Do Cali’s Wiretapping Laws Give Donald Sterling The Juice?


“…the invasion of privacy resulting from the continual and increasing use of such devices and techniques has created a serious threat to the free exercise of personal liberties and cannot be tolerated in a free and civilized society.” ~CA Penal Code, Section 630-638

HSK Exclusive – The NBA may have publicly announced Donald Sterling’s “impending punishment” — during yesterday’s now-historical press conference — but sources say the racist at the center of it all “has not been official notified.” “I just spoke with Donald Sterling on the telephone,” Jim Gray reports. “He is unaware of what is going to happen to him. He has not been notified.”

That’s the REAL story — as countless media outlets focus on Sterling’s refusal to sell the Clippers. Know why? The NBA’s April 29th public spectacle may prove to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors… “to kill the noise”. To be sure, not only is 80-year-old Sterling long been known for his racist and shred reputation — clearly displayed in that recently leaked audio — according to California law, that audio was illegally recorded. The NBA is certainly no stranger to Cali’s wiretapping and eavesdropping laws.

California’s wiretapping law is a “two-party consent” law. California makes it a crime to record or eavesdrop on any confidential communication, including a private conversation or telephone call, without the consent of all parties to the conversation. See Cal. Penal Code § 632. The statute applies to “confidential communications” — i.e., conversations in which one of the parties has an objectively reasonable expectation that no one is listening in or overhearing the conversation. See Flanagan v. Flanagan, 41 P.3d 575, 576-77, 578-82 (Cal. 2002). A California appellate court has ruled that this statute applies to the use of hidden video cameras to record conversations as well. See California v. Gibbons, 215 Cal. App. 3d 1204 (Cal Ct. App. 1989).

Here’s what NBA newbie-commissioner Adam Silver told the press:

“I fully expect to get the support I need from the other NBA owners to remove him. I will urge the Board of Governors to exercise its authority to force the sale of the team. I will do everything in my power to ensure that that happens.”

Is Staples Center the NBA’s true trump card, those moment The Clippers’ lease expires? Of course! Just ask Magic Johnson.


  1. #JUSTSAYING dudes rights may have been violated in the state of Cali. Dude may be a ole racist. Hence, still does not negate the fact the recording was obtained illegally. NOPE.

    Wiretapping someone without their knowledge is against the law. This is #messy.

  2. No, wiretapping laws do not protect Donald Sterling. Both he and V. Stiviano have already admitted that Sterling knew that he was being recorded.

  3. Some of us are so naive. Sterling is not gonna ditch the team. Him being a racist to himself is not enuf to force his hand. Racist whitemen like Sterling are everywhere. They’re not runnin’ with trans-looking females that record intimate conversations. A lot of folk are shocked, Why? NBA has known his true colors all the while. Cali protects mofos like Serling, i don’t see s**t really changing.

    • Well said tyrone. Dude prolly give some wack speech an it will blow over. But honestly he has a right to be racist! If we as blacks moved how whites moved? We wud b deadly an running it like we were chosen to do. All whites in power feel exactly how david feels… He was just Gangzta with his shit an he doesnt have to like blacks … Thats his right! See even negroes with money are not wanted around either! Wake up people!

  4. Its usually unlawful to record someone with prior knowledge,but nonetheless,that doesnt Alleviate the fact that this Fake Jew bigot was caught using Incendiary language about a particular race of people.

  5. This has ZERO to do with free speech rights!! No one has the right to speak freely without threat of incrimination and wholesale shunning by the masses.

    He is toast. Believe it. The owners and Silver aren’t playing. He will never darken the interior of a NBA arena again. The players will not have it even if the owners were sympathetic(but thank God they are not. They hate him and always have.) He is a blight on the population of HUMANS of all colors/races. And trust me, the Joos(fake or not) are the most embarrassed of everyone. That comment about Black Joos in Israel being 100% less than white Joos really pissed off the wrong people.

    • Sarah, do you even understand what free speech as guaranteed under the constitution means? It guarantees that the GOVERNMENT shall not abridge one’s right to speak freely. And this far, the government has not involved itself with this disgrace in any way. The NBA is a private institution just like General Motors or WalMart. If you work at an auto assembly plant for GM, do you think that you can announce that you hope that no Black folks ever drive any of the cars you’ve built because you don’t like them?? Sheesh.

      Again. Sterling’s right to free speech is not at issue in this case. PERIOD.

      I guess that anyone who would choose the name of that mental pygmy from Alaska probably wouldn’t recognize the Constitution if she sat on it.

      • Pow#### you told her right christa. Folks make sure you understand the dynamics of case before you attempt to argue it.

        • Sarah you are confusing the right to privacy with the right to free speech. Back to Alaska with your tiny brained self.

      • Again, you are switching horses in midstream. you began by stating that this is a freedom of speech issue, and now you have switched to an argument for privacy.

        Back to Stormfront with your meth head ass Sarah.

    • Freedom of speech doesn’t apply to business contracts or employer/employees relations.

      Sterling violated the terms and statutes of the NBA ownership contract.

    • There’s no such thing as free speech where you represent a corporation or a brand like the NBA because you’re still held accountable whether working or at home.

      • In all,if everthing you said is fact,why was he supplanted to begin with?Obviously,Freedom really ain’t all The Free Mrs.I can see Russia from my backyard.

      • You’re wasting your time on these brain dead know it all bitches. You can’t tell them shit because they think they are the smartest bitches that hit this blog. No life bitches.

      • Well said Sarah, good job pointing out what the commissioner said. It did violate anti trust laws, any acts of business exclusion by a group violates anti trust laws. From the moment this story broke, i saw through the smoke and mirrors. This is another attempt to strip us of our rights of free speech. Although the things he said were terrible but you have to look past the issue at hand. Five years from now people are going to be scared to have a conversation at home with their family, in fear that their feelings shared with their loved ones may comprise their livelihood. Oh and the liberties to express your self on outlets like Hsk may be taken away as well. Don’t believe the hype -public enemy

      • BA, so many people don’t know this. You lose the right to free speech in private industry, politics and the military.

        You can say it, just have your bags packed.

        But this is why I mostly ignore the Sarah Palins of the world. They talk much shit, but when shit hits the fan, they wouldn’t say shit.

    • Go gag on a dick bitch! Christa is right an u are a idiot! Be gone wack bitch!

  6. He watches the news, he knows.

    Only thing I’m afraid of Is that if they force him to sell, the new owner might be indirectly related to sterling on a business level and thus Sterling will still bereaping profits off the sweat of black men that he hates, but without his name attached.

          • Thanks. A person needs a billion dollars just to qualify for the “Forbes 400 List.” So, hundreds of people in this country have the financial wherewithal to buy the Clippers. It’s just a matter of to whom the NBA Commissioner wants to award the franchise. This game is politics, not money.

  7. As far as Sterling goes…As Oprah said, all the old white guys will have to die out for racism to end.

  8. I scanned through alot of the comments on this topic and…. David sterling is a 80 something year old dude who has luved Lavish by having monkeys bounce, dunk an shoot on his plantation for years! For every 20 mil he pays niggas? He makes 100 million. If dude knew he was being taped? He basically was saying to all yall niggas who supported his team for years…. FUCK YOU! David cud give a rats f*ck about being courtside.. Hell he looked bored to me. So in the end Mr. Sterling WINS!!! Dude can watch from his taght ir his many mansions an if he is forced to sell? He becomes even richer so saying he is done is stupid. The hoe was dumb cuz im pretty sure he threw insults at her man lookin ass but hey! Ol girl was ballin off dude an that lil shit he bought her was a measely Tax write off to a billionaire. Dude wins yall an look all the hunkys are tge same , As long as niggas makin Massa his bread he has use for you but either tgan hell naw they dont want us around. I aint mad at him cuz i refuse to b around folks who dont f*ck with me. An more than half nba players wife white or anything but black women Anyway!!!! So sistahs please take role call on this shit.An tge team demonstration was Weak. Negroes on contract so aint shit tgey can do lol. David sterling LIVED HIS LIFE HUNTY! An dude still winning regardless. I dont agree with wat he said an i also dont give no f*ck but why r we surprise as blacks???? We dealing with The Devil. Peace to all yall but dude basically said to all them niggas… Fuck you im Boss. An trust he got power thats just what they doin to pasify blacks. David got BREAD so dont get that shit twisted. 2.5 milli fine huh….. Right! That $2.50 to a billionaire. David Sterling won an he prolly was tired cuz if forced he gon to Flip the clippers. Wake up black people.

    • No he didn’t win. He’s just an ice cold man that has ice running through his veins and not blood. His own son was a drug addict that wanted love from his dad and couldn’t get it. His son said Fuck you Dad and Mom and killed himself. You see that man Sterling is a sick man. He didn’t win Queen Moe – he sold his soul to the devil long time ago and he will rot in hell and here on earth for the rest of his life. He won’t be at peace. Lawyers and accountants can’t give him any happiness. So, sorry, you are looking at dollars and cents. That’s not a win unless you are in Vegas.

      • I understand wat you sayin but his son was weakminded an took his own life! Thats not his father or mom fault. An im lookin at in a Black / White thing. Dude dont give no f*ck so why shud we!We as blacks dont print no money or facillitate it either so wen u get done. The devil dont care an this is another Bitch Smack for niggas to take an move on! Peace!

    • It really doesn’t matter how much this man makes from this team, does not matter if he cares not about any Blacks or Hispanics, nor does it matter how the fine assessed means nothing to this man! The reason why is because this man who made it known that he dislikes Blacks, Hispanics and Mexicans and other minorities, he has been outed to the world now and I doubt it if any Black ball players will ever play for his racist old turkey neck self and if they do it will be the ones who will not make that club what it is today so that would mean that the VALUE of that club will drop significantly so if he remains as an owner then he can recruit all WHITE boys and then the value will drop even lower. In addition, most significant sponsors will not support him. So he can go get all his White players, sit on the side lines and enjoy his boring team. In closing, this man does care about something because he wouldn’t be trying his best to get the rest of those tapes from his former girlfriend before anymore are released. So he can have his team his money and whatever he wants but my peace comes from that fact that this evil demented racist bigot will be going straight to HELL! Matter of fact to the BOWELS of hell and all those ignorant racists and those who support him will travel the same route! He has been exposed to the WORLD!

      • When u get thru bumpin yo gums… He is set for life an doesnt give a f*ck an to bust yo bubble! As long as we got uncle tom ass niggas out here? If dude wanted to start another team? Negroes will be running cuz thats how negroes do! Chile bye! He knew he was taped an he didnt give a f*ck! Niggas gotta peep game. An trust he aint tge only one that feels that way… All of tgem do. David is a elder an has a right to feel the way he feels. Free world free speech an remember…. This is a White Mans world! If blacks were unified… We wudnt have this problem. ITS OUR FAULT AN MAINLY THE BLACK MEN?

      • Also im hearing the taping was illegal… Really? If so this cud totally turn in his favor! Fyi… Any jew who purchases the team will feel the same way u gotdam fools! Jewish men hate black men but they do enjoy f*ckin them tho… Ijs!

  9. David Sterling won this match trust! Sorry if you dont agree but its truth. Dude only prolly got a few more years un life so really! Look at the Big picture.

      • Chile… A few mispellings an u cant comprehend my point than thats on yo ass. I was at work lol Ride out rico. You get wat i was really spittin so stop! Lol

        • Damn, what place of employment hired you, McDonalds? You’re definitely not working in an office setting with all that horrible grammar, that’s for sure. You only know one word and that’s ”bitch”. You have a very small vocabulary of words. Low budget ghetto moe, lol.

          • Thank you bitch….Like i gives half of a f*ck what you think? Lol Giggles… Ride out bitch, bitch an more Bitch!

        • Lime. Not dissing, but your slipping like the rest of us on here. Maybe you should pull up on correcting people’s grammar.

  10. @Queen Mo- what the hell are you trying to say, please write in english, I could seriously only understand every other sentence and you had a few good points from I could understand….

    • Honey chile…Most White people r heartless an david sterling kids r spoiled rich kids so if course they r talkin shit bout him. But u have to honor your mom an dad period. So u can shut the f*ck up. This man will continue to live lavish 4 ever an trust he aint worried bout nothing! Bitch bye lol

      • Why r u dickriding him so hard? Is he one of your $5,000 tricks? Or is he team shower rod or something? Twirl, bitch, twirl

      • Ha.Ha..His self above himself was w horrible choice. If I were him I’d keep quiet from now on.

        • Ok , and you are what exactly? Besides no longer banned apparently….he’s supposedly addicted and you are what?

  11. At the risk of overstating my case, you know the guy is toast when you have known racist asshole Don Imus saying that he should be stripped of his ownership for even THINKING what he was taped as saying.

    No one is in his corner on this.

    • Well shit… he likes chocolate! He shud get him a real Sistah tho not no mixbreed heshe lookin ho!

  12. If Sterling violated an NBA morals clause, he shouldn’t be the only person banned from the NBA. The league is full of adulterers, domestic violence abusers, con artists, thieves, guys who have multiple children by multiple women, drug addicts, alcoholics, etc. Every last one of them should be banned, too. If all of the violators of morality were banned from the NBA, there would be no league. Adam Silver stepped in a big, steaming pile of sh!t. As much as I despised David Stern, Adam Silver won’t last in as the NBA Commissioner. Why would 29 other teams’ owners vote for Sterling to sell the Clippers? If that man has to forfeit ownership based on a scandal revolving around Sterling saying something people deem derogatory about Black people, I suspect 99% of the owners would be banned for similar reasons. This situation is too much. I have been a Clippers fan for over two decades. The manner in which the NBA is handling this situation makes me hope the league is permanently dismantled. Shut the entire league down.

    • If was Donald Sterling I would spend a heap
      Load of money getting whatever dirt I could on the other 29 owners & present them w an ultimatum. I agree he is a racist man but the means in which they got him are suspect. I would bet a years pay that aint (there isnt) a person on this board who has not made a bigoted, biased, or prejudiced statement behind clothes doors amongst a confidant. Honestlty how do black people gain from this? The very wealthy might profit but honestly what are we receive ing?

  13. LOL @ “the Juice”! Yes, Donald Sterling does indeed have the juice. He owns the tree baby!!! And he has a field full of nigra’s to pick its fruit for him!
    This punishment if it goes through legally will net him over $450 million dollars… #winning(are we still doin’ that?). I don’t believe that this way of “punishment” really metes out any form of social justice. Again, I go back to the players until they decide that they will unite and show some economic solidarity, the circumstances will remain the same.
    Black men COURAGE will lead us, WISDOM will allow us to stay the course!!!

    • Blackmen are too stupid not too unite. Too much jealousy an envy which is sad. Plus tge Uncle Tom era is in full effect! Sorry not gon hapoen cuz blackmen dont know who they are. Smh. Following the white man ways an disrespecting black women.

  14. I have no problem with what he said. It’s his personal opinions and opinions shared by many nationalities all over the world. It’s hurtful but it’s true. it’s best that our kids know this so that they can prepare themselves for the real world.
    He will probably let a family member run the team. If not he can sell the team to anyone he chooses.
    The world I’d not equal. Blacks and other nationalities feel the same way about whites and other nationalities too.

    Let honesty prevail. We can only choose who we will support.

  15. Trust the owners will force the sale. I’d be willing to take on anyone to bet on it. Please, Sterling’s ownership is toast. He will profit it on it, but that’s just the price to get his ass out of the way. Adam Silver did what he was supposed to do.

    • beg your pardon? Do you think that 09:05 is me? I assure you it’s not. I would sign my comment.
      It doesn’t even sound like me. But I am woman enough to say that I agree with the post. He will profit(unfortunately) and he will be “persuaded” to sell. Now that Ellison and Geffen have tossed their hats in the ring with Oprah as a figurehead, I’d say it’s a fait accompli.

    • An with that he still wins! He did his job an turned into a Fortune! Sorry guys …. Facts!

  16. I don’t think the owners will force the sale. how many think and talk the way sterling does?

    they only need 29 votes to force his hand, however how many out of the 31 owners has he had raciest conversations with, that he blackball into voting in his favor over fear that he might expose their raciest views as well?

  17. In all,if everthing you said is fact,why was he supplanted to begin with?Obviously,his freedom of speech is nit protected.Dont Believe Me?Ask the Fake Joo Adam Silver.Freedom ain’t never been Free Mrs.I can see Russia from my backyard.ha.ha.

  18. I’m curious to know who are the associates he speaks of when says his associates brought it to his attention that she was taking pictures with black guys.

  19. Sterling pissed on or off someone very important. Rumor says that if he does not sell the team, mass media is going to let the world know that she is really a he.

  20. An if she is a he? Who cares.. Hell he’ll get more support becuz in thus era now… Gays an freaks are in power an alot if niggas gon b outed also! Cuz that thang has pics wit alot of niggas! Lol

  21. I can’t figure this mexiblasian Asian ladyboi thing out. What a weird accent. Is she American born?

    • Shim is from the sticks. Inside Edition showed shim’s former family residence yesterday. It was dilapidated. To go from living in poverty to owning a duplex in Beverly Hills, a Ferrari, Bentley, and Range Rover, all while carrying an $80 Birkin bag, V. never should’ve turned on Donald Sterling.

  22. Lot of talk about the law. Fuck the LAW. It’s bias, not well managed, and unaffordable to most people. The guy is a dick. Hope he rots. But nothing gunna change for him.

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