get real or you’re going to blow your shot at the gold ring.

    • Drinking from a ketchup cup, too funny. Since he feels so entitled, why not take a drinking cup into burger king and drink up. As it goes, no one is going to do anything anyway. And stealing crab legs- cant stop laughing. Dude does not understand boundaries, so he cant be trusted around females. Now this is not funny, pretty sad he gets a pass. He needs to be on a dog’s leash or put down.

      • He already did that, check his record, he got in trouble for stealing soda from Burger King….lol. Real talk

    • Christa, this dude is Clepto Maniac. I played ball in college, and when I tell you that as long as you are remotely good, you won’t have to steal a thing. This negro won the Hiseman trophy, when I tell you that he has more money that he ever had before, please believe that. He is playing ball in the state of Fla. When we were in high school, the local drug dealers gave us money just so we wouldn’t have to do illegal stuff to get money. All they want in return Is tickets to your college games and access to parties. So, JW got the D boys from back home giving him money, not to mention the alumni and the Drew Rosenbergs of the sports sliding him cash. This lil sticky finger bitch is paid, he won the National Championship and the Heisman trophy. No, they gonna let him slide for now. What they will do Is wait til he gets to the pros and when he is not performing up to the level of a Hiseman trophy winner and he gets In trouble is when they will dig this stuff up and use it to bury his ass. His fall from where he is right now wont be that entertaining to the slave owners. But he is getting the untouchable syndrome now, so if he don’t get it together, he is gonna do some real dumb stuff later on.

      • Every word you said is true ELTHP. I am very “close” to a sports atty/agent(not Drew R.) and I can see you have the inside story from the D boys on down the enabler food chain. He could sell raffle tickets to anxious FSU alums just for the honor of taking him to Ruth’s Chris for a dinner of lobster, Porterhouse and all the trimmings. So the fact that he would boost anything has got to be for the “thrill/rush” of the act itself.
        I am completely serious when I say he needs help stat. He is literally holding the Willie Wonka golden ticket, the same one that even Tim Tebow never had, yet he’s going to flush it all down the lav unless he faces whatever issues he has and soon. Even the rubes down here who genuflect at the altar of the Seminole can only do so much if he continues to skirt around the “rules” of society. I don’t need to tell you how the scouts and owners view this sort of rinky dink ish come combine time. A great arm is gold and legal tender, but if the mind is wack, it will affect his value and draft position.

        As for the Biblical root of the no seafood law, and BA please forgive me for interloping here, but it says in Leviticus that scavenger sea creatures are unclean and should not be consumed. (and this is coming from a lapsed Catholic who does NOT know her Bible well enough)
        i know that fake Joos are pretty much split 50-50 on this law. Plenty eat lobster just as plenty eat bloody steak and bacon, but there are many who don’t. I have to confess that I enjoy a plate full of Joe’s Stone Crabs, don’t you? πŸ™‚

        BA…it’s a Miami thang

        • Oh, you know it. And I like crab legs so much that I will almost give him a pass on this f*ckery. And I tell you what, if they were king crabs, I might have helped him get a way for half of em…..lol. But I don’t know how long you been in the 305′ but if you know about the East Coast Fishery, you know that there are not many places like it. I sure hate that they closed down the original location. ..

          But as far as JW , I agree 100%, he needs help ASAP, because what he did has nothing to do with being hungry. And let me makes another point as to why he was not hungry. Just like we would do when I was in college. We always had money, but if we didn’t want to spend it, we would just go through the dorms like we were just going through to kick it and i swear every chick in the dorms whoud be more than happy to feed us. The black chicks would break out their hot plates and cook Some pork chops and pork and beans and the white chicks would order as many pizzas that we could eat…lol. And we didn’t win no national championships….loll. Moral of this story is, whe you see JW coming, nail your dirty drawers down,mid not he gona steal then shits…lol

          • ELTHP I just heard that ol’ Jameis has been suspended from the FSU baseball team indefinitely. Not good. I agree with your logic vis a vis that the PTB will hold this over his head until they choose to use it against him. But it’s def not too late if he decides to get some help/counseling and fix the problem with the quickness. Let’s hope so. He has too much God given talent to waste. A two sport freshman taking his team to a National Championship doesn’t happen but once in a generation. Dare I say Bo Jackson potential?

        • Lol.I see you @Christa,but we real Joos are to abide by the Laws,Statutes,and Commandments or the most high sends Nations to rule over us.But,theres time to adjust because it took me awhile.This is a maturation and a process but we all have to repent.Shalom Sis.

          • BA I admire you for your steadfast determination to walk your walk and back up your talk, even if I don’t always cosign every single word of your testimony. That’s not a personal affront-it’s just that I am still questioning and searching myself. You indeed show much maturity in your dedication to the Israelite Nation, and your adherence to dietary laws is impressive. I myself eschew all things pig EXCEPT for bacon. I have a problem with bacon that even a 12 step program cannot cure at this juncture. I literally DREAM about bacon! I just saw a show on the Food Network about a restaurant in DC which is all about bacon in every form imaginable…I am already planning my own personal pilgrimage there this summer lol.

            One question: as a N.O. native, do you still consume allowable fish? I cannot imagine saying no to a nice piece of redfish. Especially fresh from Bayou La Batre! Damn that’s some good eating. I make a redfish Ponchartrain to die for, but like it’s namesake at Galatoire’s it does have some lump crabmeat on top. But I would leave that off for you! πŸ™‚

            • @Christa As hard as it was and being a NO native because we love our seafood,lol.I’ve given up all seafood.So,to answer the question I don’t consume fish,crab,crawfish etc..And you know it was hard being a NewOrleanian.Ha.Ha.

    • Nah…don’t know him at all. But he is a student at the state university so I meant I supported him in the sense of his being a homeboy.

  4. @ Christa thank you because I could not figure out what this guy’s issue is, definitely got that sense of entitlement sh#t going on.

  5. Waiting for someone to call him a gay Illumanti member or an I evolved Hammite… C’mon HSK let’s spill some tea and make up a gay rumor. Maybe he is sleeping with his Center? Then people can comment that all BM’s are worthless and it’s because of the gay mafia and crab people…

    • hahahahahaaha thank goodness no unflattering stereoypes were harmed in the making of this story

  6. Someone stop this boy now, before it all goes to shit in the NFL.

    Groupies, pimps, drug dealers, hoodlums and thugs are just chompin at the bit for him to graduate.

    Dude doesn’t understand the unique position he has as a black quarterback and he will surely fail.

    Did he really think that the star QB of the local university would be able to get away with not paying…and not offering free tickets to a game. That was prolly why the fish place called the police. They made him offer his dumb azz prolly refused.

  7. @LB3….dead on you are…and that’s why I can barely read the comments. I tried to post a positive remark once recently when they were going back and forth and my ish got deleted within 2 min…obviously…..Jacky wants to keep the negative play in tact..that’s the audience he wants to keep and cater to. So be it….

  8. Countdown until this negro ends up like UNC’s PJ Hairston. Everyone can’t be saved…

  9. I was just reading one of JJ’s posts from 2012. I click on the current stories, only to see old posters are re-emerging. That explains why bloggers who have been inactive for awhile are now updating their blogs again. Make sure you give Jacky credit for his stories. Lol

  10. *In the Romie Rome voice*

    “Jameiiiisss…you supposed to GET crabs in college, not steal eeeeemmmm!”

  11. This guy has got some sticky fingerz on his hands, stealing crab legs?? He needs to be sent to some arab country so that when he steals again his fingers will be chopped off. This is just too much fooolishness.

  12. This poor chile sounds slow. Stealing soda in a ketchup cup is so stupid. Might as well dig a cup out the garbage like I saw an old white man do at McDonalds.

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